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Welp, the dream of a Superb Owl 1 rematch has died tonight.

2 elite QBs who lost both of their best offensive weapons at the beginning of the year (Nelson/Charles) singlehandedly willed the Packers and Chiefs to the divisional round of their respective conference playoffs, but were held back by divine intervention.

It wasn't meant to be for 2016, but Green Bay and Kansas City will be back to make it deeper into their respective playoff runs in 2017.

Jordy Nelson and Jordy Nelson will be back next year.

Aaron Godgers and Alex Smeth will be back next year.

Get in here and dream of the bright near-future with us, KCbros.
>Jordy Nelson and Jordy Nelson will be back next year

Jordy Nelson and Jamaal Charles***
Honestly if you think about it. KC would of won if not for that fucking fumble. Still love em though, was really a good game.
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rodgers is 0-9 in overtime
>fumble called incompletion
>no call on DPI against edelman on a pass that was a touchdown

>would've won if not for that fumble
>it would only be tied at best
Refs fucked the packers so hard
>Pats got a break because a tipped pass is caught by them instead of intercepted
>Cards get a break because a tipped pass is caught by them instead of intercepted
>both score 20
>QBs are twins

This is getting eerie mates.
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>he didn't even take the field thanks to the standard Capers Collapse™
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GB you have nothing to be ashamed of
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>Godgers throws another Hail Mary
Do people still think he isn't elite?
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>my face when "people" actually think the team with the GOAT offense and a top 10 defense in the NFL will miss the SuperBowl next season

>Aaron Rodgers (objectively and statistically a top 2 QB, it isn't even debatable. MVP #3 lock)
>Calvin Johnson (GOAT WR, 1500+YDs/15+TDs)
>Eddie Lacy (best RB in the North who will be 100% not obese, unlike the entirety of last year. he will put up 1000+YDs/10+TDs/4.8+YPC)
>Richard Rodgers (a top 8 TE already going into this season, 600+YDs/7+TDs. Aarons gay lover)
>Randall Cobb (literally a prime Welker-clone top 3 pretty eyes in the league. will be freed up in the slot, 800+YDS/8+TDs)
>Jordy Nelson (a top 3 WR will be fully recovered from last seasons acl, 1200+YDs/10+TDs)
>James Johns (Coming off leading his team in yards and TDs, 600+YDs/6+TDs)
>Jeff Janis (one of the fastest and most explosive players in football, coming off an elite post season performance 600+YDs/5+TDs)
>Jared Abbrederis (one of the smartest players in football, great measurables, incredible upside, 400+YDs/3+TDs)
>John Kuhn (best FB in NFL, PERIOD)

The Packers Owl win drought ends in 2016

You can't prove me wrong
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I feel it. Super Bowl 50 is either gonna be a rematch between the Seahawks/Patriots or Seahawks/Broncos.

Now cite some of their defensive players and d-cord. Oh wait, they're all shit.
>McCarthy and Capers still coaching

BASIC HIGH SCHOOL: If a coin is weighted so that it lands on one side consistently, it is an unfair coin. The ref didn't flip it so the coin may have been tampered with. Fire the ref or instate a rule that if the coin doesn't flip, get a new coin.
Who honestly finds these shit statistics. Like 6 of those overtime losses Rodgers didn't even touch the football because of the shit capers defense.
>forgetting the blatant crown hit on return

Honestly that's where the chimping began
File: 1371855863683.jpg (127 KB, 504x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Dom Capers
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>The Packers Owl win drought ends in 2016

hate to break it to you...
Capers Collapse™
>be packers fan
>be spiteful
>cardinals were the backup team going into the playoffs
>lose to the birds due to missed calls and a coin flip

i think i'm just done with the playoffs, might watch the superbowl if the panthers go
fuck nfl overtime rules
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> Calvin Johnson
> playing for packers
Stop the delusions

It's Rodger's fault they lost tonight. He called tails and it was heads
looks like I will have to use my 4sb wallpaper for a year...

> 2016-2017
> calvin staying with the lions
> implying he wont go to the team that would literally be the goat with him
I really like Smeth, but I'll put it partly on him. With time management that shit, at some point you just have to say "fuck the coordinator, fuck the coach, fuck everyone we're getting to the line and running a play fast!"

Yeah, that Amendola hit was fucking bullshit. And it was only a 2 yard penalty for an unnecessary hit that could've seriously hurt a player.
Your team isn't even in the game today if not for "shit" capers defense
>the crown of the helmet is on the side of the helmet

It was even called a clean hit on the field, they said it was a penalty because the kicking team didn't expect it.

In other words it was a penalty because it was a big hit
Please explain this meme to me.
SNL is so fucking unfunny
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>it begins again
Heard fans yelling refball on the Packers the whole night- Cards got 3 penalties, 8 on the Pack- get out of here with that
Thanks OP. There was much bullshit to be had today on many different accounts. But this post makes me feel better. But I believe both teams will be better in the next season.

Honestly I'm really proud and happy the chiefs got this far. I never expected to see them break the playoff drought after starting 1-5. I had given up hope then on them. They learned a lot in the game against NE today, hopefully Reid learns better clock management too.

All in all I don't really care what the pats accomplish currently because in a few years all their "fans" will be gone.
Fuck yeah I believe. GO CHIEFS!
>my face when "people" actually think the team with the best defense and a top 10 offense in the NFL will miss the playoffs this upcoming season

>Alex Smith (objectively and statistically a top 15 QB, it isn't even debatable)
>Jamaal Charles (best RB in the game who will be 100% healthy, unlike last year when he tore his ACL early in the season, he will put up 1,000+YDs/8+TDs)
>Travis Kelce (a top 3 TE already and going into this season will be fully recovered from knee surgery 2 offseasons ago, 1,000+YDs/7+TDs)
>James O'Shaughnessy (literally the next Great White Hope™ A R Y A N reciever, he will be KC's Jeff Janis of 2016-2017)
>Jeremy Maclin (top 15 WR, 1,000+YDs/5+TDs)
>Chris Conley (KC's new elite #2 white person trapped in a black's body WR who will put up 500+YDs/5+TDs)
>Anthony Sherman (best FB in NFL)

>Best secondary in the AFC
>Top 3 LB corp
>Top 3 D-Line
>Top 15 O-Line consisting of:

>LT: Eric "MayMay Watt cucked by moi" Fisher
>LG: Ben "dank memes" Grubbs
>C: Mitch "GOAT rookie Center" Morse
>RG: Laurent "I'm literally a fucking doctor too" Duvernay-Tardiff
>RT: Jah "I'm actually white and not a nigger, despite my first name" Reid

Barring major injuries to key players, there is literally no way the Chiefs are missing the playoffs this season

The Kansas City Chiefs' AFCDG-win drought ends in 2016-2017

You can't prove me wrong

Cap it
Fagtriot janitor detected. Here comes my ban for supporting another team.
both made of glass. they both need to be shipped off to desperate teams desu.
>hopefully Reid learns better clock management too
PFTTTHAHAHAHAHA this is andy reid we are talking here
except it was ref ball. two plays before the hail mary it was blatant pass intetterance
I don't want to die, but sometimes I wish I'd never been born at all
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Cool man. I'm stuck with him as the Chiefs head coach regardless. I'd rather give my support. I don't think he'll ever master it but I would like to have hope he can learn to limit his errors enough to not throw a game. He does an amazing job as a coach in other aspects
The Chiefs are the youngest team in the NFL and gained alot of experience with their incredible winning streak.

Need to draft an LB to replace DJ, Dee Ford looks like a suitable replacment for Hali, and for fucks sake, we need a WHITE WIDE RECEIVER



Then we'll be SB-bound.
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I didn't expect them to win but they had a chance atleast
>atleast there's the Royals
Almost at top 10 defense in DVOA this season
Based Royals run KC now
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