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Golem Quest #8: Re-Armed and Re-Loaded
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When we last left off, our hero, Gabriel Primus, the Mighty Golem, had just laid with his love interest, Holly. Because the dice Gods love you guys.
Oh, uh, some other stuff happened before that.
You met with the Fylkir, the head of the Imperium, and with the Imperial Smith and Imperial Arch Mage. The Arch Mage upgraded your Repair Gel to work on organic beings.
The Imperial Smith began forging armor and body mods for you.
You had dinner with Hollys parents, who had apparently inherited a large sum of money from a relative that passed away. At first they were a bit iffy on the whole 'our daughter is friends with a Golem' thing. But your stone tongue is more silver, and you got on their good side, and even convinced them to let Holly join you on your quest to find the secrets of your past, as well as fund your expedition! You just happened to leave out the part about flying into a war zone...

Now then, to begin

You are currently in the Imperial Palace, picking up your armor from the Master Smith.

Now, /tg/ I want to try a little something.
What kind of armor did you order from the Master Smith?
Give me a picture. Or a description. Anything.
Tell me what you want.
What about metal bracers that project runes across the body for armor? Rather than an actual physical armor. Bracers, genie-like.
Theres one idea. Very simple.
Lets see if anyone else has anything to say.
I like this idea as well. A golem is already walking armor.
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Elven Armor.png
200 KB, 800x476
You and Holly take the elevator down to the Imperial Forge. She holds you MIGHTY GOLEM HAND.

The Master Smith is happy to see you. He drags you into a side room, where there are dozens of armors on display. "I haven't slept in three days!" He says excitedly. "I've been to busy working on your armors!" He shows you the armor pictured. "This is for you, little elf." He starts rambling on about the exact specifications behind the armor and how its PERFECT for Holly. She seems very fond of the armor. The Master Smith offers her a cross bow he made him self, but she decline, saying she would rather have her Grandfathers sword. He gives the sad puppy dog eyes, which causes Holly to reconsider and take the crossbow as a back up weapon. This makes the Master Smith happy.
As for you, the Master Smith shows you the weapon he made for you first.
He presents you with a massive stone sword, made of a strange, pitch black material.
"I call it, The Golems Claw." The Smith tells you. The weapon is far to large for any normal man to use, but it is perfect for you. "I forged it from Obsidian. This blade can rip through anything the Telvish throw at you. Even their horrid abominations." He is very proud of this weapon. You take it into your hand. This blade feels right.
He leads you along to the next armor display. It is two large metal armor braces. They have the Imperial Girffin branded onto them, and glow brightly with magic. "Now, originally I wanted to forge a mighty suit of armor for you, Ser Golem, but to forge something so large and of nice quality would take a considerable amount of time. So, I teamed up with the Arch Mage and together we made these." He hands them to you. "They are enchanted to deflect most blows, save for perhaps a cannon." He chuckles. "Next we have your mods..."


The Master Smith has you stand on a small platform, where several Forge hands run about, getting ready.
"I made up a few different mods, Ser Golem." The first mod is brought out. It appears to me some sort of pump like attachment. "We will install them on the back of your legs. These devices will allow for high jumping, and long falls." Two Forge Hands kneel behind you and suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your knees as they bolt the devices into you. Maybe you should see about not feeling this 'pain' thing. "Next, we have this." Its to be a large chain wrapped around a spool. "This will be installed into your storage trunk. The spool has a retraction mechanism. The point of this is to attach the chain to your weapon, so if its ever knocked out of your hand, or you need to throw it, you can easily being it back to you. I suppose it could also double as a grappling hook. If you really needed one." You feel the Forge Hands pop your trunk, and bolt the spool into place. Again, pain. You almost want to kick your self for paying for feel.

(I'm suddenly out of ideas for mods. Do you anons have mods you'd like?)
Mod proposals:
- retractable spikes covering the body, maybe poisoned, maybe heatable.
- a powerful, flickering light source that distracts enemies.
- an additional small limb with good manual dexterity and a built-in multi-purpose tool.
Spikes are a bit much, but those other two work.
can the additional limb be retractable/foldable so it doesn`t get destroyed in the first small skirmishes?
Roll me 1d100 senpai
Rolled 47 (1d100)

Rolled 63 (1d100)

Ya barely made it. But ya made it.

Next, the Forge Hands wheel out a small metal arm. "This was a last minuet addition. But we thought it might be useful for you. Its a retractable third arm that goes in your storage trunk. Installing it won't be any issue, however, between this and the chain spool, there wont be much room left for... well, storage." The Master Smith says bluntly. "What say you? Yay or nay?"
How big is this storage space exactly?
considering we live in a civilized area, storage capacity should not be that much of an issue, we might have to transport stuff in a backpack, though. If we still have some space in the storage for money, I say yes.

One foot wide, one foot deep.
Then I vote "Yay".
Yay then!


The Forge Hands empty out your trunk and install the third arm. Holly watches in bewilderment, and looks at her own Mechanical arm.
Once more, pain as bolts are shot into you. You are very lucky that you are made of stone.

The Forge Master claps his hands and offers one last piece of equipment. "This last piece isn't a mod. But I think you might find it useful." A Forge Hand brings you some sort of small, shoulder mounted cannon of a sort.
"This little beauty is what I like to call, 'The Flash Cannon'." A Forge Hand steps up and straps the cannon onto your shoulder. "Using your third arm, you can fire this cannon and unleash a non leather explosive that will blind anyone near by!" He giddily claps his hands. "You'll be the ultimate war machine!"

For some reason or another, the words 'War Machine' give you a sinking feeling in you core.

Are you more than a weapon?

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The Forge Master sets Holly up with a new mechanical arm. This one is much slicker, and apparently the fingers double as a Swiss army knife. What a Swiss is, you have no idea but Holly has a bunch of little tools in her hand now, which is cool.
After wrapping up with the Master Smith, you go with Holly to her parents place.
To fund your expedition, they have bough you a small Zeppelin, and hired a small crew to man it.
Is there anything else you'd like to do before Departing for The Line?
Nothing I can think of. Just say out good-byes and thanks I guess.
Holly says her good byes.
Her Father gives you a stern talking to.

"Now you best take care of my little girl, Gabriel. Or I'll have your big stone head mounted on my fire place!" Her mother laughs.
"You worry to much, dear!" She says. "She will have a Golem watching over her! No harm could possible fall upon her... RIGHT, Gabriel?" You chuckle nervously.
"Of course not! Not a hair out of place!" Her father sighs.
"I'm going to hold you to that, Gabriel."

You board your Zeppelin. Its a quint thing. It hast 3 decks.
First Deck is Crew Quarters and Recreational Room.
Second Deck is the Bridge, and Meeting Room
Third Deck is Storage and Sick Bay.

The ship had to be slightly modified so you could get around, so you don't have to worry about your size, for once.

The crew are a mixed bunch. Humans and Elves, as well as a few mercenaries to act as guards. Mostly for Holly. (I have pictures of them on my other computer. I'll get them when I can.)
The Captain of this fine Zeppelin is Rutherfurd Alexander Richardson. He prefers to be called 'Skywalker'. Hes a six and a half foot tall human male that wears overly fancy clothing. One of his eyes is a strange mechanical one.. He smokes a pipe as he stares out the window to the city down below.
"So, Mr. Golem!" He says. "You've hired the best damn ship money can buy! Whats our course? Hm? Are we going north to see if we can cox some toys out of the Yith? Or going west to trade with the merchant princes of Kyro?" He points to the map of the Imperium on the wall. "Or maybe South to plunder though the Telvish retreat? We have a whole world out there, ready for the taking!"
You rub your head.
"East." You say bluntly. The captains smile suddenly fades.
"East?" You nod. "How far east?" You take a pen and mark a spot on The Line.
"The Line? You want me to take you to The Line?" You look at the Captain. He claps his hands."Alright! You heard the Golem! Full speed ahead!"
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We will continue this later tonight, when I have access to my desk top.
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I return on my desk top. Whose all about?
Ready to continue?
I'm here
lurking but here
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Lets start off introducing your mercenary hire ons.

If you'd like to make a mercenary character, just post something and I'll add it to the fray.

First off we have Marcus Krest
A young man, fresh in the mercenary world and ready to make a name for him self.
Hes not exactly willing to give his life for this mission, and might run away if things get to heated.
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dosent talk much but can bench press a cow, and uses his great sworod like its part of him, writes powtry as a hobby
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next, we have Garren Slen
A grizzled old man whose to fucking old for this shit.
He's spent his entire life being a mercenary. and was ready to retire when he was offered a spot on this expedition. Apparently he just couldn't say no to one last ride.
Garren is the kind of guy that works to get the job done. That means no retreat. No surrender.
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1 MB, 1066x542
My internet is bugging out guys.
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Mr. Allegri, ex-military who retired a while ago. Has kids, grandkids, and will have great grandkids at some point in the future. Family tradition is to enroll in the military at the proper age. Wife died a few years ago due to plague carried in by immigrants, and is bitter and somewhat racist over it,

Though a bit frail, his experience makes him a fairly good tactician, and he knows how to keep a small army running. In addition, he's very handy with infiltration, in that he's good at sneaking, and he knows how to pick most locks out there.
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Once a member of a tribe that was experienced with forms of magic that are unrefined compared to what more civilized areas use, but are made up for in creativity, raw power, and usage of certain types of magic that may be considered taboo or forbidden - which he refrains from using these days unless in dire circumstances, limiting himself to more acceptable forms of magic.

The mercenary group picked him up on an expedition that had them travel close to his village, and he had been assigned as their guide at the time. Despite communication difficulties, he enjoyed their uniqueness compared to his people, and opted to join them for glory and adventure, to bring back tales to his village, and perhaps more advanced mystical knowledge.

Has learned some of the common language, but still has great difficulty with it. Heavily accented. Considers it taboo to show his bare skin to all but the closest friends. Does not get along with Allegri due to racism, but they still tolerate each other enough to work together.
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Simon Brigs
A horribly scared spell caster. Known for his destructive magic (and personality), he dons a strange suit to hide his face. The suit does a number of other thing, according to Simon, but he is very vague about it.
Given his extremely destructive ways, Simon is more than happy to be the last man standing.
He hates the Telvish with a burning passion.
Shit, i cant stop saying it
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In a strange turn of events, you meet an old acquaintance.
Mesuki the Drider!

As it turns out, she its an expert on Dwarven history and one of the top researchers when it comes to Dwarven Ruins.
How ever, she spends most of her spinning her silk into paintings. Which she sells by proxy to fund her research.
She isn't exactly one for combat, but she can hold her own. Making use of her Drider Silk and many legs.
Shes happy to see you again. The way she looks at you makes Holly a little jealous.
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anyone up for continuing this tomorrow?
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Thread replies: 39
Thread images: 15
Thread DB ID: 397276

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