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Hello, this pic related is two weeks after...
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Hello, this pic related is two weeks after my appendectomy as I went from 75kg (165lbs) / 5'9" (1.75m) manlet, 21 years old, to nearly 60kg (130lbs). I had severe appendicitis that was for sure caused by massive amounts of tianeptine. It ruptured as I was held waiting for surgery for 12 hours... I knew it had ruptured two hours prior to the surgery due to the symptomatology. It caused massive peritonitis. I was at the edge of death for the first antibiotics were ineffective. I was on 4 different antibiotics, the worst one being Ciprofloxacin. Thankfully the symptoms that it caused forced me to research & swiftly find out that I was "floxed". I am now in hell, as I was already. Just sinking deeper. I suffer with an endless list of tormenting sequela from it such as peripheral nerve pains like inflicted by cenobites, severe hyperacusis and tinnitus... I was a complete wreck already and a NEET of 5 years duration, a hermit hikikomori. Rate my appearance in this state if could, thanks. Also you can ask of clarifications for I have a surreal existence, but I have such abnormal levels of mental fortitude to just take the pain. I will survive & climb out from this pit of despair,-stronger than you could fathom, for I have found the holy grail.
yes, this is due to feverish cycles.
if anyone is interested I can give out a list of medications and supplements that can essentially transform your brain through neuroplasticity No longer can anyone be in torment. It is the ultimate combination.
essentially the pharmaceuticals are as follows:

Brintellix (Vortioxetine) - 20mg
Concerta (Methylphenidate) - 2x 54mg (108mg)
Lioresal (Baclofen) - 4 x 100mg, In the future if you tolerate it 200-300mg
Melatonin - 5-10mg as needed
Rivatril (Clonazepam) as needed, 0,5mg-2mg
Lyrica (Pregabalin) - 300 x 300 x 300
Campral (Acamprosate) 3 x 666mg (~2000mg)
Memantine - 2 x 20mg (40mg)
Strattera (Atomoxetine) 60-100mg
Fycompa (Perampanel) 8-12mg
Effexor (Venlafaxine) 150-225mg
Tianeptine Hemisulfate Monohydrate, 100-2000mg

Several others are also optional but these are the primary ones.
I do suggest browsing the Team TLR selection. I have experimented with potentially lethal research chemicals.

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As I am an asspie/assburger, all the kind of "roots" that grow from this core malfunction of neurological origin as a metaphor can be eradicated. For example I had such intense light sensitivity that I lived in a completely darkened room with no light sources of natural origin, Through plasticity I no longer have such.

I lived for years in this derealized state, dissociated, depersonalized and could spend days in a semi-vegetative state. This is just a fragment of what I've been through.
You look like you got jaundice in that pic bro, you might want to see a doctor
For example, memantine, acamprosate, strattera, perampanel block tolerance, and even reverse it to benzodiazepines, opiates, stimulants and such. The most effective antidepressant/anxiolytic combination is this and the opiodergic system with a full agonist to mu & delta receptors (Tianeptine) and a kappa receptor antagonist. I used JDTic that actually in essence destroys the kappa opioid receptors. This is the mirror opposite of mu, causing severe dysphoria and despair. It is a taboo subject I know, but this truly is what will give everlasting wellbeing.
yeah, it could be the flash and an effect of the viral puss on the liver. I have used such a broad list of medications and through these experiences I have gathered a list of meds/supplements that show what is possible to achieve. The materials are already in existence. You have the possibility to no longer be in mental pain.

I diagnose you with a serious case of the burgers of the ass.
t. dogdor
I fully agree with that, but as there is such a broad spectrum of various burgers in the ass, I've yet to find anyone that is like me. No wonder asperger's is being removed from official diagnostics like the ICD. The people that I've met with asspie syndome I considered fucking retard derelicts.
with nootropics, like noopept, sunifiram, the racetam family of drugs, acetyl-semax, acetyl- selank and supplements such as A-GPC, uridine monophosphate, higth doses of epa/dha, phosphatidylserine, in combination witht the drugs above I began to develop an eidetic memory. I had phenomenal results but in a few months some sort of cholinergic crisis, it felt as if i was having a stroke for many months as I took these endevours to the extreme. I had the capability to just glance for a second of a series of numbers in the range of like several hundred and memorize them with complete accuracy. I pretty much mentally tortured myself masochistically, but the side effects were so vast that I was borderline having a seizure for months on end.
from the asperger syndrome a series of other disorders will develop, in my case;

severe generalized anxiety disorder
severe tier depression
schizoaffective disorder
a constant mental fog
such spasticity and level of muscle tension that in the shoulders and neck especially that I walked like Mr. Burns...
overactive sympathetic nervous system, palpitations, overtly sensitive senses to light and recently severe hyperacusis and tinnitus
suicidal thoughts
three years ago from an incident where i was exposed to a very loud sound comparable to a pistol shot, I developed a rare disorder called acoustic shock disorder. the main mechanism behind it is an abnormal reflex threshold lowerment of a muscle in the middle ear called the tensor tympani. It is connected to the trigeminal nerve and the mechanical irritation that it causes leads to trigeminal neuralgia. it also said to be the most painful condition known to mankind...
I will tell you -Tianeptine is a chemical that I can't believe even exists. It will change your brain structure to a healthier condition. It actually reverses the effects of chronic stress on the brain especially in the hippocampus and amygdala. as it has mu and delta opioid agonistic properties it is an immediate antidepressant that there is no comparison. it is the only drug in it's class. I would suggest consuming an amount comparable to the weight of your brain, in the range of 1,5kg/3.3 pounds.

such an amount can be bought from the chinamen for in the range of 3000$. Tianeptine sodium has such a short half life of 2,5 hours. I used to dose it in that time amount 7 times a day. Without tolerance blocking drugs the opiodergic effects will rapidly develop tolerance, in a few weeks. I had poor availability for it as I live in zooropa. It is a drug that there is no other like it.


the new sulfate form has a long half-life so a dosing of two times a day is sufficient.
well it seems like people here are more interested in fat cocks and pussy here than a way to essentially take your capacity as a corporeal being and enhance your mental performance wellbeing & health to the limits of our potential.
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