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Hello /tg/, I’d like to tell a story. It’s...
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A Simple Deal.jpg
146 KB, 1200x930
Hello /tg/, I’d like to tell a story. It’s about a PC named Tith, and it’s pre-typed.

> so I decided to make a power-hungry character whose ultimate goal was immortality
> in other words, your average PC
> my character was a sorcerer, meaning that he gained his magic power via a mystical bloodline rather than through magical study
> I also decided that my character came from a long line of sorcerers, all of whom gained power in the same way
> these two facts become important later
> anyway, like I said, Tith was power-hungry
> this lust for power expressed itself in a repeated pattern of Tith attempting to gain power over everyone he met
> initially this meant learning a person’s secrets and gaining leverage over them
> later it meant casting spells like charm or command on them
> when Tith learned necromancy it went as far as killing and reanimating them as undead slaves
> the best part was that most of my party didn't even care, Tith had free reign to do as evil acts as he pleased while his party supported and helped him at every step of the way
> of course, being a PC, Tith was also occasionally heroic
> he did his fair share of helping the needy, clearing out monsters, and fighting villains
> most of the time he had an ulterior motive of course, but that didn’t matter as long as he got the job done
> after one particularly difficult task for a tribe of Jotun, Tith and his party members each received a gift from the tribe
> Tith’s gift was the Jotun medicine-man stabbing him in the eyes with two thin magical needles
> at first Tith was outraged, but then he realized that he hadn’t gone blind
> in fact, nothing seemed to be amiss
> “medicine man, why did you just stab me in the eyes? why doesn’t it hurt? and considering the fact that the rest of my party got benefitial things, what is the upside to these needles?”
> “you’ll find out in good time, young elf”
> from that point on, Tith was determined to find out what had been done to him
> he could feel that something had changed, but he didn’t know what
> a couple days after the needle-stabbing incident, Tith realized that although he still looked like he had eyes, upon feeling his sockets, there was nothing there
> this inspired Tith to do something that although very unintuitive, turned out to be exactly what the DM had intended
> Tith went to one of his mentally dominated minions, popped their eyes out, and stuck them in his own sockets
> the DM said “you feel a rush of power, and from some primal part of your being you understand that you now have power over [insert name of minion]’s soul”
> Tith was positively giddy
> he didn’t know what having dominion over a person’s soul meant, but he knew that it was more power over a person then he had ever had before
> soon he began harvesting the eyes of all the partie’s victims, and with this harvesting came a little bit of knowledge
> first, if Tith wanted a soul, he had to take the eyes from a living creature, not from a dead one
> second, that their seemed to be an upper-limit of nine souls gathered at any one time
> Tith felt like the number nine couldn’t be random, so he decided to do some research
> after violently interrogating some scholars, Tith discovered that the significance of the number nine in magic was pretty simple
> there are nine devil lords, and devil lords deal in souls
> but Tith still didn’t know how he could use the souls
> he tried to contact devils in order to make some sort of bargain, or sell the souls he had collected, but the devils repeatedly refused him
> this fact becomes important later
> anyway a lot of time passed after that
> but eventually, Tith had a breakthrough
> during a fight with a dragon, Tith went down, but at the brink of death, the DM gifted him with another surge of primal knowledge
> if Tith was willing to permanently eradicate a portion of his collected souls, he could prevent his own death
> note that permanently eradicating a soul is literally the most despicable act possible in this setting, it’s not just like killing someone (as killing preserves the soul)
> eradicating a soul would permanently taint a person, dooming their soul to pure agony for the rest of eternity
> but for the power-hungry, irredeemably-evil Tith, this was an easy decision
> Tith sacrificed the souls and lived on
> and the strange part was that Tith didn't even feel the promised agony in his soul when he committed the act, perhaps his soul was already too dark to experience more pain
> let me pause for a moment in order to tell you a little about Tith’s backstory
> so as I said, Tith came from a long line of sorcerer’s
> and in the island nation Tith came from, those with magical power ruled
> so Tith was a noble of sort, an elite among the people of the island
> and in having magical powers himself, Tith was next in line for the throne
> but in classic cliché fashion, TIth fell in love with a commoner girl
> unfortunately, she didn’t love him back
> Tith, with an ego too big to comprehend a girl not liking him back, decided that she must be deceiving herself
> deciding that he knew what was best for her, TIth stole the girl away and violated her
> then her set her free back to her family, assured that after a taste of his love she would surely come around
> but in the coming few days, the girl disappeared
> it never occurred to Tith that the girl could have just run away from the village after having been raped by the prince
> so Tith decided that the girl must have been kidnapped by his parents, as they wouldn’t have approved of his love with the peasant girl
> deciding that he needed to take vengeance, Tith tortured his parents, demanding they reveal the location of his love
> but when they said they didn’t know, Tith flew into a rage and killed them, angry that they dare defy his questioning
> Tith then left the island, determined to find the girl he fancied, still oblivious to the fact that she had probably run away from him
Anyone lurking?

> now, back to the present
> as was mentioned at the start of this tale, Tith’s ultimate goal was immortality
> so when the party arrived in a region of the setting known for their skill in necromancy, Tith knew exactly what he wanted to do
> seeking out a sort of undead-specialist guild called “The Withered Hand”, Tith beseeched the members to teach him the dark art of becoming a lich
> for those of you that don’t know, a Lich is a special type of undead spell-caster that stores its soul in an object called a phylactery. as long as the phylactery isn’t destroyed the Lich is immortal. it’s a nifty set-up and perfect for the already soul-themed Tith
> the leader of the guild told him that in order to become a lich, Tith would have to commit an unspeakable act
> Tith laughed. he had already eradicated a soul, what could be worse than that
> at that point the party got sent on a trio of mini-quests in the name of preparing the materials needed for Tith’s ascent to Lichdom
> first they retrieved a dagger from an ancient tomb
> then they reclaimed a tower in which the Lich ritual would take place
> lastly they retrieved a magical candle from a creepy old hermit that lived in an equally creepy swamp
> finally, Tith was ready to do the ritual
> the Withered Hand did some business in the tower, preparing it for Tith, then they sent him up
> Tith ascended the tower, dagger and burning candle in hand (he also had a magic staff, which was to be his phylactery)
> but when Tith reached the ritual room, his jaw dropped
> strapped down to an obsidian altar was his long-lost love, her belly bulging with a child
> the Withered Hand had instructed him that in order to become a lich, he had to use the dagger to sacrifice whatever he found in the room
> most others would have faultered at this decision, and many wouldn’t have been able to do it
> but for Tith, the choice was easy
> driving the dagger into his love’s chest, Tith felt a mirrored wound opening in his own torso
> Tith knew that it was at this moment that his soul was supposed to leak out and enter his phylactery, turning him into a lich
> but no soul left his body
> and then in a vision, everything became clear
> he saw one of his ancestor’s making a deal with a devil
> the pact was simple, Tith’s ancestor wanted nine generations of magic in the family, and the devil wanted the soul of that ninth generation
> and that ninth generation was Tith
> now it all made sense, that’s why his family had so many generations of magic
> that’s why the devils wouldn’t bargain with him
> that’s why he felt no agony when he eradicated souls
> and so, Tith had no soul, it had always belonged to the devils
> which meant he couldn’t become a Lich
> which meant he had killed his unborn child and his love for no reason
> but the worst part was, if the devils had Tith’s soul, that meant that he had always been under their power
> no matter how hard he had strived to have power over others, it had been Tith who was the slave all along

(The End)
I was here the whole time, good story op.


Bravo OP, bravo. How much of this was naturally occurring in-game and how much of it was discussion between player and DM out-of-game?
All of this happened in game, I didn't know the twist was coming.
I like it. A bit circumstantial in the "9th generation" thing, but you tied it together well.
File: sheeeeeeeeit.jpg (37 KB, 496x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Damn son, that's like one level below Berserk bad luck. Needs more rape though

Just a tip if you plan on sharing this again, remove all the "this becomes important later" stuff or "remember this". Part of a good greentext twist is scrolling up and feeling like a dipshit afterwards.
What happened after that?
I'm not really familiar with Berserk, what do you mean?
Your DM is a good man to work with your back story so much. I wish my DM would even read my character sheet. Great story OP.
That was tonight, nothing else has happened yet.
What does he want to do now then?
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>MC is doomed to spend eternity in hell
>MC raped his literally insane ex girlfriend while possessed by demons
>MC is haunted by their son who was corrupted into a demon-fetus after his girlfriend got raped by a demon which also caused her to go insane
>MC has lost body parts
>MC was sold as a child prostitute at age 8
>MC killed his first man at age 9
>All of MCs friends were sacrificed to a bunch of demons by one of his friends
>Said friend is now big shit king demon

You're getting there
I want to go after the Devil.

But knowing my DM, that'll probably be difficult.
>my brand!
You got fucking m night shamylsalned
Props to your DM
Tith is the picture of despair.

Poor, doomed jerkass.

Lacked a feeling of significance, control, and human connection. Delved into the synclastic infundibulum of trying to feel invulnerable.

Although, since he was a narcissist and doomed from the start I doubt he would realize that vulnerability and empathy are key to fulfillment. The mistake lies with his ancestors, who we're also dicks.

The cycle of hatred, that scarlet pinwheel. Turning, turning.
>Tith had free reign
free rein
So, did that mean he died then?
my deepest apologies
No, Tith is okay. He just needs to get his soul back.
Describe Tith to us, Let's see if I can do a quick sketch
Thank you so much, that would be awesome.

> very pale elf
> angelic wings (from magic spell)
> small horns (from devilish influence)
> long blond hair and goatee
> solid gold eyes (no pupils or irises or anything)
> elegant, royal-looking clothes, renaissance era in style
> elven build and face shape (thin and lithe)
> elven pointy ears

Anything I didn't mention you can decide upon.
File: Americlappers.gif (110 KB, 150x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 150x150
Anyone got all of this saved to an image? I'd do it myself, but I'm using up so much ram right now, I'm afraid my browser would crash.
just right click and save the thread as a pdf
are you making the picture or did I reply too late and you left the thread?
>9 ELVEN generations

fuck man, if the devil is still alive you're fucked
>Anyone got all of this saved to an image?
It always makes me wonder, this custom of saving text as images.
Wait, he's an elf in search of immortality? Are they not already in your setting?
Lets see what can I do
I guess not. It's not my setting.

Thanks, I'm really excited.

That's really cool as well, thank you.
Damn that story was bad.
Than post a better one.
Take note, DMs. This is how you deal with evil player characters. You hoist them by their own petard, ensuring that even the player will understand and completely agree with this comeuppance they receive.
He would have been fucked even if he was good.
Not exactly. He would never have performed the sacrifice, or raped the woman for that matter (in fact if he were good maybe the woman would have reciprocated). This would have given him the opportunity to figure out what his ancestor had done to him and possibly been able to win his soul back with an act of pure goodness.
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Dude Im so sorry but I have a problem...well, a lot of them
>No ink
>No paper
>Only have a pencil for shadows
Also Im sleepy as shit so I did the worst job ever
I promise you that if you post in another place I will post a good version
I just don't want to show it because you will think I suck

For now, this
He's no more likely to get his soul back like that than he is by out deviling the devil. i agree with the anon you're responding to, he wasn't really hoist by his own petard, he was hoist because of it.
I suppose if he had no soul to begin with, he had no hope of being a good person.
File: second.png (48 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's okay, don't sweat it. :)
File: yeself.jpg (58 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ok, I did another version, just a close up this time
Welp, not even OP is here now
horns look a little lopsided, but I like that artstyle.
I remember the horns seconds before taking that picture and didn't wanted to make it too Homestuck like
now with 60% more horn
no, I did a fast sketch in like 10 seconds without thinking in the direction at first

>Dobson draws a fantasy world
Dammit, stop deleting my posts, malfunctioning browser. But yeah, not the OP but those are stylish horns. I almost wish they did have eyebrows so we could say he's a Demonic Elsimore, Bane of Psions.
funny how the best part of the drawing it's something it took me seconds to make, thanks
Overall for a 20ish minute drawing with a bit of slapdash editing, it's pretty good for a baseline. I'm also a fan of rough art styles, so that helps. But the horns not-eyebrows just keeps reminding me of Elsimore, so it tickles me quite pink.
They remind me of fucking Wicked and I did it!
Tith sounds like a typical edgy mary sue to me. I bet he and Sasuke would have been good friends.

>angel wings
>gold eyes
Jesus Christ.

What system did you use? Edgy anime cliche simulator?

I mean, I kinda hate myself for being an asshole to you right now, but this shit is a little too extreme to ignore.

All that said though, I appreciate the story time, I wish more people actually sat down and tried to entertain us with their exploits.
Not OP
I could do a Story time about one of my characters, the guy was a weak mage who pretty much had to move the plot because his friends were a bunch of idiots, also, was pretty much the one who made "sacrifices"
>Demon give us a free Wish
>"I want to be able to control elements"
>It gave him a book with lvl1 spells (He never say how much he wanted to control them)
>"I want to know about my past!"
>"I want to order people around"
>Gave him a familiar able to make people do as he says JUST ONCE
>"...I want the 4 of us to go home right now"

We were in the middle of the dessert without any money and in another continent so....I didn't had a cool powerup. just helped the GM
You did good Anon. Even if you wished for something cooler, you probably would have been screwed anyway. Such is the way of Demons/Djinnis.
I dunno, this just seems like bad storytelling to me.

"Everything that happened didn't matter because it was all a shaggy dog story."
Yeah, another time we were being attacked by an army of skellys
>We were trapped
>Don't know how many enemies were out there
>I made a contract with 2 spiritual crows, one of them could see magic objects and the other could see through things
>I had to give them one eye to make the contract
>We found a secret door and could escape

And the last thing I did was growing 10 years older to defeat my original self

that's not a true elf
However turning an entire campaign into a shaggy dog story takes a good bit of dedication which is admirable
>This cat has nine lives!
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