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Retrogaming/emulation thread
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Thought I'd resurrect the thread...
The following is NOT my text, but the original anons:

>HuCard Roms (complete)
>Emulators (Ootake & Turbo Engine, both usually considered the best)

The PC-Engine/Turbo Grafx-16 was and still is a very underrated console, that was released at the tail end of the 80's (though it did have popularity in Japan comparable to that of the Genesis in the West). What set it apart the most was the console's miniscule size and it's odd credit card game cartridges.

It is however remembered for Castlevania X: Rondo Of Blood (for it's add-on, the CD-Rom2/Turbo CD), the home port of the first Splatterhouse and it's wide array of Shmups comparable only to that of the Mega Drive/Genesis

I found this, all the PC Engine CD isos.


it includes the Ys games, Rondo of Blood and Gate of Thunder (those are the ones I'm playing, it's a full set)

Magnet for non Ru Tracker users

Otaku again:
That's 130 gigs of PC Engine CD games, lets try and bring it back to life eh?
I downloaded all the isos in 3+ weeks
thanks, btw is there any other great torrents in that russian site, like ps1,saturn,neo geo cd, 3do
I hope you are seeding still...? : )

Not sure, have been sticking around the [excellent] J-music section to date...I'll report back when I get the time though!
Today OP was a legend. Thanks for unleashing these torrents again, anon.
How about some Humble Bundle action?

Don't forget to uncheck the games packs you don't need in your client [PC, Mac, Linux] also includes Indie game the movie, 1080 and 720, and all soundtracks!

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Hey Otaku, do you think you'll ever make one of those digital preservation threads again? The content in the last one was fantastic

Hello, well after taking a break for a while, I did start two threads here early last year and there was...no interest! A lot of things that got posted here first, by me went ignored in earlier threads like the Yoshihiko series for just one example, and to be honest it just began to feel like nobody was reading my posts so the extra info I put in became thinner and thinner, nothing like being ignored/having no feedback to make one disillusioned you know..

I have however been working on a project, which started out as Videogame preservation, and when I was living in Japan, kind of blossomed into something far wider, but as my team drifted apart, I've worked alone, accumulating over a petabyte of data for various libraries and nobody to help me sort and redistribute it, as most of it is either dead everywhere or hardly shared at all.

Lately I cannot afford to buy any more hard drives or dvds to back stuff up on, I need some funding, but having worked on these projects in secret over the years, and with just putting the odd bit of info about it here and there about it [my one hope where the freaks of freaks hang out...the true hardcore file sharers] only to have nobody wishing to help me with the data.

One very nice named user has however kindly offered to help me with the wording of a future site detailing the projects, however my wife has had some serious [ongoing] health issues, and both my mental and physical health have taken a beating of late.

I'm fighting to get back into work, to keep my sanity, and to not die. I will be starting a blog very soon, and hope to return to posting nice threads, though the current regime means no more nice vintage American, European or British content...

TLDR: I'll see what I can do.

Sorry for the wall of text, at least its not pasta...
How about some Falcon Punching action?

http://www.nyaa.se/?page=search&cats=0_0&filter=0&term=Falcon+densetsu : )
Thanks for replying dude.
That's a damn shame, the Yoshihiko series sounds like a lot of fun. That's the one that references the Dragon Quest games right?
I know what you mean though, being under appreciated would certainly discourage me from posting as much.

A petabyte?! For real? That's absolutely insane!
I'd help if only I knew a little more about how, plus the costs and risks if any.

Once you start your blog I'm sure you could generate some extra currency through ads perhaps.
It certainly is expensive to buy all that extra storage, especially for a petabyte, I still can't get over that haha

I hope you and your wife recover soon, being ill is dreadful.

I'd be very interested in your blog, do you think you'll link it here when you've started it?
File: 1390793738463.gif (1 MB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 500x375

308 GB worth of MAME ROMs, CHD & extra image files for MAME frontends:









Thank me later & make a torrent for all this. You'll be doing the work of a prophet.

Pic related; me when I find out you've made the torrent.
Well, naturally : )

Yes, that's the one; I used to post a fair few JDramas, some of which I knew were going to end up being subbed, but, just no interest here, it seems only the BRO-like ones here have fans, which for someone who has watched JDramas for way over 20 years are usually the ones I have least interest in posting.

Storage and issues:
Oh, yes, absolutely, I kind of wish it was less, so it would be easier to deal with. Japanese music, films, tv, books, learning resources, comics, anthropology resources, magazines, photobooks etc etc plus the original VideoGame project, and several other large projects all make up for a good deal over a petabyte, 14 years worth of archives, 99% of it just my work [in searching and downloading, not ripping].

Well, regarding funding, that's the thing. I *do* need a fair bit to replace unhealthy drives, to consolidate data, to move storage from old, abused IDE drives to Sata, and for quality DVD-r's. I'd also like to set up some seedboxes so I can show the world this thing is real. Ideally, I want the project to have 2-3 external RAID boxes full up with Red drives and have mirrors with trusted group members.

But, I won't do that with advertising - it implies profit and if not managed, from what I understand, many sites do profit from filesharing, which this project will never do. I know of one particular anime torrent site which lives on donations, and has a strict policy regarding transparency, so will try and seek advice there, but many sites like that are particularly anal and tend to distrust non-weaboos/fanboys so I won't hold my breath, there for help. A huge issue is receiving funding and banking it so I can buy equipment without being traceable, the world deserves to have everything I have to offer and I have spent countless hours creating the best and most comprehensive resources one man on his own can, but I have no desire to have a criminal record because of it.
Also, if I can get enough funding, eventually, I'll have to arrange for other group members to meet somewhere in order for them to receive hds, ideally a mirror in a raid unit, and a blank clone of that if funding permits, and due to so many groups being infiltrated, that will take a lot of planning due to [justified imho] paranoia.

With so much material never being re-shared, I feel immense pressure and duty to have it out there, for the world to enjoy. I am still working on the wording of a basic site detailing the project.

I plan on starting two blogs, one based around file sharing and my discoveries due to it, and thoughts on it [but will contain no torrents or file links] and another general one, I will post here, if one or two people can stomach reading them, I'll be happy. I suppose I eventually feel like being self-indulgent in posting thoughts and perhaps some inspiration in my later years. Both of my parents died way before they should have, and so, I have little hope in achieving long life. I may be a boring, cantankerous old bastard, but if I can help, or inspire even one person in the world before I die, then that would be amazing.

Thank you for your kind words, health is an underrated happiness.

This has been covered by sites like http://www.pleasuredome.org.uk/ who do a fine job. I actually also have a complete set of The Eggmans final resource, which he sent me at cost before retiring, still haven't looked at it yet.
I like the sound of that, I've never actually got round to watching it though. Do you still have a link?
I'm quite interested in some JDramas at the moment too, I'd like to try and learn Japanese but motivation is so very hard to find at the moment and I feel a more enjoyable approach might give me the push I need.

Isn't there a better way to get this data back into circulation?
Actually, is there any way to get this data back into circulation short of constantly uploading it in various places?
Sorry for my lack of knowledge, I've never been on the other side of torrenting and data preservation.

With the rise in popularity of Bitcoin do you think that could be a viable means of funding/dealing with transactions relatively anonymously?
Actually getting the funding is another question of course but if I'm not mistaken, this would be the safest way.
Pardon my ignorance but what's a red drive?

If I recall correctly, you're currently London based right? I'm in Kent if you ever consider me worthy of this cause.
Nice and close for the purposes of receiving hardware.

I really admire your dedication to this by the way, it's inspiring to say the least!
Since you posted that great thread (the image in the OP was Jimmy, his Grandpa and a baguette I think) I've followed most of what you post here, downloading a little but mostly just following your progress and such. 4chan is no way to follow someone's work though so I'll be pleased to see your blogs.
I was going to post a decent reply, but there's obviously no point on here. If you feel like knowing more and sounding off some ideas, bung a disposable email address.
File: cd_f20aast.jpg (25 KB, 201x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>587474 done.
I'm going to sleep now so if you send a message and I don't reply, I'm not ignoring you.
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I'll be in touch around the end of the week.
Threads like these remind me of Underground Gamer and then I get sad.
Apologies for the lack of email, real life has been getting in the way.

Below are some true retrogaming treasures.
I had an invitation to Underground Gamer from one of the regulars over at #gbanow, but never did get around to joining, well, just another of the sites/communities that has come and gone since I started. Daves Classics, now that's a site I miss.


Tips on how to register for RUTracker below:


It helps to load the site in Chrome and have automatic translation [unless you understand Russian, of course].

It's really no problem, take as long as you need.
I hope things start looking up for you soon!
Call me stupid. I just registered on rutracker to get the fantastic looking PCE CD collection. But the torrent link is not working.

Here for instance
All the d/l buttons work except the one for the PCE CD .torrent

w-what is going on??
friendly bump?
As it turns out the previous torrent has been disabled because one with superior content now exists.

checked the files with my old torrent
only new game rondo clastlevania translation
OK, here's a treat for you cunts as after painful surgery it turns out I don't have cancer. There's 1.9 seeds [lol @nya's stats] so patience, grasshopper

Famicom media, shitloads edition

Thank you, contributing anon, most kind!
That's incredible news, congratulations!
Thanks man, pain's gone now, just working through some tough life issues.

I'll be in touch within the next week, and had some great news from my old crew across the sea which is great.

Enjoy some fine sounds from Cocco, who counts Rumiko Takahashi as a huge fan...


Oh, and here is The Legend of Game Music - there *was* a higher quality rip in existence on the emule network, but, sadly, I have never seen all its CD rips fully shared there, and found out about its existence too late. Have never seen it mentioned or written about online in English. So, yeah, shame about the medium quality, but its better than nothing... [if anyone has the HQ rips of this and feels like making a torrent, that'd be brilliant, although rather unlikely]

I'd be excited if I had a spare HDD for all of this
nice shitposting there
I wish you the best of luck in that too, I'm still trying to get used to being sober almost 2 years later so I can sympathise somewhat.

Old crew huh? Are these friends from when you lived in Japan?(That is you isn't it? My memory is shocking)

As if you pointing that out is much better, chump.

>Having to register to a Russian forum to get the torrent.

Aww, hell naw.

Why don't you just give us a magnet link or something else that doesn't require us to get a soviet trojan?
why don't you fuck off & die, newfag?
Because he's right. If the Anon who posted it really wanted to share the content he'd have posted the magnet link. Instead he is low-key advertising for some other website. If you wanted to pull the magnet and post here then you could insult us all you wanted for not nutting up to do it ourselves. Until then >why don't you fuck off & die.
File: 1337997017914.jpg (120 KB, 800x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well now...

If being leery about some strange russian site that requires a sign up for their questionably illegal torrents is being a newfag...

...Then I guess I'm a newfag!
sheesh, and people wonder why nothing decent gets posted here except JAV's these days! The faggotry and ignorance in the above few posts is so lame and entitled it makes me sick. I've never been steered wrong by Otaku in the many years I've been blessed by his/her/it's shared findings here,and the other sites they post on.

The mod/janitor could do worse than banning you fuckwits/samefag for life, gutter trash is not welcome here.
File: AntiScienceShrimp.jpg (150 KB, 626x458) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>nothing decent gets posted

Alot of great stuff gets posted here every week. Nearly none of it requiring a sign-up to some sketchy foreign site. As was said above, if you truly want to share the content you could post the magnet or a link to the torrent file that doesn't require a sign-up. Trusting anyone online, even a someone who holds the same interests as you, is foolhardy at best. Asking for one less hoop to jump through is not entitlement. And it's far better than having to make a throw away account and regretting it later.

I don't even know what the content is, nor do I want it. Just voicing my 2cents.
Fool, you can't even differentiate between OP who posts around once or twice a month and a regular anon on here? Fuck you are even newer than I imagined. You are also as boring and pathetic as you are stupid so I'll leave you to samefag among yourself.
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981 KB, 900x707


Also looking for some Dreamcast or maybe Sega Saturn roms and isos.
Bringing this to the front page.
Found this site for Dreamcast isos
Sorry, paste failed.


Also has isos and roms for Saturn and a bunch of other stuff.
Do you know of a good way to emulate the Dreamcast? I can never get it to work.
Rescue bump!
ReviveDC Dreamcast ISO's
File: Bump.jpg (742 KB, 1600x1582) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Rescue Bump 2
Jesus! ???!!! I need a hard drive, ASAP, for these 130GB of games. Can anyone recommend some (cheap/good) hard drives that last awhile? Or direct me to a /g/ pastebin that describes such things?
Saving from page 10
Is there any project out there to make a torrent with all the current entries in /v/'s Recommended Games Wiki that can be emulated properly?

Putting PS2/Gamecube/Wii games separately of course.

It would be real nice. There are many romsets or full sets out there, but some people just want to get games worth a playthrough. If no one has, maybe I should do it myself.
You should do it. When you are done bring it back here. We'll take it, thank you while not meaning it and never seed.
I was going to do that way back, then for exactly your reasons, compiled it, shared amongst friends and never posted here, and never will do.

Fuck you /t/ all your good users are long gone.
File: NothingOfValue.jpg (75 KB, 523x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So Faggot Anon left...
said the faggot leech posting nothing of value...
I know right? Cause everyone knows exactly what everyone else has posted in every other thread on /t/. Least Leech Fag isn't as cock hungry as >>606874, who apparently holds content hostage for prestige. Go fuck yourself.
post torrents or fuck off same/summerfag
hi mod/janitor, please delete my thread, I can't delete it myself anymore & it's turned to shit, thank you.
Any torrent of this guys?


Can you post an alternative site who made a complete torrent collection of MAME? This one isn't working for me. Thanks anon
A bit of an obscure one: all game boy video carts
MAME + 6K ROMS : https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/4011453/MAME_Plus___6000_Roms___Extras_Deluxe_
700+ NES ROMS : https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7044983/706_Nintendo___NES_ROMs
600+ SNES ROMS : https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7044991/677_Super_Nintendo___SNES_ROMs
All N64 ROMS : https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/4561987/ALL_N64_ROMS_COLLECTION
Asston of Megadrive/Genesis ROMS: https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/4732450/Megadrive_Sega_Genesis_roms_complete
Good to see this thread still up. I downloaded that PC Engine torrent way back and backed it up on a CD-ROM for quick access and storage.

I was actually playing today.

Thank you, nice folks.
wtf? why is the lady looking over the screen?
Not porn so I mean yeah

just bumping
I brought PC Engine at age 14 for 400.00 bucks just to play R-Type. Was okay.

what kind of games are these? Neo-geo? Atari? ...
BAM! magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C1A537145121CDCFB79E304F2DB3C604BE3E34C7&dn=v%27s%20Recommended%20Games%20Sets%202014-08-27
This is a collection of games from the /v/ Recommended Games Wiki. The systems covered are: Atari 2600, Jaguar, Lynx, WonderSwan (Color), Vectrex, Odyssey2, PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16, Super Grafx, NES, Famicom Disk System, GB(C/A), N64, Satellaview, SNES, 32X, Game Gear, Master System, Genesis, SG-1000, Neo Geo Pocket (Color)

Any list is going to be subjective as hell, but if you're like me and don't want to have to sift through a bunch of shovelware every time you want to play a game, I think this is a damn good starting point for a collection.

All clean ROMs have been audited with the No-Intro database, with the exception of the Satellaview since I was unable to find proper dumps of those games, so the included Satellaview games are actually hacked to work as normal Super Famicom games.

In addition to the clean ROMs, I have included pre-patched games with translation, re-translation, de-censorship and bug fix patches. There are also a few general improvement hacks that I've included that can easily be ignored. I've also included the romhacks listed on the wiki.

In some of the system directories there is a "~notes.txt" file. This usually explains why certain games are missing, but not always.

If you're having a problem with a patched game, check romhacking.net to see if it's compatible with your emulator before posting here.
I derped and didn't include any trackers.
You the man, man. There's 0 seeds though.

I'd put this on mah seedbox, but need to see some seeds first to complete it, mayn...
Okay, we figure out the problem in the /emugen/ thread. Apparently utorrent wasn't reporting things correctly but was still seeding. Regardless, I have switched over to Halite for this torrent and that's solved the problem.
so It will complete? Link to said thread please?
The magnet link from >>613830 should still work, I just changed the client I was using to seed with.
Or if you want a .torrent file https://mega.co.nz/#!PlAkCQgA!yXnYufuCp5ZUjTxm0FirmgcF5dfWXIvBBXV4aX5OT7k
This should be of interest, and related to topic


/v/ Recommended Games torrent guy here. I'm going to stop seeding the torrent for a while since nobody seems to be leeching now, and I want to let my some of my other torrents seed for a while. I'll keep this thread open though so you can let me know if I need to go back to seeding it for you, although I'm hoping that >>613859 added it to his seedbox like he said he would.
I'm also going to release an updated pack in a few days that will include the cart-based consoles that I missed as well working my way through collecting games for the various computer systems on the wiki.
added to seedbox, it's a bit flaky, but wanted to help out your great effort.

Looking forward to your update and have spread your torrent file around a fair bit on the twitter retrogaming community.

That Demonoid link above I feel is definitely worth looking into for everyone here also.

Oh, and thank you for your time and kindness in making and sharing this
Thread replies: 81
Thread images: 15
Thread DB ID: 12131

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