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Not so super powers
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Sup /tg/. I'm hosting a M&M game set in modern day, but with metahumans as a normal facet of life beginning around 60 years ago. Pretty basic premise I think. About 50% of the population has a power of some kind, but most of them are either so slight or specialized as to be little more than a party trick.

What I'd like is a thread with minor powers for average people to have. Not enough for them to really be life changing, but occasionally have bigger ramifications than the person realizes.

As an example, Bart is 20 and works at a coffee-shop. His power is to juggle blueberry muffins with his mind. Eventually Bart will realize he has no limit on the number of muffins he can "juggle" and will become a monster.
The ability to make someone forget what was on their minds at that precise moment.

Seems pointless at first but then you apply it to a police officer and suddenly criminals are forgetting to run away even though they see him.

Also rather useful in Charades.
Control over the movement of smoke and maybe some gases? Like they can't generate it except by mundane means but they can control any smoke they can see.

Tilda uses it to create interesting scenes and such in an interesting take on Busking, complimenting the stories she tells.

She can also use it to great effect in riots, making herself immune to tear gas and smoke grenades or even use it to obscure cameras while conducting robberies
Clarissa is a seemingly average teenager. However, she has the odd ability to make Emotes appear in real life, sorta like Zero from Borderlands 2.

Her ability makes her an interesting story teller sometimes but she can be quite obnoxious in their usage. Eventually, she will realise theres no limit to their size and they can take whatever shape she wills (so long as she can visualise it) allowing her to create terrifying illusions. However, the illusions only work in 1 direction as they only work in 2d.
Thats all I got for now OP. Might drop in some more if I can think of some.
>No one can ever remember what you look like

>The abillity to see most things happen a few seconds in advance, not by magic but by superhuman observation of physics

>Photosynthetic skin

>The power to build or loose fat or muscles extremely fast
Ever hear of Boku no Hero Academia? Because it sounds kinda like that.
An incredible, near photographic memory of quips.

Tony seems like a witty motherfucker. In reality, Tony has just memorized every quip hes ever heard in his life.
These could be useful for a lot of reasons.
That's pretty great. I think I'll limit it further (if I use her) to she has to have seen it as a sprite first. The world has some arbitrary as fuck rules for story reasons.

I'm thinking there are going to be celebrities with these abilities who either don't know it's anything special or keep it under wraps.
The power to forcibly get a song stuck in someones head. Like, through concentration, you can make a person suddenly remember a specific song and have a section of it play on loop.

Jimmy was a prominent internet troll. Once he realised his power, however, Jimmy started to troll people in real life. The people that work with Jimmy are plagued by The Ding Dong Song and Never Gonna Give You Up getting stuck in their heads and they dont know why.
That is fucking BBEG material.
The power to materialise pebbles in peoples shoes.

Except theres no limit to the size of the pebble so you can suddenly crush someones foot once you realise that.
The power to make any piece of food taste way overly salted.

Johnny was a waiter. Johnny used to hate the chef he worked for until complaints about his food forced the chef to retire.

Now the other chefs are careful not to piss off Johnny.
Nah, never heard of it. Looked it up, tempted to read it for material now though I want the campaign to feel more like Western comic books.
Yes, this is exactly what I mean. It's a boring power, but the limit makes it interesting, and the character can use it to be a charming bastard.
Omfg yes. He's going to fuck with the players, and as police officers I wonder how they'll react. Assuming they can figure out it's him doing it. What's he look like, Anon? Please, I'd be honored if you would describe him.
I think I'm going to make it a mental thing, so there is no pebble. It still hurts though.
Dark, yo. If this ever got out the anti-meta response would be pretty big. You think racial or religious tensions are bad? Meta and nonmeta tensions are worse. Professional sports is a clusterfuck of lawsuits all the time.
sounds a little similar to Godlike

flavor wise anyway
Well, lets see. Johnny is about medium height, whatever that means to you, and pretty slim. He has blonde hair that he keeps in a ponytail and he often goes a while without washing if he thinks theres no need to, like 2-3 days. He has brown eyes and poorly grown in facial hair, though he has a mustache and the start of a beard. He has skin problems too, due to his lack of consistent hygiene. Think like acne or pimples. Hes got a slightly stooped posture as well.

That enough detail?
The power to influence a persons decisions minorly. Like, you can't decide if someone is going to wear a tie today but you can influence what dress code seems appropriate to them and what colour tie they wear.

Seems pointless but could be used to lead people into traps and ambushes. Give it to a small time gang leader. Cops avoid his turf without realising it and citizens are sometimes drawn to his gangs territory to be mugged.
The one ability I wished I had in real life, the ability to use any remote for any device that has a remote.
The ability to appear and dissapear around corners.

Only works on corners that are 90 degree angles and you can only move the next one nearest you and you can't fully control which way you come out
The power to make anyone suddenly feel like someone is watching them or otherwise make them paranoid.

Seems like it might just be a tool to fuck with people but how would you imagine a beat-cop is gonna respond if they suddenly feel like they're being stalked. Especially if it lasts several days. Or a cop thats on a stakeout suddenly feels like someone is watching him.
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I don't know what that is and my google fu is weak atm. Enlighten me?
Plenty. My players are both women, so a guy described with that stuff staring at them intensely while a song randomly gets stuck in their heads at the same time will merit some attention.
Oh this is nice, and I know how I'll use it. There's a tea-shop owned by a dragon posing as a human, and he's hired this young lad to stand outside and advertise with a classic worn sign getup. The kid unknowingly convinces people already on their way to get a drink to stop in at the shop. Sneaky dragon.
Hmmm. The power to immediately know whats on a persons mind by looking at them.

Could be useful to give to one of your players if they're cops. Useful interrogation tool, for example. However, it requires concentration and if the guy is thinking of nothing valuable you wasted your time. Worse yet, you might find that they're thinking of something that could mentally scar you.
The power to fuck with someones balance with your mind.

Like you can make a person suddenly feel majorly off balance and instinctively try to right themselves. Pushed to its furthest limit, you could probably use this power to induce nausea and even vomitting in a target.
Oh, nice. Debating about it being a power for some random npc or have him become an established character who owns an electronic store.
This reminds me of that movie with the guys in the hats with the doors.
Going with an earlier theme, the user just real life trolls on people.
To be clear, the players are PL8 characters. I'm just thinking of what npcs could be walking around with. This would be good for an npc cop though.
Imagine this on a martial arts master though. You can't fight if your center of balance is being fucked with, making things easy for him. Both of my players are ranged characters too, so this should be a serious problem for them. Nice.
Best part is, your actual center of balance is remaining stationary so in your attempts to right yourself you throw yourself off balance, creating a vicious cycle of adjustment.

I gotta duck out a while dude. Ill be back shortly, hopefully with some new ideas.
You could pick almost any minor power and allow it as long as it doesn't lead the npc to a status of superhero. If it does, just add some drawbacks.

>Heightened senses: specifically one
>Peak human in one field
>Energy resistance: a fireworker immune to fire and heat but still needs to wear a mask because of the fumes
>Hold breath longer
>Hardened skin
>Perfect memory and perfect recall
>Wormhole peephole: can open a wormhole in a defined radius to see through it and know what's happening there
>Conduct Electricity
>No ageing in appearance
>Speed tasking
>The ability to fly in space without any means of propulsion (good luck getting there to discover it)
>Babel tongue
>Small control over one element
The ability to make anyones bladder feel full to bursting.

Sean was a highly successful chess-player. For some reason, a lot of his opponents would later complain that their unimaginably full bladder had ruined their concentration, despite never needing to actually urinate and having urinated prior to the match.
Right, I'm planning on doing this, though I didn't think of some of those. Just fishing for more interesting ideas. I think my favorite useless power is the ability to change the iris color of their own eyes. She's a secretary and she changes the color every now and then to match her outfit or mood. No one has noticed and all think she's a nonmeta.

Side note, I hate the word nonmeta but am forced to use it. Metahumans are more than human since they have powers, but saying metahuman and human makes metas sound like they aren't human at all.
The ability to force people to imitate the pose of pin-up posters. This power can seriously maim people by using posters that are off model or feature impossible contortions.
The ability to make anyone feel immediate revulsion.

Typically it would be aimed at whatever item the person had under scrutiny currently but, if the person isn't holding anything or focusing on anything then it manifests as an extreme feeling of bodily dirtiness.
Ya know how sometimes people get the ''feeling'' that one of their body parts is ''wrong''? Like it doesnt belong or something?

The power to cause that. Someones walking along and suddenly their leg feels alien to them, like it shouldn't exist. If used enough on the same target in the same way, eventually it can cause the person to be convinced they need to remove it, resulting in a spate of people amputating limbs and ripping out eyes.

Could make for an interesting serial killer to investigate, if you dont mind being gruesome.
>Ya know how sometimes people get the ''feeling'' that one of their body parts is ''wrong''? Like it doesnt belong or something?
I'm not the only one that thinks this isn't normal, am I?

My brain.
If you want to get a little deeper with the tone you could make it so metahumans are the norm (next step in evolution and everyone acknowledge it) and humans (call them that) are either meta that didn't discover their power or father/mother to futur metas. From there you can chose if there's an actual segregation or not.

Don't fall into the "We're superheroes but no one likes us*weep*", we've already got Civil War coming and Xmen is almost only based upon that.
Its not normal, thats not what Im saying, but it is a feeling that some people apparently get.

Kinda like phantom limb syndrome, where an amputee feels like the limb is still there, but in reverse. It has actually resulted in a few people trying to amputate themselves I think but I dont know of any cases off-hand that aren't anecdotal.

Anecodtally, I know a lad that sometimes gets the feeling that their left eye is ''wrong'' and may even try to remove it. It seems to be linked to their medication but Im not sure how.

If it helps, apparently its supposed to be 2 separate girls, one of whoms head is blocked by the others.
Here you go anon.
It's like the reverse of phantom limbs for amputated people. they believe there's something where their arm was and have sensations in it.

Some people have condition where they cannot say what an object is if they hold it in the right hand but can perfectly identify it when it's in the left hand. Just imagine that someone "cut" the representation of your arm in your brain, o-you know it's still there but cannot move it or don't want to.
Haha man, these are just too good. Minor things that don't really make you that much better, but in the right scenarios give a definite advantage in ordinary life.
That picture is fucking with my head. Great idea.
Oh hum. I wonder what someone with that power would eventually do with it, since people tend to gravitate towards jobs that utilize their assets.
I know exactly what you mean, man. I don't know if it would drive people to that, but perhaps he'll have a power level or two in mind-fuckery to facilitate it.
It's a really weird mental quirk, usually brought on by a limb falling asleep or you dozing off, and it disappears after a few minutes of not thinking about it. It's kind of like when you look at a word for so long it no longer looks spelled right. This is me talking out of my ass based on my logic. sprrt sprrt sprat
He might work in a pawn shop, the revulsion guy that is.

Imagine, for a second, you want to pawn a ring. You go in and the guy makes a really lowball offer. Not enough to make you leave immediately but it makes you realise he wants to haggle and that offer was his opening gambit. All of a sudden though, you feel disgust towards the ring. You hate it, you want rif of it asap, so you accept the guys offer, glad to be getting any money for it. Then, a while down the road, you realise you dont understand why you felt that way and you accepted a really shitty offer because of it.
The ability to resist burning abnormally well.

Sarah is a firefighter. Seems born for it. One day, Sarah walks out of a building but, as she leaves, the roof caves in and suddenly part of her suit is torn open. Her hair catches fire, leaving her bald, but for some reason she shows no signs of burns.

Later experiment at home reveals to Sarah that she resists burning unnaturally well. She then goes on to use this power for one of 2 things. 1) She could become an arsonist, reveling in her new powers and the destruction she can wreak. 2) She gets a CV scanner and starts looking out for fires near her home, showing up before the firefighters and helping with initial evacuation, taking her powers as a sign that she was born for this.
The ability to inspire confidence.

Stephen is an English Teacher in the 9th grade. His material is quite difficult and he often has to deal with sub-par kids. However, after a short time he notices he can inspire great confidence in a child through concentration. Children that stutter nervously stop. Poor readers try their hardest and improve. Every child that Stephen teaches seems to improve leaps and bounds, making incredible gains both academically and socially, really ''blossoming'' as the term goes.

Stephen later realises he can apply this power to anyone, using it to inspire his softball team to new heights so that they win the local cup, despite being just barely better than average.
The ability to instantly and unerringly count the quantity of any items within 100 ft.just by looking at them.
The ability to resist insect stings and bites, or at least the pain they cause.

Maybe it was that he had thick skin. Maybe he was just a freak of nature. All Billy-Bob knew was that bees had never bothered him much. This became really useful when he went into the bee-farming business, saving him a lot of start-up money because he didn't need protective gear.

He could be paired off against a metahuman whose power allows them to control wasps and such, causing them to attack targets and so forth. At first they're merely competing bee-keepers but, after a while, the insect controller starts to use their power more nefariously. If the PCs can find Billy-Bob and convince him to help, hes immune to the effects of the villains attacks and can thus simply close with them and beat them into submission, or at least to distraction.
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Wow this sounds very much like a setting I've been working on for Wild Talents
great minds think alike
Except in my setting, all the strongest Superheroes are off fighting in the intergalactic war and Earth has become home to various alien refugees in return for their advanced technology.
Super Powers all have "Power Levels" and children with high levels are immediately sent to space to train.
The game I'm planning for this setting revolves around a team of Super-Journalists who report on the lives of super folk.
>Don't fall into the "We're superheroes but no one likes us*weep*"
Much like real world tensions it's going to be a behind closed doors thing, but with much less activism. Basically I'm not going to touch it much since there's a much more obvious reason for people to yell at each other.*
Interesting idea. Perhaps the players are sent to investigate since there are numerous complaints, but they don't actually find anything wrong. He could feature in future quests consistently.
I don't see why she wouldn't just stay a firefighter, she'd be a rising hero with her ability.
Oh shit, yes. There's going to be a city emergency during which he could shine, inspiring confidence in people and helping lead them to safety.
Doable. Very doable.
Eh, I figured Id play up the ''power corrupts'' aspect. When shes at work, she can only go out sometimes when its her shift etc and shes watched. On her own, she could loot with easy before the firefighters go there.

But she could as easily stay a firefighter and start working vigilante too or something. Its your call, I just dont see how shed come up otherwise.
The ability to cause fatigue in others.

Billy was a normal child. However, one day, he noticed people that raced against him tended to tire faster than normal. He experimented and eventually found out he could cause muscular fatigue in others.

Keeping it secret, Billy went on to become a world class marathon-runner, using his powers to cause the person who is the biggest threat to him to collapse near the end of the race, avoiding suspicion and winning at the same time.

As far as an opponent, he could be interesting in that fighting him for long periods results in a sudden loss of consciousness or combat ability and, obviously, he prefers melee combat where his stamina really shines.
The power to lie unflinchingly and fool lie-detector tests.

The person could use it to frame others and such with ease. Perhaps even use it to get money from their job, claiming discrimination of some sort, getting tested as part of the investigation and getting paid off not to bring it to court, that sorta thing.

They could even use it to frame the PCs for assault or a celebrity for any number of things.
Webbed feet and hands that also have a unique texture to allow for extra dexterity underwater, but are mildly uncomfortable when not moist.
The ability to judge angles and forces to an incredible degree.

NPC starts out like a pool-shark, small time, but eventually comes to realise they can use their abilities to become deadly effective with a frisbee, like a budget version of Captain America.
The ability to guess what someone will order off a specific menu with 100% accuracy.
The character can generate any smell they've previously smelt.

The character is constantly moist. Hair looks wet and clothes look sweated through. Bonuses to save against heat and dehydration.

Character's left hand is completely impervious to harm.

Character has an uncanny sense of direction. Can't get lost.

Character can generate a low level electric charge. Can charge a cell phone or deliver a small static shock.

Character is extremely buoyant. Very difficult to drown.

Character can read radio waves in immediate vicinity. Can intercept text message of guy standing next to him, but is constantly distracted by radio/TV/wifi signals. Lives inna woods for quiet.

Character can disintegrate paper.

Animals love the character for some reason. Barking dogs quiet, birds burst into song when they're around.

I'll try to think of more...
Oh fuck, I forgot to expand on the *.

Basically a bunch of animals got powers as well. Natural selection thins them out (dogs are not meant to have laser eyes) but the ones who remain tend to be able to turn into humans. This has sparked a huge debate over whether they get human rights or not, whether they're true humans, and all that fun stuff. I'm calling them trans-human for lack of a better term. Their intelligence varies from case to case, which doesn't help the pro-rights movement. The city the players will be in is the main city for the international policing force, "The Authority," and a large section of the city has been more or less taken over by trans-humans trying to make human society work for them. It's termed "The Jungle" and more or less run independently by a giant golden tiger named "King of the Jungle."

So yeah, with that debate going on religion, racism, meta vs normal etc. will be low key.
It's a good idea and I understand your reasoning. The players are Authority, and Authority is basically all the emergency services rolled up in one, so she could end up as their main contact when it comes to arson investigations and whatnot.
Or he just runs away, and waits until the ones chasing him are about to collapse before turning back to fight. I like this.
Thank you, I now have a spy for the other faction in the game.
Oh man, that'd be pretty awful for an ordinary person to have to deal with. I'm thinking a rescue diver the players come into contact with will have this.
One of the main NPCs in the game has this ability actually. He uses it to ricochet bullets.
World's best cook right there. Watches people come in, starts their order before they're even seated. Nice.
>Character can disintegrate paper.
One of my players is playing a paper manipulator, she is going to hate this guy so much.
The ability to see infrared sometimes.

Like a pit-viper but because we're warm blooded their ambient heat messes with it so they need, somehow, to lower their external body temperature to actually use the ability.

Maybe make them an old metahuman that became a Yogi? Some of those guys have been observed to be able to raise and lower their body temperature and a minor difference is all that should be necessary really.
The ability to manipulate electro-magnets.

Starts off with ear-phones, allowing them to temporarily deafen earphones wearers with horrible screeching and then ambush them. As they get used to it, they move on to mobile phones for distractions and then large speakers, maxing out at crane operated electro magnets (assuming some concentration)

The person could use them as distractions, to deafen enemies and even control the battle if they choose their terrain well.
A high level of resistance to the cold.

The person could use it to aid in arctic rescue or compete in those under-ice races and such.
Issue is when you're casually walking around inside a burning building, "catching on fire" is comparatively a minor danger for an otherwise normal human.
I wonder how they would ever discover they have the power.
Sounds like a college campus mugger. Nice.
Or attempt to romance the other player, who is playing an ice person. Mufufufu
True enough. I guess it depends on the level of realism we're looking at here but eh. If we can have polymorphing animals and all that other shit a bit of smoke inhalation or looting of some of the smaller bits of firefighter gear can be let slide.

They used to be a rugby player in England perhaps? Rugby players often take ice-baths after a game in my experience, he may have noticed the ability in this scenario given that his external body temperature would be lowered.

Maybe he sat into the bath, looked around and freaked out about all the weird shit. A bit of experiment and question asking later, he works it out.
Immunity to flinching

Ablility to subconsciously manipulate the genetic traits your sperm have. (I.e. The person has an idea of their ideal person. Their sperm adapts to fit that)

Robust digestive system. Can pull nutrition out of basically anything

Will always win every third test of luck
The ability to store and control the discharge of electricity on a small scale perhaps?

For example, at the maximum level of control and experience they are like a living 1 use defibrillator or taser. At the start they can just hold onto the ability to shock someone a long time and use it at an opportune moment.

So at the start all they can do is shock someone to break the persons grip or something but when they're in full control of the power they basically have a 1 use murder weapon or life saver.
I had a idea for a cop show that had minor superpowers as a gimmick.
a group of five cops is grouped together by a comicbook loving chief of police to deal with odd cases cased by other people with minor powers.
each of these cops a power based on the five senses
Sight cop could see really well and is almost a living microscope, hearing cop has awesome hearing to the point where he has to wear head phones so he doesn't hear what people half way down the block are doing and never forgets a thing he's heard and touch cop could figure out what a thing was made out of just by rubbing it with a figure. couldn't come up with anything for taste or smell cops.
Robert has unlimited, at will farts.

Lawrence can levitate upwards, but not down or side to side.

Jodie can is aware of the exact position, orientation, movements and general mood of all pigs. Literal pigs.

Amy can grow new teeth anywhere within an inch of her tongue.

Foster cannot be late for an appointment.

Alana comprehends everything said around her, regardless of language or code, as long as she isn't focusing on it.

Nathan wakes up in a new bed every time he falls asleep in one.
Smell cop is a human blood hound, who is just as old and wrinkly looking as a blood hound

Taste cop can taste people's emotional state by licking theme
The power of animal magnetism.

The person literally attracts animals whom really like them. They can't control said animals, however, but they are more inclined to attack anyone that comes near them than they are to attack the person.

The person can turn the ability on and off but not control anything else about it.
ability to eat heavy metals for nourishment
Anyone who touches him gets a small static shock.

His code always works as intended. Never any bugs.

Can make other people have light allergies to things

Poops phosphorus
Does anyone have some M&M-related questions I might be able to answer?
>Will always win every third test of luck
He rigs it first though. He does tests of luck until he has two failures in a row and then walks around carrying a guarenteed win. I like this.
Excellent. I'm thinking of having a pair of identical twins with this power, one of them a police officer and the other a paramedic.
Using this for sure.
>Taste cop can taste people's emotional state by licking theme
Oh my god, the interrogation rooms would be so awkward to be in. I am definitely going with this idea.
>Amy can grow new teeth anywhere within an inch of her tongue.
I, er, what? The mental imagery is screwing me up, so I can't tell if that means they grow in her mouth or if she holds her tongue near someone a tooth will spontaneously start growing...
>Alana comprehends everything said around her, regardless of language or code, as long as she isn't focusing on it.
"Lookit her, she's got an ass, eh, friend?" "Oh yeah, nice and big. I'd like to stick my-"
"How dare you!"
"Que? Habla Espanol? Lo siento, muchaha. Buenas dias."
Assuming you're talking about Mutants and Masterminds like I figure, whats it like to play? What dice does it utilise? How easy would it be to switch from D&D to it?

Thanks for the offer either way and no worries if you cant answer
I'm actually making up an advantage for animal magnetism. If a player chooses it animals love them, and only the most aggressive or well-trained animals will attack.
What's that fucker's name from Fairy Tail?
>His code always works as intended. Never any bugs.
If he gets hit with a booster ray he can literally type gibberish into the system and it rearranges itself into working code. It's like a cheat code for life.
Can you explain combat simply to me? I've read it a couple times and my brain doesn't want to understand it for some reason. Making attacks is obvious, but it's once they hit that throws me. You've only got so much toughness, and degrees of damage, or something, and I just don't even.
Read the reverse phantom limb power and had a better idea.

The ability to make any one extremity numb.

Make a person running away have their knee buckle, or make their foot fall asleep thus making them limp

Aiming with a gun becomes a lot harder when you lose feeling to your hand.
Gajeel Redfox is he guy yer thinking of.

His full list of powers would make the dude op as fuck I think compared to some of the others but if you gave him like the Iron Dragon Scales that might be a useful benefit.
never seen fairytale, I was basing it of argon from Pokemon.
>What's it like to play?
Like anything else - it's fast once you understand the rules. There's a big focus on character power level, so don't come into the game if you don't care for that kind of dynamic.

>What dice?
Let me answer this and your DnD question at the same time - 1d20 and it's based on the d20 SRD. Granted it's been hacked to pieces to make the power creation system work but it's functional.

Step One: Initiative. Roll 1d20, add Init score.
Step Two: Declare actions.
Step Three: Engage actions
- Damage: Any attack that does physical damage is calculated as (Attack Rank + 15) vs. Opponent Defense Class.
- Affliction: Any attack that does not do physical damage is calculated as (Attack Rank + 10) vs. Opponent Defense Class.
Step Four: Resolve Actions
- Damage is tracked in the form of Conditions. There's a big table of them in the core book. It can be confusing at first but it isn't too hard to figure out.
Step Five: Repeat.

If everyone declares at once and rolls at once this process becomes way, way easier.
>pic related
probably not what you were going for but I'm choosing to believe it was anyway.
>Using this for sure.
sweet but if I may, I was thinking about giving the police chief sixth sense and have that be the reason he picked the group in the first place. he wouldn't know about it and has just learned to trust his gut over the years not realizing it's was a superpower.
and for sight cop one of his powers limits would be he doesn't always know just what it is he's looking out.
>he's looking out.
*he's looking at
god I need to get to sleep.
Hmmm. Is the book very big? Or is it pretty short?
The ability to shorten distances between two places as long as the person is traveling under their own power and has already traveled the exact path and progression before, with each time the journey happens quickening the trip.
It's not normal, it's a really fucked up type of body dysphoria. If you look around you'll find all kinds of people who went and mutilated themselves due to it, like this one dude who begged doctors to amputate his legs for years and, when they refused, eventually took matters into his own hands by injecting literal shit into his knees. When that didn't rot them off like he wanted he either used a saw or he put them on traintracks and got himself run over, I can't remember which. Another one was a lady who went and blinded herself because she felt like being able to see was "wrong" for her. iirc, she injected bleach into her eyes.
It's fair size for an RPG. Most of it deals with the power creation system and combat. 3rd edition is more "balanced" if that attracts you. I happen to prefer it.
Im mostly worried about how simple it is to learn . I dont want to have to explain the entire system to half my players and half my players are ttrpg noobs.

I do love the idea though and Ive heard great things. Thanks for the info dude, Ill look into it.

Godlike is a ORE Engine game about superpowers ('Talents') in WWII. It's an alternate history, very interesting.
The system? Oh, the system itself is easy. 1d20 + modifier vs. difficulty class. Roll over to succeed, every 5 over is a margin of success.

Everything past that is just detail. You don't have to roll for everything, either. I'll post a build and explain the charsheet.
Holy shit dude. You're pretty fucking cool.

Thanks, much appreciated.
Say hello to everyone's favorite speedster, the iconic scientist who, through twist of fate, became the Fastest Man Alive. I'm speaking of course about The Whizzer.

Stat dump incoming:

PL 9 (137)

Acrobatics 5 (+9)
Close Combat (Unarmed) 2 (+10/+12)
Deception 6 (+7)
Expertise (Nuclear Power Plant Technician) 2 (+5)
Intimidation 4 (+5)
Expertise (Science) 4 (+7)
Expertise (Criminal) 3 (+6)
Ranged Combat (Thrown Objects) 4 (+10)
Stealth 1 (+5)

Great Endurance, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 4

Enhanced Fighting 2 [4]
Enhanced Advantages 13: Agile Feint, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll, Evasion, Fast Grab, Improved Defense, Improved Initiative 3, Move-By Action, Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge [13]
Enhanced Dodge 4 [4]
Enhanced Parry 3 [3]
"Mongoose Speed" Speed 7 (250 mph) [7]
Quickness 4 [4]

"Super-Speed Feats"
"Wall & Water Run" Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling, Water-Walking) (Flaws: Limited to While Running) [2]
Immunity 1 (Friction Heat) [1]
"Hit Everyone in Range" Strength-Damage +3 (Extras: Area- 30ft. Burst 5, Selective 5) (13) -- [15]
AE: "Jetstream" Move Object 6 (Extras: Area- 60ft. Cone) (Flaws: Touch Range) (12)
AE: "Rapid-Punches" Strength-Damage +3 (Extras: Multiattack 5) (8)
Unarmed +12 (+2 Damage, DC 17)
Rapid-Punches +12 (+5 Damage, DC 20)
Hit Everyone +5 Area (+5 Damage, DC 20)
Initiative +16

Dodge +8 (DC 18), Parry +9 (DC 19), Toughness +3, Fortitude +5, Will +6
"Top Speed" Dodge +12 (DC 22), Parry +14 (DC 24), Toughness +3 (+4 D.Roll), Fortitude +5, Will +6

I'm running out of post space so I'll tackle this in the next reply.
Thanks. I thought it was roll the attack against the corresponding defense, scoring a hit did so much damage against their toughness, and gave them an injury, so many injuries and they pass out. Which, while simple, makes for some short as fuck combat. I haven't reread the rules on combat in awhile and the guy who taught me the rules didn't have a great handle on them himself, so I'm going to go through the system with my players so we're all on the same page.
There actually is no police chief, just a local emergency response coordinator. I'm specifically having him be vanilla human so there isn't a huge reliance on metas in positions of power.
Oh, I've read a couple comics based around that idea. The Germans had their supers name after military vehicles as I recall. The strong ones being called battleships, the less strong ones being tanks, etc.
Strength, Stamina, Agility, Dexterity, you know them well. They each govern a particular physical aspect of your character. The numbers are what's used in checks relating to that particular stat. Agility is added to your initiative, Dexterity is added to your Ranged attacks and Parry, etc. etc. It's just adding up numbers.

Even simpler than Attributes. Each skill is added to the Attribute attached to it. So if you have Acrobatics 5 and Agility 4, you have a total skill value of +9, just like it says. If you were to make a check, you'd roll 1d20 and add 9. Easy.

Kind of like Feats. They add more options to your character and represent things like wealth, especial resilience or endurance, or buffs to your attack and defense stats.

This is the bread and butter of the M&M system. Each power is custom built (or stolen from the Powers companion) to do one very specific thing. Because the powers are so consistent, they're easy to manage because they generally only work one at a time. Take the "Super-Speed" array. Whizzer adds 2 to his Fighting score, gains a couple of Advantages, adds 4 to his Dodge defense, 3 to his parry, and gains the Speed 7 power along with Quickness 4. The only "powers" in that array are Speed and Quickness, which increase your movement speed and the speed at which you accomplish certain things, respectively.

Once you break it down it isn't a difficult game.
The ability to 'remind' others what day of the week it is.

I imagine it would work terrifically for a secretary both the good working kind and the manipulative kind.
i.e. get a boss to always misremember the day to the point he's fired for incompetence and repeat until you're promoted to his spot.
The power to know with absolute certainty what someone is about to say for a short period into the future. Say, 10 or 15 seconds. Some silver-tongued fuck could use it to make some quick friends, and maybe get a heads up that something bad is about to happen, but it's still pretty minor.
Hah, yeah.
Yeah, but imagine a fortune teller or psychic with that ability. Not people with those powers, of course, just hucksters. I'm starting to think that between this person and the revulsion pawn shop guy power fraud should be a thing my players have to look into.
-Able to tell by smell everything another person has consumed in the last 24 hours.
-Able to the caliber, and approximate distance and direction of a gunshot by ear.
-Able to guess distances and the size of objects with near perfect accuracy
-Can guess the contents of any box, package, envelope, etc by shaking it.
-Can see basic shapes/forms through walls via an echolocation like skill, but only if they pound the wall furiously and repeatedly
-Can jump while running and slide as though on ice regardless of terrain
-Able to determine a person's sexual fetishes at a glance
-Can bullshit well enough to appear to be an expert in any field to anyone with little to no experience in that field.
-Able to whistle in a pitch high enough that only dogs can hear it
-Can recognize/identify anyone they have ever heard speak before by voice alone
-Can recognize anyone they've ever been around before by smell
-Can roll one joint in each hand without looking
File: 1374905471547.jpg (89 KB, 340x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Baby, I'm drunk and got nothing but time for this kinda shit
-Able to give people an urgent, but not overwhelming need to urinate or defecate by touching them
-Immediately knows Artist, Album, Year of Release, Title, and some small trivia for any song they hear, no matter how obscure.
-Able to guess with startling accuracy the general plot points of any book, movie, tv show, etc after having viewed/listened to the first 10% of it
-Able to recall and relate a relevant pop culture reference for any situation
-Able to fake the symptoms of any illness for 24 hours once every 7 days
-Able to talk to domestic animals, but only in polite small talk. No details or interrogations, but you can find out their opinion on the new brand of catfood and the dog next door.
-The ability to speak to animals, but not understand their responses or command them. They might listen, they might not.
-The ability to draw an amphetamine-like energy boost by draining batteries
The ability to prevent a small object from dissipating heat. Effectively tremendously slow thermokinesis because over time the object will acquire more and more heat from the surrounding atmosphere and thus get hotter and hotter. This also means that the objects are quite cold to the touch.

Upon the power being released, they are now percievably at whatever temperature they rose to.

The secret bullshit to the power would be realising they don't even need to be anywhere near the one object at a time they can effect, and they could just leave an object accumulating heat for weeks and release just before the (percievably cold) metal slag started boiling.

An even more minor one (still with huge potential ramifications)... the ability to cause an object to break 30 minutes before the event that logically would have caused it to be broken (marked by licking them?). An excellent ability for a bodyguard to get 30 minutes warning of an incoming assassination attempt if they set it up correctly, but mostly just kinda useless. Also means their digestive system is about 25% faster than a normal person.
File: 1420314148880.jpg (44 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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-Ability to view, but not influence a person's dreams by touching their forehead while they sleep
-Ability to assess the exact value of any amount of cash by looking at it
-Ability to smell one specific drug or substance with the accuracy of a well-trained police dog
-Phone always has perfect reception/data connection regardless of location
-Able to charge/power small electronic devices by harvesting solar power.
-Able to speak with animals, but only while borderline alcohol poisoning level drunk
-Can immediately and flawlessly identify any previously seen handwriting
-Can activate the check engine light of any car within line of sight
-Can broadcast their thoughts via radio on any frequency to radios within 100 feet
-Can repair minor mechanical/electronic malfunctions with a Fonzie-style punch
-Knows with perfect accuracy, but cannot influence the weather for 24 hours within a 50 mile radius of themselves.
-Automatically knows the deepest insecurity of anyone they've ever brought to orgasm
-Able to determine the location of the key to a lock by touching the lock
-Able to read the screen of a phone, laptops, etc while maintaining eye-contact with the device regardless of whether you can see the screen.
-Able to burst any lightbulb by maintaining eye contact and concentration for 30+ seconds
-Can cause static to any radio/phone/etc within 15 feet
-Can instantly shatter any glass with a slight touch. Does not work on bulletproof or reinforced glass
-Able to determine if anyone is inside a building, but not their number, identity, or location by knocking on the front door.
-Can get a reasonable assessment of a person's character from a handshake alone.
-Can detect lies but only while maintaining unbroken physical contact without the subject being aware that they're being read.
-Teeth, fingernails and toenails harden and sharpen to a razor's edge when you are incredibly enraged.
>-Can see basic shapes/forms through walls via an echolocation like skill, but only if they pound the wall furiously and repeatedly
"So they could watch people having sex by humping the wall."
"Brain, wtf."
"Shut up, this is a funny visual."
Brain, wtf.

No, that's the comic 'Uber'. Godlike is an entirely different, unrelated game.
Ah. I didn't think it was the same thing, but they sounded similar. There's also that webcomic, "The Specialists."
Matthew cannot forget a face-name-first fact learnt combination, but otherwise has terrible memory.

Basically when he meets someone, he'll never forget what they look like, their name and the first fact about that person told to him from said person. Anything else is likely to be forgotten

Laura has precognition, but only for coffee orders. She discovered this whilst working at Starbucks, where she'd have coffees made before their orders even popped up on the screen.
Magical defibrillators really grind my gears.

Presuming 3e
>What dice does it utilise?
d20, forever and only.
>How easy would it be to switch from D&D to it?
Not really much easier than starting from scratch. If they'd change the dice there would be pretty much nothing left to tie it together.

>attributes (called abilities here) add directly to rolls, no calculating modifiers
>skills are straightforward, are also very cheap to buy
>rolls have degrees of success/failure
>no hit points, when damaged you roll a Toughness check which gets slightly harder every time you fail, until you fail hard enough to go into KO
>none of that vancian casting, nor psy points, powers are unlimited uses unless specific drawback is taken
>everything is point buy; there is a balancing act of the cheap and narrow/broad and more expensive when you buy stats depending on which portion of charsheet you do so in
>your final summed up stats are flexibly capped by PL, you can rise one high but it will force you to lower the other
>abusing Arrays can let you have the "do anything wizard vs one-trick-pony metal stick wielder" thing back from D&D so please don't.

>whats it like to play
I actually haven't yet so no comment.

>Can you explain combat simply to me?
That guy >>44805269 seems describing slightly other than what I read, probably 2e.
In 3e the attacks go by

1: roll your d20+accuracy versus appropriate defence+10. Dodge is all ranged, Parry is all melee.
2: if it's a direct damage, the defender rolls d20+toughness versus your damage+12
Failing that roll by 1-2 degrees of success penalises his further toughness rolls by -1. It stacks.
Failing by more degrees adds conditions, failing by 4 degrees or two times by 3 results in K.O.
*damage+15, finger slipped
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