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Could /tg/ show me their favorite games?
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Could /tg/ show me their favorite games?
My steam account is worth about 300$, but I completed every game, I'm bored.
Any Platform, any genre, any decade.
Please add screenshots.

Extra Points for everything that is free!
caves of qud now quit whining lardo
KOTOR 1 & 2 are good games :)
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Duelyst. It's a trading card game akin to magic or hearthstone but with a grid for units to move on. F2P but I wouldn't say P2W at all - no paid exclusive units (just planned aesthetics), legendaries take a quarter of the time to get than in HS, and every time a unit gets nerfed you can refund it for the full price. Is nice.

It's not perfect though, the current meta isn't that enjoyable and has irritating RNG creeping in, but it's still very fun.

Also is it's got about 30 "win in one turn" challenges which are like lil' puzzles
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You are not a man until you have clean up a single Daggerfall's dungeon.
Witcher 3
Dragons Dogma
Left for Dead
Shovel Knight
Jedi Knight series
Monster Hunter
Professor Layton
Shadow Of The Colossus
Summer Olympics
Deus Ex
Guitar Hero
Baldurs Gate
Icewind Dale
Prince Of Persia
Mount And Blade
Street Fighter
King of Fighters
Saints Row
Rogue Legacy
Valkyria Chronicles
Sleeping Dogs
The Bards Tale
Crypt Of the Necrodancer
Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy
Duke Nukem
The Longest Journey
Max Payne
Metal Gear Solid
Total War
Kings Quest
Monkey Island
System Shock
Leisure Suit Larry
Jagged Alliance
Alan Wake
Silent Storm
Dungeon Master
Legends of Grimrock
Red Orchestra
Super Meat Boy
Neverwinter Nights
Battlefront II
Rollercoaster Tycoon
Theme Hospital
Papers, Please
Cave Story

And some other stuff.
Star Control 2. Ur-Quan Masters is the definitive version and it's free.
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Mount and Fucking Blade: Warband, the Deus Vultening
XCOM with the Long War mod.
It makes that game actually interesting :o
And about more than 4 dudes.

Also there's Hearthstone
I don't remember it being ever approved.
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Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
That game was the shit
Also, and this doesn't really qualify, but Fallen London aka Echo Bazaar.
I mean, you're bored right? The writing is really good.
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rifts cover.jpg
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Seconded. Try to find the hack that restores the hk50 missions to Kotor II
>>shitty game for casuals with funny pictures and animation
>>ever getting approved by the bureau

You've got to be shitting me
Well, I've been playing Renowned Explorers: International Society and Shadowrun Returns: HK. Why don't you see if you're interested in those.
You're just mad that it's more popular than your egalitarian wizard poker
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Forgot King of Dragon Pass.
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egalitarian. I'm gonna say it's autocrats fault
Damn it it did it again.
Out of here meme man, we don't like your kind.
Clever trick casual, but you can't hide from me. You put Long War XCOM in there just so you could try and sneak Hearthstone in without us noticing. That may have worked on /v/ but unfortunately for you here at /tg/ we have a whole brain cell to share between us.
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Not really. I listed them in order in which they came to my mind.
Where did you find these reaction images anon? The last time I've seen these was like 6 years ago. I'm impressed by the vintage.
Like any respectable annon. My b folder. I don't like to brag, but I got them on /b/. 6 years ago.
Thea and ToME have been eating up my time recently. Thea's like nightmare-fantasy Civ with crazy quests. ToME's just good old rougelike.

Along these lines, I haven't seen DwarfFort mentioned yet.
And you've outed yourself as a newfag. That was easy. Any proper oldfag would be using new material. Next time, don't discuss /b/
Endless sky is a free escape velocity clone.
I do recommend Undertale.

Lately I've been playing Warlock The Arcane a lot. I like it a lot but it is basically Civ 5: Casual Fantasy Setting Edition.

There's a game called CONSORTIUM that is free on Steam right now. It's supposed to be an FPS with RPG elements and a home base system, which seems kinda like Deus Ex.
Speaking of, if you haven't played Deus Ex you're a faggot.

Also, get yourself DOOM. Look up /vr/'s doom threads for all the awesome mods and maps and shit. The community for that game is still going very strong.
FEZ (Fuck you, I liked it)
Portals 1 and 2
The Stanley Parable
The Talos Principle
The Void (Sweet game by Ice-Pick Lodge, the creators of Pathologic; this one actually has a good translation.)
(These are all mostly puzzle games, but SOMA is a horror/walking simulator?, FTL is a space rougelikelike, The Void is a survival...thing, Xenonauts is old XCOM with a decent UI, and Undertale is a short indie retro JRPG)
This is not a /tg/ thread. It doesn't even fit the "Commander Keen rule". Go back to /v/.

Dark Souls, X-COM: Enemy Within, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Transformers: Devastation
Dark souls
Xcom eu+ew
Seconding jagged alliance, legend of grimrock, magicka
Magicka is better with friends
Magicka 2 was console'd to death, don't buy it

Loom, and only play on hard mode or else you're a tone deaf faggot.
Sunless Sea and I hope you drown.
Sir, You Are Being Hunted, and I hope you get raped by robot gentry.
All the Tell Tales Games and I hope your waifu dies.
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maxresdefault (4).jpg
84 KB, 1920x1080
Playing Demonsteele 0.82 and Valiant: Vaccinated Edition in gzDOOM was one of the most intense action game experiences I've ever had the pleasure of playing.

Thoroughly recommend.
Batman: Arkham series
Thief 1 + 2
Mirror's Edge
Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, 3, V, Ac!d (Those are the only ones I've played personally, but Peace Walker is apparently great. I just can't emulate it on my phone and the controls are awkward on my computer.)
The Elder Scrolls
Ironclad: Tactics
Paper Mario + TTYD
Styx: Master Of Shadows
Sly Cooper 2 + 3
I probably have more but those are some of the first stuff I think of. If you want something cheap from Steam, try Gunpoint, Undertale, Planetside 2, Spelunky, NEO Scavenger, Gang Beasts (If you have local friends/family, this one is brilliant), or Ironclad: Tactics. If you want outright free stuff, try Dwarf Fortress, Iji, Hero: Core, Cave Story, or just grab an emulator and some awesome older games. The GameCube, PS2, and Wii can all be emulated now if your system is good enough.
And fallen through the fucking floor at least twice.

Most important Daggerfall tip I ever heard - save regularly. Second most important - buy that spell that lets you create a teleport point, and set it at the beginning of the dungeon. That way when you're stuck deep inside the octopus orgy, or fall through the stairs, you can still get out.
Can somebody recommend me a fun colonial America era game that isn't Assassin's Creed?
Krosmaster. Collectible figs+cards, nice and tactical board game with an online version. Gameplay wise, it's very well designed, even though some figs are way too strong (fucking merkator). You can still deal with them if you have one of the few teams that counter them, and these are easy enough to build once you know what you're doing.
It's X-COM Apocalypse.
Come on, look at it.
In no other game can you order your team of robot bug people to shoot at blue, bipedal dildos in art deco/retro-futuristic places and also sometimes level a building that belongs to the police because you feel like 'fuck the police' then watch as your pimp flying bikes with lasers shoot at huge fungi in the sky.
Oh you also raid some evil cultists every now and then and steal their drugs so you can sell the drugs to other people.
Maybe do a stun raid where you raid a friendly building, stun the living shit out of every innocent bystander and steal the equipment for profit or later use.
Daggerfall is for free now.

>Not doing alt+F11 to get back to the floor.
>Not saving the game, loading it, then alt+F11 to get to the front of the dungeon entrance.
>literally a /v/ thread
I dont even
/tg/ likes vidya too, what a shocker
>tfw quest never
Dunno, Homeworld was pretty cool and now that we have the remastered collection with both Homeworlds in HD
Mah rubber headed space negro...

Shit is addictive as hell.
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