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Incest stories
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Incest stories
How are you supposed to live after it?

>be me
>be 25 yo male
>bad breakup
>sis livin abroad tells to visit her for a week stay while holidays i planed with previous slut
>sis is 22

Should i share more?
only if its true you feggit

Is it a true story or just fiction
why would anyone go on the internet and tell lies?

>sis is bi, so am i
>when we're both single get used to go to clubs and gay places together
>go to a lesbian creepy place in belgium, creepy as hell, we leave
>still manage to get heavily drunk, which happens at least once when we're together
>get back to her place
>play super smash bros as we always do after a drinking night
>sister stops the game to lurk at princess peach's ass - she always does when she plays smash bros
>ask me about peach's ass
>tells her it's cgi and boring, but i always found her ass nice and i could tell cause i'm her brother and totally not sexually involved
>she says i have to judge honestly, take off her trousers, and has a g string
>it's blue, like the kind of lingerie i like to fap to
>awkward silence and boner
>sis get dressed again
>get to kitchen
>turns off light, brings more booze
>get back to game with more booze
>sis heavily drunk, so am i
>drink more
>but still, the kind of drunk where alcohol barely fights the anxiety
>yea, feel weir dlike that
>play derp as hell
>sis too doesn't play well
>she pauses the game
>"ok anon looks like there is too much stress here, and we both know why"
>"errr... because the light is off?...."
>"no anon"
>she turns off tv and game, and her whole flat
>place silent and dark as hell
>helicopter feeling because of alcohol
>get back to surface suddenly when sister gets on my lap; as i'm sitting on the couch
>lick my cheek, laugh, and kiss me
>immediatly grab her ass for some reason
>she rubs her croch on mine
>i push her away from the couch
>say we shouldn't do that, suggest to sleep
>she comes from her room minutes after

shared the story for the first time a few days ago, some interesting talk went after that so i thought i'd share again

i'm "comfortable" with it cause it hapened as we were adults
That's all that happened?

That's not really incest. Just saying
didn't know if people are reading

> heavily kiss during minutes and licking each other's face for some reason
>she leaves
>i feel guilty and wrong and starts to cry
>we go to her bed
>i apologise
>she does too
>we cry and kiss
>kiss during minutes both crying
>weirdest boner ever
>plan suicide
>stop derp thoughts and kiss sister back
>she leaves bed
>comes back with condoms
>says we're cool and it's just like fapping together like two friends would do
>suck me, and i ask for 69
>starts fingering her ass
>she goes out of bed, get's freaked out
>we get back to bed together
both get pyjamas
>hugs and kiss and hug and rest then
>sis falls asleep
>awoken by our cats at noon
>sis puts them out
>ok play it cool anon you were drunk and no one will ever talk of it
>sister comes back to bed, lick my cheek weirdly like she did the night before
>she moves her ass
>"sis you can't do that stahp"
>she turns and slaps me
>she keks for some reason
>she kisses me again
>i push her away
>"sis this is so weird... there's no falling back point... let's do it seriously"
>she kisses me, tells me she loves me
>get back to spooning position
>she says it's a punition
>she puts my dick in her ass
>"you said you never had it with a girl before when you were drunk the other day anon"
>37 secondes later i came
>she turns back, kisses me and crying
>i cry too

>gets out of bed, shower together
>play with each other's body, like just genuinly curious, without a word
>get dressed
>get to brunch
>"anon that was awesome...good thing cause we can't do that... but doing it while we're both single felt ok"
>"yea that was... kind of the best"
>shopping the whole day
>still manage to enjoy her company without thinking about the massive taboo
>get back to her place
>she plays some mario galaxy while i cook
>she stops the game, gets to her room
>comes back heavily dressed
>girls are weird, get over it
>night goes cool, we play vidya, watch the last ghibli at that time
>we say good night
>she goes to her room
>be on the couch
>get under covers
>stroke dick for business reasons
>get bored
>try to get sleep
>sis comes back
>take off everything
>best lingerie ever... and a piercing where i like it but i didn't see it in morning
>turns off light
>classic vanilla sex

>leave place the day after cause i had to go back to my place
>never spent such time together again
>still kiss when we're single at the time and no one can notice us in the house

>my gf dumped me last week
>sis dumped her bf 3 months ago
>sis is visiting in 2 week

wat do?
I still feel wrong that this hapened
but since, we didn't change in everyday life, especially when we're at my parents
but it feels wrong... and good at the same time

still, i imagine suicide after i come everytime... she does too

i read a book about it, and it ays that in some case, when children are neglected at home it can happen
i raised her cause parents have always been busy
i guess moving away, leaving the country, maybe it was distance i needed cause we were too close

i'm happy it didn't happen as we were kids
but still, it feels wrong... but i know it might happen when she visits
"she says it's a punition"

What is a punition

The story needs some work. Is that the end?

What's your ASL?
English isn't my language, i guess this is why it's messy

I'm 27 now, male, living in Europe
not telling more on 4chan when talking about such dangerous subject
what about you?
It's not a "dangerous" subject. It is just socially unaccepted.

In truth, it's natural. It happens all the time in nature. It is only a very new social taboo. It's been going on for hundreds of thousands of years.

It is just that society today looks down on it. Tomorrow they may not care again.

It's not something to kill yourself over. The only real risk is to the children. So as long as you don't get her pregnant then who cares.
mec, vas-y. tant que tu mets un capote (ou qu'elle prend la pilule), et que personne d'autre en est au courant, ça ne risque rien. Juste assure-toi que ça reste que du sexe
oui ce serait con qu'on se connaisse déjà, il pourrait y avoir des sentiments
yea she's on the pill and we use condoms
Then why worry about it
Imagine flowers not suicide
cause we keep crying when doing it
Profite. Protégez vous !

You're having an ingrained revolutionary response.

> sex with relatives increases likelihood of recessive traits
> recessive traits are usually bad m'kay
> brain says "yo, quit that shit or i'mma make you feel real shitty."
> you didn't quit that shit
> your brain ain't no pussy bitch
> makes you feel like crap

good thing is, your brain can't kill you.

fucking autocorrect.
>be 12, brother 14
>starting to go through puberty, sex intrigues
>understands what sex is, but no intentions
>walks in on brother jerking it
>sees and runs to room
>not upset, but secretly turned on
>brother comes into my room
>"anon, are you ok? I know that was weird"
>starts to cry
>brother just leaves
>few months past
>we just finished playing vidya in his room
>i don't want to get out of his room
>thinks brother is the coolest fucker ever
>demands i leave his room
>ask why
>no reply
>stays in room
>"if you don't leave anon, I'm gonna hump you"
>doesn't leave
>brother turns me around and dry humps me
>he stops and say, "are you going to leave, or what"
>confesses to him i kinda like
>gets awkward and i leave
>months later again
>chillin in my room
>brother comes in
>we talk, end up wrestling
>his hands started touching me everywhere
>notices he gets a boner
>puts hands down my shirt
>"awh sorry I can't do this"

never mentioned it to anyone, scared to bring it up in person
thi,s who gives a fuck

enjoy your life OP fuck eveyrone else
never thought about doing it again?
or just talk of it, after having a drink? Being tipsy might help

are you still close?
after i went through puberty, I became a huge slut at 16 and he was disappointed. If I even mention it I'd probably be punched in the face or get a broken leg; we still live at home with our parents, so nothing of the sort would come across in conversation
i understand
maybe the day you leave home things will be different
Are you M or F
Autocorrect was trying to fix your stupidity.

Your revolutionary brain didn't understand evolution. It was trying to help. ;)
How old are you now? Does your brother have a gf
Are you a qt?
18 and no he just got dumped
I like to think so
My secret is that I am 28 and my 15 year old brother makes my pussy do wet. I gush when I see him, I can't help it. I picture him on his knees skinny and naked with his young cock between his legs. I want him sucking on my big motherly tits. I just came rubbing myself while typing this I don't know what to do. Am I a pedo?
Well then why not create another situation where something similar might happen. :)
tell more

and yea you are
>Am I a pedo?
No, you're normal. It's just sex.

What's abnormal is allowing puritanical sadists defile the beauty of the human body and define for humanity what's right.

The people who wail "omg, underage/incest sex" are usually the same ones who have no problem maiming and killing children with airstrikes and drones.

If those kinds of murderous sociopaths are the ones lecturing "pedo/ephebophilia is a crime against nature!" then fucking sign me up.

and timestamp
Thread replies: 35
Thread images: 1
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