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How did you team do? End of the year edition.
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Well /sp/? Did you have good 2015?
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we relieved all karma for the next 10 years

secured an early draft pick

discovered a couple gems

it hurts to see a season like this but it points to a bright future
Unless Odom has become a literal football god since my high school team failed to win state I'll be posting a lot of dumpster fires in threads like this.
>natty champs men's basketball
>first bowl game win in 50+ years and got to go to the game

Feels pretty good gam
>WS Champs

>hottest team in the NFL
>Clinched Playoffs

>as expected performance so far in a much weaker west coast conference

>KU Football
> 0-10
> one of the worst seasons of all time
> only came close to beating TCU but blew it

>KU Basketball
>top 10
>likely to make an elite 8 run, maybe deeper depending on the talent level of the freshmen.
One win away from the playoffs
Better than expected, excited for next season
Started off with the scaries, now they seem to be back on track
>Texas A&M
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even if we don't make the playoffs, it's been one hell of a season
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>KU Basketball
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4 game win streak and a win against the best team where the Rockets couldn't.
Did they do well this year? No. Will they be a playoff team next year? Hell no. Are they inconsistent? Very much so. Do I have hope? Yes. This is a young team. Derek Carr was fucking drowning last season and is now starting to paddle. Whereas memes like Kap,and Manziel are drowning. But this year was way better than last year. Improvements have been made and more will be made by next year. All in all I'm happy with mediocrity.
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They're all gonna bounce back right guys?

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Lost the /copalib/ final, won the mexican league tho.

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>implying they won't be a playoff team next year
Reggie's got a full draft class and $75m to spend in free agency and Mack, Carr, Cooper, Edwards, and the rest of our young talent will be better. Add in a cupcake schedule and I think they have a legitimate chance at 11-5 and the AFCW.
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>Texas Rangers
The absolute mad men somehow made the playoffs with no Darvish, and in the process cucked the Asstros out of the AL west

Swept by Baltimore, probably gonna miss the playoffs
Bro you remind a bit of a friend of mines. We'd grab a pizza or some burgers. Sit around and watch the pre season. Raiders win one game in pre and my friend and his brother are talking about how Raiders are going to the playoff and shit based off one win. But I think that's a majority of Raiders fan desu familia. Bless em.

Moving in the right direction, which is awesome cuz that direction involves making a man named Jim Bob cooter our OC
No. I root for Philly teams.
This is our season man. I would be so disappointed if they don't make the WC this season.
>Team with no home.
>implying they won't announce bankrupcy and be the league's whipping boy.
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>Spartak Moscow
Just fuck
>Liverpool FC
my shit
>Cleveland Browns
up, familia.
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>Russian Browns fan

pretty based desu familia.
I read about the creation of the Ravens and the post-1999 Browns' woes and thought "man, that Art Modell guy was a piece of shit, Cleveland fans don't deserve this suffering, I hope the new franchise does better than the Ravens in the long run". I like Green Bay and the Giants too, but Cleveland is by far my #1 team. Also, I realise that Baltimore was once robbed of the Colts too, but the city has had their redemption with the two Owls in the past 15 years, so fuck the Ratbirds and fuck Ray Lewis the murdering POS.
Also, why are people getting so surprised when foreigners don't bandwagon the current champion and root for a mediocre team?
It's not so much the fact that it's not a top team I was just curious why Cleveland and not maybe the Chargers or Bucs or something

A dumpster fire that eventually got better. Have a chance to be turned back into a dumpster fire depending on new GM and the fact Austin is guaranteed a head coaching job somewhere



>red wings

Broken but possibly fixable. Offense and power play / short hand looks like shit. We will see how this plays out in the next month.
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Cool beating Carolina, other than that it sucked as per usual for ATL teams

I'll take it
guys, my resolution is to quit 4chan. So... see ya around.

cleveland = factory of sadness

russia = same difference
>initially pegged to be the last of the division
>initially pegged to be last in the entire league
And then:
>Kirk shaping up to be a real good QB
>NFC East champs

I expect to the skins to be a first round exit in the playoffs, but even outside of that this year was shattered too many expectations to count.
I don't think I have a reaction image that properly expresses my joy.
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Can still win the division despite our best player having his worst year ever and our second best player never touching the field.
>Swept by Baltimore, probably gonna miss the playoffs
You guys lost to the Ratbirds TWICE??
THE BROWNS didn't even do that! And they suck!
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PSG beat a refball chelshit team in one of the most hype champions league match.
So pretty good

More less this

Even getting to fuckin .500 was unimaginable to me, let alone the playoffs.
>São Paulo FC
They desperately need a rebuilding year like every other decent team. Got a Libertadores berth, and they finally got rid of that walking fossil Rogerio Ceni, at least.

>Chile NT
WE COPA AMERICA NOW. But they're slowly eroding and exposed as a meme team.
better than expected
>red bullce
better than expected
>aston villa
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