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Make Your Own Chapter thread
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Sacred Scions.jpg
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Is this fluff-plausible?

Sacred Scions
>are drawn from the male children of the miniscule warrior-ruler race that dominates and controls an entire world of subhumans and abhumans, basically aryans before the vedic age
>they got found by a chapter veteran of i havent decided yet and are told of the emperor, the emperor is basically what their mythology resembled in their chief god of fire/sun
>the warrior race claims descendance from the sun
>the space marines are seen as ascending to their rightful divine place amongst the stars
>isolationist, codex non-compliant, their chapter is an example of the recruits' ethnic characteristics completely overtaking the chapter
>worship the emperor as their god-father
>their geneseed is thoroughly mixed and attached to the elite race they are made up of, mirroring their ethnic aesthetic characteristics to a T, they also have drawn their exact personality - patrician, extremely tribalist (their companies are divided into 'bloodlines', of which every space marine is related by blood to one another), which makes it extremely hard for them to co-operate with other chapters and they outright refuse to co-operate with chapters that draw their recruits from lower castes and populations considered unfit by the Scions' standards
>their gene seed, tainted by the personality of their race, renders them susceptible to familial attachment to mortal racial kinsmen, and thus are far more attached in governance and their world's dealings than a space marine chapter ought to be
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parthian cata.jpg
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>"kinsman" instead of brother because in each company great great great great grandsons are serving with their ancestors or w/e
>company rank is determined purely by seniority
>are the closest to their race's mythical ancestor, the emperor, or conceived by mortals as an allegory of the sun, and thus make their fortress monastery in the centre of the great capital city of their home world - a gigantic temple dedicated to the worship of their numinous blood and ancestry, with throngs of priests and acolytes tending to them
>clannish, despite all originating from the same source, they are prone to disunity amongst the bloodlines when not united against an enemy, or in rivalry with another chapter
>ruthless to all civilians outside their race, ultimately they are tribally aristocratic and view the rest of humanity as lesser - they fight purely for their undying love and veneration of their gene-grandfather, some believing in the vague mysticism and mythos of the inner cadres that they are lost tribesmen of the emperor's ethnos on old terra
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>no mutations, they do not acknowledge or have even thought of the possibility of their ethnic inheritance that intermingles with their gene seed to be a mutation, or negative in the least
>they fight also with the stoic belief they are the greatest race of humans to exist, the most eugenic, pure and strong and thus assume their role as champions of the emperor as a proud duty - the natural aristocracy to rule the lesser races of man, to be the warrior-king caste, much like their mortal counterparts in their military and administrative domination of their home world's multitudes of other races
>blonde, blue eyed while slightly tanned by the harsh sun of their home continent's glare
>shunned by the ecclesiarchy despite their spiritual acceptance of the emperor as a god - the few factional church elites that understand the lore of the Sacred Scions to be heretical to their doctrine, though due to their isolated home world's location and their zone of operation, alongside the reality the chapter is relatively obscure in the minds of the ecclesiarchy - they have not acted against them
>chapter emblem: a stylised sun
>warcry: "Sun's Blood!"
>plasma weapons are revered above all as spiritual vessels representing the impossible legend and mists of origin of their people, thus great emphasis and esteem is placed in them and are widespread in use
>their most ancient ancestors that have not been consumed by war are mummified and entombed in dreadnoughts, make up the ruling council of the chapter and bestow the leadership to their favoured company captain upon the former leader's death
>chapter's aesthetic and cultural touches are ancient Persian/Scythian/Iranid
I wanted to shit on this at first because /tg/ , but the idea of some tribal marines working like the American Indians sounds pretty badass, especially after reading the comic East of West featuring OP af Native American.

Marines, codex compliant or not, work with other Marines on the battlefield no questions asked. Off the field, sure, they can hate each other.
Didn't see these. Dude, where are you going with all this?
I just realized something that should've been obvious - SM are taken as children so they can't produce sons durr

I guess they'll just be great nephews, cousins, whatever else - vague ancestors related by blood from new generations inducted into the chapter
I mean....some Chapters only begin the actual enhancement process of becoming a Marine as late as 15, becoming full Marines roughly a decade later at the earliest. It's not impossible for a future Space Marine to sire a child before he becomes a Space Marine.

Kind of tangentially related, a Space Marine Sergeant in the story I'm writing ends up working with his human brother, who has become the PDF Commander of his original home planet. Neither one of them know how to properly address and handle each other, because they recognize each other as family, but one is a genetically-enhanced supersoldier that barely qualifies as human anymore and the other is a 180-year-old general who started off as a corporal and clawed his way to the top, and they haven't seen each other in 170 years. I'm not sure how I want their relationship to fully develop..
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le frog in muse.png
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Pretty cool, in ADB's Night Lords series they address that weird situation with Talos and his mother on Nostramo, it certainly made me feel hard
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good thread frog.jpg
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that c-came out wrong!

it made me FEEL - hard, the MEME shake my head family just shake my head
I want to build a chapter of mutanthunting, crusading hatefucker Marines based on the lore of Bloodborne (sue me, I don't care).

How do I 40k-fy it? All I got is a colour scheme, black, white with red faces for bloody maws or partaking in blood rituals.
forgot pic
The Second Sons
>Born of the 21st "Cursed" Founding
>Unclear Successors, potentially Salamanders?
>Created to make use of proscribed and vaulted weapons of mass destruction from the days of the Great Crusade
>Actually almost successful in their original goal, marines are toughened against the degenerative effects of their weapons, though they suffer from greatly shortened lives compared to their brother space marines.
>Loyal to almost to a fault, would die a thousand times over before forsaking the Imperium and the God-Emperor.
>Despite this, they are hated and shunned by almost every organization in the Imperium for various reasons.
>Imperial Guard hate them because of inevitable collateral damage from toxins and radiation
>Other Space Marines frequently dismiss them as "cowardly" for their use of mass kill weapons and medium ranged combat
>Inquisition distrusts them simply by virtue of using weapons not normally sanctioned for use and because of the Cursed Founding.
>Their weapons taint the earth they fight on, leaving any world they campaign on barren and scarred. Because of this, even the populations they save ultimately come to resent them.
>The only people that really "like" them are Imperial officers who see them as a strategic and tactical asset
>Ultimately though, the Second Sons always do their duty. To them the Phosphex flames they spread are the light of the Emperor himself, the mushroom clouds they fight under are their holy standards, and the corroded armor that they know they will eventually die in are the bulwarks with which they defend Mankind.
I want to get involved

The Crows are a non-codex compliant descendent chapter of the raven guard created in the 25th founding to help secure victories all across the imperium.
Although they are a young chapter they have wasted little time and are already spread out across the imperium fighting abbadons black crusade, the severan doninate as well as countless ork and dark eldar raids.
Due this the chapter well exceeds the 1000 astartes limit, however it is very difficult to keep track of them as they are constantly moving from warzone to warzone.
When an aspirant becomes a neophyte he chooses what area of warfare he wants to specialise in, and is then sent to join a specialised squad currently in the field to learn from more experienced astartes, when he has been deemed worthy he is sent back to fortress monastery, along with any other worthy neophytes, where they become full astartes, they are then joined into one squad and sent out to fight.
The chapters fortress monastery is on a planet named gael, a feral world of rolling hills and vast moors, where clans live in small villages and farm, trade and raid other clans to survive.
The fortress is not particularly impressive, seated on a large hill overlooking a running lake it looks just like one of the many hill forts the natives build, as the fort rarely has many marines inside the day to day management is left to chapter serfs and servitors
For the natives It is seen as an honour to get drafted into the Woad warriors, the human fighting force that serve the crows, they are usually called in when the astartes need the numbers, it is from this regiment that many aspirants are picked from.

Thats as far as i can be arsed.
Dont have the the colour scheme on my phone but its a swampy green and yellow.
Shit on it all you want, you cant stop me.
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The Chevaliers de l'Aigle Inflexible, or in low gothic, Knights of the Adamant Eagle.

>First Legion Successor formed from the days of the Horus Heresy, originally an expeditionary Chapter of the Dark Angels exploring the Halo Stars.
>Got stuck in the Halo Stars during the outbreak of the Horus Heresy thanks to warp storms.
>They found a lone human feudal world beset by Orks, since M30 they've been building up that lone little feudal world abandoned by the rest of the species in the heart of xenos space.
>The little feudal world has sprouted from the seed the Chevaliers planted in M30, turning into a sector-wide empire of Imperial space in the far reaches of the Halo Stars.
>The Chapter relinquished command over the growing empire after the Second Founding, but retain control over the old feudal world as their homeworld.
>The former feudal world is now a massive feudal hive world, a sprawling endless city of plasteel castles spiralling upwards for kilometers called Nourmaundie.
>The Grand Master holds the title of Duke of the Duchy-Planet, and holds a seat in the sector government.
>Recruits are drawn from massive tournaments held in multiple arenas on the planet, where teenagers of 17 or so years don plasteel armor similar to those worn by their ancestors ten thousand years ago in great mock battles. The youths that show the greatest valor on the field- not victory, are chosen to become Neophytes.
>Because anybody can win a joust out of luck, but only those worthy of being an Astartes would sacrifice their own victory for a brother in-arms or refuse to be taken and ransomed, and fight a glorious last stand.
>The Chapter specialty is hunting the teeming trillions of Orks that surround the sector-empire on all sides.
>Because of the sheer number of Orks and constant wars of expansion and defense, the Chapter has 3,000 Astartes for combat.
File: 1437951961936.png (454 KB, 822x1100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>These three thousand marines are divided into 26 Companies. The Deathwing and Ravenwing both number 300, while the rest are standard companies of 100 marines, of which there are 24.
>These companies are further split into strike forces as need be, and are constantly deployed either on the offense or defense of the sector.
>There is no scout company, scouts are split up among all the companies (besides deathwing and ravenwing) either as the companies have need of snipers for recon, or to teach the scouts specific aspects of warfare to best complete their education.
>The main tactic for the Chevaliers is armored cavalry- the Ravenwing company is their key weapon against Orks by launching lightning strikes against warbosses.
>While there is Ravenwing, the other companies also have bikes as well, although they do not have Lancers like the Ravenwing (Black Knights carry power lances), and are not educated about the Fallen.
>The Chapter culture is a fusion of the original feudal world, the tales of normandy the founder of the Chapter was raised on from his childhood in Franc during the Unification Wars, and the culture of old Caliban.
>Houses dominate everything, including the Astartes- Astartes are allowed to fly the colors of their family house on the battlefield, uncles fight side by side with nephews, and it is not uncommon to have brothers, cousins, and uncles fighting together.
>They also really like mechanized infantry- if a Chevalier is not on the bike, he's riding in a rhino or razorback.
>They don't really fight the Fallen that much due to how removed they are from the galaxy- due to this however the chapter command suffers from inexperience concerning such events and can bungle them badly.

Marines Tempestia
>A fleet-based Chapter from 17th founding.
>Masters of assaults, sieges and combat engineering.
>Unknown Successor
>Known for responding all calls for aid without hesitation and often deploy alongside other Chapters to lend their expertise
>Combat doctrine revolves around the use of artillery cover to get close to enemy fortifications, break through with explosives and then assault in close quarters with flamers and bolters.
>The Chapter is not codex-compliant, and are known and sometimes considered cowardly for their use of traps, ambushes, minefields and battlefield obstacles.
>They are also almost suicidal in their charges, as they have an extreme eagerness to prove themselves in the eyes of the Imperium. They have friendly rivalries with other non-compliant Chapters.
just to be clear everybody Im going to steal all your ideas and write them in my stupid fanfic. sorry about that.

Only if you post it here.
Thread replies: 19
Thread images: 9
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