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Malibu Ultraverse [complete]
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Created spur of the moment at a Comic Con, Malibu sought to bring together the best writers in the comic book industry to create a self contained world with a constant stream of continuity called "The Ultraverse".

Most of these superhumans called "Ultras" gained their from a laser blast via an alien space ship that collided with a cable car that eventually rammed head on into a car. All of the 65 people onboard gained unique superhuman traits.

Some used them for good, others for evil.

Eventually Marvel acquired Malibu out of fear that DC would scoop them up and leave Marvel in the dust. Malibu thankfully was left to their devices, but after a while, Marvel stepped in and began incorporating their own characters into the Ultraverse and slowly began ruining what once made it so special

During the aftermath of this debacle, Marvel went bankrupt, and to this day they refuse to acknowledge the Ultraverse at all and there are absolutely no current plans to revive it

This looks interesting. Thanks OP
I used to have most of these comics in paper. Got them at a local comic shop's massive quarter box sale of old 90's stuff. Firearm, Solitaire, and Prime were the general best of the bunch for me. Thanks for the nostalgia blast, OP.

Your history of the publisher isn't quite what I've been familiar with though. Malibu was a publisher of third rate superhero books. When the original 7 Image Comic founders left Marvel they needed somebody to do the office work and sub-contracted that to Malibu for a percentage of the profits. Once Image was established they realized that they could hire a few office workers to do what Malibu did for a lot less money. So they dropped Malibu.

Malibu, now with lots of Image cash, decided to try and start a new comic universe with the most popular writers at the helm as opposed to Image's use of the most popular artists. It worked for a little while, but at the end they were bleeding money.

Malibu's two great contributions to comics were their use of inhouse dgital coloring and lettering departments. Before this those jobs had been set out of house to do and could only be done with lots of lead time and limited ability to correct mistakes later. Marvel bought Malibu for their coloring and lettering divisions. This allowed Marvel to make digital coloring and lettering on monthly titles the industry standard. The characters were just a bonus.

The reason Marvel doesn't do anything with the Ultraverse characters today though has to do with copyright and trademark restrictions. Malibu contractually promised the original creators that in exchange for the copyrights to their characters the creators would get a percentage of any book/movie/television show the characters they created appeared in. So if Marvel puts Prime in a book or makes a Hardcase movie they have to cut in the original creators for a large chunk of those profits. Not worth it for Marvel.
Well my knowledge of the company is mostly second hand since I was about 5 or 6 when the Ultraverse got cancelled. So I appologize
Why did I think of Palm Trees?
Malibu is the gayest name a superhero could have.
>Tom Selleck, Don Johnson could pull it off I guess
..........it's the name of the company that published the series
Still gay
Are any of these books any good? As a kid they always seemed to me yet another attempt at copying Rob Liefeld EXXTREEEEMEEE aesthetic but with less notoriety or success
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Right now I'm currently reading Sludge, Prime, and Night Man

Sludge is an interesting mix of Swamp Thing and Man-Thing with an atmosphere that I liken to Spawn

Prime is a cross between Shazam/Captain Marvel and the film "Big" where a 13 year old boy can transform into a super power adult superhero but still retains his 13 year old brain. While not an overall superb story, it is a very interesting study of what a tween would do in adult situations

Night Man is........well, neither here nor there. Unlike the other "Ultras" in the universe, he doesn't really have any real "powers" to speak of. Sure, he can "hear evil" and has a piece of shrapnel lodged in his brain to where he doesn't need sleep, but the comic overall is still pretty good
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Looks good OP, reminded me that I've been meaning to read Warriors of Plasm

Didn't they have their own super team?

Some guy who was an artist and was living flame, and altered his powers based on what color he was, and some voodoo Storm clone?

I remember getting this line when it launched. It was pretty good. I was picking this and Ex-Mutants up every month.

Miss that shit.
I love all these forgotten 90s comics, a big thanks to OP and everyone else!
Can i get a magnet link for this please?

Here you go Anon.

>Malibu Ultraverse [complete]


>Defiant Comics

>night man

Holy shit I watched that show... does anyone have a torrent of that?

No seeds on that Defiant collection. Stuck at 58%
I've got a few LT Seeds, up to 70.3%. If I manage to finish the torrent I'll seed.

Still slow going but almost there. Currently at 93%.
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thanks for the Malibu set OP, figured I'd throw in a little something to the 90's comics with a Valiant collection.
Turok the Dinosaur Hunter, X-O Manowar, Harbinger, BloodShot etc etc etc. In those days they were probably the best actual comics to hold in hand with great ink and the first company to use good paper.

>Valiant Comics collection

Nice, thank you!

Now seeding

Also seeding on defiant collection now
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Thread replies: 23
Thread images: 7
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