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SS13: Red Spider Nebula Edition
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Welcome to d20Station, a rule light, low moderation server filled with custom content.


wiki located at
Currently sorely in need of content.

>What the fuck is Space Station 13

A top down atmospherics simulator with a "whodunit" on top. Survive in the station and do your department's job, while fixing the problems that the antagonists cause.

>How the fuck do I play this game? I keep hitting myself with things.

Use OOC and ask someone for help on how to play. People will almost always help you get a grip of the game if you're polite about it, just don't reveal too much in-round information in OOC.

>Hey /tg/ station I...

are a separate entity from /tg/ station, we just host our threads on /tg/ as the server was made by fa/tg/uys for elegan/tg/entlemen.
We occasionally run Dorfstation mode, a roundtype where the crew must build up from a bare-bones station. Dorf will be run less often then usual, probably on the first and/or last of every month now. Dorf is ran on a separate server, found at byond://

>How is this station different from [station]?

Our changelog is recorded at http://d20station.ddns.net/changelog.html, and we try to keep it up to date as much as posible. The changelog has been cleaned up to show changes starting from the base code of the /nt/ branch.
Code branch from NT (also named d20Station) is updated a few times every week with fixes and new content.
If you have a bug, contact an admin in-game or on the thread to report it.
Note: This is NOT SS13 general.
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a magical place.png
10 KB, 543x119
>get on server
>log into a ghost
>station time: 17:18
>entire station is pitch black
jesus christ how terrifying
>light fixtures showing up in complete darkness
>Helmet and PDA light combined illuminates fuck all
Yeah why is that? Also why are the arrivals and shuttle lights fucked?
might be because they haven't been updated yet - they'll still be using the old values, which now equal roughly half of what they used to be in terms of light power
hopefully nernums makes it so that stacking lights provides less of a bonus though

new lighting system doesn't quite respect unsimmed tiles apparently
which isn't too bad of a thing if lights are installed in the shuttles later
>tfw no other players
>they literally can't keep a single thread alive

Shit on newbies more, jobban them because they committed a single mistake, kek. The arrogance of you all will be your downfall.
go home
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How it should be:

>be new
>commit mistake
>people lynch you
>learn with the experience

How it is:

>be new
>commit mistake
>people lynch you
>you get banned
>never able to learn because banned

You people defend that while crying because muh players. I invited two friends to play SS13 on the other more welcoming server and we're regulars there now, look at what you missed.
>they can't ignore bait

>they can't stop baiting
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Why are you still here?
I don't understand why you keep posting
>still trying to scare new players away

Do you people hate your own server that much?
File: 1451734039583.jpg (42 KB, 604x604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 604x604
Honestly if new players act like you then I'm not sure I personally want them around.
I'd rather the server died than be overrun by people like you.
If they don't act like spoiled children who've never had their parents say no to them when they act like a retard and get punished for it then I'll welcome them with open arms.
inb4 baited
That's a bit much. He ruined the engine once. His main problem is this grudge he's randomly held on to. Which is weird because he admitted to his mistake at first but then randomly started trying to justify his actions and acted like he did no wrong AFTER he got banned, instead of just waiting a round and asking to have it lifted.
That's what I meant, it's way more about the attitude than doing stupid shit.
Hell, when I first joined killed 2 people as a non-antag by putting them in the cryo tube that had plasma in the mix because I was just learning chemistry and didn't know how to use the chem master. New players are bound to do stupid shit, and often so will veterans, but when they act like total shitbirds like this guy is then they can fuck off.
My grudge is on how they BANNED me for messing with the engine while not being aware I was really ruining it. It's just pure injustice, they expect new people to play like pros and if they fail to do that they get banned, and then they start crying here "b-but wheres the players ;-;".

>treat people like shit
>humiliate them
>see they react
>"lol spoiled child :)))"

How's that Freeman cock you are sucking?

And did you get banned for that? Also I killed no one, literally just clicked some machines
File: 1452026930552.png (52 KB, 254x226) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 254x226
I wasn't the one who banned you
you weren't banned because of what you did that round to my knowledge
you were banned by the host, astv, and frankly I haven't seen him on in the last month so I have no idea what you did

it's clear that you'll stay ass pained about something instead of talking about it like a reasonable person or letting people cool off before asking about it, but instead you'd rather salt the wounds and poke the infection and get everyone to hate you instead

even then the kind of guy that attacks the person who is teaching him and then claiming "I was only trying to learn about combat!!!" is not exactly the person that gives of the "I want to play games with you" vibes
Many of us fucked up our first rounds or so.
But what we DIDN'T do was insist that what we were doing was the only possible right way and that the other players were flat out wrong.
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>How's that Freeman cock you are sucking?
Personally I enjoy freeman's banter and he's does some fun shit with his admin powers, plus he's added some really good additions to the codebase, but I feel he's not impartial or level headed enough to have the power to ban people. You take the good with the bad I guess.

>And did you get banned for that? Also I killed no one, literally just clicked some machines
No, because I said sorry, and didn't insist that my cryo mix was an improvement over then basic alky/ryta/clonex mix.
stop answering to him.

its not worth it.
Better than letting the threads die to be honest y family
>I wasn't the one who banned you
Your rage and stupid reaction is what got me banned and you know that. That was the ONLY round I played as engineer in that server other than another one where I did nothing wrong other than get fucked by the antagonist while he emptied the engineering bay

I never said that me screwing up the machines was something good, I did fuck up there and I apologized several times for it in-game but people's reaction was ignore me and beat me up because muh freeman. No one was wrong in killing me for ruining the engine room, I was putting the station in danger, I am saying that it was wrong to ban me for that single newbie mistake

>personally I enjoy Freeman, he does fun shit with his admin powers, he's added good things
Exactly what I'm saying, you people suck him up, the only reason I got banned is because of how butthurt Freeman got because of my mistake, he started chasing me down the station and telling everyone to get me

>No because I said I am sorry
Literally what I did in-game. I apologized several times. I only said that I was trying to improve it after I was banned.

And if my mistake had killed two people I'd even accept the jobban despite apologizing, but my mistake killed no one other than myself

>your threads only live when people are sucking Freeman and telling me that I deserve to stay banned
>complains about that

As I said before, it's strange but you people seem to do everything within your reach to kill the server and the threads
So did you get banned banned or job banned? I mean at first. I expect your banned now ever since you started rampantly complaining on the threads.
Twist: Whiteagle and this guy is actually Freeman
>My grudge is on how they BANNED me for messing with the engine while not being aware I was really ruining it. It's just pure injustice, they expect new people to play like pros and if they fail to do that they get banned, and then they start crying here "b-but wheres the players ;-;".
Son, Froman perma-banned me on a false pretenses just because he hated me, and even now has me job banned from pretty much any position of authority while also adminbussing my character brain dead when ever he get's the chance.

Yes, he IS an asshole, but you yourself are being just as much of one.
Take it from me, getting into a shit flinging match with him will only make you look bad to the rest of the Admin team.
>Literally what I did in-game. I apologized several times.
Maybe it depends on the mood you catch the admins in then. The only time I've had run ins with admins I said sorry and said I wouldn't do it again and that was that, though it was astv and nernums who I had issues with so maybe it's different with Freeman.
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86 KB, 394x549
It's like a Hindu Trifecta dealy

Shittma the Admin - Freeman
Shittnu the Player - White Eagle
Shitva the Newbie- This Guy
>you being banned by someone else is somehow my fault
no i'm pretty sure it's yours, whatever you did
I haven't even spoken to astv since this even happened so by his own virtue he's decided you shouldn't be playing engineer. Since I and probably everyone else don't know why he banned you just asking for it to get lifted after a few days would have probably just resulted in "okay its lifted". Instead you're pulling a whiteagle and freaking out over something relatively minor and just digging yourself deeper until you're so low no amount of rope will save you.
I'm not the reason you're banned. The only thing I did was stop you from breaking everything in engineering because in your inexperience you thought you knew how to do something but in reality wasn't aware of how it works in full.
>running around the station telling people to lynch you
no I only ran after you to get your fucking ID and told the hop to stop giving you engineering access so I wouldn't have to stop you from getting into engineering
everyone else presumed that my claim had weight because I don't usually kick people out of departments unless they're fucking everything up.
>said you were sorry
what you actually did was passive-agressively whined in the thread until I had to retell what happened from my point of view since yours was skewed entirely by being new and not knowing what was even happening
job banned for some reason
he doesn't even know he can just sign up as an assistant and get a job change or break into engineering if he wants to fuck with engineering
From the sounds of it, his whining in the thread is what pissed astv off enough to ban him.
File: 1431046361167.jpg (24 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 500x500
>still this mad
didn't you say you would be leaving

>Your rage and stupid reaction
said the kettle to the pot
top fucking kek
thanks for the bump

he initially got jobbanned from engineering by astv for 'B-BUT I WAS IMPROVING IT' after unwrenching everything in the engine room
freeman banned him yesterday for being a rampant shitter, apparently

while i'm posting i may as well contribute something of worth: now that uranium windows are pretty much done i'm going to be working on the salvage gamemode again
while it's in a playable condition it still needs some polishing, some features and to be honest, some proper testing

i'll probably sort out a testing run of it maybe next weekend - which gives me plenty of time to work on it during this week, as well as whatever other guffins i want to fiddle about with.
the guy was never even banned hes just a retard
This is actually something I was thinking about. Yes, Whiteagle had many months of shittery to his name but is Freeman's continual abuse when he started playing again a while ago really necessary or in any way helpful? I've yet to see White Eagle actually play an unimpeded game. I just ended up tasing him once as a security officer because he was an engineer in Chemistry yelling memes at me and I didn't know he had brain damage.
Well there is one of your problems. You acted like it was a big deal. Job Bans are meaningless slaps on the wrists. Everyone's been job banned for one thing or another. You did the one thing an Engineer is supposed to do and you got banned for it. Your inexperience was meaningless. That is normal. Once I played AI for the second time ever. Stunned a rampaging traitor on a door during his murder spree, totally forgot laws applied to them. banned on the spot. Did I deserve it? Of course. Did I cry and shit all over these threads? No. I waited a week till I felt like playing AI again. Asked for a ban lift. Got it. No questions asked.

You're acting like the admins have permanently stripped you of the possibility of learning about the department when literally any assistant could just take a few tools out of a closet and ask for a promotion or just hack into engineering and look around. Then your randomly taking it out on a station you know has a population issue as if you want there to be a lack of variety in your options when you play the game.
Tell me about nernums, why does he post the anime pics?
File: 1452310215463.jpg (123 KB, 800x517) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB, 800x517
no but it sure is fun to watch him struggle with crippling retardation
that post was actually me
to be honest i'll start giving freeman a smack around the back of the head whenever i catch him bussing WE
dude's actually caught a few braincells since his shitposting debacle a while back

also i think that post was probably misquoted, since it doesn't seem to actually be aimed at your post
>no but it sure is fun to watch him struggle with crippling retardation
That's something he already has to deal with it in real life, so perhaps lay off him lad
Job banned, dunno if Freeman's butthurt got me banned banned lately, he did say he was going to ban me for complaining about his actions in the thread.

Also, now I know what you (or that someone else) meant by I saying that what I did was good, but you misunderstand: I said that I was TRYING to improve it, as in, I had good intentions, I wasn't intentionally trying to blow up the station as a non-antag. Didn't you (or the other guy) have good intentions when doing the cryo mix? Didn't you apologize by saying "Sorry for fucking up this cryo mix, wasn't my intention"? Same thing, sorry if my word choice made this confusing.

>He permabanned me for no reason, currently has jobbanned me from all powerful jobs and also abuses me...
>So just deal with it lol

Masochist tier

No, you got everyone angry at me and led them to believe I was some evil guy trying to destroy the station as a non-antag while also yelling at the radio "HE IS TRYING TO MAKE THE ENGINE BECOME A FIREBALL".

>you could have the jobban lifted by asking in a few days
Why would I make deals with the devil? If the only way to fix unfair bans here is to embrace the injustice, this system is seriously corrupted and now you know why this has no players. The game is amazing and this server's map was the best one I had found so far, the flaw here is obviously the admin team (see the other guy talking about how you adminabuse)

>You never apologized in the thread
True, but I did apologize in-game several times. I only took it to the thread when I realized I was jobbanned despite me apologizing so much.

No, I had been banned before that

Yes I am, Freeman even showed screenshots (he probably masturbates to the ban every morning)

Not even true, the other guy just said he killed two people because he was a newbie, then apologized and it was all right. I killed no one, apologized many times and still got banned.
>freeman banned him yesterday for being a rampant shitter, apparently

Okay see, That's not great. He's a doof, that's undeniable, but that just looks sloppy. You let Freeman who would have been the most involved and annoyed Admin to take part in the scenario and let him put a banhammer on someone a day after it happened? Of course he's acting like a sperg. It would have been better to just have an informed admin a bit higher on the ladder then Freeman do the ban AFTER getting shitter megees input however inane and far from the truth in might have been.
this was later after I had already talked astv into not banning him and the kid kept causing issues, freeman did a fine decision but the ban is regardless, not even in effect

I must've missed when this was mentioned, but what will uranium windows do exactly?
why are you still posting, again

dude acted like a retard ingame too - was a completely clueless chucklefuck who needed directions to the fucking cargo console, and stood in the middle of cargo asking over radio where it was for ten minutes before being told to just look for it in the only other room cargo has
didn't have any concept of IC in OOC either - got killed by a traitor and immediately started bitching about it, respawned with the same job to go back to his death place
later started killing braindeads
overall entitled/10 we don't want him here
I assume they'll just be radioactive windows. Just like how Uranium tile are radioactive floors. Personally I don't get it. Can you even make Uranium in a way that would make it transparent enough to be used as a window?
they'll do uranium things
just experiment with them next compile, should be fun

probably not but we're in space
fuck physics
File: 1452318939922.gif (866 KB, 450x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
866 KB, 450x450
guess i'll just have to not get caught
no I said i'd ban you for shitposting
being passive agressive in game and on the thread for a few months then being a maximum fuckup on dorf then blowing the entire situation way out of proportion for a month and then shitposting for 8 months after that is what gets you treated like whiteagle
>everyone got angry at you
rightfully so because you nearly burned engineering to the ground/space tiles, something that traitors often like to do
>make deals with the devil
yeah we're all awful people out to get you
>he doesn't know the story of whiteagle
again I wasn't the guy who jobbanned you and only got that screenshot for proof so maybe you'd stop making me the target of your salt, but it looks like you're just going to make up any excuse possible now to tie me to your misfortune that you brought about yourself
he said in the thread to go ahead and ban him
at that point I didn't really see any reason that he would have to be in the server that he hates so much other than to try and shit it up
>admins higher on the rung
there really aren't admin rungs though
I mean like mezzo or someone might disagree but pretty much everyone but nernums mezzo and astv has the same permissions, with the three mentioned being able to change permissions in-game temporarily in case for some reason you'd ever want to do that and some server-related stuff.
The only other rung besides that is like specmod and that's just restricting new admins from varedit before they kill everything screwing around

plus the guy honestly does not have a good player mentality, between attacking people teaching him, not being able to learn anything without being handheld, and blaming the people who taught him if anything doesn't go his way. Also, not really reading the rules and respawning with the same name and appearance, not getting the concept if IC/OOC.

I see.

Wait will we be able to break uranium windows to get materials for uranium-glass spears? Radioactive spears sound kinda kickass, albeit horrifically dangerous.
uranium shards currently just make normal glass spears, but i'll probably work on uranium spears some point this week.
>I had nothing to do with the ban I swear please stop saying it was me
If after I had said "I am sorry for that, I'll just observe now" you hadn't gone ape shit again (you had already stolen my ID twice by then?), I'm fairly sure no one would even remember that, and I'd already have brought two new active people by now.

You said it yourself: A guy that hasn't been on in months suddenly bans me. Makes no sense, it's way more coherent that you who got butthurt from my in-game fuckup would have gotten me banned

>he hates the server
I don't hate it and there are many nice people, I hate the corrupt admins and the inherent circlejerk.

>he attacks people teaching him
Literally check the chatlogs, the instructor was completely fine with it and even encouraged me to try it

>not being able to learn anything without being handheld
I already did a reading on over half of the guides in the wiki and by now I know the basics of any job. No one even told me to check the wiki in-game, only AFTER I got jobbanned

>blaming people who taught him if anything doesn't go his way
Plain lies and exaggeration

>respawning with the same name/appearance
So that is all it takes for someone to not be welcome here? Do it once or twice as a newbie and bam?

Also, I spawned as a dog at one of those attempts and you complained, what if that dog belonged to my character which explains why it had the same name as him? Is that sort of backstory/roleplay not tolerated and really banworthy?
>he said in the thread to go ahead and ban him
Oh well in that case he can go to hell. You ask for it, you get it.
>takes just this long to go back to sucking Freeman
>"ban me"
>get banned
>what the fuck you little bitch i'm running away to a better serb with blackjack and hookers you fucking asshole waaaaaa
I am not even banned apparently

And my complaint refers to the jobban, stop moving goalposts
no, you're banned now i made sure of that.

I didn't spend all that time teaching you for you to act like a spoiled child, goodbye.
Now you know why the game has no players, you all just shit on every person that gets interested on it.

And the spoiled children are you all who can't admit that the jobban was a fuckup and instead say "deal with our corruption, we all deal with it daily lol"

I sort of feel sorry for the few nice people that will have to deal with the low population honestly, which is why I've been bumping these threads
Oh it has nothing to do with Freeman, thats just something I stand by ever since a certain argument about security.
File: 1452329438321.jpg (371 KB, 917x845) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
371 KB, 917x845
given that you had disassembled the most dangerous part of the TEG I specifically told you not to touch and then started touching my pipework and other things without permission or a heads up to anyone about what you were about to do I wasn't about to trust you to be in engineering unsupervised
you're flipping shit over a stolen ID
I said I hadn't spoken to him, not that he hadn't been on.
>whines about the server so much and says "I found a better server with nice people who don't hurt my feelings fuck this server go ahead and ban me"
>claims he doesn't hate us though

>hurr check the logs from a week ago
the instructor though you were being a shit before you explained yourself, attacking random people trying to help you unprovoked is widely known as "being a massive shitter"
>know the basics
I'm still not convinced you know the basics of anything given you had to be told where the cargo console was instead of just exploring cargo like a normal person does when they want to find out more about their surroundings
>teach you how to take specific things apart in case you need to
>starts taking a whole bunch of unrelated shit apart that's in use
>it's your fault for not teaching me right!!
did you know that when you press the rules button there's a huge bolded and underlined short few sentences that say how many respawns you get and what not to do with them? You know reading the rules is the first thing anyone should do? You know you have no excuse to not know that??
Do it once and I seriously consider smacking your shit for being dumb. Do it twice and I seriously start considering bans might be a solution
>dog belonged to your character
jesus fuck this is not fucking how respawns work
respawns are to give you a chance to keep playing on a completely seperate character so you don't have to sit the rest of the round out, not so you can claim you have relation to your previous lives and "that's how I know that you killed him"
look man, I stood up for you multiple times and prevented you from getting bans early on, but you just continuously causing problems while gloating that you don't even play here because you had some minor issue?
I'm just disappointed that I was in the wrong, and I made a mistake for sticking up for your chances, it was really a waste of my time.
>Muh cargo incident
I checked the wiki after the cargo thing

>The instructor thought you were being a shit before you explained yourself
Exactly? After I explained myself it was all cool, you are literally the only one complaining

>X dies
>X's dog appears

Unless the dog witnessed it happening, I don't see that happening. And I do admit I did wrong when respawning with same name and appearance, but the dog one was not a fuck up, it was legit

>I hadn't spoken to him
Maybe I'm being unfair by blaming it all on you but this story is not well explained, you claim that someone who hasn't been online in months simply logs in, bans me and then leaves? Someone surely told him that "a non-antag is trying to blow up the station as engineer!!!", otherwise that wouldn't have happened

>minor issue
You weren't the one banned from your favorite role after a newbie mistake so surely it is minor for you

>I'm disappointed with you, teaching you was wrong, I wasted my time, waaah
Oh sorry for being such a dick and wasting your time, don't teach me anything next time and we should be cool.

>I stood up for you and prevented you from getting bans
What a bunch of lies, the only reason this all happened is exactly because I got an unfair ban. After that I lost my shit after some bad things happened IRL and even asked for it, true enough, but stop saying that you were protecting me from bans, the unfair jobban was real and you did nothing to help me from it.
astv originally wanted to permaban you and I told him that it wasn't fair at all to do that

you can go ahead and try and think everyones trying to work against you, but don't do it here cause nobody but you cares anymore
If astv wanted to do that, it was surely after I lost my shit in the thread because of the job ban, so no.

>no one cares about you bwahaha
Once again, this is why you all are suffering because of no players, how difficult is it to be nice to newbies? This is a circlejerk, and I am trying to help you all by exposing it
File: 1452427074456.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 1280x720
>takes you ten minutes to check the wiki to look for a cargo console
>instructor was lee who genuinely wants to help you and only didn't kick your ass because he thought you were misguided

>X dies
>X's dog appears so you can meta that you were connected to your previous life or so people can kick your ass for trying to meta your previous life and abusing respawns
you don't know anything about your previous life and you can't attach anything about your current character to your previous life, not that you'll need to know this because you're banned.
>haven't seen astv on for the last month means he hasn't been on for months
he still watches the thread and logs on occasionally
you just shitposted enough in the thread for him to do something about it

>nernums tries to protect you from bans
>"t-thanks for nothing asshole"
its hard to convince three or four other people you're worth keeping around when you shit up the game and thread this badly
it's difficult to be nice to new guys when they don't own up to what they do and insist on causing a scene
>i'm only trying to help!!
I don't think anyone would want your brand of help
ah I see then, you've certainly opened my eyes to see that all the regulars are regulars
>you didnt check the wikis
I already said I didn't? Only later?

>You planned to meta that their lives were connected
No? When did I do that? Show chatlogs

>lol you are banned hahaha you'll never be able to play again
Do you know what website this is? Everyone and their mother knows how to evade bans. I could have done that from the very first job ban if I wanted to, but I still preferred to confront the situation because I legit believed it had been unfair. I can evade right now if I want.

>you are ungrateful to people that tried to help you
Is that nemums guy the one securitybro that was basically the only one in the game who gave me valuable lessons? If not, he didn't teach me anything valuable and in the end just pretended to be on my side to backstab me later. See his own posts.

>It's hard to convince three or four people you are worth keeping if you shit up the game and thread this badly
I didn't shit up the game? I left shortly after finding out I was job banned. And I already apologized for all I did in-game several times, what else do you need, a paypal donation?

Also, stop saying that as if you are trying to convince people that I am worth keeping around, you are doing the exact opposite.

>it's difficult to be nice to new guys who don't own up to what they do
I already said that I never said what I did to the engine was good, that was just a misinterpretation caused probably by how I structured my post, what i meant is that I never had intentions of blowing up the entire thing. People kept accusing me of playing like antag as non-antag but it wasn't intentional, that's all.

That was a good post.
Actually I think someone also gave me valuable lessons later on regarding cryo mix, but that guy sounded an awful lot like the securitybro.

And there was also something regarding taking care of plants? Someone gave me good lessons there too, not sure if it was the same server though. Probably was. Thanks whoever did that

All I remember from the adminfag that claims he helped me the most is

>hey come here
>I'll teach you how to fix holes
>first put the hardsuit
>now make sure to put the oxygen tank
>click the icon on the top right to do it properly
>yes now let's fix the hole
>why are you running away? and why are you gasping almost as if you were almost dead due to lack of oxygen?
>this fucking ungrateful newbie that keeps running away when I try to teach him holy shit
File: 1406266171697.jpg (11 KB, 292x292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 292x292
I didn't say you didn't check them you mouthbreather
>meta that the lives were connected
which you did, and no i'm not digging up logs from however the fuck many days ago of you blatantly trying to abuse respawns because you didn't read up on the rules
>lmao I can evade
counterpoint ban evaders are easy as fuck to deal with because they can never shut up about how they're currently evading a ban
the ones that do shut the fuck up are decent players
>who is nernums
this guy has been mentioned by name and in-game name a whole lot recently and he talked to you directly about how he tried to teach you about engineering and you ran off without saying anything, how are you this dumb
>didn't shit up a game
very nearly destroyed engineering with your incompetency and would have if I weren't there to kick you out from shitting it up further and fix it before it became a mess nobody wanted to or could fix
>convince people that you are worth keeping around
which is not what i'm doing, i'm just saying that you were banned already because a lot of people thought you were being a dumbass and nernums was having a hard time convincing them not to (so I presume)
from the moment you started ripping my shit up screeching "i'm improving it" I didn't think you'd be worth keeping around
>doesn't own up that he's a moron that doesn't know when to quit
this is the thing that's getting everyone to shit on you
>teaches you how to use internals
>you give him no feedback that you understand so he presumes you understand
>you run away without saying anything
>still doesn't know there's a difference between "critical" where you can be saved by other people and "dead" where you can be saved by other people by cloning
you could have at any time talked to him over the radio about how you didn't understand your internals and how you were suffocating and ask for help on it instead of just walking away like you have better things to do
>favorite role
>you'd played it for less than ten minutes

you're not really exposing anything other than how fucking deluded and self-important you are
that you think your treatment extends to all other new players despite the context behind it is just an example of that

does nernums need to post the image again
reminder that this was the person who couldn't find the cargo console, went to the civilian console when directed to the cargo office, and then didn't know how categories worked - so it really doesn't surprise me that he didn't bother following basic instructions on how to turn on his internals, nor did he bother mentioning that he still didn't know how to do so.
everybody point and laugh.

>i-i'll just evade it guys!
i thought you didn't want to play here
i thought you said you were leaving
why are you still posting, again
>You did try to meta connected lives to get an edge over the antagonist
FIrst of all, you were the one who got me killed, not the antagonist, so that's impossible. And all I did as a dog is bark around. Dunno why you are lying here.

>We can find you easily if you are ban evading

>Are you dumb you don't know him
I already said all I know about him, we barely communicated

>wah wah you shitted up the game by nearly destroying engineering
Which is what I said? I didn't shit it up other than THAT? And then I apologized for it and what else do you want for it? You should stop nitpicking and strawmanning

>you were banned because people thought you were a dumbass
You people piss off new players until they act like dumbasses then ban them for that, and after that start crying because there are no players, where's the logic behind that?

>you don't know when to quit so that's why people are pissed off at you
So my options are either stop playing or stay banned? And considering how I can ban evade that means the second path actually allows me to play? Are you encouraging me to continue complaining here?

>you could have just told him internals don't work
He honestly didn't give a shit when I crawled out of the room all damaged, he just kept working on fixing the role, so I just buzzed off.

>you played engineering for less than ten minutes
I have hours clocked on it though? It's from far my most played role

>you are deluded and think you are important
No, those are things I despise. I'd be angry if anyone had gotten unfair jobbanned.

>you couldn't find the cargo console hahaha
Who's the child now?

>you said you were leaving so why do you still want to play
As I said before I was pissed off by IRL situations when I asked to be banned
>he keeps trying to cherrypick
>he thinks that 70% of our ban list isn't people who thought they could ban evade
>he thinks we even care about the low population
>he's still got such a high opinion of himself that he thinks what happened to him is what happens to everyone
>he stands stock still in the middle of a room asking to be spoonfed instead of putting literally any effort into learning on his own
there's just so much shit to laugh at, i don't know where to start
also did you get banned from your paradise or something, is that why you're still hanging around
>he keeps trying to cherrypick

>he thinks 70% of our banlist isn't people who thought they could evade
I'll just say this, I've already been evading since I realized there was a job ban. Who's ridiculous now?

>he thinks we care about low population
>makes threads asking "why no thread??" when others got archived
>just like the last one
>people in this very thread complaining about not enough players
>people saying "no keep discussing with him it's the only way to make those threads not die"
>b-but we don't care! we can play with just 3 people!

>he still got such a high opinion of himself
I replied to you saying that is not the case, read the entire post

>he thinks it happens to everyone
I've seen reports of three different people saying they got unfair banned at some point.

>lol I am laughing... hahha... haha...
That's the most basic sign of anger, pretending that you are laughing.

>did you get banned from your paradise
No, but turns out it has popularity problems too

>he wants to be spoonfed
I already learned how to use the wiki
File: 1444891793604.png (435 KB, 855x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
435 KB, 855x768
How in the high fuck are you still here

Go outside for fuck sake
File: 1450134179857.jpg (12 KB, 236x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 236x200
Are you suggesting me to postpone this debate to later senpai?
File: 1406792166811.jpg (37 KB, 512x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 512x384
didn't say anything about antagonists
stop trying to strawman
>barely communicated
he was teaching you about how my piping system was shit for a good 30 minutes the least you could have done was get his name
>telling others to stop strawmanning when you're strawmanning
>piss off new people until they act like dumbasses
evidently it doesn't take much to get you to act like a dumbass, pretty sure you were acting like a dumbass on your own
nobody is crying that we have no players
>didn't give a shit
probably because he was trying to fix a giant gaping breach to space before more idiots like yourself who can't figure out how to turn on internals wander by and wonder why they're dying
>angered by irl situations
sounds like you loose your temper easily and that's not anyone we want to deal with, manage your anger nerd
>dood im evading11!
I don't think you even know which servers you've been playing on
>three different people
weird I didn't know that three guys named anonymous counted as three people

you are not someone anyone wants to play with, go away
>he was teaching you how my piping system was shit for a good 30 minutes and you didn't even get his name
Not true at all, and I already know he is that guy, but all he did was give a brief half assed description for like 5 minutes.

>it's easy to make you act like a dumbass actually you're a dumbass lol
Once again, who's the child now?

>he ignored you because you are an idiot
Your arguments are degrading with each time just take a break if you plan to make low quality posts.

>you lose your temper easily if you got angered by IRL situations
You don't know what other people have to put up with and go through IRL.

>I don't think you know which servers you've been playing on
I can tell by the map

>I didn't know three guys named anonymous counted as three people
Actually they weren't anonymous.

>securitybro who helped me
>whoever is the guy you abuse with your powers on a daily basis
>one anonymous
Man the TVs are great. Currently got someone watching Stallone's Dredd for the first time, just hearing his comments every so often (particularly since the way it currently works means I can keep watching from the other side of the station).
File: 1406716876440.png (200 KB, 960x730) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200 KB, 960x730
i'm done guy
you're just regurgitating misinformation over and over
nothing here is going to change because of your autistic outbreak
Steve Harvey is right, dude needs to see a proctologist.
Read part of this, why not let him play and see if he's shit.

Don't see how this shitflinging is going to make anyone happy.
>i-i'm totally playing right now, guys!
>my only mistake was that i didn't find the cargo console, not that i didn't put any effort at all into finding it, or that i bitched when i wasn't immediately spoonfed on-demand, i dindunuffin i was a good boy

>three different people
that's some good evidence right there
we'll just conveniently ignore that the only major incident we've had for the last year or so is WE being banned over something fucking dumb, and then vigorously shitposting despite everyone initially agreeing with him
we'll also ignore how long we've been running for and that only 'three people' being banned for bullshit over roughly two years is actually really fucking good for any server

>y-you're totally bothered about the low pop! let me quote more nonexistant people!
top fucking shrug

>i'm totally not a massive fucking narcassist! it's not like i've bitched for days on end because someone was rude to me!
>it's certainly not like i'm trying to apply my experiences to literally everyone who plays here either!

woah careful there lad you might break something with all those anger accusations

wow it's fucking nothing
>facts are misinformation

Sure, pal.
File: Refugees welcome.png (159 KB, 704x646) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Refugees welcome.png
159 KB, 704x646
Please come to my refugee welcoming party.
Only Rusty has come so far.
If you don't come you're a rayciss
>I don't believe it's three people
I posted their names at the previous post

>only three people banned over two years
Only three of them told me. Maybe other people were banned and left. Those three I mentioned are active players (like three of the eight active ones the server has)

>random greentext
What are you trying to say?
they're only facts in your head, buddy
byond wont let me come back

claims I don't have version 509 when I do have version 509

>inb4 "no i dont need to :-)"

And why do you think we are buddies if you complain so much about me? Sounds like you hate me more than anything.
What's the actual full error message?
My version is 509
Try a reinstall m8
do you have it installed twice or anything? go to your about byond in the options menu and it'll tell you the exact version you have that is being used
>eight active ones
gr8 job you can count up to eight
we're currently missing shawn, llolfaen, emiko, astv, and a few other regulars that i sadly don't recall the name of right now
max playercount in the last few months has been just over 20
in addition, WE isn't exactly an active player
to be honest i'm starting to doubt that the first anon wasn't just ebin samefagging, but we can't tell either way so.. two people.
actually 'secbro' doesn't seem to have actually commented on playercount or unfair bans, unless i'm missing something.
so, uh, one - who's unbanned now and has been for a couple of months, and had excaberated his initial ban by shitposting wildly.

there really hasn't been that many unfair bans so far - we're lenient enough with the rules that nobody besides the shittiest need banning
so the ban list is pretty much filled entirely by straight-up griefers and ban-evaders, while the last few are the kind of people who constantly toe the line or just act like colossal faggots in general
again, the only major case i recall was WE, and he did nothing to help himself

no i dont need to :-)
we've shot down your arguments over the course of 2 threads or so now, and you keep coming back to try to paint us - sorry, 'expose' us - as being newbie-stomping badmin shitters or whatever

that's pretty odd
the only things i could suggest are re-updating or re-installing, but i'm not really an expert on byond itself.
File: woo.png (1 KB, 44x56) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 KB, 44x56
Emiko I have to say, the autoloom is so fucking perfect, I love it.
File: CORGIS ARE DUMB.png (55 KB, 710x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 710x343
Here's what often fixes it

>make sure you are on the right version 509, as in 509.1318 by checking Help > About
>restart your computer if you updated BYOND recently
>completely un-install it and download BYOND again from the main website
>try a beta version

From my research, most people with that error seem to have recently updated their games, but thing is, apparently something wrong happens during said update and the game think it has updated but in reality it didn't, the things I mentioned above are possible fixes. Make sure to remove all BYOND folders if it comes to that, including the one at applocale

I don't see why you deny that the three people I mentioned were unfairly banned. Do you REALLY think that no unfair bans take place in the server? I am the living proof they are real, people even admitted that it was not a fair ban in this thread

>we've shot down your arguments the entire time
Not at all. You look at this as a debate but it really isn't, and the fact you think you are winning a competition makes me worried about the mindset of this server's admins. Newbie-stomping badmin shitters is ironically a description that can be painted from the testimonies of OTHER people here. The irony is that you say I am such a faggot and no one would want to play with me but people have been pretty cool with me while I was evading.

I learned in the end that the only people shitting on newbies were two admins, not the normal players at all. Which sort of makes me happy and eager to play again. I'll just keep evading, which sucks as I have to deal with some latency, but it's playable at least. Sorry for everyone who wasn't involved in this and had to watch the shitstorm in the past threads, this is probably going to be my last post about the bans unless I'm invited by other to discuss it further
>my response to the guy with problems was 37 minutes late

Welp, sorry, had to take a bath and reply to the tripfag Pilcrow. Hopefully you already sorted out your problem
File: 1393360016453.jpg (230 KB, 748x543) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230 KB, 748x543
>I am the living proof they are real, people even admitted that it was not a fair ban in this thread
See the many people that shared their stories. One of them said he killed two people accidentally as a newbie, apologized and got off the hook.

>inb4 "but you went ape shit in the thread"
which was after the ban
File: 1393380598343.png (313 KB, 500x688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
313 KB, 500x688
except he didn't mention being banned, you delusional fuck
that story was literally the opposite of what you're making it out to be
Literally what I said

>he fucks up
>kills two people as a newbie
>apologizes, it's all OK

>I fuck up
>almost ruin engineering bay
>job banned
File: 1419826571959.gif (2 MB, 240x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 240x180
>all circumstances in both situations are the exact same
How are they different? If anything I caused less damage
File: 1439041380013.png (51 KB, 457x496) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 457x496
>kill two people
clone them easy
>almost blow up a critical part of station infrastructure nearly ending the round by requring a shuttle call because you think after 20 minutes you know it all
>then shit up the thread when people are still mad at you
How do you figure? Your mistake ruins entire rounds. The other guys mistake is fixed by cloning.
That's just not true

>almost blow up a critical part of station by blablabla
Exactly, "almost". It didn't happen. I then apologized and learned my lesson.

>then shit up the thread
Read my post, it happened AFTER the job ban
File: 1446514875014.png (104 KB, 450x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104 KB, 450x300
it only didn't happen because I was there to stop you from being a moron before it killed the station
if I didn't come back right after you fucked everything up everything would have been fucked beyond repair
Honestly he is overreacting, my mistake would only have killed people if there weren't two engineers actively patrolling the area. And it was pretty easy to fix, all it took was a click with a wrench. Also, as I said before, it didn't happen. And if after that I learned my lesson, apologized for it and never did any other damage to the engineering again, why the job ban?

>learned my lesson
evidently not, he who reads no rules.
you're also conveniently leaving out your constant respawn shittery.

and no matter the circumstances, shitting up the thread after a ban never helps you - your best bet is always to take a step back, calm down, and act reasonably
whiteagle learned this the hard way, because his shitposting turned the entire playerbase against him, when previously we were all outraged at freeman.
because astv did it before trying to permaban you
I'd have lifted it if you asked instead of being a big baby
File: 1412530395715.jpg (19 KB, 239x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 239x246
you are fucking hopeless guy
you fucked up engineering big time and I barely managed to seal it up, you earned that ban with your incompetency, I had to mop up extra hot and over pressure N2 and O2 from the engine room and then right after that deal with the cold loop splitting open from a random event
you fucked up hard and I had to fix it, your fault.
From what I can see from the three fucking threads that you've been shitposting nonstop in, you were thrown out in-character and acquired access back in to engineering multiple times to continue fucking up.

As was also said multiple times across those three threads, if you calmly waited it out and drank your juicebox, you would have been forgiven for obsessively deconstructing active pipes in the TEG as a nonantag.

As a rational human being, you should realize that when you're barred from doing something by other rational human beings, bitching and moaning about it within earshot of them won't make them suddenly see "the error of their ways" and let you off the hook. You wouldn't just sit down and scream at your parents if they grounded you, right? You're not 5, right?

Seriously, even Whiteagle got unbanned, and that's because he managed to not shit up the entire thread for a week or two. That's what happens when you realize that screaming at humans gets a negative reaction out of them.

If you could stay outside of the mindset of a 3 year old with Downs for a week, maybe we'll stop giving a shit about what you did in a video game.
Whats a good job for a total nub that isn't cargo technician? Because that is always filled and only really needs one person.
assistant will let you roam around maint doing whatever you want but is mostly directionless
science isn't very dangerous unless you're doing toxins or xenobio, engineering is okay but a lot can go wrong so make sure you have someone close at hand to stop you from fucking up
medical is another good job since you won't usually have to make patient-life-or-death desicions, and if they die you can usually just clone them.
janitor, actual helpful assistant, botanist, captain, doctor, chemist, R&D scientist, shaft miner
Janitor sounds good I guess, though a lab coat would be nice..I'd like something with busywork where I'm not going to kill everyone by fucking up. Though I guess that isn't that bad, just something low pressure?
>Gets called out on why his mistake was a bigger deal
>"Honestly he is overreacting"

You also don't have the newbie excuse for making the mistake because you had the person teaching you to do thing explicitly tell you not to do the thing.
Wait so this is a /tg/ ss13 thread, that is specifically for one server, that ISN'T the /tg/ one?
>you are leaving out your respawn shittery
No I am not, re-read the thread. Also, since when is respawn shittery punished with job ban from engineering?

>if you take a step back and calm down this will all be solved
Demonstrably wrong, when I did that the result was "lol we don't care, keep playing and if we like you we will remove the job ban"

But you didn't lift it when I asked nicely, ehh? Or was I unlucky you weren't online at the time?

You never had to seal it up as I wasn't going to cause any more damage, that was just you being paranoid. And once again, I already said several times I almost destroyed the engineering bay, but it was just a newbie mistake, I highly doubt it is default SS13 procedure to ban newbies for their fuck-ups

>you were thrown out in-character

>and acquired access back to fuck things up
No, I didn't touch a SINGLE thing when I came back, but Freeman still had a stroke and chased me down everywhere despite me saying "SORRY SORRY I'M NOT TOUCHING ANYTHING"

That mindset is pretty wrong.

>yes we fucked up
>but we don't care
>you must say we are right and beg for the unban

Can't you see how wrong that sounds, anon?

Your talk about rational human beings is completely wrong by the way. Rationality is highly relative and most humans have different personalities. What happens here is that the admins' concept of "justice" and "rightfulness" is extremely distorted and corrupted, their pride won't allow them to admit that a mistake was committed and they don't care in the slightest that injustice took place and won't try to fix it.

Yes, I am not helping by shitting up threads, but as I said before I am not bowing down to that injustice. I'd rather just evade, it's not like I have a reputation to maintain here anyway.

Go assistant and take care of the plants to the right of the bar, it makes you learn a lot
File: 1410539802851.jpg (25 KB, 538x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 538x399
>hot gases leaking out of the hot loop of the TEG and you busting open scrubbers pipes so those hot gases are being pumped all over the station is just a result of my paranoia
>newbies regularly completely demolish engineering after being explicity told what not to touch if they don't want that to happen
yes, it is ss13 procedure to ban people who manage to fuck things up on this scale from a job until they learn more about the game
It was just one time
>Also, since when is respawn shittery punished with job ban from engineering?

Well you respawned as an engineer after being thrown out of engineering, your dipstick.
File: 1412711059359.jpg (6 KB, 167x144) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 167x144
one time is all you need
Pretty bad

I actually got an ID card from the HoP
File: 1409293847181.png (308 KB, 377x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
308 KB, 377x343
you are pretty bad, yeah
I don't think i've ever had someone new fuck everything up that bad thinking they were helping
>>you must say we are right and beg for the unban
You're not begging for anything, you mongoloid. You're asking for it.
If you weren't a shut-in, you would realize that people ask for things all the time. Asking to set aside a minor grudge (like video games, which aren't as important as your ego thinks) is part of that. On top of this, you literally were wrong in every single action you took following fucking up engineering, so saying they're right should come natural to you if you had a functioning frontal lobe.

There's no righteousness or justice or any higher concept to apply here. You did something a skinny dude on a computer didn't like, so he didn't want you to play engineer.

So you bitched and bitched like you were being sentenced to death, and the other lanky computer nerds that called themselves his friends got angry too, so now they don't care enough about you to play video games with you.

The vocabulary you're invoking here makes it sound like you're going to sue your middle school friend because he didn't invite you over to play Mario Kart.

Think of it like this: Your /tg/ friends say you can't play cleric anymore because you don't actually heal the party, but they're fine with you making any other kind of character. You respond by flipping the table, throwing a mound of your own dung at the DM, and squatting in the kitchen daring them to kick you out. Now you're saying there's no justice in their hearts because you were kicked out for slinging shit at them.

Gauge the fucking situation or leave.
>we fucked up
>but play by our rules or fuck you

And then you wonder why no players?
The server does have a Rules tab, just like all the others.
Yeah, the server called /tg/station hasn't actually associated with /tg/ thread-wise for a long time, initially this was just a thread going 'hey here's a new server up for a bit' (I'm pretty sure it was initially going to just be a temporary thing), and then it kinda grew into all this.
Yes, but the punishments are retarded from what I'm reading

(not the guy you were replying originally)
Your point?
This "one night" server has gotten completely out of hand.
The only punishment from the original situation was a jobban for gross incompetence to prevent him rolling engineer. Nothing to stop him from playing, or somehow convincing or obtaining the same access and equipment in game.
Frankly, the respawn abuse probably justified at least a juicebox ban alongside, but as it stands, the only punishment given was a meaningless one to anybody who who want to play and not just griff.

Yes, people should play by the host's rules, because it's the hosts server. His roof, his rules. Not Freeman's rules -mind- but then, he wasn't the one who did any banning in the first place.

Point is, people should read them, and not complain when they get dunked on for failing to follow them. "Injustice" would be a ban out of personal spite, or bans over anonymous thread content, NOT the given loose rules being enforced.

How does it feel to be an institution?
If you can't read the post you're replying to, how the fuck are you literate enough to type? Nobody fucked up, you got jobbanned for being a bad engineer and permabanned for shitting up the thread.

And yeah, you need to play by a server's rules if you want to play in that server. You've finally figured it out, haven't you?

I'm just going to hazard a guess at what your new server is. You're still a 4chan user, completely incompatible with most mindsets in ss13 servers, so you're either going to play on /vg/station or Hippie.

You'll find another basic thing to fuck up, probably just deconstructing a SMES or one of the shield generators for a singulo engine, and get jobbanned again because the HoP let you back in. A random admin will ask what you were thinking, you'll say you're new so it's okay, and you'll get jobbanned again and told to sign on as an assistant and ask a real engineer to show you the ropes.

Obviously, since you're retarded, you'll either make a thread on Hippie's forums to complain or start spamming the /vg/ thread with accusations and get told off/perma'd again. Then you'll go somewhere that can't actually take banter/some High RP server like goon.

Either you'll get perma'd there instantly since you pretended to know something as an assistant, which goes against the RP mood, or you'll actually learn to play by their rules in time and nobody will hear from you again if you're happy enough roleplaying the exact kind of idiot you are.
You just messed up

>Injustice would be bans over anonymous thread content
Which is exactly what happened

Nice blog, but none of that is even close to reality.

Reality is: I appeared there, said I was new, spawned as assistant and asked people if they wanted help, then played normally while helping a chef or barman that taught me cooking, along other things.

Turns out I'm not retarded and I can play normally with everyone. I've been playing on this server the entire time while avoiding, you people are making a huge storm over nothing
So, you learned your lesson, is what you're saying?
Good, come back later.

>y-you just messed up!!!
Who even says that? Try not to be such a spaz, man.

>n-no, you're the ones blowing this out of proportion! I totally wasn't complaining for three threads about a jobban!
feel free to calm down any time now guys
newfreind you aren't being the officer i know you can be
>come back later
I'm perma banned over "content of anonymous thread" senpai. Pretty hard to come back. But yes, I learned my lesson and already know everything that can potentially screw up the station after studying the wiki

>injustice is being banned over 4chan threads
>oh wait you were banned?
>a-allow me to correct myself, your case was totally justified... *sheeet*
Yo thanks for everything, you were the friendliest and most helpful one.

But I'm already permabanned. You don't need to stain your reputation here for helping someone that got on the bad side of admins.

Being security is awfully difficult for me, even with all armor and equipments people often just disarm me and space me, so I switched to other easier jobs
the admins wouldn't ban someone for trying to defuse a situation not without trouble
and besides you gotta be the change you wanna see in the world
maybe one day things like this wont happen maybe all people need is an example
come back later,no one stays perma'd for long and maybe you will see an apology can get you a long way
File: 1415915898953.jpg (789 KB, 6144x3456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
789 KB, 6144x3456
>thinks he knows everything after reading the wiki
when will this newfag ever learn
Not that guy hombre, but I think I know what he meant. Doesn't really apply here, since you and Freeman both explained the exact situation and we know who it's about.

Maybe you'd like to exercise your reading comprehension again. We've said multiple times that if you wait a while and literally come back /later/ that ANY action on your account will usually be lifted. Like we've said, Whiteagle was permabanned for months and came back a week after he stopped being a shitheel in thread.

Just contact nernums directly over byond in a week, and ask for an unban. Tell him you've learned not to deconstruct engines by accident and claim you were in the right, because that's what you did. The important part is that you wait a week, because you're a human being who can recognize that he's been banned for a reason by another bipedal organism who can communicate with language and not by an automated filter controlled by electronics.

It's honestly like you've never been told you can't do something before. Do you think just standing there yelling "You're wrong!" over and over would get you what you want? Just mellow out and wait for them not to be in a "you did something bad" state of mind, like someone with sense.

We have an example already, though. He's pretty not terrible to converse with nowadays.
Maybe we just need two.
File: 1450105336051.jpg (97 KB, 400x506) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 400x506
nah I don't think this grudge is going to go away in a week
give it a few months
Don't be a fag, Freebins, you probably won't notice nums unbanning anyone for a day or two anyway.
I've apologized more times than I've switched pants this week by now

And yes, you are a good influence. I'm pretty sure that if the server had more people like you, it'd have hundreds of active people. A shame that instead you get people like >>44697491

I know all that, but you don't realize that retarded rules that involve banning all newbies who commit mistakes no matter how much they apologize is the biggest reason people are complaining about the low playerbase.

And once again, I don't need to wait weeks, I'm already playing while ban evading. That's not a problem in the slightest. People don't realize that I don't need the grace of people like >>44697529 . I'm just pointing out a retarded system that is the reason new players can't tolerate playing here (unless they are lucky and manage to not fuck up)
File: 1425569227216.jpg (155 KB, 1502x846) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
155 KB, 1502x846
yeah but i'm not going to forget anytime soon either
lee is a fat memelord of the likes you have never seen
there are no rules that specifically dictate what happens when, if you read the rules tab you'd know that they're subjective so in this case someone felt you were deserving of a ban
not everything is set in stone here unlike most other servers, so retards like you can't stammer "B-B-BUT I DIDN'T BREAK ANY RULES"

>yeah i'm just ban evading am I cool guys
you'll just get banned again and again
i dont meme anymore and you are being a little hotheaded dont you think?
Shitting up the thread isn't a "mistake" and jobbans from things you're confirmed too incompetent to take up a jobslot in are fine.

If you had sense(which you've apparently proven in the other serb) you would sign up as assistant and ask an engineer to actually teach you the trade, instead of shitposting for three threads and daring the guys in charge to kick you out. Again, for the most obvious of reasons, if you aren't just here to shitpost, you'll recognize why you were banned.

It's not a retarded system to ban someone for making what amounts to our entire "forum" unusable, you're just too retarded to understand what cause and effect is.

Take a chillpill from the thread. If you really are evading instead of pretending, just play normally. Maybe they don't even give a shit as long as you're not causing trouble for the thread.

And by maybe I mean definitely. It's the only real problem coming out of your experience here. Fuck off.
>insulting a completely cool and helpful guy that did nothing wrong
I swear, if you weren't an admin people wouldn't suck your cock like they do and you would be hated by them until you became someone decent. Your ego is bigger than the server's inactivity and you shit on everyone.

Also, the only one spamming memes here is you, literally all your messages have memes and all of them also have a meme image.

>our rules are written in such a way we can ban people who didn't break the rules
You just can't say something constructive, right? The more you speak, the shittier the server looks to outsiders reading your messages, I think one guy even commented on how bad the punishments were

>you'll get banned again and again
How much time does it take for that to happen? Been evading for days by now

>Wah you are shitposting our entire forum
Maybe consider that my messages are not shitpost?
>more memes
File: 1450300599326.jpg (396 KB, 1570x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
396 KB, 1570x1536
>completely cool and helpful guy
lee is cool
it's just that i've known him longer than you and he used to be part of the meme team
>all of your posts have an image attached on an image board
what a crime
have a fat meme
all your images have a MEME* attached on an image board

Which is ironic when you insult someone for once using memes
File: 1451737822446.png (440 KB, 592x443) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
440 KB, 592x443
I was merely adopted by the memes.
Lee was molded by it, shaped by it.
I thought he renounced memes?
>replies to meme accusation with a meme

That's not helping your case
you're a meme at this point guy
you'll probably be one of the only people to go down next to whiteagle as "biggest crybaby" and "most autistic".
To think that five people will remember me like that over an anonymous imageboard makes me shake.
what's this guy's ckey anyway
File: 1442286572769.jpg (120 KB, 685x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 685x600
we don't usually get this big of fuckups who then try to claim they dindu nuffin
lupadim or something very similar
Why are you guys still engaging this dude? C'mon, fambalambs, you should know better.
except for I never claimed that
i did but a balance must be maintained
also friendly reminder meme does not = (something i dont like) a meme is just something popular lots of people say or do which can be good or bad
people cant argue when they are mad nor can you change someone who doesn't want to so please calm down friend
read the art of war nigga "when your enemy is strong avoid him" well freeman is technically strong so you shouldn't try to fight him just let it all go
File: 1451844567971.gif (2 MB, 560x433) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 560x433
Lee stop trying to be wise, it's making you look more retarded than normal.
And stop using totally unnecessary spoiler tags you fuccboi.
no thanks
rusty go home
excuse me he's an elf lolifuccboi tyvm

Janitor is a great job for a newbie.

There's ways to get lab coats pretty easily, so I doubt anybody would mind if you joined as Janitor and messed around
as Dr. Jan Itor.
Not Rusty
Rolled 11 (1d20)

>elf *shota*fuccboi
rolling to seduce f-for u irvan
bullshit rusty is the only one who feels the need to respond to me
im also certain he has whined about spoilers before and if not then contain your autism
>if not then contain your autism
Don't tell me what to do Lee, you're not my dad
So crossbow bolts do little to no damage, do you need to add iron to them or something to make them do more?
File: chen intensifies.gif (109 KB, 209x193) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
chen intensifies.gif
109 KB, 209x193
I've reworked all the camera shake stuff so we'll be able to do far more precise shakings for things when desired
so opposed to jarring all over the place by working on tiles it'll work on pixels now
so things like weapon recoil won't be positively retarded now
What about that portable camera thing Noah was working on last year?

emiko was working on camera hats

Not sure if related but 'camera shake' reminded me of this
Fuck I just got banned from the /tg/ server for being griefed. Someone stabbed me to death with a screwdriver and then I got banned for stabbing someone to death with a screwdriver (what happened to me, not the other way around)
>>Hey /tg/ station I...
>are a separate entity from /tg/ station, we just host our threads on /tg/ as the server was made by fa/tg/uys for elegan/tg/entlemen.
cool go let them know on the tg forums that they made a mistake because this is d20
Yeah I'm aware of that, but they don't have their own thread do they? Just wanted to vent somewhere.
Pretty sure they have their own forum. Go appeal it.
Nevermind, the admin realised his mistake and gave the ban to the right person in the end. The whole fuck up made me make a forum account so I guess they won in the end.
you could just play here instead
>people getting banned over screwdriver fights
Nevermind, I tested it on some monkeys.
It does around 12-20 damage depending on where it hits.
The reason I brought this up is that it does no damage when trying to commit suicide.
I think the suicide function needs a specific check for about everything. There are a lot of weapons and other items one cannot kill themself with.
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