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1-10, how intimidating is your party?
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1-10, how intimidating is your party?

I don't think I've ever been in a group higher than a 6.
Last party looked pretty intimidating since we were all kitted out in Beskar Gam with an array of weapons from repeating blasters to disruptors to barium charges to thermal detonators.

I'd give us a solid 7 for all that.
Well.. It's a 3-man group with a Chaotic Evil Sorcerer, True Neutral Rogue, and Lawful Evil Fighter.

We pretty much bully, steal and extort our way through, well, everything. Except the Rogue.. He's just up for whatever.

8-10 if you're a farmhand
2-10 if you're a knight or some shit.

I laughed at the last part. Fantastic.
A solid 4. We're as harmless as newborn puppies.
At the beginning of the campaign:
>rogue with -1 modifier to str
>ranger with no ranger spells
>druid who had a 25% chance to fail spells due to being inexperienced/inept
>cleric who used tower shield and mace more than spells
>knight with no lance or plate or mount

So like a -1/10

Group as of last weekend:
>rogue with crazy eye stare for critical shanking
>ranger with endless arrows
>druid possessed by horrible nature spirit that she has to keep supressed
>cleric now uses magic ON weapons to crush skulls
>knight has a hippogryph mount and does aerial charges
>new addition of a half dragon paladin who spits lighting

So like a 3/10 now, but we're working on it
In civvies, a 3. Kitted out, probably still only a 5 or so. We're pretty smalltime gang of cyberpunks, our best piece of kit right now is old slav milsurp.
Last party I was in was a complete Circus. We weren't intimidating, but somehow we managed to slaughter literally everything we came across. Lets see, we had two wizards, one was 4 inches tall due to a side effect of a spell he cast, who flew around casting spells on his familiar, which was a hawk, and the other one had a rhinoceros that was scaled up to the size of an ancient dragon. Then we had a fighter which would reduce his chance to dodge in exchange for attacking twice for every hit he was struck with. our last character was a lance wielding paladin which rode a frog which would grapple people with its tongue and pull them to him for him to impale. It was one of the hardest campaigns Ive had to heal for, and by far the most fun I've had. The best part was that the DM tried to run a serious campaign which usually ended with half or more of the npcs getting killed in the process.
I guess about a 2/10 until battle began, and after that around a 7?
Well my rogue is 6'2" and our fighter is around 7' tall. We have a half Orc paladin. Our Druid spends all his time as a bear. And our monk is the crazy one.

So I'd say my party is moderately intimidating at least physically. And we will kill you, we're not a party of hearts and minds style warfare.

So I guess I give us a 7? An 8? We do literally probably use intimidate more than any other skill check. We do drugs. We're half outlanders half hermits except our Druid.
9 or so
They're black ops, and merchants of death. In mecha battlesuits
And antitank weaponry
And flamethrowers.
My last party had a 6'11 Lizardman Barbarian with an unreasonable hatred towards people who try and hide knowledge of any sort.
A 5'4 Aracrocra monk who played music, and betrayed the party for the promise of immortality. The barbarian sliced him in half with a Greatsword.
And last but not least an Elf Ranger that was so bland that he didnt even have a name. Just existed to shoot things with his bow.

Rate us /tg/
6? Half a mini monk and a bland ranger decrease the intimidation factor quite a bit.
Probably pretty intimidating. My dragonborn bard is 8ft tall due to me misinterpreting "well over 6 feet", our paladin has bits of like 10 different dragons decorating her armor. the rest of the party is pretty average. 7/10.
Most of the time you never see a cohesive group. They are usually all mary sue lone wanderers tied together by fate or some shit.

Now a group of like minded, common goal oriented people planning to kill you? Thats scary. Not the group in front of you with one guy screaming he wants to rape you, another saying no, another threatening to kill both, and a 3rd rolling to seduce the village pillory. That shit is pathetic.
A group I was in would say they're a 9 (we were all level 10)
With the way they tried to be edgy and their terrible fighting strategies, maybe a 5.
It was awful.
Probably like a 6, in relation to the setting. Three are not intimidating at all really, but one is a vicious amazon pretty much that beats things to death with her hands, and the other causes extreme amounts of laser ray destruction without any care for collateral damage.
My old party?
7 and a half foot tall golem carrying an Elven Claric of Reorx on his shoulder
With a zombie looking mage walking with them
With a crazed Gnome with a big bag of potions on his back in the back
And a dazed, dopy looking Claric to the Moon Goddess walking with a young Kender.

We were bad ass
Solid 8 because of a Cleric that uses people organs/bones for weaponry.

Everyone else is pretty normal.
Adnd 2e
The zerker is 9ft tall and has 28str due to the mage fucking around with magic is also cannibalistic
The mage is an elf who is anti-social, lost a leg to the berserker
The rogue is neutral just a guy in a cloak but he stopped showing up
We have an elf warrior who thinks he's hot shit but so far is the only one who's died and to goblins on wolves at that, he lost a foot to the berzerker
The bard is a chick who isn't very bardly, sings a bit doesn't sleep around
We had a female elf ranger who was Mary sue as fuck, stopped showing up, her and the rogue tried buying teifling sex slaves
We picked up a noble for a day and he knighted the berzerker, who then beat a man to death and ate his heart in a duel for honor

All in all about a 3 or 3.5/10 we're working on it.
Against a roughly equal encounter? Probably a 6.

The party wizard's nickname is 'skeletor'. Not because he's a lich or anything, but because he's emaciated and thin enough for it to be fitting. To children, he's a solid 10. Has masterwork scalpels for dissecting 'samples', lives up to his NE alignment in incredibly self-centered fashion. His grand goal is to find ways to get the feat tree that lets you unhinge your jaw and eat small creatures without having to cheat and use polymorph to do it. Because he hates gnomes and halflings. Does public services with magic while passing through villages to build up PR and a good reputation.

The party cleric gives no fucks and thinks being shorter than a Dwarf is illegal. Played like Judge Dredd, except he will pretty much murder someone and say they were resisting arrest. Black armor, spikes, skull motif, all the usual bad guy shit. Gets on the good side of local law enforcement despite it by bragging about clearing out goblin warrens. You can guess what he did when the 'goblin kidz wut do' dilemma came up. Solid 8 for him.

The party fighter is a fighter. Often has a clueless expression on his face. "Dude, where's my combat utility?" Solid 1. Nah, I kid. He's a fullplate-wearing, greatsword-bearing big guy, but not a vicious killer like the other two. He's maybe a 4, but in the company of the rest of the party that drops to maybe 2. Actually a nice guy who spends far too much time dodging the question when he's asked, "So how'd you end up with these two murderhoboes?"

These three roll together because they come from the same village and share a dark secret. They shot the shire-reeve. (But did not shoot his deputy.)
I know this probably isn't the kind of response you wanted, OP, but it reminded me of my Inquisitor character from a previous game. In Pathfinder the Inquisitor class is downright stupid levels of intimidating.

> Lvl 9 Inquisitor (Domain: Night)
> 9 ranks in intimidate
> Intimidate is class skill, +3
> Only have charisma of 9, -1
> "Stern Gaze" class feature: +1/2 class level to intimidate = +4
> Feat: Intimidating Prowess, add STR to intimidate. STR 20 so +5
> Equipment: Circlet of Persuasion, +3
> Equipment: Cracked Pink & Green Sphere, +1 Intimidate
> = +24 Intimidate

The DC of Intimidate checks is 10 + HD + WIS. So even my negative-charisma character, going up against a guy with 10 hit dice (that's more than me) and a WIS of 20 (+4) is a fucking auto-success. That plus Feat: Cornugon Smash meant enemies were basically always going to be shaken after the first melee hit.

I didn't realize it but after the "determine random background rolls" came out, I had basically built Batman. The DM realized it first and started lulzing, so I decided to go whole hog. Named him Murcielago, had him always wear a cowl to 'mask his identity', and talked in the gravelly Christian Bale voice. It worked well.
For the game I'm DMing, we just started out, so not too sure yet. That said, one of them almost literally scared a pirate to death and a crowd witnessed the end of an interrogation/beating in which the subject was killed.

The other game I'm in with the same people... not so much. The most intimidating member left some months ago unless you count the fact that another member started a fucking crusade.
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How intimidating are we?
Oh right, rankings.
>First group: 5 or 6/10 for sheer efficiency
>Second group: 3/10 normally, 8/10 when heresy is involved
Perhaps not what OP meant, but yeah, that's actually pretty funny. Two thumbs up.
A corsair crew with a dashing pirate captain at the lead (complete with evil goatee), a hulking bald headed fighter with a face so scarred he could be mistaken for a city map from a distance, and a creepy black-robed wizard with a face almost entirely hidden behind bandages walk into a ghost town. The captain orders me (the fighter) to inspect one of the houses for clues to find out what happened to the people. I knock, try the handle, and finally kick the door in. A lady hiding in the room beyond screams, and the fighter nearly explodes into spaghetti. "Oh fuck, I'm so sorry! Sorry! I'll fix it! I can fix it! I'm so sorry!"
Are we talking about appearance or do the people know about them from rumors?

Bald guy with a couple robes on and no weapons, easy fight. A girl with about as much clothing as the other guy and looks a lot weaker, easier fight. Man in armor atop some two legged dinosaur with wings of an angel... could be tough. Another guy in some black-scarlet clothing and a cloak, looks like some edgy faggot and could be as strong as the bald one.
>Commoner: 8
>Warrior: 5
>Mage: 3

"Oh shit, its the monk that killed an orc chieftan in 1 hit! And there's the woman that vanishes like a shadow and breathes like a dragon!"
"That's the Angel Knight mounted on his allosaurus as well. They say him and his mount took on 50 orcs by themselves and didn't get a scratch on them!"
"Where's the fourth one? Wasn't there a fourth?"
"The black one? Probably drinking in a tavern scaring off the women with his spiders."
>Commoner: 10
>Warrior: 8
>Mage: 7

Rumors are, of course, not accurate.
The best was when we first got to a big city. He had several grappling hooks to go with his bow & arrows, and a good Climb skill.

> DM: You are in <major metropolis name>. There are huge towering buildings all around you
> Me: Are there... gargoyles on the buildings?
> DM: ... Yes.
> Me: Murcielago shoots a grappling hook and climbs up onto a gargoyle. "I have to do this. I don't know why."
> DM: <suppressed guffaws>
Well, in our regular D&D campaign, about 4 to 6...

But in our recent superhero campaign? Fuckin' turnt up to 11. (Something about modern settings makes us go fuckin' ape shit, for some reason.) Our superhero squad is as follows:

MANBEAR: A grizzly bear that was given human levels of intelligence in a lab.

Donny, The Dingo: A giant black dude that always carries a full arsenal of weapons. He's basically a fusion of the incredible hulk, and Rambo. The more you hurt him, the more pissed off and powerful he becomes.

Cool Cat: A strong silent mute that always wears a suit. He always keeps a calm demeanor, no matter the situation. He is the world's greatest stunt driver and weapons specialist, and he is willing to pull of any crazy shit to make his kill. He also can fuck any woman ever, just by buying her a drink.

Songbird: A curvaceous and courageous heroine that has the ability to sense the abilities of other heroes and villains. She can tell how powerful you are just by looking at you and can sense the presence of super powers at any distance. We suspect that she can sense latent powers within a normal person too, but we haven't had that come up, yet.

But we will fuck your shit up!
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I did it all.jpg
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Depends on when the last time we took a nap.
Depends on the situation.

When we're serious, we'll blast you, your neighbors, and the city you're in with a several kilometers long warship from orbit. We intimidated two comparatively primitive star-faring civilizations into submission after effortlessly annihilating their most powerful vessel.


When we're not, the only intimidating member of the group is the Ork, who's about 10 feet tall, so still pretty intimidating.

A Battlemaster that wears a turban and runs around screaming about justice and freedom and coating his face in the blood of the evil, an underaged rogue that's the scion to a pirate fleet but isn't ready to take up the helm, a Cleric of War that has been known to heal his downed enemies before realizing how foolish that is, a tiefling bard who whines about racism and tells stories all the time, and a gnome sorcerer that's grown six inches through Wild Magic and spends a great deal of his time rambling incoherently.

I'd say about a 3, and only because of the Battlemaster.
We've got a 16 ft tall orc that is known as a God across the land.
Sounds like a fun group.
Depends if my group was pissed at you.
We had an elf warlock, with a helm of teleportation
A dwarf barbarian who ate pretty much any hit to the face and laughed. And had an artifact which, in natural light, would heal wounds in minutes.
A human fighter which carried at least 8 weapons on him and killed people with a silver shovel.
A gnome bard.
And me, a warforged fighter who was a social retard. He was obsessed with manners and being polite. If you gave him the slightest offense, he would blow all of his 5e abilities in your ass with a smile. He was also the only warforged in the world. So people thought he was an awakened golem.

Our modus operandi was to scry you, teleport in, murder everything, and disappear without a trace. Entire kingdoms spent hundreds of thousands of gold and thousands of people's lives trying to stop us, and no one could. We also all had rings of anti scrying.
One government essentially started a whole new military branch/cia-clone/defense agency to stop us. And we obliterated it while starting a war between two nations because FUCK that king.
So if you were a high ranking government official of a nation we were annoyed with 15/10
Everyone else it was like 6/10 due to the smiling polite murder golem and the instantly healing but always bloody dwarf.
A flat 1
After all, who would find a blind human ,a lame elflame elf, two drunk dwarves and a cat intimidating.
>True neutral dwarven Druid
>Chaotic neutral ranger
>Chaotic neutral gunslinger
>Lawful neutral monk
>Lawful evil tiefling sorcerer
>Chaotic evil half-Orc fighter

I mean, 1/3 of us are frightening to a paladin/other good alignment character.

In retrospect our party really doesn't make sense.
I've killed a man before.
Also my party is made of gnomes and my sins keep me up at night so I'd say ohgodstopthenightmares/10
It depends how intimidated you are by 17 year old girls. Sure, one of them is genetically engineered, and another was raised to be a soldier, but combined with the amateur mangaka with a penchant for sweets, and a mecha otaku, they're a 1, maybe 2 on a good day.
Then there's the Evas, though...
I think I'd honestly have to give us 8/10.
>I'm a minotaur three times as tall as most any other character (player or non) covered in muscles, wearing half-plate polished to silly amounts of shininess, skewering anyone that fucks with me on an oversized flaming rapier if they're lucky and leveling buildings with an energy cannon as big as them if they aren't
>we have a fanged, winged, slit-pupiled umbrakinetic who can literally pop out of nowhere and tie people up with her mind
>the 'mundane' one carries her weight in guns
>the medic doesn't carry a weapon, in a setting where EVERYONE has a weapon, and yet he's still alive
Only on one occasion has anything been dumb enough to fight us, and the filthy savages didn't last one round.
Between the minotaur tech-pally and the winged one, half the team are living myths. Tack on the unarmed medic and heads exploding when people piss off the other gal, and I'd reckon we're pretty imposing.
we started as maybe a 2, but we've been getting better. I'd say we're now more of a 5.

party consists of a Lawful, (yet almost chaotic) neutral monk, a neutral good vanguard, a chaotic good bard, and a lawful good cleric.
when we started the monk hated everybody in the party and tried to do everything on his own, the bard didnt know what she was doing, and we had a neutral evil rogue who who failed to sneak attack anything.
as we went on the monk started acting evil and regressing into his own self loathing, a paladin joined us to kill the rogue and to be our tank yet got critted in every fight making the squishy monk tank instead, the bard got better, we adopted a sorcerer kid.
in the last few sessions the monk re discovered his inner sense of balance and basically became stronger and being more friendly towards the party, the paladin lost his powers to become a vanguard and actually successfully tanked, and the bard found out she's part dragon, found her dragon-blooded elf tribe and learned how to actually use her bard abilities. oh and the monk got a pirate ship.
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My Party.png
1 MB, 1919x640
Sarcastic coward alien doctor, big brazen sharkman with buzzsaw knuckle cybernetics, and a vengeful psycho sniper chameleon man...

Normally a 3. Probably a 5 when they're all on the same page, their teamwork is as goofy as it is efficient.
lemme think.

rogue with a dead little sister, crossbow, and sensitive trigger finger can be a bit scary in the 'he is probably going to over react to everything' sort of way.

paladin and cleric sunbro siblings can be a bit scary. paladin kind of seems to take a more neutral than good lean but has no sense for when he is needed, and cleric seems too busy hitting things to actually be a caster, but not as thuggish as the rogue.

rando derpy sorcerer is a more 'what are you even doing' kind of scary than anything

barbarian seems to have taken a more mongol approach to the class, probably the most sensible one of the group

I'm playing the bard as the last member, with more of a leaning to neutral lazy than any kind of evil.

i'd put us at an 7.5; not so much because we are big or scary. but rather nobody actually knows what'll happen next. we have defended what were supposed to be enemies, fought what was supposed to be a meaningless passing entity, and made little overall sense in the scheme of things. anyone who has seen that history would be kind of frightened.
Feral Worlder Arbite who tortures for fun, is about 7 foot tall, and is built like a fucking tank.

Hive Worlder assassin who worships (along with the Emperor) a Murder-Phantom from his homeworld. Tends to pose corpses in a prayer stance.

Nobleborn Adept whose left arm is replaced with an overly complicated copy-machine.

A rogue-ish type criminal who will drink anyone and fuck anything.

For the first two alone I'd say a solid 8/10.
There was also that time 3 of the party committed overt cannibalism against their will, but the Feral Worlder didn't really mind.
>Rogue Trader with more metal than meat, has an implanted conquistador helm in his power armour and wields an astartes-sized chainaxe. Somewhat intimidating

>basically alfred the butler but carrying an inquisitors personal storm shield and an inert force glaive he took from said inquisitors corpse. Not that intimidating, until you see the emblazoned =]I[= on the shield

>Rasputin the techpriest, specialising in improving the human form to its highest possible point. Pilfered the corpse that had the Traders chainaxe to study how Astartes implants work. Fucking terrifying, hulking bastard who gives himself mutations on purpose and works to mitigate their drawbacks, combined with four mechadendrites, with two claws, a flamer and a set of medical tools.

>Drug-fiend Arch-Militant, kept as a gladiator pit-slave by orks for three months. Frothing maniac and Rasputin's favourite guinea pig. Has taken a Shokk Attack Gun to the arm and been stepped on by a Warboss. Pathalogically despises greenskins. Almost as terrifying as Rasputin.
>Skinny white boy hacker in combat boots, cargo shorts, and a white text-on-black t-shirt
>Amnesiac orc with muscle and bone density augs that give him enough raw strength to punch through light mil-spec armor
>A 16 year-old girl with blue-and-white dyed hair
>A man in a suit who just oozes class and dignity
>A twitchy, paranoid blood mage
>A burrito-obsessed med-evac troll
Not especially, for the most part.
Current party at lvl 11.

My wood elf long death monk.
Human Necromancer wizard.
Dragonborn red dragon sorc.
Human Wolf totem Barbarian.
Half elf pal-lock.
Half-elf bard.

All of us are proficient with intimidate.
All of us are tough to kill.
And my monk makes everyone roll a passive fear check.

We would be a 8 or 9 on this scale.
A 10 would be a party with a dragon in it.
Lets see...
1. Nerdy looking white bio who wears inappropriate pimp suits and he think he stylish who wielding an sword-whip (party cleric/stupid moron who steps into every traps/mine character)
2. Cyber-goth data junkie (he just LOVES processs a lot of data through his brain) (our party Mage and hacker, got an impressive amount of techological toys)
3. Dude in hand-made armor from a crash dummy and without his armor he looks like a freak. (Party warrior)

I guess 2/10 when our party warrior disguised and 11/10 when he is not wearing armor. He literally driven us out from several villages just by his looks.
>Big-ass knight/barbarian
>Mentalist maid
>Ninja technician mageslayer
>Acrobatic warrior/archer
4-8/10 if normal soldier
end of the fairy tales/10 if caster
17. That's my intimidation modifier. It's a Mutants and Masterminds campaign.

I'd say 9
On a thread unrelated not it is nice to see new artwork of these characters.
>They don't look like much...
>Dude, they have a healer, a wizard and a guy with a big shield, they probably kill dragons and shit, do NOT fuck with them.

How can a party of adventurers be anything but terrifying for normal people? "Well, sure, he can take a punch from an ogre and has killed something like 200 random thugs, but he looks like such a mama's boy!" sounds a bit retarded.
A 2-3/10 unless you know about Sano's punching technique and Kenshin's past. That'll shoot them to a solid 7. Hiko with spawn cape is a 10, without he's a 12.
In my old shadowrun 4E game I used to GM for, we had a fucking hardcore covert ops ninja, who could consistently kill averagely armoured humans with a single throwing knife.
We had an awakened who was a bomb ass summoner, especially with water and earth spirits. Dem practically invincible earth spirits.
And then the remaining party member was pretty good with an uzi, but nothing amazing. Was a drug addict though and a little off the hinges at times.

All in all, fucking 7-10, all the way up to 9-10 on the few sessions where my gmpc came into play, Orc paracritter hunter who didnt have amazing dice in anything, but always had a tool for the job.
>Psychotic elf who once turned into a spider/pig crossbreed to battle demons
>Paladin with immovable rod in ass
>THE BRIDE OF SATAN, who slays other demons to ensure her husbando remains cocklord of hell
>Lady Kenshiro
>A wizard who thinks anything is a good idea if it's sufficiently magical
>The fucking bard
>And our cohort, a half-ogre who is entirely sick of our shit

You know, aside from the bard and maybe the martial artist, none of these are safe people to be around.

Solid 5/7
You seem to be confused. Paladins are immune to fear effects.
We got 9 members in our party in D&D 3.5 and since some of our team mates min maxed, the DM has been making tougher and tougher bosses. Just about every enemy we have encountered in most of the campaign has been at least 2 levels higher than us so any spells or abilities relying on HD are usually useless. We recently fought and killed a level 23 boss character with a bunch of lackeys. We were only level 14 at the time.

I'd say we're pretty fucking intimidating.
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Beginning of campaign:
>Charming and attractive Half-elf Bard.
>Friendly Gnome Wizard with silly mustache.
>Inexperienced Dragonborn Paladin.
>Grizzeled army vet Human Ranger.
0/10 Whatever benefit we got from the Ranger was negated by the rest of the group.

>Charming and attractive Half-elf Bard that's learned music from the GOD of songs.
>Gnome Wizard with silly mustache that's tired of your shit.
>Dragonborn Paladin riding a fucking golden dragon.
>Grizzeled army vet Human Ranger that had half his face scorched off by dragon breath.
>Brutish former-sailor Human Cleric.
That's got to be at least a 7/10
>Adnd 2e
25 is an absolute maximum for a stat in ADnD.
One of my groups is basically standard do-alright adventurers, so we're probably a 5 because people can be unnerved by do-gooders.

Another group is basically a bunch of ragtag psychopaths on a path to self destruction. They're pretty high on the list, probably a 7 or even an 8.
Musclegirl Slaaneshi Sorceress clad in Robes of Torment, wears a Trophy Rack with severed and bloody enemy parts, armed with Agonizer.
Also has Disturbing Voice and Pity the Weak talents and Fear 1 trait. Her effective Intimidate skill is over 100 and she loves to telepathically frighten people to death and savour their fear.

She is played by an actual girl and we play IRL
File: 1452217961065.png (649 KB, 667x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
649 KB, 667x1000
>cannibal holy-dark knight
>lost prince looking to usurp a divine throne
>incarnation herald of the apocalypse that uses dead timeline souls to power damnation sorcery
>zen-death paladin who is the equivalent of One Of The Bad Guys As One Of The Good Guys in concept

they're only like 3/10 it's pitiful

still, advance play In Nomine is a HELL of a drug
>Final Fantasy
>Catperson Male, lowest strength possible, Chemist with a pistol
>Slothdog stoner summoner, uses natchos as a deathrite in his religion
>Pacifist androgynous Ratperson Bard, literally can't kill anything.
>Androgynous Blue Mage Ratperson, uses a fuckoff huge hammer and lasers to fuck everything,
>Rabbitperson male inventor, one arm burnt to uselessness by fire. Made a magitech gatling gun that he has mounted on his useless shoulder. Mute.
>Blue blobby humanoid, can eat anything, and can cast a little bit of all magics.
>Fucking Yeti Dragoon. Wears an entire battlestandard as a cloak and spouts ancient proverbs while he lands on things spear-first.

5/10, until combat hits and the enemies witness the machine-like efficiency at which things die.
Two dragons, vampire and harbinger returned from dead.

Pretty intimidating overall - doesn't stop lot of the gnolls trying to drool on us.

i'd say around 6 or 7. We are a bunch of illiterate forest bandits/dwellers who bathe sometimes and never shave. Also carry way too many knives and teeth necklaces to be considered non-threatening.
>Eclipse diplomat. Tooled up with top-quality gear but intentionally harmless looking.
>Totally unassuming peasant Night with a million or so hidden daggers.
>Another totally unassuming non-peasant Night with a giant golden scythe hidden in Elsewhere.
>Dark-skinned tomb raider Twilight with a bun and a haughty look.
>Old guy with a stick Zenith.

So basically our intimidation level is directly connected to how genre savvy the observer is. Used to be significantly higher before we lost the Dawn and the Fire Dragon, they were both blatantly terrifying.
> Human Fencing Kord Worshiper with magic tattoos, a bit edgelordy. Likes to pick fights with random people.
>Dragon Sorcerer pyromaniac
>Gnome Trickery Cleric, face character and all around nice guy
>Most fucking hippie druid I have ever played with, nature-stupid as hell
>Halfling Kunoichi, quiet player but has the most ranks in intimidate in the group.
>Half-Orc she-beast, Warblade-Crusader. Holy shit levels on natural intimidation though her ranks are technically lower due to -2 Cha hit.

Probably like a 7, the super nice gnome and hippie really drag it down. Get rid of them though and the remaining four are a solid 9 if not 10
My scariest party was during an evil campaign

There was the barbarian who was a cannibal and constantly covered in gore, he carried the heads of his slain opponents.
Our party mage was a necromancer who constantly had dead raised and following us around, mostly of opponents we killed.
The fighter/cleric who had his throat ripped out and talked through a magical helmet. Completely covered in armour plates and sacrificed people to his dark gods.
Myself who was a chaotic evil rogue. I am pretty tame compared to the other three and mainly assassinate nobles and steal their wives/daughters for slaves.
In our Star Wars campaign, hell, we were intimidating

>Mandalorian Bounty Hunter
>disruptors and shit
>Wookiee Demolition Expert
>very choppy with a Vibro-Ax
>Chiss pilot
>definitely not in a huge modified X-Wing
>double the pistols, double the fun Smuggler
>two shots, two kills
File: blam.jpg (293 KB, 883x593) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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In our DH campaign, well... probably 7/10, considering the two arbites are always geared up to the teeth, alongside the guardsman and the psyker.

We won't survive our upcoming session, I can sense it. The psyker's gonna blow us all up.
Four psykers and Stephanos from accounting as our 'overseer', because the warrior types in our Inquisitor's employ keep getting destroyed by freak accidents or issued the wrong gear.
Meanwhile Steve is a fucking wizard with the auto-quill and level fuck you security permissions, making sure we have all we need for every mission and get assigned mostly completable, if not easy, objectives.

I believe it's a solid 4, if the party isn't angry.
Between a paladin, a bitch resting face thief, a fat wizard with a fairy and a beastman with a bumbling idiot face, there isn't much to be intimidated of.

Unless they get pissed. In that case, it's more intimidating.
The Gods of Murder, Unjust War, and Arson.

Shoot him first, man, by the God-Emperor. He made a psyker character, he knew the risks.
Progressively less so the more you're exposed to us.
Sure the big brutish minotaur barbarian looks scary, but he once spent three hours and half our guild's liquid assets dress shopping to surprise his not-wife.
The ranger would probably be pretty intimidating if she didn't have to spend half her time corralling the druid's familiar. The less said about the druid and rogue the better.
Depends on the party.

Core D&D 5e party
>5/10 and that's mostly from the Warlock.

All Evil Epic Level Party

Shadowrun Party
>6-7/10 depending on the day.
M. Disgruntled by the books Half-orc paladin Redeemer (the face)
F. Aloof Elf Hexcrafter magus (the one who places their party importance far too highly)
M. Silent/quiet/unexpressionable Human archer fighter (the only ranged person)
M. Bratty Tengu mystic (NEET)
M. Sarcastic light hearted Half-elf battle cleric (the only one with battlefield experience)
M. Straight faced guild member Half-elf battle mage (the only wizard of the group)
M. Drunk and loud Dwarf drunken beerbarian, with a knack for masonry (owns a tavern)

Half the party are vicious combatants, the other half are whimsy lolrandumb idiots.

You can't possibly ignore our potential
But you can't possibly take us seriously
Lessee, current groups:
Twitchy long-haired young noble with a katana is about a one, until he railguns a spoon through several walls, then it goes up to about a 6 for the average peasant, 3 for any real fighters.
"Tattooed" dancer with HAMMER OF LEGEND is a solid 3, the quakes and lightning from her actually using said hammer shoot it up to an 8 and a 6.
So 7 peasantry, 5 actual warriors.
>5e RotRL
Silver Dragonborn Paladin and Hola le vato Half-Elf Ranger both fall in the 2-3 category overall, because the Paladin tries to make nice with people, and Ranger is more worried about next siesta than anything else.

Most intimidating party was a solid 10 to all but crack merc groups, the Not!Flood, or corporations.
Between the reptilian priest of gods of war, torture, and drug use with the cybernetic murder-arm, the Master Necrotech Mortenebra expy complete with Mech/Brute Thralls, the hispanic dude with a rifle that was anti-EVERYTHING, the ork with the gatling-laser, and the rather plain-looking little girl who could lock you inside your mind with your worst nightmares for several hours with a touch of her hand, we had "intimidating" pretty much covered Not counting the four or so other primary crew members.
And our captain was a drunkard who wore nothing but boxers, a Hawaiian shirt, sandals and shades, so even our secondary crew was scared for their lives 90% of the time.
Solid 8 until we actually start talking, when it drops to like 4.

It's really difficult to be intimidated when the party starts arguing like children.
>Dragonborn Bard
My nigga.

Whelp, guess I gotta post now. My two current parties consist of a Human Div Sorcerer whom is the leader of the kingdom they have set up. He sets up an interesting premise where he can make just about anyone do what he says on the spot. Second would be the Halfling, lolrandum player, who is the miniature blender of the group. Third is a Cloistered Cleric that can cast any spell at any time s/he wants with some spell shenanigans, which has come in handy for...the entire campaign. Fourth up is a 7' tall dragonborn(recently half-orc until I converted him) Knight of the same kingdom that number 1 leads. Then myself, a dragonborn bard, wings and all with pretty platinum scales and two wings to compliment how wonderful I am. woopwoop, anyway, I buff the party to insane degrees, giving all the melee fighters +16d6 sonic damage per attack, then make the enemy vulnerable to sonic. I shout mean things at them, terrible stuff. Usually a string of crude words, and mental abuse like in red dragon(eyyy, dragons)

All in all, we're pretty intimidating...except for when we're being jackasses.
>Ginger paladin worshiping a forgotten god
>Asshole sorcerer who just wants to fuck with the paladin
>Disfigured ranger that used to be part of a clan of thieves
>Not-Kenshiro searching for the killer of his master and beloved

I'd give us a 5. Our face is the paladin and he has a habit of fucking everything up.
Essentially every encounter in the past half year so far began with the enemy intimidating the party into wanting to run the fuck away or not mess with him.
So probably around 2.
My man. Bode an, brother.
For a quartet of Space Marines rocking the Deathwatch's =][= pauldron and wearing enough skulls to tile a kitchen with, we're not that scary.
One guy in our group always tries to make intimidating characters, usually with them dressed in all black and covered in weapons, but since he plays elves they usually only end up at most 5'5" which isn't all that intimidating.

KInd of ruins it for the rest of the group, so I'd say a 5 at best.
Socially inept drow, socially inept (albeit creepy looking) scarecrow, socially inept cleric, socially inept birdman, and bladesinger average to about a 5.
Then there's the elf fighter, she brings us up to a 7 by herself.
Does a sissy-elf with trap-god-aesthetics and menacing cold eyes count as intimidating? (he has 5 strength where their is a common value 6 or 7)
Rolled 3, 7, 6, 9, 7, 2, 4, 9 = 47 (8d10)

My two groups consist of either

>A lazy fucking elf, condescending dragon Paladin, racist tall sorcerer, musclebound Barbarian who spontaneously grows shirts
Overall I'd give them about a 4, given that they're more weird than powerful/scary.

My second group consists of
>A pacifist Oracle who can strike fear into the hearts of even gods, a ditzy ass Fighter, a pyromaniac Summoner with a terrifyingly powerful dragon-like Eidolon, a weird ass Magus with a camel
I'd put them at about a 6 on account of the fact that the summoner has a flamethrower and that Eidolon.
My PCs include a metal shark with a menacing grin, a dragon breathing steam and able to shred damn near anything in it's coils, and a literal spider tank robot with drill mandibles. I think they rate at a minimum of 8.
My biggest Group was probably a 3 just cause our characters couldn't agree on anything.
We had a LN Mage, CE Druid, LE Knight, CG Barbarian, NG Rogue, and a LG Cleric.
My current party? We're playing Mage: the Awakening and we're all playing early-20something males with Striking Looks. We look like a fucking boy band.

This is possibly the least-intimidating-looking party I've ever been a part of.
Pussy elderly Minotaur bard, a halfling that is more or less an al Capone knockoff, a cleric more focused on hurting instead of healing, a stereotypical elf ranger, a basic warlock, a boring Druid with a panther, and a skeletal lich diplomat who would rather make friends with other people. Maybe a 2 at the very very best?
>We look like a fucking boy band.
>This is possibly the least-intimidating-looking party I've ever been a part of.

I don't know, man. Backstreet could be back.
Currently I think we'd be at a 7-8 if we weren't saddled with a half-elf teenager who's the fantasy equivalent of a valley girl crossed with a country bumpkin. The rest of the party consists of a Tiefling Cleric of a revenge goddess, A huge beefy monk who absolutely pounds shit into the ground, a shady as fuck Halfling Rogue, and me, a scary Warlock of tiefling ancestry who has golden eyes and bright red hair with a penchant for fire and things with more than six legs. We're generally pretty scary sounding on paper.

But then you have the airhead running around like a retard and making the whole group look like the most over-qualified baby-sitters you've ever seen.
The game is set in Middle america. My Teammate and I are Middle-eastern and speak Arabic. so I'm gonna say a 9.
I made a hybrid Monk/Warlord with an intimidate of 15 at level one. Though I don't really know how good that is comparativly.
>barbarian seems to have taken a more mongol approach to the class, probably the most sensible one of the group
That's pretty impressive.
>Everyone has white hair
>Two out of three wear matching white coats
>Everyone wields some sort of needlessly edgy weapon.
>The group's current reputation is that of surgical and ruthlessly efficient killers.

I'd call us an 8 on first glance. When people see silly antics 2/3 party members get up to, it drops to a 1 or increases to a 10. Depending on circumstances.
>One is literally an accountant, looking every bit a stereotype.

>One is a catholic priest straight out of the seminary.

>One is a retired cop with a bit of a beer belly.

Probably a 3 if you're a black child with debt.
Fair point.
What the fuck kind of newborn puppies ping 4/10 on a threat scale?
I give it an 7.5, we got a 3 Dwarven fighters, a half orc cleric, and a human sorcerer.
Hell hounds?
As newborns? Granted all I know about Hellhounds is Fire, but still!
Orc ninja, Kobold wizard (me!), human druid, human sorcerer. Probably 2/10 because of the orc, unless you cast Detect Magic and find out how much crap we're packing, then a solid 7.
File: Raistlin.png (211 KB, 235x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
211 KB, 235x512
>Be me
>Be in a 3.5/Pathfinder game in 2009
>Me and one other friend have retained our PCs since the start of the game, which was about nine months ago.
>My friend's character is a fucking scary dude, half-orc barbarian stereotype and all. He went into frenzied berserker on top of using Pathfinder rules for barbarians. He was kind of dumb, but not simple minded. Sarcastic, and sometimes intense.
>My character was heterosexual, and yet simultaneously the greatest flaming faggot you'd ever meet. He was human, but almost emaciated, and he dressed ridiculously in bright crimson and gold colors at all times. He was a wizard, sorcerer, and ultimate magus that used sonic magic because it minimizes unintended damage to the environment.
>Other party member was continuously entering and leaving the game due to deaths. Our DM was not harsh by any means, but holy shit, this guy.
>This guy made more cannon fodder PCs for shits and giggles than any other man I have known. It is purely to try out weird combinations in character construction.
>Other characters' reactions to our PCs always varied greatly in relation with what retarded shenanigans party member number 3 was getting up to.
>One of his characters once followed a person home for, like, eight hours and then tried to sell them holy water. He then tried to sell them holy water in the morning, as he had not left the premises at all. This was fucking creepy. In comes barbarian dude in mithral breastplate, heavy furs and leathers, carrying a bigass sword. The barb starts talking with the elf who's been camping on this NPC's doorstep, and he doesn't seem happy. Then comes the ultimate magus in goddamn silk robes. He's extremely cheerful and the barbarian listens to him, and they come up with a plan to apologize for the actions of the elven alchemist. The alchemist is completely unrepentant and saunters off, while Gay Raistlin and Orcy He-Man apologize to the owner of the manner.
I don't know about you, but the fact the come from the planes of torment and damnation can easily rise it up to a 4/10.
Or the could be wolfwere puppies, which is doublely dangerous. never trust new borns, the could turn into blood thirsty ankle biters.
Paladin whose holy mission is to smite mages (this is actually in keeping with their alignment), dragonborn monk, a pirate, and generic quiet bard. All elven except the dragonborn.

Two half-dragons (scary as shit)
One aodrable catfolk. (not scary unless you see his damage numbers)
one undine (not scary)
one gentleman bard (not scary)
>giant mage
>muscle elf pit-fighter that owns a bakery
>sixteen year old human mage
>elf poser decker
>ex-corp elven infiltration specialist

Out group is either comically retarded or retardedly scary, and I'm not sure which.
Edgelord ninja with cross-dressing tendencies, easily-distracted and silly oracle, straight man gunner, super srs assassin girl.

Maaaaaybe a 1/10? The oracle really drags the rest of the party down.
Last campaign was
>Blind Dragonborn Barbarian
>Self-obsessed Tiefling Sorcerer
>Casual-sex-with-literally-anything-sentient Halfling Bard
>Deaf Dragonborn Monk
>Dwarf Fighter with Extreme Racism(tm)

They were all escaped convicts, evil-aligned party. And yet despite that all their general demeanor was like a group of drunk friends wandering home at 3am.

4/10, though.
>two cripples
They were meant to be triplets with sanctioned abilities to "compensate" for their disabilities but the Mute dragonborn player ended up not being able to play.

Blind dragonborn's Rage-Vision was good fun, though.
A duo of dwarves, one carrying a blade for every Occasion from a pike to an axe to javelins to a broadsword to a spiked shield and the other one decked out in holy symbols of the dwarven god of war up front, backed by a sneaky snow elf dressed in Yeti fur, an abnormally pale and corpse-like looking human wizard and a 6'6 crazy-eyed barbarian woman carrying a warhammer in one hand and an axe in the other.

I'd give us a solid 8/10, only because the wizard doesn't look like much.
Considering we are mostly ponies, I'd say 1/10
A masked dwarf cleric of destruction with dreds.
A necromancer with a 4 undead posse
An anime magus power gamer who never talks. ever.
A tryhard edgelord assassin with a mask
and the cherry on top of this shit sunday, a CHAOTIC GOOD cavalier.

i hate my players.
Does being a cherry mean that they're a good thing or an especially bad thing? Because I'm not sure why precisely a chaotic good knight type person would be such an intrinsically bad thing.
let's just say that the evil party members have caused less direct deaths, destruction and arsons COMBINED than the cg cavalier.
A paladin with angle wings and full black plate
A pyromancer that has a miniature sun orbiting her head
A fighter with a steaming hammer and a pig tied to his back
A elf deity of copper that has a demonic bow attached to his arm
An orc with a huge rifle and no clothing
And a sword that talks like Shaun Connery

I give my group a strong 9
5, unless the Berserker and Paladin were upset, then maybe a 7, because one of them was a loli and the other was an elf
>A dragonborn that wears the armor of his former king
>A half-elf gypsy monk
>A telekinetic sorcerer that loves flashing lightning bolts around
>David Bowie as a rogue
>A literal talking housecat that wears a wolf pelt and plays its bard songs on bongos
I don't know man, we're all pretty damn powerful but I think we're more of an oddity most of the time.
one of my party induce fear. Even on things that are immune to fear as Golems.

I would guess he alone rates 10.
Lets see.
Giant green mutant with lot of rat traits, armed with power fists and an autocannon on his back.

Khornate Space Marine with giant bat wings, dual wielding eviscerators with his huge STR.

Human psyker with the Face o Tzeentch mutation (basically all her facial characteristics change at random, or new ones pop out)

A heretek so full of bling and loot he shines as bright as the sun.

I think we'd be a solid 9
3, given the scale of things in Dark Heresy.

We're just a bunch of guardsmen, so we can't really compete with Space Marines and Daemons and shit. Though I like to imagine that the longer someone knows us, the scarier we get.
Praedor with heavy mods; Elder Scrolls, again, with heavy modding (GM hasn't played a single TES)

I'd say... 8-9/10.
My character of 5+ years:
>Demon named N'Zall has taken hold on my right arm; spreads chaos, has long claws - black and white textures. Cause of chaos: Magic bursts on hit
>Other arm is a demonic piece of machinery, made for tinkering, torture...
>Voice is cursed to be from the depths
>Eye looks like it has worms in it
>Is known to having almost purged a race
>Wields a strong, magical ice flail
>Strong conjurer, cryomancer, (+enchanter, but that is hardly frightening).
>Is related to the destruction of 6+ cities and a few armies.
>attracts curses and crits, but still refuses to die
>One of the best torturers around. Best when it comes to orcs.
>Can mutilate beings into different beings entirely
>Mastermind tactician
>constant darkness follows him
>is known to having destroyed a demon possessing him
>lunatic with ptsd, among many other things
>has killed children (although they were khajit--)
>has only one limb he was born with

He started as a 7str, 10con, 14agi, 14perc, 9will, 12cha, with lower than average ratings on skills. He started as a neutral good.

The other survivor's char of 5+ years:
>Giant werewolf
>Wields two of the strongest blades in existence when in human form (imagine Djinn from Magi)
>Champion of Hircine
>Has not been won. Ever. At least none live to tell.
>is 2.7m tall
>supreme strength
>intimidating aura
>could rip your arm off with bare hands
>is now known for cursing 50 families for the next 5 generations
>curse is exaggerated and abused by our enemies; she became infamous
>master smith

Then we have a Boethian cultist who steals bodies, Nord berserker with necrotic legs, and many normies, doomspeaker. Although they only stay that way for a while... GM loves Diablo.
We've had more than 50 dead characters in this campaign. Many as even more corrupt than the survivors.
>half elf bard with two different identities, switches from town to town to fuck with people trying to follow the group
>wood elf ranger that goes around with two giant spiders
>dragonborn barbarian that used to be a pirate
>racist piece of shit soldier human fighter

We're not that bad desu, I'd say around 4-5/10? The spiders help a lot.
Level 7 party:
-Age shifting elf witch who's a loli when she's happy, an old crone when she's mad/serious; who specializes in killing enemiss with her hair after disabling them(usually seeping into their heads). She also collects people/corpses in her bag of holding. LE.
-Human Hunter/Inquisitor who is a deadly with a bow, who loves torture and actively mentions it all the time. Torture buddies with the Witch. NE
-A Tengu vivisectionist/ninja with 4 arms who dual-wields Nodachi and who's mutagens make her into the hulk. TN
-(Just died, but still gonna note) A human Synthesist, who's basically a huge fire elemental with a plethora of tentacles who grapples people to death. CG

I'd rank our party... a 6. We're still relatively low level though so plenty of room to grow.
>A dragonborn
Your GM allowed that?
We where just a bunch of fighter pilots
well. given how its an only war game
penal regiment of guerilla urban commandos wearing olive drab

Sergeant is trained in intimidate, has a chainsword
heavy gunner with heavy stubber
Weapon specialist in shorts

I'll say its a 5/10
A Trandoshan, a Gank, a Human, and a Chiss, all bounty hunters.

Maybe a little
Catgirl Paladin with a Antimagic Aura and a cursed sword disabled by said Aura, probably - points for not being able to use enchanted gear.
Pyromancer fallen angel who is equally likely to fuck you as burn you to death from the inside out (Occasionally both at the same time)
Book nerd elf who has floating tomes all around her some of which have explosive runes in them. 60% o her body is thighs and legs
A loli with a hammer wearing a hoodie (in a setting where hoodies wouldn't be something you see often) with a succubus following her around acting as her butler, Both of them have no clue about sex and she has a childcrush on him.

So...if you're one guy maybe a 6/10
A party? Probably like a 3/10. iunno.
Depends on how intimidating you feel mages are.
What would you rate this party?
>misuse of "succubus"
>"lel shortstack"
>sex angel

I give you 1/10 for intimidation and -5/10 for quality.
yeah it was an incubus, i just woke up.
Sex Angel is 0% angel.
Also not a shortstack, literally a 13 year old girl with a hammer.
Cringe team
Ruggedly handsome Half-Orc Bard
14 foot tall Tree Man barbarian
Pacifist Tiefling Cleric of Pelor
Aasimar (idfk how you spell it) rogue
A guy who is literally Big Boss (Yes it's as bad as it sounds, he spends most of his time in a box. I'm not kidding)
And a generic Half-Elf Paladin

I'm rating it 3/10 at best
>Dirty, crazy-looking shaman-hobo.
>Small, thin, newbie fed with big-ass hairdo and strong sense of sarcasm
>Tall, unkempt, overeducated book trader.

That would be a 6, if it weren't for the fact that hoboshaman is permanently cloaked in a veil of normalcy, so a 4 it is.
We have a dwarf brawler type monk who is scarred up and lost one of his arms.
An orc druid/barbarian, who wears shrunken heads on his belt.
A crazy human wizard, who has barely any attack spells, only concentrating on casting some bullshit to annoy everyone.
And a human rogue who gets drunk every opportunity he gets, he also wears a crown that he stole from a king.

I'd say 7/10 but none of us has skilled intimidation, so 0/10
Tree man should at least tip it to a 4.
>A giant man with a giant rifle who is a bounty hunter
>A small woman with two revolvers who is a bounty hunter
>A geologist
>A zombie who plays cards
>A doctor who never heals anyone
>A US army deserter who crossdresses to avoid getting arrested
Total like a 7/10 don't want to fuck with them, but not that scared. Averaged like 3/10 I could probably kick their ass.
Our party barbarian abused the grapple rules to fist-fuck a werewolf to death. The vampire cunts who were supposed to be the second part of that encounter gave us their horses and noped the fuck out.

So, I'd say about a seven.
When we're not bickering?

(Lvl 11)

>6ft tall female warder with big full plate, shield and hammer painted black and designed to be scary with 18s in Str and Con, rides a large blue teleporting beetle (also decked out in full plate), gregarious and high-spirited
>Aegis who makes the warder look Puny with something like 24 str and a hammer bigger than me with something like +25 to intimidate.
> Elderly Drow psion who will hide in other party member's heads and tear apart the minds of his/her (bodyswapped) enemies and summon ectoplasm golems to crush what's left
> Tiefling alchemist who's the friendliest open psychopath I've ever met and gets a lot of creative use out of bombs
> A man who's so generic it's unsettling (constant disguise to look as average as possible, low wis, has not heard of the uncanny valley, fairly powerful mage)
> A 14 year old girl in full plate who's damn near unkillable and will incinerate dozens of foes at a time - no mercy or remorse in her eyes and utterly silent when in confrontation
> Latest addition, a lighthearted psychic bard who can trick you into agreeing with him via Jedi mind trick but tends to stay back from the fighting (can still use collective and buffs)

Eh, I'd give us a 6. Was 7 before the bard joined us, but he helps massively, so I'm not complaining
My current party? We'd be a little wary because half your party seems psychotic (especially the Angel), but I think the main reaction would be along the lines of "Are you serious?" We'd try to make you back down rather than just fight you, if only because I think we'd feel like we were picking on an in-universe LARP society.

If it fits the game, then it sound like it could be a fun group, but our gm's running it as a bit of a cross between traditional/somewhat serious D&D and "cosmic forces beyond our understanding are trying to get involved, but they can't comprehend us either, oh dear." Not a great fit
Current party includes a dude that fights primarily by summoning a ghoul, a druid human, a near 7 foot tall dragonborn paladin and a midget dwarf with a mohawk the same height as he is and a warhammer tall enough to crush a giants ballsack.

Id say we average out a good 4-5. And as of now we're only level 3.

One of my first parties was a half-orc barbarian with the build of a ripped Jason Statham and a dane axe, a human knight-type that played like Indiana Jones with a pair of shortswords and a bow and a tiefling pyromaniac. Typically we were like a 5 or 6, in full combat swing Id say we jumped up to a 7 seeing as the tiefling would burn people alive and laugh at their screaming, and on occasion we hit 8.

The barbarian decapitated a dragon after using a catapult and himself as a projectile to floor it. I think that qualifies for an 8.
the party I dm with Minotaur fighter High Elf Wizard Human monk ranger and rouge
seemed like it was atleast an 8 but after a few sessions they ended up getting cute nicknames like "the bovine battle master" and the ranger insisted on being called prowler so it dropped to a 3 very quickly
"Dragonborns was a mistake" - Our GM
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