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[Quest] [PACYOA] Operation: "Screwball."...
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Where we last left of our pilots:

Salt was fighting a creature beyond reason in the castle garden, while White started with the cave to start evacing people. Red, SK, and Czar are talking to the Hatter. And Edin is watching the fight between Salt and the Wocky.

>There was a misprint. Edin was in the castle looking for some means of weapons control. He was last in the back of the meeting area at the foot of the stairs.
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Rolled 89, 50, 42, 19, 90, 100, 98, 5, 92, 97 = 682 (10d100)


Drache tries to pull away from the creature, but due to it's bulk, is only able to force his suit around the Wocky's side. Attempting to stay away, at least for a moment.

"Still here then? Good for you, I can keep going on all night too."

Dragonfly reaches behind its back for a moment, revealing a surprisingly elegant looking long sword and- snaps it in half, vertically, pausing to show the blade off a little, then adopting a slightly better fighting stance. At the same time the suit starts to glow with the telltale sheen of Aegis nanites + the Heavy's Harden ability.

"We can keep heating this up, right? I doubt this'll get any more dangerous!"

Drache tosses one half of the blade into each fist & digs them into the great beast's humerus, desperately trying to break its arm, flip it over, pretty much anything.

>Turtle,Aegis & Harden make 14 Dur
>3 Dodges, then 4Blades+Warlance+2Impact fists
>-36 to dodge, -39 to melee
>Valhalla probably awaits me, if this wasn't too pisspoor a showing
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Kai WIP 2.jpg
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>Here, let's do this
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Bunyip Gday.png
1 MB, 1000x1000

>You hear a muffled Cheeki Breeki in the distance.
Rolled 62 (1d100)

>rolling that pending dodge from last time
>-46 to dodging

<I JUST had our armor shined, for fuck's sake!>

"I ain't got time for this bullshit! Falcon, I'm in town. Where to?"

As the Jabberwocky bites down hard on Salts weakening his new armor (armor reduced by 1 so at 12 dur. No dam.) . Salt kicks of the wocky to the side so he can remove himself from it. Salt was able to buy enough time for his moment from the scrambling Jabber and expose his extra blades, ready for the rough and tumble the jumping Wocky imposed. As he tries to show it a dicing time he stabs, but sticks 2 of the 4 blades in the wocky. Losing them as they are ripped from his grasp. As well as a fist getting stuck in goop. Breaking it down. He does get his warlance into the vest of the creature and get particularly savage blow as the explosion ripples the body. But it just gurgles again and continues to fight!

Ignoring the sounds of violence from outside, Edin continues futher into the castle, ignoring the queen and card making devices for now.

>Stealth deeper into the castle, -30 dex
Rolled 40 (1d100)

Buns will attempt to Sneeki Breeki his way into the castle, trying to make radio contact with Edin.

"Ey, cunt, ya there?"

>I don't know what my stealth mod is.
Apparently, I don't know how to roll.
Rolled 1 (1d100)

I REALLY can't roll.

>One of the humans cried out "And why should we go with you?!"

"Well for one we're not murderous aliens, how about that?" Falcon shouted back, helmet collapsing. He looked back at the humans gathered in the cave, trying to find her. "Look, I'm not forcing anyone. If you wanna stay in a goddamn cave for the rest of your lives, that's fine and fuckin' dandy. For those who want actual living conditions, to not have to survive off scraps... well, exit's that way." a nod to the cave's mouth punctuated his phrase.


"The houses, most likely. I don't think the Queen locked everyone up in... I dunno, some sort of concentration camp or whatever. Just tell them we came to help."
"Hey, is that you mate? Christ on a fucking landspeeder how ya been you daft bastard?"
Standing up, the suit gently deposits the saucer and tea cup on the table. "Thank you for the time gents, and the tea...but I feel like me and my compatriot are needed elsewhere. But before I go....got any fancy Vorpal Blades lying about for some needy adventuring types?" He shrugged.
"Oh, you know, been around. Hey, could ya not tell those AC cunts I'm 'ere. I'd rather not get locked away or something."

>Note: Attempting to avoid detection from everyone, ally or enemy alike.
"Hey, I think it's cool now. You're not considered a traitor I think. Though some of the lads might be annoyed at how you left them last time." Edin scratches the chin of his helmet in thought while he mulls over Taipei,"Actually, yeah I'll keep it on the downlow for now, knowing how people tend to react in this outfit and all."
"Good man, I'd rather not 'ave ta smack 'umans upside the noggin if I don't 'ave to. The fuck've you been doin? I ain't seen ya since ya disappeared in Taipei."
"Got it. Pally, run a BIS scan and look for anything small enough to be a person."

<Aye, aye cap'n!>
"Eh, with the whole 'weeding out traitors' incident I spent a lot of time working as a GI liason for the new command. Done a few missions as well but not really much else to be honest, Taipei took a lot out of everyone, the following purge of the ranks didn't help."

The cloaked suit pauses for a second as a thought strikes him,"Talking about where the fuck people have been, where the fuck have you been all this time? Most of the lads assumed you'd either gone to ground in some jungle or eaten plasma somewhere out there."
Rolled 12, 21, 61, 54, 28, 37, 94, 32, 54, 14 = 407 (10d100)


"Wasn't the Vorpal Blade supposed to be thing cutting you up? Shit... Guess I'll have to relieve you of those, again!"

Dragonfly dashes forward, swiping at his now lost swords, then at the rest of his arm as he falls back down towards the arena floor. His suit signals back for the discarded War-lance arm in a bold attempt to recover one of the weapons at least.

The Drone follows up with a quickly drawn micro-missile launcher and blasts half the cylinder into the toothiest part of the monster.

>3 dodges
>-36 to dodge
>2Blades+ 2Impact Fists
>-39 to melee
>3 MA-X shots from Avatar
>+10 to combat
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>fug I'm late
"I wonder what everyone else is doing right now."
Czar said as he put on the hat the hopper procured from last time.

It seems to get harder to keep quiet the further into the castle Edin goes. The only way to move is up the stairs, but cards patrol the higher levels as well. Looking at the first 4 floors where smaller hallways like the bottom floor, but the last floor is right in-front of Edin, But what to pick from the 5 floors?

>It's your dodge dex bonus.

Brushing off the water Buns gained from the fog he simply walks towards the castle able to be in front of the gates at the end of this turn.


At the collapsing of the helmet the humans talk to one another. Showing humanity was a first start, but an old man walks out. "And we'll stay in this cave if you are going to be like this. We have been able to live here all the same before you came here!" The drones however move to where the other one was stunned for a moment and start chasing after the woman.


The Hatter grins at you as he takes of his hat. "An interesting question my friend. But let me see if I can pull a rabbit out of my hat." As he plunges his hand into the hat and a symphony of chaotic noises spring forth he pulls out an odd looking butter knife.

"For a jabbering foe you must close his mouth. For silence is the only way to stay it's rage." He then puts his hat back on with a wily smile. "But do be careful. They are horrendous tea guests."


Being at the tent you see already a large number of humans. However BIS shows the possibility of some being in the houses, but if they are cards you do not know.


At this point it's Wocky vs ManDragon at this point with each clawing and slashing and beating on each other. The dragon Is able to rip it's blades out, but those wounds seem to heal with goop as soon as they are removed. And those same weapons are covered in goop so hard it needs to be removed before they can be used. (2 blades and one fist lost to goop. TECH to fix.) The war lances fine however.
>PART 1 of 2

"Oh for fuck's-"

Palm stretched, a Hardlight projection hums to life over the suit's hand. "Okay, look. This is where we are" a point lights up on the projected map "And this is where a ship is waiting to bail us out of this mess." another point lights up. "You can stay here with 20 Questions over there, or come back to civilization, where warm beds and good food are waiting. Your call."

Chasing her on foot was going nowhere. With a quick burst of thrust, Robin leapt in front of the woman. She held her hands up in a non-threatening gesture, and collapsed her helmet- rather, the suit's head simply morphed back to Robin's default look.

<Hey, no need to run away. We're here to help.>
"Alright, so... Hi. I'm here to get you guys out of this fucking madhouse. Now, if you'd simply form an orderly line and move out in pairs, I'd be really thankful." Silver awkwardly motions to the people around him.

"Now, are there any more of you out there?"

>+1 Dapperness accrued As the hopper across the table toasts. "TO HATS!" Which the Hatter raises a teacup as well. "TO HATS!"


Mostly besides the trading of blows on armor or goop the beast seems to be excreting only a blade and claw trade blows. The blade drawing black blood however instead of shielded armor. (11 dur left of hardened armor for salt.)
Rolled 17 (1d100)

"Alright, five floors....what to choose.....what to choose." Edin mumbled to himself as he tried to plan out his next move, "Alright, eeny meeny miny mo, catch the tiger by the.........fuck it, second floor it is."

With his mind made up the GI pilot made his way to the second floor, eyes and ears alert for guards on the way.

>Stealth to second floor, -30 dex
A Butterknife. Eh, could be worse.

Could have been a ladle.

The suit nods, and raises a hand, plucking the knife and letting it float through the air into his own red gauntlet.

"I'll be sure to put it to good use...and silencing foe's is just one skill I've picked up in this....new old world of ours."

"Yo, you ready to find a Jabber Foe and give it a good stompin'?"
"Well, it's been fun. Thank you for the hat and advice." Czar says as he gets up.
"Might as well, after all what else am I good for?"
Czar says with a shrug, ready to follow Redneck.
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Bunyip Sneaking.png
722 KB, 700x700
Rolled 51, 95 = 146 (2d100)

Bruce makes his way to the gates, and ducks through them. He takes a moment to scan his surroundings, having slept through the breifing and having absolutely no idea what he is up against.

>Stealth. -...a lot?
>Scan (Multi-sensor, using literally all my scans)

-10% from Red Queen Action Splitter.
The suit waves at the two odd VP, and then turns to leave the tent.

"Lets go castle crashing." He activates skates and zooms off towards the red edifice.
Rolled 2, 66, 85, 32, 11, 82 = 278 (6d100)


Knocked back from the surprisingly strong- but undamaging- strike from the toothy-clawy thing, Drache steps back up and starts to leap away from the Jabberywocky altogether.

"Come on baby, you're breaking my heart, can't see it my way, can you?"

His drone pops back up from the suit's internals and with a quick flick of the cylinder, hits it with another three shots.

As Dragonfly steps back, it starts tapping the degraded weapons by its arms, hoping for the repair kit to come into play.

"Guess neither of us have the stamina we thought we did... huh?"

>Improved Repair kits on all three damaged weapons
>Improved Kits + Agent AI 10pt bonus to tech
>Avatar has three MA-X shots +10 to combat
Rolled 69, 29, 1 = 99 (3d100)

>GM had to go to a white supremacy march with his black, gypsy boyfriend and forgot to ask me to dodge, what a fucking dip :^)

>-36 to dodge

The old man takes your suits hand and drags it closer, reading the map. "Humm.. The field? Well there are no cards there.... And you seem human enough for a risk. I will suggest this risk for it seems simple enough. You look harmless anyway...." The old man mumbles as he starts walking out to the cave mouth. The rest of the people looked confused at him before following slowly. Robin had a little bit less luck as the frying pan was thrown at her. "Stay back. I'm not leaving yet! I got more pans!" She says while reaching for a nearby box.


Opening and closing doors after cards pass show what seems to look like more manufacturing plants, only with weapons and missiles, with one making missile launchers. With the last door opened and closed Edin knows he is finished with this floor.


The hatter just nods. Knowing when it sounds like someone is talking to themselves.

>you will arrive at the castle at the end of the turn

The Hatter jumps on the table and the Hopper... Well hops. As the two start signing what sounds like a shanty about goodbyes being hellos. with the humans pausing before joining in faintly.

>you will arrive at the castle at the end of the turn

>Mention the penalty without mentioning the bonuses. : ^ )

After ducking though the cards marching between the gates, but after looking and salt and the Jabberwocky and turning on his scans it feeds back so strongly he has to turn them off. He hides into a corner while debating to himself when was the last time he had his scanner checked.

>Ask to dodge. Crit anyway so you don't get hit on your one fail. Fug.

Stepping back for a moment Salt takes a moment while trying to repair his tools of war. He breaks a blade completely that it will take but a repair kit and an engineering kit to repair it while fixing the other two weapons. But as he fixes them the beast lunges at him, only to get a face full of missiles.

Rolled 77 (1d100)

"One down, four to go....." Returning to the stairs Edin climbs back up, this time to floor five.

>Stealth to floor five, -30 dex
Rolled 39 (1d100)

New build, haven't worked everything out yet.

Okay. Scans useless. That's okay. I have eyes. Eyes work.

Buns will try to sneak his way to the castle's keep. Castles have a keep, right?

-37 sneaki beeki, and a further -10 to anything trying to spot me.
Rolled 1, 11 = 12 (2d20)

Looks about the gate...the shrugs, moving inside and towards the sound of fighting...waving the Czar after him....

>BIS Radar
>Taking 10
>Hawkeye and Thermal
Czar nods and moves up, doing a quick diagnostic to make sure his MFE was still working.
Rolled 41, 56, 58, 36, 28, 94, 94, 28, 3, 3 = 441 (10d100)


"You really are worse at this than I am! Never give your opponent a chance to recover. Unless it's for midfight banter anyway!"

Dragonfly stretches out again, inspecting the bodged new weapons, cradling his precious fist #2 in particular. The Drone fires a quick tranquillizer dart off for no real reason at it.

"You're not even bleeding yet?... can you even bleed? I'll just have to find out then, and give my God Hand some quick release, huh?"

Dragonfly raises its right arm and, over-dramatically points towards the Jabberwocky, prefacing a leap at the suit's maximum speed. It savagely smashes the thing's head for as long as it could hold out.

Or until it critfails again

>-36 to dodge,-39 to melee
>Brutality too, fucking shit

Dodging something so slow was no problem. Robin kept weaving and ducking around the hail of items being tossed, just long enough to-

<Yep, that's her alright> she said, finally having a decent look at her attacker's face. Hazel eyes, light brown hair- a little longer than it was in the old picture Falcon had shown, but everything else was a match.

<Oi, Boss! Found 'er.>

He tore free of the older man's grasp, and began directing whoever was willing to escape out of the cave.

They approached the cave's mouth and sure enough, there she was.

"Oi, Sis." his helmet was still off. Falcon had to make sure she recognized him. "Beat! Come on, we're getting you outta here."

"Wait, Norm-?" she stopped, halfway from throwing another pan.

"Yeah, it's me." he wanted to just take her, their parents, and get away from the combat zone. But he couldn't just leave his teammates behind. "Look, no time to explain, we know this sounds unlikely as fuck, but yeah I'm alive and getting you guys out. Just follow Robin, she'll take you back to the ship."

>sending both Mimic Avatar drones to escort the civvies back to the dropship, then heading back to the castle at full speed.

This time as edin goes up Some cards see him at the stairs, but when you see what is on your level you understand why they don't care. On the third level is a series of doors that seem to lead to other areas of the castle with outside pathways on some. A total of 7 doors in this hallway. One door seems so small that only the queen would fit though it though. That door is at the end of the hallway.


After taking the time to walk around Salt's fight with a creature that makes about as much sense as most of TA's creations. Buns walks past the clapping and cheering queen doll and into the castle itself. Noticing the doors on the first level and stairs Edin has been investigating and have investigated on the first level.


Stepping though Red sees the fight (as well does cZar,) but the only thing that seems off was that the queen is giving off a high thermal signature.

>It is.


The Wocky was the entire time trying to snap and claw at salt, but was always kept back with a close dodge or a deflective hit. In that entire series of exchanging hits Salt did slash at the hide of the beast. It's vest in tatters and leaking goop seeping from it's pores and wounds. However when salt fisted the beast with a fierce snout smash the creature stops gurgling and stops for a moment. It's movements slowed. It's 'eyes' however lighted up and when it started gurgling again they pointed at salt unleashing a huge flame!

The avatar's arm jams though as the tranq gets lodged in the barrel.

>Roll 2 dodges!


The civs give the drones a wide birth, but when the dropship decloaks and the human pilot looking at them past the glass, they ran inside to the sight of the woman Czar dumped in eating MRE's. Spaghetti dropping from her maw.

And as course as White rose with flight the lock on warning came just as quick. Reaching the castle is easy. Dodging that missile will be annoying though.

>1 dodge pls.
Rolled 6, 37, 56, 33, 61, 89, 18, 45, 92 = 437 (9d100)


The punches weren't working...

His arm was smoking...

The Thing was breathing fire...

Even its eyes were glowing.

"Why the hell aren't you staying down... THAT DAMN PUNCH HAS KILLED DRUG CARTELS BIGGER THAN YOU WERE!"

With something that could lightly be compared to 'Desperation' Drache swung his arm forward, attempting to displace the fire with the wind pressure created by his jets.

"There's only two of us you know, nowhere to run and no-one to hide behind, come the fuck on, and quickly. Before I slap you a second time!"

The suit's arm fired forward, now smoking slightly from overuse. Clutching for the jaw with a hope to clamp its face closed, and make it taste it's own flame.

>More dodges
>Same melee weapons with same bonuses
>Drone reloading it's tranq to clear the blockage
Rolled 1, 71, 16, 87, 23 = 198 (5d100)

His eye's remain on the Queen...something feeling off about that one...

Then the suit turns fully at the Jabber.

"Well, think its time Czar..." He felt Burns already activating the Double Up...just waiting for that return signal....

And in the mean time, the Sweetwaters came out to play. With both hands now occupied, the Vorpal Blade simply floated ahead of him, end over end.


>Activating Berserk +30 Combat
>Firing 004 x2
>Firing Sweetwater x2
Rolled 82 (1d100)

Bruce looks at the Queen through the visor of his suit, then at the fight between Salt and the monster. Knowing better than to mess around with anything Salt has decided to play with, he instead finds himself a nice bit of cover behind whatever masonry he can, and rests his newest weapon against it, aiming squarely at the caricature of Lewis Carrol's red queen.

"Red, begin firing calculations, I want distance, windage, everything down to humidity. Glorious leader, you're on weapon stabilisation and drone co-ordination. This is the first combat firing of the Straya's Revenge. I want it to go smooth and by the book." He growls out over his suit's internal comms, marshalling his twin AI's.

Bruce's stealthed spider drones detatch from their charge ports on his armour's backpack and crawl along his shoulders, over his head and down his arms to his rifle. Resting on the rifle sights, they each perform their own calculations and scans, adding their targeting telemetry to Bruce's own.

He slows down his breathing, and Glorious Leader projects an image of his heartbeat on his own heads up display. He lines up his rifle, his AI's making minute corrections, and exhales, his crosshairs centering on the queen's oversized skull.

In between heartbeats, he pulls the trigger.

>+20 from Marker Drones.
>+11 from The Cross
>+10 from AI
>+10 for GI sneak attack.
>+10 for Assassinate.
>+5 from Quadruped.

>+66 Combat.
>AP: 4
>15 Damage.

"Edin, be advised. Engaging."
Rolled 46, 76 = 122 (2d100)

Edin continues on to the flooor he was actually heading for, the fifth. Still, the little door he saw was kind of odd, along with the rest of the floor to be honest.

"Well, I guess Scrappy could do with a walk....." with a simple thought the large pack on the back of Edin's armour fell off, unfolding into a being shaped similarly to a dog, well a dog mixed with a bear.

With a nod of its master's head the medium drone was off, turning invisible thanks to a cloaking field of its own. After watching the fading form dissapear down the corridor until it had vanished completely Edin resumed his ascent.

Scrappy however had gone straight for the fourth door,

>Stealth to fifth floor, -30
>Drone's stealth along 3rd floor to door 4, no bonus
Rolled 35, 49 = 84 (2d100)


"Yeah, how about no."

Point Barrier blazed to life again, the shimmering field tanking the blast yet again. To the naked eye, it looked like a white bullet had simply shot through the incoming warhead.

He banked down, to where a fight had broken out, and-

"...what in the bloody fuck IS that thing?"

Doesn't matter. It dies now. The suit changed the angle of its dive, coming in talons first. Its legs burned up, bright blue flames enveloping the armor as it shot down like a falling star.


>Rollan DEX for Burning Talon and STIG Sonic Crash
>Activating Celerity and Overloading the Burning Talon
>Melee Bonus -20
Rolled 13, 8, 38, 17, 63, 41, 70, 64 = 314 (8d100)

"Let's do this then."
Czar says, accepting the double up signal and returning it, and rushing into combat.
>8 powerfists punching the Jaberwock
>-20 dex

The wind pressure wasn't perfect, but you moved with such speed your armor eat the heat with no issues, however it seems like fate repeats itself and only a blade and fist give the beasts hide any trouble. The creatures body seeping goop blocking other hits. But when combined with the others attacks it seems to be trying to turn and run seeing the fight turning on it. The gurgles it's making sounding like wines.

As Red charged up he heard an alarm go off. He didn't even have to look to know that alarm. As one #4 blows it shakes red so the right side (AKA his other #4 and sweet water) to hit the wocky. The hits combined cause a hole to be seen from one side of the wocky to the other. The knife wiffs though and sores though the air to dig itself in the castle wall. A small earthquake later and all seemed fine.


At the pull of the trigger time seems to slow. The massive bullet and it's massive speed is so fast it doesn't even have the time to rise from natural climb. When the bullet connects with the tiny queen form it literally turns to dust. The bullet then piercing the floor and causing the castle to rumble for a moment.

Then a moment later another queen comes out of a side door and heads back to her spot. "Oh what lovely fireworks. Just the thing to enjoy a good fight. Seems it's becoming one handed though. How droll..."

The dog drone is too large for even that door, but poking its cam though it sees a balcony with a mini missile turret with a queen on it. Looking onto the fight with a mixture of excitement and boredom. The queen turning to the drone. "Oh is that a dog?"

Edin however heads to the top floor. and when he arrives he sees the floor and walls are made of red marble. And at the end of a hot red carpet is a throne.... With what looks like a comically large crown with a larger then human sized heart shaped stone on it. It doesn't shine light though however. The area filled with cards.

>PART 1 OF 2

As the programs of the suits merged the suits looked like a clothes line of energy was attached to them. The power of the two suits increasing. Czar ran in. Pummling the creature with blow after blow. The body acting as rubber rather then steel. It was almost as if he was hitting puddy.


The scene was beset with the after sparks of the explosion as white dived down to the wocky, The shock wave and claw colliding with a ground shaking blast. As the dust cleared White and the other pilots stood ready to fight when all they saw left was a flapping wing and goop pool. At the castle was however was the wocky trying to escape with half it's left side gone. Goop pooling from it like a half open fluid candy. It's gurgling sounding like a dying animal. Already at the lip of the wall it was trying to escape. It's form clawing in abandon as if it was almost without sight.
File: Bunyip Firing.png (782 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bunyip Firing.png
782 KB, 700x700
Rolled 79 (1d100)


It takes Bruce a second for his mind to connect the dots. His mind runs over the facts. That is a Red Queen, from Alice in Wonderland. He himself has a Red Queen AI. The Red Queen just managed to clone herself without any loss of memory.

Yep. AI with drones.

Bruce considers this for a moment, before he shrugs his armoured shoulders and settles back into his previous firing position. "Next time, don't pick the same spot twice in a row." He informs the Queen over his helmet's loudspeaker, refusing to use comms and get hacked. Without another word, he pulls the trigger. She has many drones, he has many bullets. It's going to be purely down to who's got the most stamina.

"Dammit....well that could have gone better." The Red suit stumbled after the broken foe, partially blackened...

A hand reached out, and tugged the knife out of the wall...and then it started to float again...along with the dual shotguns...

And from his back, the mag-locks holding the Cross disengaged, and with both hands, Red lugged it closer at the beast.

"Time to see what this thing can DO! HIT IT WITH EVERYTHING!"

>Still Berserking +30
>Heat Cannon
>Sweetwaters x2
Rolled 56, 53, 15, 31, 77, 38 = 270 (6d100)

Rolled 24, 25, 67, 45, 59, 26 = 246 (6d100)

"Weren't you pricks supposed to be rescuing the civvies? It was fine with standing up to my one-on-one, I just thought I would owe the poor bastard the dignity of a good fight." Drache adds, somewhat bitterly. His suit grabs at the Wocky's head, attempting to halt it's suffering with a sudden crush.

>Rolls as before, same bonuses
>Disabling Harden too.

>Rolled 2 (1d100)
>Pic related
Rolled 34, 79 = 113 (2d100)

The drone simply stares back, giving a single digital bark before retruning to the corridor and going through the largest door, reactivating its cloak to try and regain stealth.

"Well, that's something you don't see everyday...." an invisible figure muttered to himself as he entered the seemingly true throne room.

Walking into the chamber he stalked towards the crown, glancing from side to side at the many cards flanking the room, each armed and with how eccentric they tended to act each of them being an unknown and potential hostile.

Still, it mattered little and Edin continued forward, hoping for his camoflague to protect him as he made his way tot he throne and attempted to put on the crown.

>Drone is going for the largest door on floor three while sneaking, no bonus
>Edin is sneaking to the throne to try and put on the crown and sit on the throne, -30 to dex
Rolled 3, 53, 78, 37, 59, 9, 13 = 252 (7d100)


It took a moment for Falcon to pull his right foot free from the glassed, smouldering hole that was made by his impact.

"Oi, get back here!" he drew both guns, long Helion rifles materializing in his grasp with flashes of emerald light.


"You heard the man, Robin, fire at will."

<Aye, Boss!>

The phantom suits took to the skies, raining down Firestorm strafing runs on the half-dead abomination.

>Rollin COM for two Helions, Heat Cannon, and four Drone Firestorms
Rolled 53, 84, 17, 37, 90, 82, 18, 83 = 464 (8d100)

"Well, no kill like overkill."
Czar says as he goes to attack the Jaberwock once more.
>8 powerfists
>-20 dex

You kinda expected the queen to dodge. Or do something. Instead she turns and just looks at you with her hands on her hips until the bullet hits. When the next one comes out it moves to the same spot but with one step to the left. This one also has an apple on her head. "Oh I see the battle is over. Is the troupe doing tricks again?"


The scene was like watching a farmer take a dying cow out back with a rocket launcher. Only in this case the resulting dakka onto the fleeing force leaves a charred indent on the wall. With Salt and Czar looking at eachother wondering if there was even a creature there a moment ago. The only hints being the wing, pile of goop on the lawn, and speckles on each other.


The camo held as he walked among the thin path between him and the throne. The camo even held when he touched the crown and tried to lift. However it crashed when the crown didn't budge, but instead was encased in red armor and the throne and crown started crashing though the floor until it reached the first floor. where the stairs opened up and ate the throne. The entire castle shook as a deep throaty moan reverberated though it.

The queen looking at bunyip (who saw the throne get taken in by the castle.) Just frowned at him. "You really shouldn't have done that...." the last sentence left hanging as her head spun 360 degrees.

(Wow. I didn't notice SK posted until now..... Great.... I'll try to respond.)

As the party continued with the others gone. SK decided to talk to the people in the tent. After saying what you said some do a spit take. Some almost choke. Others start talking to the point you can't understand them all, One man walks up to you. "This house may be mad, but it has food and water. Why should we leave on your request. Even if you are one of the giants. How do we know if you aren't crazier then the queen?" He says as the castle shakes in the distance.
Rolled 11 (1d100)

Hmm. Bruce shifts his aim to the left and down a little, aiming for where the Queen's ovaries would be, if she had any. It's the simple things in life.

"...Superfort?" He looks at White and Czar.

His weapons keep floating about, the knife now back to idly rotating end over end again.
"Maybe, either way let's prepare for something big."
Czar says as he goes into siege mode and starts to assemble any spare metal lying around with the MFE.

"Yeeeaaaahhh..." his head slowly turned up as he watched the looming, rumbling castle. "Probably a Superfort."

Both phantom suits landed besides the original, weapons still smoking. "Any idea where the hell we should shoot first?"

<Uh... nope.>
Rolled 81, 68 = 149 (2d100)

"Well, that was annoying as fuck...." Edin complains as he turns back to the room and subsequently noticing the cards all staring at him.

"Hey guys, just an honest crown inspector, nothing suspicious at all about this! I'll just be leaving now.........."

Backing away from the annoyed looking cards Edin turned and charged at the nearby wall, blasting it with his solar rifle in an attempt to wreck it.

Downstairs Scrappy raced from the third floor, sprinting at full speed to the missile production facility where he began to fire indiscriminatly at the ordanance lying around.

>Solar rifle at the wall ,activating Extreme conditioning and taking -1hp for +10 COM for this roll making the bonus +46 COM
>Drone Ion Cannon at the missiles in the missile room, no bonus


"Supers are pretty...unique per suit. We won't know exactly till it shows itself...and being inside it doesn't sound favorable honestly..."

With that he prepped his flight system...
Rolled 87, 26 = 113 (2d100)


Drache walked up to one of the nearby walls and inspected it.

It looked metallic

This castle wasn't here before

So... maybe there's something off about this outer-shell?

Thoughts of Super Forts crossed his mind.

"I'll follow you in a minute, I just need to test something?"

With a relatively light rap, Drache scrapes some of the metal adorning the part of wall he had chosen, and directs it towards the repair kit, a token attempt to cover up the Wocky's affectionate 'dings' on his precious armour.

"So... that's not looking particularly nice, is it? Anyone willing to start moving?"

He starts work on the equipment.

>Improved Repair kits (Fix armour, try to make the blade salvageable)
>10pt bonus

"Yeah, let's put some space between us and that."

All three white suits' engines roared to life, and they took to the skies trailing emerald particles in their wake.

"Think more of those fugly things are gonna show up, Red?"

<Hope not.> Robin cut in <That bastard makes Rosh look cute in comparison.>
"Unsure, won't know till we do..."

The Red Suit took flight after White, weapons and knife in tow...

If she had any you would have to look though the dust to see it. However because you aimed lower the apple is intact, and instead of another queen coming out several queens (to a total of 6) pop out of the walls on mini missile launchers. They all aim at Bunyip (or where he was shooting.) and fire. The resulting lock on noise blaring in his ears.


You manage to get a beach ball sized heap of scrap together. It's not much, but it seems to be what was loose. It also looks like you picked up a card at the gate. The other card trying to hold the lip of the guard post.

White particularly noticed when every one of the spires opened up with missile launchers showing. The lock ons showing, but the missiles not firing. That is until he seems 4 out of what seems like more then 20 turn to Edin and fire.

As you run towards the window that you see behind where the throne was a moment ago you see the cards aim their weapons. Firing at the window you blast a hole out and jump. Glass and bullets flaring around you.

You also get warning lock on's when you jump out.

Sparky reached the room. When he arrived loading arms where taking the missiles out of a hole, but enough where there for a placed ion strike to blow up the missiles, sparky, and create a large explosion to blow out the glass on the windows.


Red also noticed lock ons, but no missiles firing.


The walls where odd. Looking like stone, but closer they had a metallic shine. The shavings working however as 4 points of healing replace the dings. The only remaining left requiring high level maintenance back at base.

The flight however prompted missiles. three of them to be exact.

Rolled 65, 51, 16, 79, 47, 37, 58, 70, 36 = 459 (9d100)


"Oh great, we Macross now."

Hardlight projectors trailed afterimages from the main suit, in hopes of fooling the Fort's targeting. Falcon tried to shake them off, and both himself and the Phantoms returned fire in kind, plasma bolts sizzling through the sky.

>Rollin three DEX, Point Barrier'ing the worst hit, followed by 7 COM for Helions, Heat Cannon and Firestorms
Rolled 67, 37, 18, 73, 77, 48, 22 = 342 (7d100)

"....Macross Missile Massacre....Dear Fuck I hate this...." He focuses on Edin...activating his Magneto and doing his best to divert the missiles...

Rolled 15, 82, 13, 53, 19, 2, 31, 92, 10 = 317 (9d100)

"GODDFUGGENDAMMIT!" yelled the brave hero as he shot out of the mental castle, the sound of weaponsfire blaring over the shattering of glass.

Twisting in the air he tried to jink between the missiles, also activating his MFE in attempt to deflect some back.

>7 Dodges, -44 Dodge bonus
>2 MFE to try and deflect some missiles, no tech bonus
Rolled 39, 89, 39, 71, 27, 58, 51, 50, 21 = 445 (9d100)

Bruce draws his blaster pistol in his off-hand and rises from his kneeling position to his feet. "Hm. I shoot you in the head, you get an apple. I shoot you in the ovaries, you have babies. What happens if I shoot you in the cunt?"

Bruce fires another shot with his Cross, bracing the rifle on the back of his other forearm, and uses his heat pistol to fire at another three drones. Somewhere during this time, he tries to not get hit. Nobody likes getting hit.

>PB the first.
>Dodge the other five. (DEX -37 I think)
>Heat Ray x3 +55 COM
>Oh, also, activate Lockpick Countermeasures.

Drache reacts to the missile strikes, and moves through the castle to wherever the source of the explosions were coming from.

>Either that or I'll go to another floor if I can't make it
Rolled 84 (1d100)

"So what exactly should we be aiming for?"
Czar said as he continued to try to gather metal with the MFE
>no tech bonuses

The missile where closing quite fast. It took a PB to cause the others to explode next. Gaining a moment of peace White took aim at a turret and fired a few test shots. It took a heat cannon and two other shots to take a single turret down. The other barely scratched by two more.

Worst yet was 4 more lock-ons and missiles firing.



For a moment Edin thought he heard the chorus of piano and several women singing. That was only compounded by the missiles exploding behind him as bullets dinged off his armor. The falling glass falling with him. Then he remembered he had flight and stabilized. 4 missile locks appearing on his hud.



PBing a looking to be close hit, Buns runs across the hallway, trying not to get but a missile hitting next to him hitting for 8 (7/15) dam.

using the cross though a turret/drone is taken out. Little of the stand it was on remaining. The pistol hitting two more drones knocking those out the turret hanging lifelessly. Being at the entrance Bun can move where he likes. out the closing doors, or up the stairs, either way the remaining 5 turrets lock on to him as the doors burst open with cards holding weapons flood out screaming "FOR THE QUEEN!"

>dodge 5 times


All salt has to do is walk up to the slowly closing doors to see the explosions of missiles trying to hit buns. He is not sure he could move to upper floors without taking fire.


the other drones grip fails as it is pulled into the ball, but it seems a turret turns you and fires! the lock on alarm blaring.


The suit flashes down into the courtyard, MFE flashing ready to go...

>Activating Double Up
Rolled 86, 27, 17, 14 = 144 (4d100)


Edin shifts about in the air errtically to try and shake the missiles before flying down and accepting the double up from Redneck.

>Activating Aegis nanites
>Dodges, -44 to dodge
>Doubling up with Red
>Activating PB on Edin, taking care of that last one.
"Well, this sounds like the start of aninteresting plan."
Czar says as he attempts to pull the turret towards him with MFE, while point barriering the shot, and activating Aegis nanites
>Tech trying pull turrent into metal ball
>no tech bonuses

Drache stopped for a moment, and surveyed the area.

Something was... off.

It wasn't the shaking.

It wasn't that he had suddenly got more thoughtful, while everyone had started shouting.

It was 'Why are we still here?'

He glanced down at a note, scribbled hastily at the beginning of the operation. 'Save the non-punchy people'


Dragonfly withdraws one of the charged bombs from its stomach-bay and leaves it, very gently, somewhere that it won't immediately be stumpled upon, then moves through the castle, prepared to drop more bombs as he moves.

>Not actually attacking with them so probably no roll just for dropping them
>Going back to the entrance.
>Buns as notified me he has to leave. He has used his escape pod to leave. Although when we get back he can decide if he did or not.



>Noted. You are now at the exit gate which is still open.

That's right ladies and gents! We got a part 4 incoming!
Which mean
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