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how much does a relatively fine brothel with...
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how much does a relatively fine brothel with around 20 whores a few of which are hot elves make in a month?
and what are its monthly expenses?
Fetish/magic realm question.
It depends. How lavish conditions do they hold up and how open are their businesses? How high are the rates and how frequently do they "cash in" each night? Consider such a location would undoubtedly need bouncers and guards even if the clientele is well-regulated, because any brothel worth their salty seed is going to have plenty on tap, at a nice expense of course.

How does magic factor in? Do they charge the clients for a Plan B spell, so they don't end up saddled with kids, or even an STI prevention spell? Do the clients get a discount if those sneaky elves want to keep their seed for aphrodisiac potion use? How about extrasensory spells, where they can make 5 minutes feel like an hour? Are there a small number of clairvoyants who "shoplift", paying only for the time they ended up using but leaving with a full experience?

Is the brothel in a nice neighborhood, or a shitty one? Maybe they have to pay protection to an outside family, or maybe they get hush money from local politician regulars.

How fucking integral is this whorehouse to your story, OP?
No fuck off retard.

A PC in my campaign just bought a brothel and I have zero understanding of economics.
Jesus fuck I didn't even consider all the things I need to think about.

Let's say it's relatively obscure in a shady part of town, yet had a certain reputation with loyal clientele before our retard rogue cheated his way into buying it.
Let's say guards have been arranged.
Let's say no magic of any kind because pls

and it accidentally became integral. i've lost all control of my campaign
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>everything even remotely sexual is fetish bait
/tg/ is getting shittier by the day...
Where is it located?
How well off are most of the citizens in the area?
Is it in an area where prostitution is a respectable profession?
Are the indentured or not?
Are there multiple brothels in the area competing for talent?
Are these elves just normal elves or the supernaturally beautiful variety?
Are elves uncommon wherever the brothel is located?
Do they have skills/value outside of their skill as prostitutes?
Is it a job they do because they enjoy it or are they forced to out of economic necessity?
What kind of clientele does a 'relatively fine' brothel service? Merchants? Minor nobles? Anyone who's saved for a few weeks?
>i've lost all control of my campaign
Here's a way to regain control. Add an NPC who can control the brothel when the rogue isn't in town. People come to brothels when they want a fuck, and fucking brings stress relief. Maybe a client is worried about [insert plot hook here] and his whore complains that her client won't shut up about something. The group should hopefully jump on this opportunity to do something other than whoremongering.

If you do this and the rogue relinquishes control then you can justify it only bringing in a small amount of money a month (the assistant manager pays the whores incredibly well because they fuck him as well)
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I do, I do. Do you have bully-killing spells?

Not OP, but extrasensory spells and charging clients for Plan B spells is great, using that for the fancy courtesans.
If I were you, I'd look for some reliable source that tells you how much a brothel got in the middle ages, then take that number and translate it into your fantasy setting.
This. Turn it into a quest dispenser.
Unless your PCs actually want to manage it, in which case you may have a problem.
>hot elves in a brothel cost how much??
>totally not fetish bait

Kill yourself faggot. And then kill op.
>zero understanding of economics

That's normal. For an underage poster.
The reading comprehension of a 11 yr old, good job.
Assuming 3.5, lets work out 3 options for OP.
>Low class open all hours hooker
Assuming each guy lasts about 20 minutes and she spends about 8 hours on her back, for 5 coppers a pop your average fuck'n'walk makes 1.5 silvers an hour or 12 silvers a day, you take a 50% cut of that as her pimp and gain .6 of a gold piece a day.
12 GP per day, or 360 GP a month, which really isn't much for owning a building, after you remove the price of spunk sponges, contraceptives, disease treatment and so on, most your money would be made on selling other things to the Johns, drugs, drink, blood sport so on and of course to run a joint like this you have to pay off the local guards, sailors are coming and going, it will attract criminals, gangs that want to put their thumb on you or try the merchandize free.
Bam, plot hooks.

>Middle class slightly discerning strumpet
Slightly classier whore house with things like doors and beds, hookers have most if not all their own teeth, so on, now lets assume the average bloke wants a bit more for his money, half an hour, 2 men an hour, shorter hours since classier joint, 5 SP a pop, 6 hours a day, that's 6 GP a day per girl, being a classy slut she gets to keep more money, you get 2 GP per day and 40 per day.
1200 GP a month, which still isn't an unreasonable amount, half of that is going to go on keeping the place classy, fancy curtains, maybe a massage parlour to cover the fact your actual business is providing balony pony rides.
Now being slightly higher class you get a better class of client, less likely to hear about how Mack the Knife stabbed a dude for a gemstone the size of a chickens bollock, more likely to hear say, prices of recent goods coming in, or merchant cold wars, maybe some information from moderately wealthy scribes or servants of the nobility, middle men.
All plot hooks.
>next question: how much is a little elf girl for 2 hours + anal

IT IS NOT A FETISH!! I need to know this for a game..srsly guys.

Holy shit op..at least own it you fucking pussy.
>High class Madame
Probably going to be either a pay-for-mistress at a rate of 40-50 GP per day for a single very discerning client at a time, or spend 2 hours with a client at a time, making about 15 GP a shot 3 times a day, either way you as John take 10% because you don't treat a woman like this the same way you do your product down the docks you hear?
So that's about 1500 per girl per month, or 150 to you, 20 girls, 3000 GP and you have blackmail material on some of the most powerful nobles and merchants in the city if need be, you also have contact with them and their ear via their dick.
At this point you're either pouring most of that money back in, or so well known for your classy whores that you have to spend hardly anything and can spend it all on Gatsby Parties to lure in more punters and hookers.

Either way, plot hooks are awash.

Whatever you do OP, don't punish your players for being clever and taking initiative, do not do what this guy >>44662642 says and have the staff screw him over and give him nothing.
You can have troubles come up, but have them make sense, be reasonable and generally lean more towards reward, there's nothing as good as a group of players that have realized you won't punish them for trying to seek their own goals, if you crush this one the others will never try anything off the plot track.
If you nurture this attitude then writing the plot becomes so much easier, they'll look for their own work on those days when you can't think of a plot, throw you hooks to put ideas on and things just become that much better.
There's literally no way of answering this without knowing about the setting of your campaign and the economic situation of the brothel's surroundings, both immediate and in general.
>projecting this hard

get help anon
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