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Everyone is Fucking Psychic - Quest
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>Disclaimer: http://pastebin.com/QMSrsbjv

You're at the hospital, at the psych ward. You stared at the bland, heavily peeling walls of your dirty room. They didn't seem to have much of a budget around here.

You shifted and turned up to sit on your bed, and you noticed a small transparent bottle with pills inside. A label had been printed on it.

"Amnesia and Schizophrenia. Identity issues." was the first you noticed on it, along a bunch of chemical names and icons.

A heavy sigh flowed from your mouth.

Your mind was still hazy, except for your more recent memories. Clearly, you could recall how nobody would believe that you were "Malcolm King". A young self-employed man, who dropped out of his IT degree. That was you, right? Your memories were hazy, but you were convinced that this was you.

From the last days, men forcing you to the ward, the trash-flavored meals and the snarky nurses - it was all crisp in your mind. However, anything before this latest week seemed to be covered in mist.

For some reason, everyone thought that you were someone else. Your ID card, government registries and your medical records all had a different name on them as well. Someone you where completely unfamiliar with.

You figured that if you were ever to leave this darned place, you would have to convince the people here that you were "cured", somehow.

Ah... Who were you "supposed" to be, again?

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Pic related.


>Clarissa Linebarger
Works for me
So... About them cocks....
>Robert Kowalski
"Identity issues."
>Steve Applebaum
>Tech Support
seconding this but different last name.
I like Applebaum. It fits the nerdy Jewish loser with overbearing parents who hates his job stereotype. Perfect subject for a pathetic nervous breakdown.
I like it
Exactly. I don't know why, but this particular combination of traits alone lets me see an extremely clear image of this type of person in my head, like this. Sort of a Woody Ellen type, maybe? Coen Brothers movie protagonist?
Can't do this quest today, sorry

Thing have come up. I will jhave to continue later
very not neato cunt
I was thinking Woody Allen, you know fucking underage adopted Asian daughters

Oh man, I didn't realize there's QMs still around who make this mistake.
fuck if all your writing is this bad lets never try it again.
Weren't we supposed to be meeting a bear in this quest?
Barista. Nobody would check up on a backstory so dull

"Malc-" You start to write, with the ink leaking into the paper. Damn pen. You wipe the excess off at a corner of the paper. "Malcom King."

"Self-Employed" Damn straight. You were never really disciplined enough to finish your IT degree, so you've been bouncing from crap job to crap job, as a musician, handyman and other things you'd never disclose to welfare.


The nurse then nearly tears the thing out of your hands as you finish, and marches off, charismatic as always.

"Hey, where am I supposed to go now?" you yell to her back, but she continues to walk away, and goes through a corner. You sigh, then cough. Back to the waiting room then, you assume, as you scratch your nose heavier than usual.

You lay your pitiful self on the plastic chair, and you look at the people around. Coughing grandma, grandma's son or something, and this woman who hasn't removed her wet raincoat yet. The old woman started to cough louder, and her companion patted her back vigorously, with a gesture of strong concern.

The minutes passed, and your imagination started to wander, to help yourself from sleeping from boredom.

>Plan what flavor of shitty instant noodles you're going to treat yourself with when you come back home, if you ever do.

"Beef, or Chicken." you start to mentally wonder. Not that it really mattered too much, it was all really flavored plastic in the end. You cough into your hand, and look up, surprised to see that nurse again.

"Mister King?" she stated. It's your turn.

"Yes, here." you reply, and stand up, and walk up next to her, so that she could lead you to where you needed to go. The hell did you know where everything was.

"Third floor, sir. 3-B." she says, then leaves you there, and departs to go elsewhere again. You cough, again.

Tired, you start to wander through the hospital, avoiding the crowded elevator area, and go up the stairs to the floor you needed to go to. You approach the first door, and then past it, to 3-B. "Dr. Clerk." it said on the plaque on the door. Here was where you needed to be.

You approach the door to knock, but you hear female mewling and a male's voice grunting inside, and stop your knuckle.

>Wait and record the sounds with your phone

You pull out your old phone and tap through the outdated applications, and start up video recording. Silently, you start to use it to scan around, filming the door, the plaque and the sounds.

"It's no use!" you hear the male voice exclaim from inside, then continue to grunt louder. "I'm going to get help."

You step away from the door and hide the phone back in your pocket, and you see the doctor barge out, and race down the hallway. Stepping shly, you walk and check his office. There, you could find a disfigured woman, as if she was skinless, with the flesh ondulating uneasily. She was crying, and she looked back at you, and then covered her face with her hands.

>f̷̧̝̤̳̼͍͙̳͖͡f̷̛͉͉̝̭͈̖̥̤̲͈̹̘̤͇̤͕͞ ̶̧̼̤͈͙͘͢͟e̴͖̗̜͎̰͉͚̗̥̜͜ó̵̫̫̯̣͙̳̜̖͚̤͖̪̮̠̰͟͢j͕̩̙̰̀͘͟͞ͅh̸͏̨͇͔̯̟͇ ̶̡̳̩̬̪̦̼͉̩w̹͈͇̳̯͉̥̹̣̯͢͢ͅͅȩ̷̱̗̬̟̣͍̣͝͝ ͜҉͎͕̝̤

Something, deep in your mind, lights up. Like a switch, or a flourescent light that flickers into life. You become aware - you can percieve things you haven't before. Slowly, you can feel something new crawl up and become born within you.

That woman is changing. Everything around you, is changing. You feel an explosion downstairs, as a gut feeling. Then, suddenly, you hear it, as if it was a Dejavú in reverse. People scream. The flesh-woman beside you shudders, and looks around, and stands up uneasily, and dashes out, fleeing.

You remain inside, concerned. What was this thing inside you? You could feel you really couldn't... Feel it, properly, yet. It was at your fingertips. But not yet in your grasp.

You run to a window, seeing the road outside in a complete stop, and a faint sound of the faraway, frenetic, honking. You tighten your hands, and then open them, and look at them. Something was happening to you. Something was happening to everyone.

You look around, and you start to see things. Your knees go weak and you collapse onto the ground. You need... Medicine. You guess. Then, in your hazy vision, lit up in bright red - somehow- you could see bottles and needles, floating in that blurry mist, somewhere over there. All of them, "Medicine."

You crawl yourself through the blur, and approach the box of antibiotics. With twitching fingers, you pull it open, and you swallow down a pill. Should you take more? You didn't know. You ingested another one.

>Psychic Power Unlocked: Psychic Bloodhound (Clairvoyance). Choose a target "thing". That thing will light up, and everything else will become blurry, until you decide to turn this power off. Chance of failure and self-harm, and not very accurate to specific things. (>Plan what flavor of shitty instant noodles you're going to treat yourself with when you come back home, if you ever do.)

You continue to look around, finding your eyesight to recover. The medicine must've worked, you guessed - you felt much better. You seem to be the last one here, at the hospital. Everyone else seems to have left, or be at the lower floors.

You decide to test your newfound ability. You seem to be able to "grip" onto it better. In the worst case, you'd die, you assume, which wasn't too bad. Would be a relief.

>Psychic Bloodhound: Search for [sexy singles in your area]

You chuckle at yourself and focus on "Sexy singles in my area". Then you open your eyes and look around, skeptically. No way it would work.

1: Brain Explodes
2: Brain Tumor
3-9: Intense, mindnumbing Headache for [this roll] hours
10-39: Vein in head area bursts out from internal pressure, causing a wound.
40-69: Minor Sucess
70-89: Moderate Success
90-100: Major Success

>Rolled 95, Major Success

Your vision goes blurry, and in red, just like last time, multiple human figures started to light up in red sillouetes, and then a large portion of them turned off - as if it was filtering out those you considered "sexy singles".

You chuckled at yourself some more. It worked! However, that was all you could see now, about ten young women, all in the hospital, moving around. There were two that weren't moving though, both of them in a higher floor, apparently. Just sitting there, not doing much, oddly. Maybe they were talking to each other - you couldn't know. Your power just let you see, and your natural vision wasn't superhuman either. However, you grinned as you could glimpse that one of them was really busty, and the other was even bustier.

The other eight were at the lower floors getting out, or outside of the hospital waiting around, moving around quickly. Likely nurses, patients, or visitors. You couldn't focus your sight onto them just yet, but they seemed to have a nice figure from what you could see from here.

You turn off your power with a wince, and then start to go up the stairs, to the upper floor. You see a sign that says "Psychiatric Department", stare at it for a while, then decide to continue venturing further inwards, for the sake of the two girls that you detected earlier.

More or less, you managed to guesstimate where they would be, going from memory and spacial vision. You walked by door and door, not hearing anyone inside, until you reached a certain door, where you could hear to female voices speaking to each other - one in a higher, more anxious tone than the other. You could try to go in, or wait outside, or do something. You started to become nervous. You were never too good with women, especially attractive ones.

You stiffly go and straight knock on the door, and then pull it open, feinting confidence of the which you had none. There, you saw the two girls you saw before, chesty and chestier, one seated on a chair and the other sitting on the bed, and they looked at you with wide eyes. Ah. You notice that one of them is blonde, and the other has darker hair and was in a straightjacket.

"Hello there" you say, awkwardly. "What's up." Pure genius.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" the blonde one asks, looking at you with a mild amount of well-justified disgust. The one in the straightjacket just chuckles and continues to stare aimlessly into the wall.

You rub your chin.

"I was running past and heard you talking. Why aren't you leaving? There was an explosion just now. Didn't you hear it?" you say, actually being quite honest.

"I... Can't leave." she says. "My sister is here, and I'm trying to make her leave, but she won't." You look at the jacketed girl. "She doesn't look like you." you bluntly admit.

The blonde one releases air out of her nostrils. "We're stepsisters."

You nod. "Oh, Ok."

The jacketed one chuckles a bit more, and then falls onto the bed, bouncing slighty onto it. "We have to leave, c-*mon*" the sane one insists, with the deluded one not paying much attention. She seemed to be stubborn. Maybe there could be something you could do, if you were tactful about it. Man, why are women so difficult.

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"Hey." you ask the jacketed one, in a careful tone. The blonde one just stares at you, with a tinge of hope. Maybe you could do something.

"Why don't you want to leave?" you ask. "Do you need to do something, or play a game?"

She chuckles. "I'm trapped." she admits. "The door is locked."

Her sister shakes her head. "No, the door is right there, wide open!" The looney sighs, chuckles, and shakes her head in response. "No, the door is locked. And I need a key. All I need is to know how it looks like."

"What key?" you ask.

"Its... A metal bar. A small one. Bent." she says. "There are rules, conditions for this key. Keys. There are more than one key. All with one long metal bar. But all I need to know is how it looks like."

"Which?" you ask.

"I'm trapped in here, you can't help." she then adds, pessimistically.

"I can at least try" you say, pulling out your phone, and a simple drawing application. "Tell me the rules."

"First key: You know squares? Triangles? Closed figures. I like closed figures. First key is a closed figure. Triangle has angles, no? Three? Square has four. The key has none. No angles." she explains, then chuckles.

"See, it's impossible!" the blonde one claims. "She's just crazy!"

"Ket two. Last key. No more keys. Just two." she adds, excited at your attention. "Closed figure, two angles, both angles are 90º. That is the last key."

The one in the straightjacket chuckles as you draw your "portals" into the phone, in a attempt to conform to the rules she has said.

"It's curious how... 3D things fit into 2D place like that. Representation, perspective. Projections. I mean 4D. Things have gotten... complicated, lately." the looney says, then falls into her bed, submerging into it as if the blankets were water. Then she reappeared outside of the doorway, and opened the door with a headbutt.

"Hello again." she said. "I'm free. Thank you, kind sir."

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Then, a spark of inspiration invaded your mind, as a series of texts suddenly spawned in your consciousness, without you having much control over why. It was unlike your Bloodhound power - what was it?

>Spacial Rend: Which proper four-dimensional thinking, she can create "shortcuts" in 3-space, and move in 4-space.

The blonde one blinked repeatedly, paralyzed. "What?" she nearly stammered. Then, another explosion shook the hospital.

"Come with me if you want to live." you say. "There is no time to gawk, let's get out of here as fast as possible!"

"Right!" the blonde one says, heading straight to the door, but the straightjacketed one remained still again. "There is a faster way." she claims.

"What now?" she says.

"But I need to know exactly where I need to go. Going so far isn't easy, but it will be quicker than taking the stairs, and having to deal with the people and problems outside. I think" the straightjacketed one says.

"I move at 2.5 m/s, in every direction, X, Y, Z, and... A fourth one. Call it - " she starts.

"There is no time for that!" the blonde one exclaims. "We don't know if there could be more explosions, c'mon!"

>Listen to the slightly "crazier" one, figure and calculate out a geometrically fourth dimensional shortcut, similar to the Key puzzle.

"I want to listen" you tell the restrained girl, as the blonde one, annoyed but more concerned and anxious about her safety, waits at the door.

"We have four directions, X, Y, Z and...Uhm. Q, which you can't see, because all we see is just X, Y Z, we can't see the fourth spatial direction. I'm not talking about time! I'm talking about another direction to go, than up, forwards and right. That Q I'm referring to. We are 20m above the backdoor, and 40m away from it down the hall, and then 5m away from it, perpendicular to the hall direction, into this room. I need to travel in XYZ directions even if I go from the current Q, which is zero, to a Q amount of 5m, because, well, dimensions are everywhere regardless of the direction you're moving in. At a Q amount of 5m, I can bypass all of the building's architecture and "float" to-" she says

An explosion shakes the building again.

"Float to the door, travel in a Q direction again back to Q equal zero - this plane, and that's it. If I can do that, I'll link the initial and final point, and bring you there, to the hospital's back door." she finalizes.

"Got it." you say. "Then what's the problem?"

"How much time would it take me to do that?" she says. "Tell me that, and I can do it. I can't see while I'm in a Q different from zero, so I count seconds."

>At 2.5m/s, doing the movement in and out of Q takes 4 seconds.
>Assuming the rest is a straight line, that's a distance equal to the square root of 2025, which is 45 meters, 45/2.5=18 seconds, so that's 22 seconds altogether.

You quickly input a simple equation to calculate distance in regular directions, and then tack onto that the movement in that "Q" direction.

"Hey" you tell her. "2 second in, then 18 seconds towards the door, then 2 seconds to get out."

She bites her lip. "That's 22 seconds." she notes, with a hint of worry. "Alright. I'll be right back."

100-70: Minor wounds
80-41: Moderate wounds
40-10: Serious wounds
9-1: Death, trapped in Q = 5m

>rolled 54: Moderate wounds.

Rolled 19 (1d100)

You're suddenly sucked into a warp, and everything goes black - then you quickly remerge, with a large portion of your forearm red, as if it has been severely sunburnt. You look at it, and look back at the girl in the straightjacket, whose head is missing, but then she pops it back out.

"I'm finally out of there." she claims.

"Are you ok?" you ask, showing your arm. "This happened to me."

"It's because of the explosion. Well, minefield. Trap. Rifts?" she explains. "A friend of mine that was here didn't want me to get out, so he rigged this place with his power. I've been trying to get out every since, but, well. I kept on misstepping. Slightly. Heh. Luckily, you got me the key to manage to bypass the most of it. I just didn't expect these last ones." The blonde one emerged as well, face-first, missing her buret. "Whoa." she claimed, then tried to stand up.

You look around, finding yourself to be in front of a forest, towards the outskirts of town.

"I want to go home." the jacketted one says. "Home, town. And see family. That would be nice."

"We can't." the blonde one says, checking the news on her mobile. "Look."

She showed you a livestream of most of the city being destroyed and under attack by people, performing superhuman feats.

"Not now." she said. "Unless you want to fight your way through all that."

"...But... I think I'm stronger than them." she replies.

"We could return to the hospital" you say.

"No." the jacketted one said. "*He's* still there, and he won't leave."

"He - who?" you ask.

"The kid who put the bombs."

You decide to walk into the woods, in a attempt to escape from the madness in the city, at least until things cooled off. However, as you wander inside, you feel a wave, like a strong gust of wind. Then again.

"What was that?" you ask.

"Bobby." the one in the straightjacket replied, with a ominous tone in her voice. "He's trying to set *it* up."

"Set what up?" you ask.

She smiled back. "No idea." then chuckled, and you all three, together, started to march, further away from the hospital, trying to find a place to stop. Maybe a stump, or a small clearing. But there was none, for a good while. As you walked, you turn to the dark-haried girl and you ask "Hey. Why are you still in that jacket? Can't you just... Remove it?"

She chuckles. "I would, but I'm wearing nothing under this."

"Oh." you reply.

Then, you see it. A bear. There, walking through the trees. You all three stand still, then start to walk away to avoid it, but then it started to run towards you, on two feet, for some reason, with a hand raised, waving apologetically and roaring in a odd way.

>Session ended, 7 months and 20 days later, there's not any fucking bears
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