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Beast Races & Worldbuilding Help
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lizard and rat guy.jpg
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Hey /tg/, I need a little help. How do I justify beast races in a campaign setting?

Are they made from half breeds of humans and animals? Creations of Gods or Wizards? How can I justify them? Is it possible to justify monstergirl-esque human hybrids in the same setting or should it just be one or the other?
~Magic~, you dumb fucker. It's fantasy, do whatever you want and pray your friends don't catch on to your fetishes.



That's a pretty weak excuse. Having both furry donkey men as well as people with donkey years is kind of strange.
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Wizard rabbitfolk.png
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It's fucking fantasy, why would that be any stranger than anything else in a fundamentally unrealistic and escapist setting? Wizards don't give a fuck whether they're making slaves with donkey ears or slaves that are walking, talking, fucking donkeys.

Does anybody actually have full blown furries in any game besides Ironclaw? It seems unlikely because of muh fetish.
Who knows and who cares? Furfags are equal to waifufags are equal to animufags are equal to homofags are equal to normalfags are equal to you are equal to me.
Minotaur: Zeus had to wip out his dick while being a bull and seduce some furry lovin' girl.

Snake creatures: The blood of a dragon and/or the blood of Medusa the gorgon got spilled all over the land and created these

Homunculi: Dig a hole, fap over it and cover it with silver. Take care of it for a month or three. Voila, artificial human.

You don't need rock hard science to justify creatures. They could exist for ANY reason. Wizards, gods, elementals, devils, spells, alchemy, factories, secrets, flesh-made ghosts, aliens, accidents, fusions, mutations, plane shifting, sun altering, moon colliding, WHATEVER!

Then the question becomes how many do you make? Do you just go for the whole animal kingdom or try to boil it down to a few select groups?

>le it's magic so I don't le have to explain le shit
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Well that all depends on how you want the Beastmen to fit into your world.

Either they are a collection of savage and bloodthirsty monsters who utilize ferocity and cunning to survive and thrive in the wild places of the world, OR, they simply function as another race like Dwarves or Elves, only with greater variety in appearance.

Another alternative if their civilized is to give each subspecies of Beastmen unique traits and culture to difference themselves apart.

Personally I like the Dragonball method to where they just fit in the world and nobody ever comments on it ever.
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How did humans come about in your world?
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donkey ironclaw.png
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They were born or created from the Volcano God, hence their name of 'Ash people'.

Currently however I'm really interested in the idea of adding donkey folk. You'll have to excuse the art here, its from Ironclaw, so its a little furry. But that's the best picture I have for example.
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Noggle Ransacker.jpg
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>created from the Volcano God

Godless creations. Pretty easy to whip up whatever you want went that is already on the board.

>Rival God creates Beastfolk from animals
>Beastfolk were created from humans as a gift from on of the nature gods
>Cursed from an evil god.

Coincidentally I have Donkey people in my game too. Half they are less beastfolk more Fae. Stolen right from Magic: TG.
>The noggles believe themselves to be the oldest race native to The Mortal World and that the other races stole the plane from them. This has made many noggles bitter and given them a kleptomaniac streak, as they believe that everything in the world belongs to them and that they have the right to steal anything they find by any means.
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donkey pat cute.jpg
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Good suggestions, how's this one?
>Great Titans that travel between the stars seeded intelligent life on the planets
>They uplifted several animals races on the planet; pigs to make orcs, hyenas to make gnolls, donkeys to make the jacks (name pending).
>One of the races was the monkey men.
>God of the planet itself (Volcano God mentioned earlier) took some of the monkey men and changed them into humans; his ash people creations.

This ties in the creation event of the titans, the planet, and gives a reasonable explanation for all these animal people races.

I would like to know what sort of interesting cultures and stuff donkey people might believe in though. Interesting noggles there, never heard of them before.
>Created by Titans
>Titans... Greek? Greek. Pan?

Jacks normally inhabit forested or otherwise lush areas. Commonly known to live lives outside civilized areas, they are renown for harvesting Cinder, Syrup, and other things harvested from trees. Often selling their work to other peoples in a Farmers market like get to gathers.

Jacks are also known for holding great revelries within the forest. Attracting as many guests as possible. Where they prefer to show off their finest drink and food.
Jacks are also known to pull pranks on traveler or homes on the outskirts of cities. Often causing substantial damage and never fessing up to the truth.
Drinking to much, making a fool of yourself, or generally causing trouble will earn a person the nickname a "Jack-ass."
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>There is only one known proper city of Jacks. An island city that thrives on it's casinos and night life. A place of endless fun, laughter and excitement. Run by a mafia like rulership. The penalties are harsh for anyone who doesn't continue having fun (possibly due to lack of money) or even worse for those that prevent the merriment of others...
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donkey silly.jpg
2 MB, 2592x1944

I was going more for a stubborn but honest and hardworking type of donkey here. With a bit of twists to make them interesting at least.

The idea is there is a part of the world much of the campaign is set up around a inland sea called 'The Jenny Sea' because this is where a shit ton of donkeys live. Just loads of them, hence the donkey is a common work animal.
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>How do I justify beast races in a campaign setting?
They just do, just as the other gorillion races and species in your setting just do
They all originate from lycanthropes that over time began to lose their ability to shift forms and so became stuck in lycan form.
Humans/Knife-Ears/Dwarves/etc. themselves are also technically lycanthropes, just that they are stuck in non-lycan form instead.
Any and all modern lycanthropes stem from those individuals who have been blessed by the Moon She-Who-Lights-The-Hunt or some other bullshit you want to use so that they regain the ability to shift forms again.
But who cares? Magic doesn't need to be explained. It's magic in a fantasy setting, existing purely for entertainment.

That's not what edginess is you retard.

Lurk more.

>Ask how to do something
>Just say 'don't' as a single word post
>Heh so fucking cool

It's literally edgy. It's a post meant to make the user look badass and 'cool', incite responses, etc. It's fucking edgy.
I usually would say they 'evolved' the same way people did, either they diverged from the animals they represent 1'000s of years ago as nature spirits, and have kinship with their feral progenitors, or they simply came to be by the whims of other gods for some task in mind.

I'm inclined to have them created by minor incidental meddling by weak nature spirits, like Mushi, over the course of millenia which brought them on par spiritually and magically to people. That way they don't have the vapid, victim back story of created by wizards.

I'd say half breeds would require some kind of magic meddling to make happen though, or there's a big trade off, like they're sterile or something.

Like wise, cultures and creatures that grew up apart from eachother would mostly not want to interbreed, as their ideas of what is isn't attractive or socially correct would be completely alien.

Monster/guy/girls on the other hand would seem to me be from intentional meddling. They don'tresemble anything that would evolve naturally usually, so if fir whatever reason you would include them I'd give them a fitting back story of what they were created to do, and why the monster on their own wasn't fit to do it.

Just my two cents.

think hard. i had the same problem trying to justify sentient races of candy and food for awhile, but something will come to you. it's more fun to write than dismiss something as magic
>It's a post meant to make the user look badass and 'cool'

You might be autistic anon.
Evolution you fucking twat
Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, Halflings, and the bunch are just a bunch of naked apes in the grand scheme of things.
Want Lycans, Kitsunes, or dogfolk? Descended from a giant wolf

Lizardfolk, kobolds, and dragonborns? Common drake ancestor.

As for humanoids with animal ears? I personally wont, because I never go full weeb. But you can explain that by some dude knocking up a fuzzy kitsune and ending up with a less fuzzy fox girl I guess. Or keep it biologically normal and say they cant reproduce together.

Made humans just another breed of beastman that resembles primates. The other breeds just resemble other animals.

Wakfu/Dofus made humans take on the form of the god they allign with and thus Cra, Iop, Ecaflip, Pandawa, etc.
Go for core races (Like dog, cat, bunny, rat, common pets) and some other four are more exotic. You can always add more later or perhaps someone has a suggestion.

Grab the Ninja Turtles RPG for some inspiration.
Depends on your setting, really. There are infinite possibilites, so let your imagination run wild.

What I've seen quite some time in eastern stuff is beast races being created by humans as slave/soldier races. Sometimes the ones of lower intelligence are some sort of curse and responsible for the current state of the world.

In my current setting, beast races are the result of a failed terraforming attempt by aliens. So most tribes died out the ones left are harly functional. E.G. mermaids that once hold a great kingdom having split into several tiny tribes after their neighbours coming for all that sweet land the fishpeople could no longer use.

Some monsters(read: whatever I pull out of my ass that session) in that setting have a source that could also be used for beast races.
Once there was a god that created many life forms. He had a garden in the city of gods where one could watch all his creations, and the other gods found great joy in all his creations.
But being the only one to create live, the god could not feel the same excitement as brothers and sisters. So, remembering the shitfest his parents caused with giving someone the power to create life, the god created a species that able to consume the essence of his other creations, and insert into another.
Curious to see what his children would create, the god spread them all over the world and gave them hunger for the essence of others.

Cue unholy abominations plagueing the land and everyone murdering the shit out of those mix-and-matchers.

So there, go wild. Maybe take another look at your and build on things you already have, the answer could have already been there.
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>magic i aint gotta explain shit
thats the easiest route unless you have a specific few races you want to focus on. In my setting the beastfolk are created by "rogue" magic left over from the extinct Fey race that turns them sentient(how they present varies but typically they are humanoid animals like pic related).
My setting had a continent-wide spell go off in medieval times, that's still present today. Using a vaguely humanoid race as a blueprint, the spell finds compatible races, and accelerates their evolution to create more sentient species. This is why most sentient species are humanoid. Humans themselves were affected by this spell, though they were already on the path to sentience at that point.
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