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Roguelike thread
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Been playing nethack 3.6.0. Shit's good. I like that they now darken squares to show that you can't see them. This does get in the way of telling if a previously-explored room is dark before stepping into it, but I still think it's mostly an improvement.

I do wish they had incorporated the patch that makes it impossible to attack shopkeepers without shift-F, though. "Y" is both vi-key northwest and "confirm attack against peaceful monster".
Is it just me or is poison now always bring you down to 3 in the stat it effects?
Commander Keen rule.
There are a few Nethack derivatives that have pretty much exactly the same core gameplay, but fixed stuff like that and improved the interface, you might want to give them a try. /rlg/ on /vg/ is actually decent, in case you weren't there so far.

I'm personally incredibly fond of Cataclysm-DDA.
vanilla does now have the paranoid_confirm option, which lets you require yourself to type out "YES" if you want to attack a peaceful monster by bumping into it. this is perfectly functional but an outright system-level veto works better though, I think.

What are some good things to do in DDA? I'm used to roguelikes pointing me in a direction to get A Thing, but DDA doesn't have that. I usually make a beline for installing as many bionics as I can and then get bored.

Also, Cataclysm 2 when?
DDA's primary objective is simply for you to survive the horrific scenario every B movie apocalypse happening at once. Bionics are one way to do it. So is having a huge FPS arsenal of firearms to spill the zombies' HUGE GUTS all over the pavement.

There are places to go dungeon crawling in DDA if you know where to look -- science labs, monster nests, military bases, etc. -- but it's usually a good way to get yourself killed if you aren't insanely prepared. Make sure you turn on NPCs during worldgen so they can give you fetch quests and stuff. Emergence should take it from there.
What do you guys think of DCSS?

Favorite spell?
Favorite race?
Favorite god?
At what version did the game jump the shark?
>At what version did the game jump the shark?
When they made it so that zombies can't do stairs.

But really, when they removed Fulsome.
VS is dope as shit and really clever though.
One of these days I plan on doing a fork of DCSS that changes the focus of the game to a more NetHack-like cuhrayzee dungeon experience. Bringing back Fulsome and Evaporate is going to be one of the first things I do -- ultimately expanding the use of those two spells into a detailed subgame, with many different types of harmful potions, with each species of monster producing different types of potions from their corpse.
DCSS is, by far, the best roguelike extant.
>Implying Doom isn't
I personally planed on modding DCSS... until I realized I did not know how to compile. Could offer suggestions and/or help, if you're willing.

I had a bunch of crossbow stuff finished and a kobold update planned, as well as a bunch of stuff (Can elaborate if you want.). oh well. I currently running 0.14.1. After that it... well we all hate certain updates.

How about instead of trying to remove good stuff we actually remove cancer. Like...
>That guy/gm threads
>/pol/ threads
>40k anything
>File name threads
>Best of /tg/ threads
>Magical realm threads
>Elf threads

I could go on. As long as it does not veer into full an /v/ stuff I think we are good. So lets just put up with each others shit and move on. I could go full crusade on stuff I hate but I don't. You know why? Because I am not a pathetic, bitter asshole.

Basically, don't lick your knife.
Elaborate pls, I'm interested.
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It's literally traditional games you fucking reddit tier idiot. This board is for traditional games, not "video games and only traditional games I like", jesus christ this thread is giving me cataracts from reading the comments of /tg/'s 2016 community.
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Damn... lets see, , had to dig the .txt out of the trash.

Stone Soup Modding Ideas - *Revised*

There is a metric shitton of ideas presented here. Only the basic ones with be modded to begin with. some of these may never be used.

Until a few months ago I was a Lurker on /k/ and /tg/ so please exuse any inside humor/swearing/Etc; I tried to keep it as clean an nice as possible!

***Time Line*** (Look I actually planned a thing!)

Start with crossbow update (I imagine weapons are relitivly easy) ( still just ideas though, needs refinement.)

#Crossbow Update# (Many of the more exotic ones can be saved for later updates (*). If used at all.)

Light Crossbow - +4/3/1.2/0.6 (Can Use arrows as ammo, or a seperate crossbow for that? If at all) (2H?)

Crossbow (Medium/Vanilla) - +4/5/1.5/0.7 (2H)

Heavy Crossbow - +4/6/2/0.8 (More power/Less Accuracy?) (Quarrels?)

Stone Crossbow - +2/2/1.2/0.6 (Uses Stones and Sling bullets as ammunition) (2H?)

Siege Crossbow - +3/10/2.4/0.8 (Windlass bow. or just have heavy crossbow?) (Quarrels?) (2H) (NSR) *

Hunting Crossbow - +4/4/1.4/0.6 (Uses arrows as ammo at the expense of power) (2H) *

Repeating Crossbow - +2/4/0.2/0.2 (More explination needed) (2H) (NSR?) *

Lobber/Launching Crossbow (Under revision. Needs scripts for lobbing potions as well as new explosives.) *

Hand Ballista/Arbalest (under revision. Uses javalins for ammo. Large races only?) (2H) (NSR) (NMR?) *

#Hack n Slash Update# (Under revision)

Spear-Thrower/Atlatl - Doubles range of Javalins/Throwing spears/Atlatl Darts (adds more DAM?) Same melee stats as club.

Add Throwing spears/Atlatl darts/Harpoons *

Change Tomahawks to Hunga Munga/Throwing axe. Add Throwing knifes, Boomerangs. *

Make Daggers, Spears and Hatchets throwable (Add penalty?). change Hand axe to Hatchet.

Duel wielding. (Skill or -4 weapon penalty to offset 2X damage?. Increased miss rate? Chance to F$#k self up?)

Figure out replacement for cutlass. (Remove cutlass or change to long blade?) (Kurki? Dirk? Machete? Seax?)

Add parrying/blocking skill?

Short spears? Make equipped Throwing spears/Javalins/Harpoons? (Ease trasition to kobold update.)

#Armor update# (Under revison)

Change current Helm to Half-helm. Allow all races without large horns to use.

Mage shield? Does not hinder magic. Wood/Leather ? Enchantment?

Add Full-helms to balance the fact some races can now use helms.

Add foot/shin wraps and hand wraps for races that cannot wear Boots/Gloves. No armor rating, only +1/+2 enchant

Add Shin guards and Wrist Guards for races that cannot wear Boots/Gloves. Add Guantlets, Mail Gloves, Etc to Balance.

Allow Draconians to alter Leather/Cloth Garments to wear using blade/claws. (EX. Cut slits for wings) (Unable with heavily enchanted armor ?)

Make Lower body slot. Add Trowsers/Pants and Greaves. Add Loincloths, Kilts, And Mail/Plated/Banded Kilts for races with tails/Primitive races. Make Robes take up both slots. Make Robes rarer but more enchantable and replace with Tunics.

To balance; Remove Robe, Cloak, and Glove armor rating.

Add leather Gloves/Boots to replace current ones. Add leather helm/cap (Alterable for horns).

#Kobold Update# (Under revision) (I assume races will be complicated)

Update kobold description and parts (Add scales (+2/+1?), Tail, Possible Bite/Claw secondary/retalitory attack.)

Colors? *

Replace current kobold with ratfolk/skaven. *

Remove -2 Long blade aptituide, change to +0/-1. make longswords, simitars and simular blades two handed. Make 2H swords unusable.

Remove -2 polearms aptitude, change to -1/+0. Ethier Special pole arms (Shortspears,Etc) or only spears usable (*2H) ?. (More Explination needed.)

Slightly lower Shortblade aptitude to compinsate for new additions.

Pathfinder style tail weapons ??? *


Creatures of your race are less likely to attack you, and more likey to become friendly. If settelments added you will be welcome in a town of your race. Race hatred levels (Ex. Gnomes hate kobolds, Dragons are indiffrent; unless you take their stuff/tresspass.

Surrendering/Submissive actions: Creatures possibly will not kill you. Could be implimented using a price system dependent on circumstances and creature (EX. surrender to goblins, They beat the shit out of you leaving xx HP and take all your stuff) or (Surrender to Dragon and it takes all your gold and magical items. Unlikley; the dragon will problably just kill you). Will not work on Mindless/Non-sentiant creatures. (Carisma?) More explination needed.


Update kobolds or add seperate Scalebold/Ratbold subtypes. (Are you all lving in D&D 1st edition noglastia?)(Replace current ratbold with skaven?)

Remove Kobold and smaller creature penlties with certain weapons; instead penilize larger weapons and make weapons like longswords two-handed and two-handed weapons unusable. Add short spears. Traps.

Add gnolls, ratfolk/skaven. lizardmen, gnomes and other standard fantasy standbys as races.


Atrificer should have wand merge ability, to charge a wand with another wand of the same type/or not. Spell to charge wands? More explination needed.

an explination why a five fingered (or slightly less) Creature can only wear two rings.(mathimatically a ten digit crature with two arms could still wear two more rings than a 8 limbed octopode with no digits) (Not counting other parts you could put rings on...) (I meant toes! What the hell are you thinking?!)

A large amount of spells should bipass creatures and obsticals. Any spell that is not a projectile or beam/ray/ETC should APPEAR on target (EX. Slow, Mephic Cloud, Pain, etc). In the same problemb why is comrade commands have a line of fire blocked by tree error??? WTF!

Make dazzling spray actually spray; like buckshot over multiple tile spread.

Amulet/Scoll/Potion of revival. Exceptionally Rare. Only works once. (Ring of 9 lives, removes experiance when used? Problably not to be implimented; possibly game breaking.)


Make a high level Nemex Spell an aqirement one. Large piety loss.

Possible to make a weapon use multiple skills and round between?


Enchanted tail bands for races with tails

Starting with a AI party? Online mulitplayer? If made complicated enough this could be an good base for RPGs. (Ex. A DM uses DCSS as a map,loot,heath/macic/armor/creature,Etc calculator replacing dice and saving timeand frustration.) (The Possibilities!!!)

A altered diagnal speed; adds realistic movement. (1.4??? need to look up the equation: DF does it)

Pricing sytem an custom startout gear/skills/spells. Or does it present another balance problemb? Yay for starting in a tavren cliche!

Bigger screen for larger dungeons and more action text history. Why can't console have a bigger screen? Oh... right; you're are all dicking around with tiles...)

Bring back the item damage removed in last version(s). Why are you guys tring to ruin the game? Every game maker seems obbsessed with Pu**yfing all the good games.

Backpacks/sacks and Portable Holes/Bags of Holding to increase storage. (Only lower case or xx weight to start. A knapsack/sachel adds uppercase or xx weight, A Bag of holding adds numbers and xx weight, A portable hole adds special charecters and unlimited weight. Impossible to access these during combat.)

Bleeding makes no sense due to the fact that all cuts bleed. This error can be remedied in multiple ways; Make all edged weapons have a critical hit chance to cause bleed (Some more than others) and add bandages and bloodblock. Or remove bleed completely.

Disarming feats/skill? Could be an altenate crtical hit/block. Add lanyards to prevent but takes a round to retreve weapon.

Lockpicks/keys and locked/barricated/rusted doors. Make blocked doors breakable/hit points.(Breaking open a locked door while being attacked makes for richer gameplay and immersion as well as rewards stratagey: Jamming a lock on/Barricading a door could gift you time to escape.)

Settelments: A human fortress/shanty town would problably kill a non huminoid/goblinion/undead/ECT on site well a kobold/Gobliniod town/camp/mine would proably attack anybody but a member of their species

Shops sould show up in safe zones or small communities rather than it the middle of nowhere. ( Traveling merchants that can get killed by monsters???)

Item decriptions are retained on identify (EX. A "bronze ring" Becomes "bronze ring of fire" or bronze is somewhere in the item description intstead of just ring of fire which is bland. (Helps with immersion which is an important factor in a graphics free game.)

Flying Overhaul: flying should allow you to go OVER other creatures.

Coating Weapons/Ammo with potions. (Ahlemist class?)

Swinging a weapon in an arc is possible with many weapons, not just axes. Make it a learned skill. Make it unusable with dual weilding.

Duel wielding but with a penelty on accuracy and speed. Also it would be easy to cut youself waving around two weapons if you have not trained a very, very long time with them.( Slashing blades vs thrusting? Ex Galdius vs scimitar),(Check pathfinder rules on duel weilding and alter them for game balance.)

Economy: Have shops buy, But have them have common sense. I doubt a dungeon store would want to buy a cursed sword, or another club or a scroll of random uslessness, but it shocks me me that they would turn down a +6+8 astounding blade of something or another (Espessialy since a dungeon crawler would be desperate and problably could be scammed to sell at rock bottom prices.

Player placed Traps. (Kobolds Have taken over the janatorial staff!!!)

Item condition: Rust/Tarnish, Heavy corrosion and dents/nicks would be common on metal in dungeon enviroment. As would mould, dryrot and tears/splits in wood/cloth/leather items.


Face covers that are seperate from helm; Goggles of various types, bandanas/balaclavas, gas masks, Etc. (on gas masks in a primitive setting: For an non-magical approch - Charcoal can filter many toxic materials and various other chemicals used in modern gas masks could eaisily be found by an alcamist F%$king around. For a magical approch - Resoviur containing decanter of air, wall of force (or simular spell) that only lets through oxygen and various other spell could be adaped for this use as a general toxiant removal or for specific toxins (This would not prevent contact toxins or venoms). This would be nessisary do to the amounbt of magical toxic fume and plagues in this and other fantasy settings (If we had chemical wheapons in the medevial ages I am sure we would have developed gas masks earlier.) Also Trapped gas masks could be very, very nasty things.

Armor/Shield materials: Bronze, Copper, Wood, Iron, ETC. Full plate is made of multiple pieces. SEVERLY damaged and partial/Mismatched suits would be common. Parts would get scattered in a dungeon setting. (Replace full plate with Full Helm, Gauntlets, Greaves, Shin guards, And what are those armored boots called?)

More sheild explination types: I like the lare teardrop shaped vikinig shield instead of square tower shields (Which provide better protection and a more efficant shield wall, but are heavier and slightly less maneverable.) also perfer round shields to kite sheilds even though they cover about the same Sq footage. bucklers bareley cover your fist: look them up. Also primitive wicker and leather shields, love the sexy oval shape!

Lower body armor: Pants/Trousers, Kilts for Tailed/Celtic/Primitive races, Loin cloths, Skirts, Greaves, Mail/Armor Plated kilts, Thigh Guards, Etc (Robes and tunics, Mail Hauberks would take up lower and upper body slots.)

Helmets/Headgear: Change Helmets to Half-Helms So Races with Beaks/Snouts can wear helmets. Add leather and possibly iron caps. Add a few kinds of Full-Helms to replace the standard helms some races can not wear (Kettle helms, etc). (More types of helms possible, depents on game balance and other factors.) Gas masks can provide resistance to effects like Mephic Cloud. Diffrent materials and item age/damage (Rust, Corrosion, Dents/Nicks) Can be advanced options.

Feet/Hands: Foot/shin wraps and Shin Guards as foot/leg cover for races with Non-standard/Digitigrade feet. Claws would not work in gloves; add Hand wraps and Wristguards/Vambraces. Add Gauntlets and Mail Gloves. (Gauntlets are only cover in metal on the OUTSIDE. Any body who thinks gauntlets can make you able to pick up anything is in for a NASTY surprise. Lava says yolo)(random thought; what is the explination for cursed item sticking? If it sticks to your glove/gaunlet take the glove/gauntlet off!)

Torso: Add Tunics and/or Rags (Makes robes less common, robes can be enchanted more.). Banded Mail/Field plate? Race specific armor for draconians (Using edged weapons to alter cloth and leather items is also a possibility.)

Wooden Armor: This suit of leather armor has plates
of fire-treated wood sewn over vital areas. Though not as
effective as metal armor, it offers better protection than
leather alone. Unlike metal armor, the wood is slightly
buoyant, and the armor check penalty for swimming in
this armor is 0.

Armored Coat: This sturdy leather coat is reinforced with
metal plates sewn into the lining. More cumbersome than
light armor but less effective than most medium armors,
the advantage of an armored coat is that a person can don
it or remove it as a move action (there is no “don hastily”
option for an armored coat). If worn over other armor, use
the better AC bonus and worse value in all other categories;
an armored coat has no effect if worn with heavy armor. The
only magic effects that apply are those worn on top.

Quilted Cloth: This enhanced form of padded armor (Add padded armor - AC +2?)
has internal layers specifically designed to trap arrows,
bolts, darts, shuriken, thrown daggers, and other small
ranged piercing weapons. When these kinds of weapons
strike you, they tend to become snagged in these layers
and fail to harm you. You gain DR 3/— against attacks of
this kind. The special layers of the armor have no effect on
other kinds of weapons. (Crossbows will laugh in your face.)

Barbed Vest: Thin leather flaps keep the hundreds of
tiny, fishhook-like needles dotting the surface of this black
vest from harming you while you wear it. However, any
creature that injures you with a natural or unarmed attack
must make a DC 15 Ref lex save or take 1 point of damage.
If a creature swallows you it takes 1 point of damage each
round until it either spits you up, you escape, or you die (at
which point the vest has sustained enough damage to no
longer serve as a threat). The vest can only be worn over
light armor or no armor.


Replace exploding darts with bombs; up DAM and item rarity. (Moranath Munitions? Incendiary, Shrapnel, Smoke, Concussion, Shaped for breaching)

Fuse Grenade: This hollow clay container holds a
small charge of explosive power and a slow burning fuse.
Lighting the fuse is a move action; 1d3 rounds later the
grenade explodes, dealing 2d6 bludgeoning damage
and 1d6 fire damage in a 10-foot burst (DC 15 Reflex
save for half ). You throw a fuse grenade as if it were a
splash weapon.

Make daggers and hatchets throwable again.

Damage to weapon if roll 1? Hiliarous critical fails a go!

If steel is an upgrade are most things iron? Add primitive meatals like copper, bronze, flint/stone, Bone, ETC. Advanced metals like adamantine, mithal, Etc. Make certine metals more enchantable than others. bronze is weak but makes up for it by being more enchantable than iron. iron hardest to enchant, but has slight anti-magic qualities. Silver is also weak but as enchantable as mithral, hurts evil/chaos. More explination/revision needed.

Make Crossbows, Blowguns and Firearms use Marksman skill; or give blowguns their own skill.

Pick axes/Mattock, War picks? Like wand of digging but takes a really, really long time.

Crossbows: Add Light/Heavy crossbows in addition to standard. Stone crossbows for Stones/Sling Bullets and Lobber Crossbows for splash potion effects (To make use of currently useless poison/confusion/paralisis potions) and to launch munitions farther. Add Quarrels for Siege/Heavy Crossbow? Use Seige crossbow as alias for windlass crossbow. Possibly add repeating crossbows and reloading devices, such as goatsfoot levers, Cranquins and windlasses.
To balance Massive damage reload times on larger crossbows WILL kill you if stratagy is not used.

Hunga Munga: multi bladed african throwing knife. When hatchets are throwable again this will replace tomahawks.

Launching Crossbow: This stubby-looking crossbow
has a cup-like attachment rather than a groove for a
bolt. It is designed to launch splash weapons. Loading
a launching crossbow is a full-round action.

Pilum: This tip of this heavy javelin is designed to
break off and imbed itself into a shield once it reaches its
target. Like ammunition, a thrown pilum that hits its
target is destroyed. If you hit an shield-using opponent
with a pilum, he loses the AC bonus from that shield
until he takes a standard action to pry out the remnants
of the pilum.

Shotel: The shotel is a downward-curving sword
designed to reach over or around an opponent’s shield.
You gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls with a shotel against
opponents using bucklers, light shields, or heavy shields.

Syringe Spear: The blade of this weapon contains a
thin tube or bore that connects to a hollow container just
beneath the crosspiece. A successful hit with the spear
injects the liquid contents of the container (typically
poison) into the target. Refilling a syringe spear takes 1

Terbutje/Machuatil: This length of tempered wood has bits of
shark teeth, obsidian, glass, or similar materials studded
all along its length. It is fragile, and sometimes shatters
on armor or enemy weapons. If you roll a 1 when attacking
with a terbutje, the weapon automatically gains the broken
quality. Rolling a 1 with a broken terbutje destroys it.

Spear-Thrower/Atlatl;: This is little more than a
handle with a cup, loop, or spur to hold the butt of a
dart, javelin, or shortspear. Using a spear-thrower to
throw such a weapon doubles the projectile’s range

Swords/Knifes: Add Kurki, possibly as a replacement for the cutlass do to the fact a cutlass is a long blade (Thought a shortish one). Add falcata (Current DAM and Raritiy is still to be thought up.)
Other possible blades include: Khopesh (Also known as sickle sword, usally bronze or iron), Rapier, Broad sword/Basket Hilted Broad Sword, Dirks (Scottish long knives/daggers), saber, etc.

Overly Obscure Blades: Grip-Tongue swords (Late Bronze age longsword with distinctive shape, Can be just Bronze longsword), Antennae Swords (Due to the shape of the hilt, Late bronze age/ Early Iron age), Kopis (Greek Predisesor of the shorter Falcata), Gladius (Roman short sword), Seax (Nordic, ranges from a knife to a fachalon style sword.), Baselard,Kidney,Ear, and Rondel daggers (All medevial daggers classified by hilt style), Cinquedea ( refears to with of blade (Five-Fingers) Italian. Both dagger and short sword.), Spring blades (Hidden blades spring out to trap an opponents sword), Sword-Breaker Daggers, Hanger (Hunting sword, like a short cutlass/saber), Shashqa (Russian saber), Yataghan (Islamic forward curved shortsword), Dao (Chinese curved broadsword, a longsword or DaDao two-handed), Jian (Chinese double edged shortword), Talwar (Indian curved sword), Shamshir (Indian Curved sword, with classic L shaped grip), Khanda (Indian broadsword with basket hilt), Jambiya (Indian curved Dagger), Katar (Indian Punching dagger), Kris (Malay dagger with pistol-grip and wavy blade), Klewang ( Borneo headhunters sword), Ilwoon, Mbombaam, ngodip (African swords),

The Katana and related swords have been left out because of efforts of Katana-Cultists or "Weeaboos" and their "Perfect sword" COUGH- Bullshit. When they stop being such misguided jerks about it, maybe just mentioning a katana won't piss me off so much.
Hahah oh man the Tavern would get so salty at these

More salty than usual, that is.
Then there is a bunch of spells and enchantments borrowed from pathfinder.

Its funny that this is almost 3 years old. And it has been sitting in my trash bin for a long,long time. Maybe its time to leave 4chins, so much has changed.
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Been playing elona+ a long time ago, and just kind of stopped playing spontaneously for no reason.

I am on a quest to assemble Rueken's party (Rueken is an artist who did a lot of good elona fanart). This means all god pets, the Kaneda bike, a catsister, a T-Rex, the Great Race of Yith, and probably something else I'm forgetting.

The current stage of the plan is stockpiling guns and bows as offerings, making a plant farm for also offerings, and farming putits for the charisma I need to keep this monster party together.
Elona is basically "ADoM meets Maid RPG", and that would be an instant sell for me if not for the fact that I don't like ADoM. In both games there is just too much that isn't randomized. In Elona you can turn off permadeath (in vanilla Elona you can't even turn it on) so that kind of negates the "trudge through nonrandomized content" problem. But then you can't play it as a regular RPG because you get all these weird things like when you die and respawn at your house, when you come back to the dungeon everything is exactly where you left it all.

Been here since 2012... feeling salty?
>(Are you all lving in D&D 1st edition noglastia?)
Yes, even though we never played 1st edition, because we're hipster faggots

File: AXvUFCv.gif (954 KB, 450x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It really depends. There's a probability of losing your stuff if you die almost anywhere (except locations you own). Towns are randomised every few days which removes items on the ground, outdoor random maps never even save. Dungeons are randomised every few months (I think?), but in elona+ you can use a Statue of Opartos to instantly randomise all dungeons.

I don't know, I think it hits that sweet spot between 100% random roguelikes and traditional RPGs in that all locations and items are random to some degree, but the overall geography is the same, as well as there existing some unique items and characters that are not random.

I'm also not a big fan of permadeath games, mainly due to the fact that I spend a lot of time on my characters, to the point of playing dressup and dyeing every piece of equipment just right. Losing hours of work to the will of RNJesus just doesn't sit right with me; item and stat losses are punishing enough to keep me on my toes and take the game seriously.
Warhammer 40K is for the greasiest of neckbreads. It isn't a traditional game. That is reserved for Chess, Go, Mancala, and any game that predates the industrial era.

How is it compared to dungeon crawl???
you know i have been meaning to give nethack brass a try i dont like all the changes but it looks like the good far outweighs the bad
although it doesent fix what i feel is the worst aspect of nethack the randomization in character gen
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>>44615351 here and oh. My. God.

I just remembered why I stopped playing elona. Opened it today and checked my current party. They all have the obedience stat (closest approximation to what it means mechanically) extremely high.

Apparently I trained my entire party into perfectly obedient pets. I bet that if I could hold out a hand and say 'shake' I'd get my entire party of about ten shaking it vigorously within less than a second.

Am I... becoming some sort of minbreaking proto-BBEG?
Picked up Elona+ recently.

I really like that it's reasonably possible to outfit your character in every slot just by being a performer now.

Also the fact that people will randomly tip you with solid gold pianos just feels so right.
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If you're performing, try to get the Ensemble feat and give your party members the Performer skill ASAP.

Its immediate benefits include but are not limited to not having to carry a goddamn royal piano with you everywhere, bigger payouts, and HAVING A FANTASY SWORD AND MAGIC ADVENTURE WORLD TOUR ROCK BAND.
But then I'd have to train up their Perform and deal with them hating me when Loyter or Vanity have a hissy fit and murder them with rocks.
Nope, you don't, and that's one of the best parts about it! When you Ensemble, it's mechanically only you performing. Your Perform skill is used as a base, and your party members' perform skills augment it to some degree. You could Ensemble smoothly with all of your party members having only 1 level in Perform; they will level it up reasonably quickly, too.
...Well, shit. My plan to make a party entirely of Yiths just got even funnier.
I've playing dynahack. It has this interesting thing where they randomized the dragon names and colors to prevent wishing for a specific one until you id it, except they added chromatic scale mail, which has every property but magic resitance
>Playing the shitheap that is 3.6.0
Literally EVERYTHING is worse, heck some of the new layouts are complete bullshit. Oh you wanted to get to minetown for the shops and temple? Fuck you here's some ruins. Oh you got to medusa and something made noise? Enjoy turning to stone upon descending the staircase because the fuckers thought having GRATES was a good idea
And let's not forget about elbereth changes! I fucking LOVE having my sokoban reward and wand of wishing eaten by a gelatinous cube!
Oh oh, let's also remove any kind of variety in jewelry since you'll now HAVE to wear a ring of protection if you want MC3!
Doom's a mostly luck based coffee break RL.
DCSS is a mostly skill based RL that typically takes a couple days.
>Laughing tablords
This really isn't DCSS so much as more ideas for a very different kind of roguelike that I wish you thebest about.

I came up with this 3 years ago. About 80% of it would have been dropped.
File: SABIIIIN.png (174 KB, 734x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Compiling isn't that hard - just get msysgit, grab source and go nuts.

But mind you, the DCSS is not the most elegantly programmed game. enum.h is linked to pretty much anything, and to do any big additions, you will have to alter that - causing everything to recompile. On my laptop it takes 25 minutes.
Smaller changes are thankfully not that gruesomely slow.

I actually have a roguelike project that I haven't worked in months since I haven't had time or motivation for it. Depressing.
I feel you on the /pol/, but you're wrong about the rest:
>That anything
It teaches etiquete to players. I feel my roleplaying improved immensely just from reading these threads and avoiding the pitfalls of That guy play.
>File name
every board has it's version of it
>Best of /tg/
It's usually just one self-contained thread that can instantly educate new people on most of the /tg/ lore
>Magical realm
also self-contained, also educative
usually has some good concepts for non-bland tolkien elves.
You went full retard here... /tg/ only came into existence on this imageboard because of 40k floods on /b/. 40k embodies rpgs, wargames, board games (does it have a card game?). It's everything that represents /tg/, and the seed of it's birth.
>magical realm
>contained in any way

I saw four pregnancy fetish threads on the front page just this morning, and like twice as many threads filled with loli/shota shit. It's not contained at all.
still less than quests
still inside their own threads
>(does it have a card game?)
It does. It's called 'Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition'.
If you know what you are doing you can increase your win rate by quite a bit. The funny thing is that the things you have to do to increase your winrate are far, far more arcane than anything in NetHack -- because it's so subjective. Things like the number to which it's worth practicing a skill. It's a very low-headroom game.

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