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BBEG Introduction song
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You've done it, you've got to the BBEG, but then music starts playing. What is it?

>Party gets trapped in a small room
>The door is locked but has slits to let some light in
>BBEG is at the door and starts pushing his fecal matter through the slits to fall to the floor or onto whoever is closest to the door
>Starts singing "Do you know, the muffin man?"
We had a remarkable moment on a RPG because we put the player on random.

Almost every music until now being adventure generic music, final fantasy or something, until we get to the evil lich for the first time and he does his speech. Just at the start of the speech some shakira music starts playing.

This lich is now the dancing Lich, the most fabulous undead to exist in the world. He goes around doing strange lust dances to entice the boners of unwary adventurers.
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it's going down.gif
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>hosting game at my place
>throw together playlist for game, about 2 hours long
>GM tosses out generic starting adventure for new players to get to know group better
>"Muh cattle are gettin et' at! Save me!"
>go to investigate
>after some poking around, the ground opens up and a giant fucking worm tries to eat the party
>just as this happens, no shit, this song comes up on list
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>using extremely unfitting songs for extremely evil and deluded people
>Crypt of the Necrodancer: Origins
>Running a one-shot for an evil party
>Party tries to rob a shop
>Ends up fighting an entire small towns' worth of guards
>They're making their way through the guard barracks when they come to the last room
>Open the door
>There's one bare-chested, unarmed man
>This starts playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHWmOEVd63E
>Party flees in terror
>try to attack him
>you can't see him

i would've ran away too
The BBEG was a scholar turned overlord, who believed he was bringing righteousness to the land and restoring the purity of his community's faith. Entrance music:

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Bumping for interest
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My character would run away too and that's saying something.
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That's what I'm called, usually.
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>assaulting castle to turn of huge destruction machine
>fighting through countless soldiers enhanced by demonic power
>fighting demons too
>reach the room
>big bad is opening a portal
>merges with a creature/demon from said portal

>merging your DnD campaign with Pokemon at the last minute because you wanted to shoehorn some music into the boss battle
More than a little autistic.
what? this isn't a campaign im running or anything. Pokemon just happens to have a really good soundtrack.
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I like both of you anons.
In a campaign I'm planning, this is the personal theme for the BBEG:


But this is for when he reveals he's developed airships and mobilizes to take over the world:


sorry for being anime trash
I like you, anon.

>Run short JJBA campaign
>Every villian, no matter how evil, has upbeat 70's-80's pop as their Stand/Theme Music.
>that first song
What's with japs and german songs in these few years?
>Open the door
>The room appears to be empty
>[perception check] you hear shuffling as if a single person was was approaching you
>Theme plays, Initiative rolled

Fixed that for 'ya
Not entirely sure why I thought of this, but here it is:

Holy shit are you in my brain?
I was thinking the exact same thing but I didn't think it worked in this thread.
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oh not him again.jpg
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Our DM snuck this into his playlist a few a sessions back, and started playing it as we got our first look at the man who was leading the rival inquisitorial team that was between us and clearing our name with the Inquisition.


It made us very, very afraid.
Nui theme strictly superior.
Gama theme strong contestant.
If you think I'm not using Nonon's theme for a team of enemy bards, you're crazy.
>"Alright this dude's a little spooky, but I don't really see why he's such a big d-"
>"Oh shit, that's why."
The only acceptable option.
BBEGs plan is already in motion.

>be only fags and lipstick lesbians shadowrun campaign
>plot revolving around discoclub mafia's
>boss is an immortal magician with a past as a pop idol
>twinkbro puts this on as unofficial theme

Really the only BBEG intro theme of note
The most effective one I've found for a major villain introducing themselves is this one.

Shadowrun. The BBEG is a max beefed out mage who has it out for big corps. My idea is that the hardy boys from the city face him in an abandoned subway on a runaway train that goes right under a building where a bunch of corps heads are sitting around drinking expensive drinks and pretending to not be planning how to poison/stab the guy next to them for 5 extra nuyens.

based perturbator
>ITT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQBGmBOhQEE
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the muffin man.png
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I don't get it.
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Had a party climbing a mountain to investigate demonic activity reported at the peak.
They fought their way through undead, demons and other horrors until they were halfway up. I queue'd up this .
Couldn't find a good quality actual video, I blame Disney
They nearly shit themselves when it finally clicks that the demonic activity isn't just AT the top of the mountain; it IS the top of the mountain.
Certainly not a song I've used, but I get a really creepy vibe from this song, it just unsettles me
blackbeard is the BBEG getting introduced with it smells like teen spirit by nirvana
So, speeding subway train fight to the sounds of Perturbator? That'll be an encounter to remember for sure
because pan is a bad movie
Slaaneshi pirate captain
Weird, it was the first hit for night on bald mountain for me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLCuL-K39eQ
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3 MB, 1920x1200

>There are no heroes left in man.
>Party is tasked with vanquishing a lich in an evil fortress by king
>Have to fight through wave after wave of undead just to get to the castle
>They finally get there but lich is hiding in his study at the very top of a tower of his fairly large castle
>After hours of fighting more waves and losing most of their health the party is fairly close to the tower
>With hesitation they open the door
>A powerful force makes them fall to the floor
Everybody walk the dinosaur
>rival inquisitorial team that was between us and clearing our name with the Inquisition

Wtf did you do? That sounds like one hell of a clusterfuck.
You should all be ashamed for not posting this

Not the BBEG, but the BBEG's top lieutenant and sub-villain of a Shadowrun campaign. They ended up tracking her down while she was having a party at her penthouse, much to her excitement because it meant free publicity for her when she kicked their asses. They did end up beating her, but she lived to fight another day. Ended up becoming a contact of theirs in a different campaign, since her business had dried up after getting beaten.

A Bloodborne/Dark Souls inspired campaign. The party rounded a corner in a dungeon and sees pic related. I put on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALbVEmzY5S4

They just fucking ran.
This actually happened in one of my campaigns. Our party was all level 16 with mythic level 1. it was the final day of a campaign that lasted for 2 real life years, starting from level 1 to saving the goddamn world.

> Party steps through an ancient Gatestone, attuned to "The Necropolis"
> Greeted by the BBEG himself, a level 20 antipaladin, powered up to Mythic 10 by the 6 shards of reality.
> And his retinue of 6 level 20 fighters, 4 level 20 clerics. All of which have eyes of true seeing, and full gear befitting their level.
> DM fully intends to end the campaign here by killing the party
> Our paladin challenges the BBEG to Single-combat, while our party swears to temporarily hold off his retinue
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aB6CPyO0Ww
> BBEG SMITES GOOD, Uses his +10 Unholy Greatsword to deal 140 points of damage to the paladin. Paladin's down to 2 points of health.
> Emergency healing spell kicks in, healing her back up to 70.
> Smite Good, Aura of Righteousness, Full attack. Paladin is swinging her +10 "Sword of the Ancient Hero", a Sentient Mythic sword with levels as a paladin. Paladin instantly slays the BBEG with a pair of 20s to hit.
> The whole party goes silent. DM declares that the Ultimate Big Bad Evil Guy and the paladin mutually kill each other.
> The Shards of Reality are brought together, and the "God of Good" comes back to life, and he resurrects the paladin to accept her as his immortal champion.
> Party has been named as demigods in his name
> World brought out of its eternal winter.
>A Bloodborne/Dark Souls inspired campaign

We need more of those around
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>The BBEG might be a party member.
>Players aren't sure who the real bad guy is.
>They start back stabbing each other.
>Everything is a lie.
Sometimes I'll choose a track because I think the title is relevant. And sometimes the dissonance in the track matches the scene:

File: 1453132673922.png (121 KB, 249x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's like they have 14 songs in their library and cull out 5 shitty ones for the campaign

s t e p
i t
u p
>BBEG is a Disco Pyro-necromancer
>He has a fire-themed disco

I've been looking for that video for fucking months now, but couldn't remember the song's name.

Thanks anon.
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>N-No...HE'S HERE!
>not using Disco Inferno
>not Disco Inferno
I run a JoJo RP, too! We're on Part 3. Doubt you're still here, but... Oh well, had to make it known
>Plague of magical insect swarms plague countryside
>Locals state the swarms started coming after there was a flash of light and loud noise in the woods near the Offensan farm
>Party attacked by hordes of forest animals, bears and moose and even entire burrows of bunnies, all out for blood and fighting to the death
>Animals full of the insects, who seems more larval and die soon after the animal dies or they spill out of it
>Party investigates the farm, only to find it in disrepair and ruin. Skeletal corpses of man and woman found inside.
>Find young woman hiding in a crawlspace, terrified of the party and that they'll "kill her family"
>Party tell her that her family is already dead and they want to save her, dragging her out to reveal she's infested with the bugs
>"Not them, I mean my new family. They don't hurt me like my old one did. They make me feel better. They make everyone feel better together......don't you want to be better?"

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eye twitch.gif
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Good for playing in the background of any really tense moment.
You're welcome
You wanna really fuck with them just starting playing this at the final fight.


"We stopped his plan......right? WE STOPPED HIS PLAN DIDN'T WE?!"
This guy. You can find gratuitous English and/or German in 90% of music used in anime.
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That sounds like a great climax, Anon.
There's really only one choice.
I'm pretty partial to the classics.


On a side note, what are people using to watch these links? Copy+Paste is getting old?
>what are people using to watch these links?
firefox plugin. you can watch them embedded right on this page!
Anything work in chrome?
> chrome
4chan plus does this iirc.
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My brethren.
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Dark Sun gladiator game, last fight before the players can finally go through with their escape plan.
Our BBEG was a bard Necromancer, and when fe first met him our GM played this:

I'm not even sorry. I'm the only one in my group who pays attention to short-span internet crazes, so there is no way they would get it, or figure out why I have so many goddamn remixes of the same song and why so many of the other songs have the same Leitmotifs.
I like my BBEGs to feel classic:
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I like that ending
At least take a good Undercuck song, anon!

A lot of people forget that not all liches are wizards and sorcerers. Bards are also arcane spellcasters.
evil warlord with a god complex like nothing else.

Have a MTT brand reply; courtesy of your favorite legs. Ohh yess

Cyberpunk NWoD game, players are a mix of three hunters and two mages, attempting to put a stop to a coven of vampires involved in human trafficking.

After a long process of investigations, narrow encounters with the law, even narrower encounters with the vampire coven's enforcers, and a strange encounter with a Geist, they narrow their search down to a popular nightclub in a Vegas Strip-type section of town. They break in from the back, sweep the area, and find the whole place dark and empty.

Just as the group begins to question whether or not they have the right place, the speakers begin playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYvji5AXOfk , and right as the music kicks in the whole place lights up like the Electric Daisy Carnival. Smoke fills the room, masking the arrival of the BBEG; from the ceiling dropped a Ventrue clad in a tight yellow bodysuit which sparkled like the sun, sporting a pair of aviator sunglasses, immaculately cropped hair, and a handlebar mustache.

As he began to dance, his goons popped over the railing on the second floor and the shooting started. When the players retreated, since they thought they were getting the drop on the BBEG instead of being lured into an ambush, that beautiful Ventrue was still dancing the night away.

Really, the whole thing was just an excuse to blast future funk over Roll20, but it worked out.
I had a similar campaign, actually, except it wasn't all gay, just all party. The BBEG was a necromancer vampire club owner who ran a HAUNTED NIGHTCLUB (called 'The Mausoleum', no less) that he was using to raise an army of the living dead. When we finally confronted him, the club DJ, who was also a vampire, put this on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuLLZ2ml_c4
This always makes me think of warhammer 40k dark angels hunting down the fallen. I can't explain it, but the way they run all over the place and do crazy shit catching the fallen makes me think of this.

I like you anon, no homo.
shameful display anon, not using
Our BBEG is one that likes to be classy as fuck with his evil entrance and threatening his enemies.
This song is one of them.
There was one game where we had to fight the BBEG (Vampire bard thing) as he tried to raise an army of the dead. As we fought his minions, the GM put this on to play in the background stating that it was what the BBEG was singing to raise his army.

I never knew that you could raise the dead with a jamaican jingle but pic related was our faces after we finally got to fight him on the cusp of his victory.

>Silly captcha, a seadoo isn't a delivery truck.
>players have spent the campaign trying to help their own faction and stop the others from getting the tools to revive a god
>one faction wants to revive it since it's part of their pantheon
>another for military power
>another to stop the others from having them
>the last to ensure MAD
>players faction hands all materials they've collected to someone to destroy them
>this person has been playing each faction at the same time
>god revives
>players need to escape from the area through a storm, tsunami, hurricane and earthquake
aside from the bad musical choice, this looks like a pretty bitchin' scene, though. Jussayin' that if they bothered looking for/composing a properly fitting piece, it could have been pretty awesome.

If you're interested in seeing the animation your gm got this idea from, here it is:



Hoping to use these in my next campaign.
I've always loved the Emperor battle for dune soundtrack.
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Bleach a shit, but the music is nice!

CK2 for the win.

>>44868105 >>44872260 >>44872433 >>44873333
I really like this. Thank you for expanding my music folder anon!

I don't know, I didn't feel anything while listening to it.
The party was on route actually stop the BBEG's plan before it could be put into action
They had all of the information they needed, they had the resources to do it, but they made poor choices en route and rolled almost as poorly.
They ended up showing up right after it was too late to stop him completely.
>Fought so long
>Killed so many
>BBEG is me
>Final battle between player characters
>mfw all we wanted was to save the world

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>slaughter way through hordes of undead
>finally reach the lich lord's chamber
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTgFtxHhCQ0 kicks in
File: BBEG Elf Monk.jpg (135 KB, 531x799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
BBEG Elf Monk.jpg
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Rate my BBEG introduction (or just the BBEG himself)?

>Group is level 6~7
>BBEG is Elf Monk / Warlock level 14ish
>Group finds deed to land with a fortress on it
>Fortress was built on top of Elven Burial Ground
>BBEG came in and cleaned house for disrespecting his people's
>Now he chills there as caretaker, undead leave him be.
>Party comes in
>His duty is to keep them off the land

I'm assuming they'll either flee, or he'll flee if he somehow starts getting beat up. But I'm setting him up to be a recurring villain who ends up plotting to end the group specifically. No world domination, or evil plans as of yet, just plain old "Protecting my peeps" which will turn into "revenge".
File: MonkWoman.jpg (89 KB, 750x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Solid 8/10, would fight against with honor.
Will https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyyw9UO8dv4 play when he fights them?
This is actually pretty perfect. It's a pretty big structure, so I was planning a boss/ miniboss thing going on with pic related as the miniboss to offset the solemn nature of the main baddy.
File: 1448425297314.jpg (176 KB, 1199x810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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witchhouse for evil places is really cool imo

For those Ravenloft inspired, or vampire/ lich based encounters.
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Thread images: 31
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