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aaaaand here we go again!
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aaaaand here we go again!
I just want a qt who was abused in similar circumstances as I was.

Normies don't understand me, and I don't understand normies. A relationship with an adjusted person just wouldn't work
Likes me.
Isn't too ugly.
Actually wants to spend time with me no matter how boring it might be at times.

I know it's too much to ask.
*obligatory contribution post*
>light colored eyes are the best but other colors aren't a dealbreaker, depends on what works for you
>thick slavic accent
>drinkers/smokers are a+++
>thin chub or muscular, the taller the better
>i like perky butts and thick thighs on dudes, as well as large veiny hands with long slender fingers
>kinda mean but more than capable of showing affection to someone special
>sadistic, kinky but won't pressure me into doing things that are off limits for me (excessive pain, scat, piss, abdl, just weird shit like that)
>high sex drive
>likes music, has a fairly broad spectrum or at least likes what i do would be really cool
>bonus points if you look kinda scary
>facial hair and excessive body hair is great depending on your overall style, but neither are super important because it doesn't suit everyone
>likes to cuddle and touch, frequently
>doesn't need to talk or be around eachother every day
>bonus points if ns
>maybe the male version of girl in pic
How were you abused anon?
So pretty much any human?
>Likes me.
>Actually wants to spend time with me no matter how boring it might be at times.

It's been 0 humans so far m8.
My regular pasta...

>dad is a violent schizophrenic paedophile from a rough city
>my mum was also violent
>parents moved from Manchester to Taunton in 1981 because racist
>had my sister in '89 and me in '92
>used to beat me, lock me in cupboards and wash mouth out with soap when I was as young as 3
>had to watch and sometimes get caught inbetween parents physical fighting
>mum and dad divorced in '95
>mum took me and sister to Manchester women and childrens home
>met a guy called Frank
>he used to beat me and my sister, swung us by our ears until they bled
>mum let dad see us and he took us to Exeter
>sexually abused me, physically abused me, mentally abused me and verbally abused me
>used to go crazy a lot, heavy drinker. extremely violent
>dropped sister off at cop station in June of '97
>I'm with this crazy bastard until late '98
>go into care
>am withdrawn
>I molested kids when I was a kid (even living with my dad)
>my foster dad cheated on my foster mum so there were a lot of fights there
>foster dad has punched me on occasion
>I tried to fuck foster sister
>killed her hamsters and a dog
>thought about mass murder a lot
>I attempted burglary once
Damn I fit most of this I guess it's the little things that count
shit, nice
like what?
Well shit, i can relate to maybe half of that

>real dad went to prison for child molestation
>step dad verbally abusive still to this day
>had a few sexually expirences as a kid that wouldn't fly in today's society
>sort of pyro aswell (I do enjoy fire)
>think about mass
Murder a lot but never really would do it unless I was like super old or going to die the next day of cancer or some shit
Well I'm sure you're pretty attractive, a qtpi female is bound to love you
t-thanks anon, but we both know it won't happen
Not that it matters... I know that you probably dream of stability like I do

A Myra Hindley gf is the easy option.
However, I'd only enable if the relationship was toxic
I'm not Slavic, my eyes are dark, I lack excessive body hair and I'm not particularly tall or chubby. But other than that it sounds like me. Oh and I dropped tobacco in favor of other smokables.

Assuming ns means natsoc? In which case I used to be but I've come to dislike statism thoroughly.

I'm a veiny, smoking, drinking affectionate jackass with a varied music and art taste and pretty open in bed. Me and my ex burned through condoms like a teenager through newports. Also been told I've got a 'scary' facial aesthetic. Was a but offended at the time but since I think I see what they mean

Oh but I don't have thick thighs or an ass
nah senpai ns as in national socialist
>teenager through newports
i'll have you know that i started on marlboro blacks and would still never touch those fucking things

we can talk anyway if you want
my schedule today consists of not doing my homework, eating, and jilling


20 m
works 90 hours week
makes good money
pretty boring


Russian or at least speaks it (preferred)
hourglass figure
lives in MA
wants to move in with me sooner or later
willing to clean/cook for me in exchange for love, affection, and being housed/fed/ taken care of.

I want a live in maid I can love pretty much
Natsoc=national socialism
Like actual natsoc not like hitlerboo fascism right?

I'll have you know I started with stogies and moved it on up to American spirits and marlbs.

The black red stripes are a doozey I used to chain smoke the fuckers my god.

And sure I'm limited on social media so you pick a medium, though I work at like 2.
you have good taste friend
holy shit i totally read your reply wrong last time, my bad dude
and yea like actual natsoc

always hated american spirits myself but can respect that
Um my Skype name is my real name you first
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah i'm not posting my username here
you have a throwaway email you can send me yours on?
Ah ffs I don't give that much of a fuck it's only 4chan

Is my skype
>mixed/can pass as racially ambiguous
>pretentious know it all
>has a rly cutesy adorable personality but tries to act mean to be taken seriously (doesnt work)

you (preferably) :
>tall (5'10"+)
>really fucking sexual
>preferably local
>cute/nerdy/dorky but pretentious and an asshole sometimes
>glasses/freckles/birthmarks are a plus
>nice taste and passionate about interests
>likes me as much as i like them (or even more :^) )

that makes me sound rly picky, but i promise they dont have to fit ALL of that, thats just the ideal
Ouch and I even stuck my neck out with my shit on 4chan daaaaaamn
Lmao i fit all of that criteria perfectly. I'm 6'3, lank, sexual as fuck, h.p. glasses, perfect hair, e.t.c
where r u from? and are u interested?

mass, everything other than freckles and glasses

you near mass?
Yeah I am, I'm from Texas though.
im from nyc :/
i cry everytim
From Estonia (fluent at English though)
Skinny but with visible abs ect
Drink often
Scandinavian heritage
Blonde, green eyes

No special requests, whenever I think I like certain types of women some chick comes who meets none of these standards yet still drives me crazy. Should be shorter than me though and not obese.
I wish i could be in nyc right now. All this snow must be outstanding.
not outstanding at all, its pretty annoying actually lol
>good looking, not obese
>preferably darker hair
>pale skin
>listens to all kinds of music and isn't a snob about it
>loves watching films/walking around/driving around aimlessly with me
>has a dream of her own
>isnt codependant
>has opinions on things and hold grudges
>is willing to get into arguments about things,talks for hours etc instead of just cuddling and sex
>knows how to enjoy the momemnt

not that far from mass, want to skype?
yeah sure post urs
Don't go saying it's unrealistic because I know someone like this can't exist. It's a dream girl thread so this is my ideal.

>Short/tall doesn't matter
>Either completely just doesn't care about her hair or has the cute choppy scene girl haircut
>Has sleepy baggy eyes
>Virgin like me (kill me I know)

>Total complete bitch anonymously on the internet but shy irl
>Nice to me
>Likes anime and video games beyond like skyrim tier shit
>Likes to cuddle
>Lazy and sleepy
>Will casually talk shit about random people with me
>Completely miserable (also like me)
>Will sit on my face while she plays games

Yeah doesn't exist. That's life though
I know a chick exactly like that but she's fat
See they all are I think

It sucks that fat is my number one dealbreaker. It's not even a matter of high standards I just literally feel zero attraction to fat people no matter what
File: 666163215415.jpg (5 KB, 276x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Unrealistic list coming through

>Anything but obese
>Height doesn't matter
>Emotionally unstable
>passionate about something
>High sex drive
>will love me unconditionally
>loves to cuddle

>Good shape
>Savior complex
>high sex drive
>cuddle machine

I mean that pretty much sums it up, distance doesn't matter at all. Just respond if you meet these.

>tfw its not even that crazy but she still doesn't exist.
Feels good to be not the only one who wants an unstable gf

I don't even have a savior complex I just get along better with them.
my dream guy...

>about 5'9 -6'
>long dark hair
>big, uncircumsied dick
>open-minded, down for anything
>let's me boss him around (in a nice way)
>but he's sexually more dominant than I.
>easy going
>likes my feet
I mean, I just care too much. I'm genuine af and it gets me in trouble sometimes. I've just realized chicks that are a little unstable are a lot more trustworthy, and I like how blunt they are they'll call me out on my shit.
what's a big dick to you?
You must have missed the first post m8. However... Nigs like you ruin my chances.

Normies with unstable gfs piss me the fuck off
>tfw all of this but not lanky
I always hear about how mentally ill girls are these evil creatures who lie and cheat but from talking to people online it's always the opposite.

The ONLY girls I have ever gotten along with have been borderline or bipolar. No exception.

Just because I wasn't abused doesn't mean I'm a normie. I am mentally fucked and basically need only one other person besides myself in my life and am completely nonfunctional in groups or around any "normies" at all

File: 1431564366566.png (399 KB, 633x745) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I like these threads because it lets me be unrealistic

>near my age range (18-22)
>pale as a ghost
>ginger or blonde are cool but really that doesn't matter
>pretty smile
>average build
>dresses fun
>likes pretty underwear
>slightly horny and kinky
>at least mildly enjoys oral sex (giving and receiving)
>willing to hang around the house in our underwear and cuddle and play vidya
>mildly nerdy, at least interest in vidya / cosplay or willingness to learn, or just likes to watch
>creative in some way, has an outlet
>has cool music taste that she can introduce me to
> likes 80s action movies like robocop and terminator and all that
>supportive of me and my endavours
>has motivations, working towards something, doesn't want to just coast
>likes to dress up and go out but likes nights in
>understands depression / anxieties and can be supportive of them
>someone I could talk into the night with about any topic and feel happy
>funny, makes me laugh
>pretty smart
>loves me

With the exception of the last one I described my ex
It's okay. I over reacted, though I never implied people who weren't abused can't be mentally fucked.

Abused qts can date who they like. Just wish they wanted me though
The depressing part is, girls with mental illness always seem to flock to the most normal human beings imaginable.

I just want someone to be broken with all day inside while we play games
I think a lot of us who were abused or have mental illnesses dream of stability. It's easier for girls

Us guys just want somebody who accepts us for who we are.

>tfw no qt who I could accept and love
Hahaha this is actually all me expect the virgin part, unless you're looking for someone who is NEET. Usually being miserable and complaining a lot is a turn off and I'm actually ashamed of the dark circles around my eyes.
nice and thick. and longer than 6 inches
i just think it's cute when a guy as a foot fetish. not that big a deal to me, just thought i'd throw it in there :^)
Yeah see the virgin part is the most unrealistic I think. I know that.

It just sucks because I would LIKE to be able to mutually explore sexual things with my first girlfriend, going from being awkward and shitty to actually knowing and understanding everything we like sexually and being good partners for each other but if she's already done everything with her exes it's shitty because I'll never get that chance.

The sad part is I know I'm dying alone because I'm too psychologically fucked by social isolation to be able to ever date a not virgin.

Kill me
I am a desperate 25yo male, but this is "just" what I am looking for too.
Three fingers thick enough?

And I'm just giving you a hard time lol serious foot fetishes just weird me out, I enjoy every part of my girls body. If I was with a girl and she wanted me to remove her stockings with my teeth and kiss her feet I'd do it regardless just cause I'm w her cause I think she's gorgeous
God that comment hurt to read, made me cringe actually.

>I'd do anything for her because shes amazing and likes me
i've found some cool people before but they all live far :(

i'm 19/m/uk

dream girl:
>messy hair
>aware of stuff going on in the world
>good sense of humour
>likes to cuddle
>able to tolerate silence sometimes
>will walk with me at 3am to some random place
>likes shitty jokes
Lol wtf

No because she's gorgeous to me else I wouldn't be with her.

I'm not thirsty I get laid when I want. Is it an alien concept that someone can so thoroughly enjoy someone else that they subordinate their own personal impulses to that person's enjoyment? Have fun dying alone lol
Yeah sorry anon you're probably going to end up alone unless you get over that or become okay with doing it with a fat/not attractive woman because you'll have a higher chance of finding one of those who is a virgin, especially as you get older.
It's alright. I'd rather kill myself at 30 than ever be in a relationship where I'm not allowed to discover any sort of new mutual sex things with my girlfriend and instead be basically forced to just become an inferior facsimile of her ex.
yeah, that sounds like a good size =]
you sound like you'd be a good lover.
File: 1437076349026.jpg (82 KB, 472x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB, 472x470
Tfw getting a circumcision
Wait so you want to be with someone and try things that are mutually new to you both? What if she's just ever had vanilla sex? Tons of stuff would still be new.
I want to be with someone who isn't going to constantly compare me against her exes and will actually be willing to start from a clean slate because I know fucking nothing about sex and I just want someone the same so we can learn together without her entire sexuality being fully formed by her ex.

I have heard countless horror stories about how much the guy who took a girl's virginity is imprinted on them, and many friends of mine who have had girlfriends have been cheated on with those guys because their dicks were smaller or they just weren't as good or experienced
>will watch weeb shit and do nature stuff with me
>likes space and astronomy
>likes books
>petite with short dark hair, freckles are a plus
>as needy and cuddly as me
>doesn't mind that I'm too possessive

Too bad I'm an ugly piece of shit and no girl will ever even look at my way.
Sex is nice and all but it honestly takes a back seat to so many other things in a serious relationship. If she likes you for you then she's not going to care about all that stuff and it will be special for her because it's with you. At least that's how I feel.

And honestly, I'm pretty sure only takes 4 inches to make girls happy. Only sluts care about dick size.
you poor bastard. i'm sorry to hear that, anon.
>chubby/strong fat preferred
>height doesn't really matter
>beards are nice if they're well kept
>older than me (late 20s early 30s)
>not a neet shut-in, not clingy, has a life, isn't controlling or domineering
>likes metal/punk, literature, and movies (classics, documentaries, horror are my favorites)
>has a hobby they're passionate about
>similar politics (socialist/marxist)
>ambivalent on religion, curious but not a devoted follower
>loves animals
>not straight edge, not a total wreck either
>is generally a decent, kind, supportive, funny, sweet, affectionate person
>will cook with me
>adventurous, wants to do shit and not just sit around all day
>passionate and attentive in bed, loves to give head
>not a dom, no dd/lg shit either
>likes bbw
>genuinely likes me
>lives in pennsylvania
got long hair? POST PIC HNNG
It's OK anon, I hear they're awful.
No way. It's not that long anymore anyway.
>lanky as possible, skinny as possible
>hair color/length doesnt matter as long as its clean
>pale, tired looking, features more on the feminine side (see edward furlong before he got his shit fucked up)
>shy and quiet, but not chronically depressed sadboy
>listens to a lot of music from the 70s and 80s
>reads a lot, but not a lit snob
>would enjoy sitting in and watching movies all day
>nerdy interests
>likes walking around aimlessly
>drinks or smokes little to none
>dark humor

Feels weird putting down every little thing I like, but I wouldn't want someone who was exactly like me.
You're implying I can actually make someone like me for me.

Besides, I think the only way I could ever be truly free of paranoia is if the girl had NO contact with any exes, which is incredibly unlikely, not to mention if I ever asked for her to cut contact I would be labeled as super possessive and potentially abusive.

I'm a little possessive, not abusive though.

Besides being a straight male sub basically ensures that you'll be single for life, whether you want a virgin or not. Life is shit
Sounds very similar to me

The only thing off is that I wouldn't say I read a lot? Typically most of the books I'm interested are biographies.
Reading is reading, doesn't really matter the subject. I'm reading an autobiography myself at the moment.
Dream girl:
>into cars somewhat
>into films and casual gaming
>willing to put up with my terrible humour
I'm 6"2" and kinda a bear build so any body type is good
Into the above,
I have a steady job,
Prefer giving oral to penetrative sex though both is good.
Kik: doodling_snickers
Plz be in Cali
About who?
File: FeUl2Pe.jpg (91 KB, 619x406) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Dream girl
>Doesn't wear revealing clothes in public
>Doesn't smoke cigarettes
>Doesn't do drugs
>Enjoy music such as
>80's, Hip-Hop, Rock, Euro-dance.
>Loves watching movies
>Into Mystery / Thriller movies, and a bit of Action.
>Likes to cuddle and can teach me how to cuddle
>Enjoys working out, either lifting a bit of weights or simply just going running
>Is alright with me riding motorcycles
>Doesn't lie
>Not afraid to get dirty
>Likes to go walking around
>Not afraid of swear words, and swears herself.

All i can think of at the top of my head.
Adam Ant, he had a pretty interesting life.
>tfw everyone says tall at their first item

When will we ever learn?
That's pretty neato. I just finished a biography about Freud.

He's a pretty rad dude [spoiler]just kidding he's a dick[/spoiler]
>dream girl
>everything from slim to light chubby is fine
>cutesy and smart
>sarcastic / dark humour
>not too outgoing / spending much time with me
>is into playing games
>likes watching movies/netflix all day
>likes to cook with me
>honest and loyal
>likes casual pillow fights
>would build a fort with me
>doesnt do hard drugs (weed, alc is fine if not too much)
>likes cuddles and doesnt mind if I say clingy stuff
Are glasses mandatory?
Haha yeah just based off what I know of him he seemed to have some mommy issues.
no, i just think they're nice. but if someone met all the other criteria, i think they'd be perfect as well.
File: happypresso.jpg (802 KB, 2292x1525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Women or men?

Men don't give a shit about their partners height.
File: 1445871057955.jpg (24 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Got a question for everyone:

What is the one thing that would be a seller for you? Like the person has that, be it a certain physical or mental trait and boom, suddenly your interest in him/her is much more important?

On the contrary, what is the one thing you can't stand? In the same way it can be anything: arrogant, bad breath, too small/tall, whatever
Dream girl(also cool with traps and transgirls)-

>More extroverted than I am, but not a social butterfly
>More intelligent than I am, but not pretentious about it (I'm not a complete idiot, I just have a thing for very smart women I can learn things from)
>Has their own hobbies that they're passionate about and willing to help me get into if I'm interested.
>Very no-nonsense when it comes to personality faults- They recognize their own, and mine, and are willing to put in the work to change both.
>Very affectionate and sweet, but not in public beyond hand-holding/bumping shoulders and the sort
>LOVES art- Will browse DA with me and make fun of shitty art but not in a spiteful way.
>Enjoys soft drugs
>Has enough life experience/hardships to be down-to-earth, but also sees the bright side of the experience gained.
>Can have abstract conversations about emotions/psychology/culture (Again, I like to learn so if they're more well-versed in it than I am I consider it a good thing)
>Confident in what they do but not cocky/arrogant about it.
>Honesty is mandatory, regardless of whether it's honesty about positive or negative subjects.
>Not overly-sensitive.

>I don't really care, just naming ideals.
>Somewhere between 5'2-5'8
>Preferably brown (+10 for biracial girls)
>Preferably small-medium chest
>White girls are cool too if they're super pale and have dark circles under their eyes.
>Has a moderate amount of scars on their face/body- I have a thing for old acne scars.
>Proportionate body. I don't care much about if they're fat/lean/fit/chubby but their body has to match.
>Short-medium hair (+10 for curly/kinky hair)
>Tattoos/piercings are okay, I'm pretty neutral on them.

We only brought this upon ourselves, just take a look at how thirsty your average male is.
>No long hair
Oh well. I'm guessing you were in the US anyway?
File: pilotu3.jpg (260 KB, 525x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
260 KB, 525x525
>210lb (chubby but not obese)
>Slightly above-average face
>Tri-racial but just look white as fuck
>Has shitty tattoos (relics of the past)
>Spends all day reading(essays, philosophy, poetry),writing, and drawing
>Mild mental issues but I don't use them as an excuse and I mostly have them under control.
>Extremely open-minded, mostly non-judgmental, friendly
>Will text you at 4 AM even though you're asleep because I found something that I thought you'd enjoy
>A little clingy, but not excessive- Will give space when needed
>Believes strongly in talking things out.
>Will ramble aimless essays about shit but won't expect you to pay attention (Bonus points for doing it tho)
>I smoke a pipe because I'm a pretentious faggot
>Never been a junkie
>Smokes pot, eats benzos, enjoys psychedelics and dissociatives(But been clean of anything other than meds for a while because job)
>Extremely honest, sometimes to a fault.
>Autistically blunt
>I can be poetic about stupid shit
>Currently do handyman work with an occasional art-related job, have stable job lined up in the next few weeks.
>Poor and doesn't care- Spends most of my money on rent, books, pens, and incense. The rest goes into savings.
>Saving money to go back to school for social services
>Has majored in (cultural)Anthropology/Psychology and Graphic Design in the past, dropped out for valid reasons.
>Has traveled a lot of the country (backpacking, hitchhiking, ex-dirty kid)
>Plays music/sings (poorly)
>Kik: dashfaster
>Skype: Cmarchmarching (I'm much easier to reach/talk to on skype)
>Anything else about me can be found in what I'm looking for in a mate, but it should be noted that I'm only actually looking for friends.
yeah i am. how bout you?
UK I'm afraid!
Hope you'll find your dream guy, your criterias aren't hard to fill, you should be all right.

Yeah, orbiters fucked up everything.
>deal maker
Kindness. Genuine compassion and empathy in a girl makes her very attractive.

>deal breaker
Poor spelling and grammar. It doesn't have to be perfect but god I hate talking to girls who don't even bother to capitalize the letter "i" when referring to themselves.
>tfw no qt english bf
yeah it sucks though, i never meet anyone remotely close.

Day of the rope cant come sooner.
Deal maker: cuteness and or plaid shirts.
Deal breaker: poor hygiene, esp bad BO
>What is the one thing that would be a seller for you? Like the person has that, be it a certain physical or mental trait and boom, suddenly your interest in him/her is much more important?

Has a good smile

>On the contrary, what is the one thing you can't stand? In the same way it can be anything: arrogant, bad breath, too small/tall, whatever

Has an outie.
I'll fake the accent if hair length doesn't matter
I would say so

His life was pretty interesting I'd say. He was extremely egotistical and most of his ideas were completely terrible. It was kinda funny to see how many pseudo-apprentices he had but eventually ditched and backstabbed because they started having original (and usually good) ideas that conflicted with his own.
>tfw not even english but french

You'll find him I'm sure.
I don't care if it's something I don't give a shit about- If you can passionately rant about a subject for an hour straight, I'll melt.

>Not contributing to conversations
>Being easily offended
>Stating opinions as fact without even trying to back them up
>Saying daddy/mommy (Shit just creeps me out, yo)

I can talk about space travel technology and anime for hours, are you getting wet?
thanks anon. i hope you find your special girl too.
well. do you match the other things i said? haha
I'm a man, and yes.
File: 1452391832681.jpg (653 KB, 1279x2658) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
653 KB, 1279x2658
>You'll find him I'm sure.

All she needs to do is create a thread, women live life on easy mode.
I do except for being uncut, but I can't really change that or help that it happened
Sounds like he would have made a good artist with that mindset. Whats your taste in music then?
So I've been told. The cock honestly helps, takes a lot of the pressure off but I like to think I'm fun, if prone to uh... Nibbling shall we say
Braces, green eyes, an interest in academics specifically history or science other things too but those are the biggest

Smell, stupidity and being glued/addicted to social media
>Deal maker
Intelligence. Curiosity. Kindness. Sense of humour. Unconventionally sweet. Makes me feel safe.

>Deal breaker
Overly attached. Bad spelling/grammar. Easily offended. Emotionally unstable. Complete lack of motivation. Very unhealthy lifestyle/bad hygiene.

Made me smile.
My taste in music is odd?

Favorite genres are like dadrock, techno and metal. Depending on my mood I might binge listen to specific stuff like classical, or shitty pop songs.

Also movie and video game ost's are neato
Dream girl:
>tall (5'8+)
>curvy/average build
>reasonable size boobs (D+ ideal)
>long hair
>stable in mind and life
>careful with money
>enjoys entertainment outside of drinking
>plays/is alright with me playing games
>working full time
>enjoys intellectual conversations
>likes cuddling up
>likes dogs/cats

If I found someone who hit most of these I'd be happy.
F/28 seeks M

>Grad school, career, or plans for one at least - going somewhere with his life, really
>OK with my height (I'm just a bit over 5'11")
>Sweet-tempered without being a pushover
>Artistically-minded, at least a little
>Has hobbies, probably nerdy ones, but doesn't let them dictate his life (example: if you like warhams or anime, that's cool, but if the most expensive thing you've ever bought is a warham or anime figure, this may be a problem)
>Will do couples cosplay with me
>Somewhere between "skinny little prettyboy" and "possible trap"
>Cuddly and smooth
>Will let me play with his butt sometimes
Oh, yes, also:
>Gets along with my cat
I assume height doesn't bother you
5'11 is perfectly fine, too bad I'm not artistically minded in the least.
If I am forever smooshing a boy into my tits that may be a problem, because kissing is fun, but I don't mind shorter boys as a rule, no.
Oh I'm not shorter, 6'1 here, just making sure you don't have high expectations (see what I did there?)
If you're female, perhaps we could have nice, lengthy, well structured conversations together. If not, you've got top tier taste in partners, my man.
>that may be a problem

I think we have different definitions of that word
>Reasonnable boobs, ideal D+

Dude, that's big. Resonnable is B/C I'd say.
This right here
I am a girl, with top tier taste in partners.
Do you have skype?

I didn't say I didn't like smooshing boyfriends into my tits! And I'm not giantess-tall or anything (my sister is 6'3", holy crap). Just saying I want to be able to kiss my boyfriend without picking him up. So I might feel a little awkward dating a guy who is 5'-flat or something.
me except two or three maybe??
aside from the whole "loves me" thing of course
Glad to know I clear the height factor, bring on the butt play
I've been banging a girl who's taller than me, she 5'10" I'm 5'8" its honestly kinda weirdly hot. Like when she looks down at me and we kiss there's something about the height difference that's just electric I dunno. I'm not even really a sub or anything but it almost feels secure?
That's why I said ideal afterwards. I also class B/C as reasonable, but D+ would be ideal
Oh, is your cat notorious for trying to murder your boyfriends or something?
I do: LargeManeOnPlane.
No, but she can be standoffish sometimes! I joke that she has better taste in men than I do. She is 3/3 now for recognizing boys for being terrible before I did, but the boy I dated who got along with her is a wonderful sweetheart and we are still friends even though it didn't work out.
Our cats can chill together
Where is your kitty? Mine hates to travel.
NYC how about you?
Boo. :( I'm in Seattle.
Nah East Coast friendo.
Will that's a bummer. Feel like talking anyway?
Well, I normally get along with cats, except for one. That cat just never liked me, in fact, she tried to kill me twice when I was catsitting.

I want to go to seattle, the weather there is basically perfect for me.
Maybe! You haven't posted anything except to reply to people. Who are you looking for?
A nice girl that is smart, funny, doesn't take things to seriously, but is driven and focused on what she wants. Someone who likes going outside and having fun and being playful. Is able to be independent and doesn't have a clingy or jealous nature.
>Likes and values art (traditional, historical, and modern) but isn't extremely conservative in their views, can criticism art/artists/musicians despite any success or income
>Is productive/creative, or at least tries to be
>Doesn't use drugs/isn't very fond of them
>Reads books here and there, from a range of subjects... If interested in the paranormal and unexplained would be a plus
>Somewhat interested in technology
>Loves music and strives to discover and hear new music, modern or dated
>Isn't snobbish
>Has an obscure sense of humor (or just one in general), and somewhat self-deprecating
>Looks don't matter too much but as long as I found attractive, at least a 6/10 +
>Is somewhat sexually reserved and distant out of a relationship but very open and expressive in one (vanilla/switch)
>Around my age. Background/ethnicity doesn't matter much
>Analytical and critical mind
>Honest and upfront, confrontational if it's necessary
>Isn't materialistic
>Female and straight
>Never been married
odd how i sounds like the majority of this
I guess I'll do this.

Tall, lanky
I play some video games, mostly Fighting Games now
Slacker style
I play a bit of guitar, I wouldn't call myself good enough to be a guitarist
Really into music. My favorite musical artists/groups are The Microphones, Mount Eerie, Swans, Animal Collective, and Sonic Youth (inb4 >/mu/)
Trying to be more minimalistic
Kind of sad

The girl
Into music to some level, doesn't mind looking at new stuff
Tall-ish (I don't really care)
Emotionally supportive
Isn't obnoxious
Can have fun, but doesn't act wholly immature
I dunno guys, just someone who doesn't make me hurt
Chronic depression
Sleeps a lot
Loves animals
Afraid of commitment but sort of wants to change that
Smokes pot/psychedelics

Sleeps a lot
Not religious
Depression is a plus
Likes animals
Somewhat clingy
What kind of music do you like?
Chronic Depression


Sorry hun but that's not how that works, goodluck having a terrible relationship.
Me: 31/m
>ambitious, either working on a career or in school for one
>intelligent but more importantly intellectually curious - loves learning new things
>branching off of that, will indulge me in my particular nerdy stuff and will teach me about hers
>will let me take her to restaurants, the theater, museums, etc
>kinky, preferably but not necessarily submissive
>loves my puppy as much as i do

>age early 20s - early 30s
>any height, any race, any hair color
>slim, athletic, or curvy body type - be healthy with some boobs and butt
>glasses not necessary but I love how gals look in them
New York seems like it would be full of girls like that! Maybe I'm being too optimistic?
Motivated, intelligent, romantic, passionate, kind, 6', 160 lbs dude here.

Perfect? That would be..
>>taller for a girl (at least roughly 5'8")
>>blonde (if not legit, close.. none of that fake platinum BS for me..)/red head
>>light eyes
>>a kind person, or at least not an a-hole/narcissist
>>at least passably watches her figure
>>jeans and casual type, but knows how to dress well occasionally
File: 1453657444900.jpg (10 KB, 191x262) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 191x262
>Not wanting to lie motionless in bed too depressed to move, holding onto the person you love because they're the only positive thing in your shit life

You gay or something?
>preferably dark hair, but light can be ok too sometimes
>strong enough to physically overpower me
>cold to other people but very affectionate and nice to me
>dom in bed
>above 6' tall
>intense eyes
>similar taste in music (also doesn't mind classical (specifically baroque))
>musically inclined, but if his music taste is good then this can be overlooked
>big dick (6"+)
>if esl, his English should be decent
>preferably white but definitely subjective
>inherently domineering and manly
>very affectionate
>likes to give me hickeys!
>high sex drive
>doesn't mind if i wear his hoodies/shirts sometimes
>not a WEEB
>no southern accent/off putting accent
>nice jawline
>not obsessive with his possessiveness, but possessive in a cute way!
>controlling (not with me but just generally)
>not scary eyebrows
>not into smol boobs
>is ok with getting a cat
>not super keen on having children :D

pls ty
File: lipstick_lesbian.jpg (18 KB, 324x324) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 324x324
- 20/female/South Florida
- (lipstick) Lesbian
- 5'3', like 115lbs
- likes animu and mangoes, vidya gaem (especially pokemon heyo), cosplay, politics, pink moscato wine, PETS, books, debating, hearing about your life stories.

>My dream girl
- Also a lipstick lesbian
- Taller than me, body type hardly matters but I'm a sucker for thin pale girls
- Likes the same animu, mangoes and vidya gaem that I do
- Is smart and can debate with me
- Likes to drink but prefers netflix and chill to going out partying
- Is outgoing and extroverted like me, doesn't make me feel like I need to start every conversation
- Talks to all their friends about me
- Is kawaii in the streets, senpai in the sheets
- Will put on a cute outfit, cute makeup and strut the streets looking hella cute with me.

but I probably never find that girl. mfw. :c
How do you feel about older guys? Because other than that, you just described me to a T.
how much older?
Late 20s
Anything from grunge to -wave shit, I'll listen to anything
Being a normie is the only definite deal breaker desu.
Any favorite artists?
I'm nowhere near Seattle, but otherwise hi you sound delightful.
hi anon are you solely looking for romance or is it cool if we just talked? I feel like I don't talk to cool people enough. desu.

also I'm >>23213361.
Hey I fit most of the criteria. Add me on skype: xnyanta
Hi Seattle. I'm in Portland, 6'3, 30/m, and a few other things from your list. KiK: BurnerPhone38
>skinny, lanky, fit, bit of chub, idc
>broad shoulders
>nice legs
>nice hair
>Russian, Irish, or British accent
>strong cheekbones and jawline
>great smile
>dresses nicely
>high sex drive, dom
>likes punk, metal, grunge, or will tolerate it for my sake and go to concerts with me, varied taste in music otherwise
>enjoys reading
>enjoys art
>will quote good poetry to me
>like literature, linguistics, science, or philosophy
>naturally curious
>feminist, socialist leanings, or political activist
>goofy sense of humor, dark humor, wordplay, puns
>will listen more or less attentively to my rants about whatever neat thing I'm obsessing over at the moment
>depressed or has been depressed
>occasional drug usage
>likes personal space but also likes affection and cuddling a lot when appropriate
>will watch cartoons and snuggle

tfw dream expectations are only fulfilled in dreams
File: 1452487454670.jpg (63 KB, 427x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 427x640

I just want a cute, low-maintenance, chubby/bbw girl with gigantic tits, wide hips, a big ass, and thick thighs who's into video games and TTRPGs, and isn't a slut/camwhore.
Bonus points for ass-length hair.
I don't care about her race.
Taller than 5ft.
Any age between 20-35 is fine.
I'd prefer if she lived somewhere in the Southeast US.
Preferably a virgin.
Deal-Breakers: Extreme Piercings, Tattoos, Smoking, Drugs, Is Religious, Is a Feminist, Has Children

kik: VidyaViking
I should probably include this

Me: 27/Male

>Short hair is nice
>Either 3+in taller or shorter than me(I'm 5'8)
>Not a NEET
>Is fine with me prefering to stay in(I will go out, just rather stay in)
>Somewhat artistic
>Strong personality(not necessarily dominate)
>Has a hobby
>Does not have a dog(dogs and I just don't get along)
Talking is fine too. Though I wouldn't really consider myself "cool" lol. Anyway feel free to add me. On a side note, I realized that t-b-h filters to desu now. I am okay with this.
Aww, you started off so good, then I read the couples cosplay and the skinny little prettyboy/possible trap :/

Cosplay is sexy, but I wouldn't do it seriously, too much trouble and work and I could never trap, nor would I :P

PS: Tall girls are awesome and cats rule!

That moment you wish you weren't 6'6 and had a likable accent.
At least we don't have the same music taste, I'm not really into literature and not depressed :D
Well since I can't sleep, why not?

>31 / Male
>Big & Tall
>Getting fit, almost halfway to my goal
>Have long hair, because I wanna donate it eventually
>Nerdy, but not pretentious about it
>Can cook
>Picky about food
>More reserved and introverted than actually shy
>Plays multiple musical instruments, though not amazingly well
>Owns cattle, has cats I rescued from being left for dead
>Enjoys cheeses from all over the world
>Has endured life's crapfest and come out of it a better person (I think)

>~23 to 33 / Female
>I kinda have a thing for the petite look and the gymnast look
>...And redheads
>Height is negotiable
>Passionate about something
>Has an artistic outlet
>Has a physical / sporting / competitive outlet
>Good sense of humor
>Could take me in a fight if she had to
>Has endured life's crapfest and come out of it a better person

Anyway, thanks for the catharsis.
File: elephant.jpg (638 KB, 2686x1791) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
638 KB, 2686x1791
>half-white half-Mexican
>great beard
>big guy 4u
>I like sports (football, baseball, hockey), vidya, reading, writing, Netflix (I have my own account, please form a line ladies), cooking, wasting time on 4chan and D&D
>recent college grad but no clue what to do with my life
>can be clingy but I try hard not to be

>don't really care about height, I have dated munchkins and amazons and average height women
>white or half-white half-hispanic
>blonde or redhead (brunette is fine for the part-hispanic ladies)
>C-DD cup
>some booty
>dicksucking lips
>submissive in bed (I'm pretty dominant)
>gets my dry, sarcastic, dark sense of humor and has her own sense of humor
>no kids
>doesn't have a shitty attitude
>shares some hobbies with me and has some of her own

Please respond if you fit the description
im not a lesbian but we sound like we could be great friends LOl
You would be surprised
28/m/Aus/Bi here:

Dream guy:
Blond, with green/blue/grey/hazel eyes (optional)
Not a jerk
Accepts my dark/weird SOH
Wants to be monogamous.

Dream Girl:
Red Hair
Shorter than me (ideally shorter than 5'4")
Slim to athletic
Bubbly and cheerful personality
Does not care about money/social status. (I'm dreaming,I know...)
Just delete your post now then.
I'm more on the average in terms of my physical attractiveness, and I don't smoke, but everything else seems to fit rather well, so...
Hello there.
You do sound cute
Other then not knowing if my eyes are intense this is me, I do have facial hair though so my jawline hides but its there for sure when I trim

Throwaway2211 is my skype you really should add me
Baby im All of that shit minus the body hair, accent, smoking and calves. I also have a German accent so get ready for authentic and eccentric Hitler speeches during our passionate lovemaking.
Listen here you cunt. I would give everything for your fucking city and the amount of snow you ungrateful fuckers are getting and all you can do is complain about the annoyance?
>I also have a German accent so get ready for authentic and eccentric Hitler speeches during our passionate lovemaking.

Laughed my ass off at that one.
You can send me a quick email at [email protected] with your Skype or Kik and I'll add you.

My bad for Id change, on phone but that is definitely me.
German but speaks English and a bit if French
Interested in Pol and culture
Kinda cold, a bit of a jerk
Needs some time for myself
Love movies (anything by Anderson, kurusawa. Most of Hitchcock, scrocese and Wong Kar wai)
Like games and books (death in Venice, crime and punishment, critique of the political economy)

Age between 18-30
A little bit chubby or thin but with C tits or more
Don't give a flying Fuck about the height
Godda be chill, not always wanting to do shit
Likes the silence
Likes some time alone
Expresses her emotions and feelings so the relationship stays relatively drama free
Don't care if you're commie or not as long as you know what you're talking about. Seen as many dumb leftists as natsocs
Passionate in bed, not too conservative and likes it rough
Should like similar movies and be down for some gaming and chill, not always action
Outgoing but still watching her mouth (not one of those dumb cunts that talk absolute shit all the fucking time)
Don't care about hair or eye color
Preferably white but honestly I can settle for anything if the interior is right
That end hit hard. I feel ya!
Always nice to give an Aussie a good giggle.
John Wayne couldn't even stand the reign of the tec.
skype: randomstranger.1234
you seem..,.,hurt. sorry that my life is so much better than urs :^)
Average build (not fat, but not fit)
Otaku (mostly watch anime, have anime figurines)
Good job (programmer)
Dom (maybe)
I keep my opinions to myself, but I can be pretty direct if I have strong opinion about something.

Younger than me. 20+
Not fat (preferably thin)
Should be fine spending time with just two of us.
Im this but 5'10"
And kind of built, not thin. But Def not fat
My depression varies im usually depressed internally, but not enough to keep me from doing things
But sometimes I crash and you can hear it in my voice
If I dont have anything to do ill sleep 12+ hrs
>near my age range (18-22)
ugh, idk
>pale as a ghost
as pale as i can be
>ginger or blonde are cool but really that doesn't matter
ginger (copper)
>pretty smile
i guess i have a decent smile...
>average build
>dresses fun
depends on what do you mean by fun
>likes pretty underwear
who doesn't like pretty underwear?
>slightly horny and kinky
slightly ;)
>at least mildly enjoys oral sex (giving or receiving)
>willing to hang around the house in our underwear and cuddle and play vidya
i'm a more of a couch potato movie person but let's give it a check
>midly nerdy, at least interest in vidya/cosplay or willingness to learn, or just likes to watch
quite interested in cosplay and that shit but i really have no idea about it
>creative in some way, has an outlet
>has a cool music taste that she can introduce me to
um i think i do have quite an interesting music taste
>likes 80s action movies like robocop an terminator and all that
>supportive of me and my endavours
i usually support everything a person (that i care about) does and i'll be there no matter what happens afterwards
>has motivations, working towards something, doesn't want to just coast
>likes to dress up ans go out but likes nights in
>understands depression / anxieties and can be supportive of them
>someone I could talk into the night with about any topic and feel happy
>funny, makes me laugh
*insert a joke here*
>pretty smart
oh pls
totes real
>loves me
not yet
Preferably older than me.
Controlling, dominating.
Tends towards violence/abuse but after feels bad after and is incredibly affectionate.
Does too many drugs.
Hello honey, what do you want from your dream guy?
Not a shit taker
Will beat someone's ass
Mostly sub
Good cock sucker
Fun to be around
6ft or more
Big cock
Someone who will stand up for the self but isn't a prick
Should post contact, I fit those. Should've been a little more specific though.
>not a cheater, be loyal and monogamous
>a lot older
>boy or girl, preferably a boy
>really self-confident with the skills to match
>bully to the max
>extremely possessive of people you care for
>not afraid to push the limits
>secretly super dependent [on me]
>able to have good conversation together
>wants to plan a future together
>physical stuff matters very little, but i'm easily swooned by pale nordic cuties.
>mega bonus: have a cute european accent and i'm yours forever

>150cm 42kg ghostly asian
>loud american but okay with relocating
>wizard in training
>likes to funpost and bully
>totally fine without the internet
>competitive when challenged
>crafty and creative, likes art and music deeply
>enjoys vidya and vidya dev. homebrew board games are also cool
>blanket fort through the weekend kind of person
>no kids, ever.

honestly just want someone who makes my heart doki doki.
Contact info?
Kik z.anon
>Tall as fuck 1.82 m
>Really small tits. Think East-Asian pettanko-mode
>In shape / slim
>Usually dresses kind of tomboyish
>Nerdy; likes vidya, animu & mango, books, internet etc.

>Older (DILF)
>Preferably Caucasian
>Preferably as tall as / taller than me
>In shape without being 'swole'
>Warm / emphatic
>Funny / teasing
>Traditional / chivalrous
>Dominant in bed, without being cruel. "Loving domination" (light spanking is fine though)
>Likes receiving oral
>Likes to boss me around a bit outside of bed too, telling me what to wear how to act etc.
>Speaks fluent English
>Some interests in common with me, but like to do his own things too
>tfw not tall enough or old enough
>shorter than me (i'm a manlet tho)
>knows how to cook
>willing to clean/do wifely duties
>somewhat submissive, not overly so
>affectionate and understanding
>doesn't do drugs/not a degenerate
>doesn't have any guy friends, doesn't go out much; i.e. not terribly social
>doesn't mind my hobbies/choice in music/etc
>not dishonest or petty
>tad bit clingy, as I might be too
>not rude to random people for no reason
>not overly emotional

This is all ideal though, I don't expect any one to have everything but this is everything I look for in a qt
>British or Norwegian
>Eats a fuck tonne of food and coffee
>Doesn't weigh a tonne
Im your guy
so close
For me it would be a qt that listens to what I say, or looks to me to decide things. That and if she somehow mentions she'd love to cook for her husband/doesn't mind cleaning or something would have me sold.

Can't stand drugs, or sluttiness, arrogance, pettiness, or dishonesty.
>shorter than me (I'm 5'7)
>Introvert Is preferred but extrovert is fine
>race doesn't matter
>has plans for future
>physical stuff matters, cuddling, hugs, etc.
>confident in herself and her abilities
Super-Ultra-Hyper-Mega-Neo Bonus: Lives close and/or in NY

>Almost full on bear mode but can get sole
>Likes Reading, Computers, Tech and Video Games
>Likes to stay inside a lot
>Likes Daft Punk, Earl Sweatshirt, Hermitage, etc.

I asked for a lot, sheesh.
Dude, you're basically me in 4 years
I think I fit a bit of this somewhat. Besides, I've gotten rather curious about what kind of person you are from seeing your posts in different threads. Care to add frosty.forest on skype and see how well we click?
Tfw 21 years old

Kik degozaruu if you want to talk to an elementary schooler:^)
If you're so miserable that you'll whine about a bit of snow I just can't believe your statement
You seem cute as hell. Some pics or info?
I don't give a fuck anymore just someone that really cares
This is me. I'm 43m, 6' or 1.82m. You sound perfect. We have very similar likes. Kik or Skype is aromeoguy.
File: 1450918989435.jpg (1 MB, 3829x1847) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3829x1847
White knight troll
Read challenging material
Stands up to me
Likes to be stood up to
Martial artist
Painter or writer or philosopher
Makes fun of me
Likes to be made fun of
Deals with my crazy bullshit
File: 1448146985620.gif (915 KB, 500x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
915 KB, 500x282

>Good body (no fat chicks)
>Sub (Petplay)
>between 5'4" and 6'0"
>loves to cuddle
>Big Breast
>Blue Eyes
>Good Face with cute eyes
>Short Hair
>Likes Anime and Video Games
>Likes goings to cons

>A machine told me I was Hot
>Skinny with somewhat defined body
>Green Eyes
>Dark Hair
>Works Hard
>Dream Focused
>Likes music, Movies, Video Games, and Anime
Ideal Guy:

His looks don't matter
Dosent mind that I can get I bit ranty
Makes fun of me and I can make fun of him
Older than me
Great sense of humor
Physical stuff 10/10
Can encourage me, but doesn't try to help me swim in life
Clingy is cool
No mah genetics or weird "I can control weather or rawr" (Why do people still do that shit.)
Size is not a big issue. Height, Weight, cough
Meme wars are 10/10
Can hold a decent conversation. (Because sometimes I get lost and don't know what to say or slip spaghetti)
Slight kinky
Mildly Nerdy

B cup
About 150 pounds (slowly losing)
Black (Haitian)
Jokes from point A to point cringe
Brown hair
Gets distracted real easily
Loves Photography and Art
5/10 Weeb
Wants to adopt when older
And, will get a F on my English paper if I don't get off 4chan now.
but all i really wanted for christmas was a slav
why are they so hard to capture
also, added
don't fail.
I believe I fit this description, contact?
Has a big booty, so I can call her big booty
Plays video games
50% of the sex is anal
Will eat my booty like groceries
Will let me eat her booty like groceries
Has a career
Will slob the knob even after the load

South Florida
Probably will, suffering from a massive headache that is really distracting.
You sound qt and fun
Although too far from me
Best of luck, lovely lady
Stay picky and hydrated.
Best of luck to you too, kind sir!
Stay warm this winter.
I'm willing to bite then, boss
Kik or Skype?
I'm sardoniccharm for both
File: 1.jpg (135 KB, 540x598) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135 KB, 540x598
>likes guns
>listens to me as if I were her master
>cares about her health(vegan, raw food, orgnaic at least)
>has an income or is well off
>any height
>any ethnicity
>will do anal
>will give me blowjobs(deep throat)
>grabs my dick when she wants it
>loves massages(giving and receiving)
>brushes her teeth every night, at least once per day. This is mandatory or I'll be grossed out.
>will lick my asshole while I reciprocate
>lays on my chest, groin, snuggles, and cuddles well
>does not watch T.V.
>loves me for who I am not not the lifestyles were afforded
>need me like I need you because what is life without love?
>making love > fucking
>public sex is a must
>peeing on each other in the shower(mandatory)
>shows me her deep dark inner freaky lover style that is unique to her so that we may grow together.
>knows love doesn't have to last forever
>can be my bestfriend
>will exercise with me
>will do yoga with me
>has a fairly round butt
>refuses to lie to me no matter how horrible the consequence
> wan't to be the healthiest, smartest, most humble, sharing person she can be

Pic related is me

Snapchat: toorawfoechu
kik: kicksterguy
Everything except vegan & fit.
kik me. Let's be friends... :)
This could be me, im going to London in april, hangout?
Contact info?
Smokes weed regularly but isn't a 420blazeit faggot
Doesn't listen to top40
Enjoys trips to the forest/lakes
Isn't one of the "popular" bitches
Doesn't use tumblr or instagram
Isn't looking at her phone every 3 seconds
Isn't cripplingly shy/awkward

Oh who the fuck am I kidding. This is what I want:
Likes me
Isn't godawfully ugly
I'd like someone very similar to me so I suppose I'll just list my qualities to kill two birds with one stone.

I'm 20/M/USA
Want 18-21/F/USA

>6ft (I'd prefer if you're shorter than me but doesn't matter.)
>190lbs (Chubby is fine but not obese)
>Caucasian (Caucasian, Asian or Hispanic/Latino is fine with me)
>Blue eyes, brown hair
>Fairly shy
>Prefer to stay inside playing vidya/tabletop games/reading/watching movies
>No partying/drinking
>No drugs
>Don't particularly care for sex, but I'm fine with it as long as it makes the other person happy.
>Want someone that I can take care of and can take care of me.
>I pretty much want a best friend I can be intimate with.
>I have an income but don't own a car.
>I think I'm decently fun to be around.
>I'd say I'm fairly smart. I'm working on making a video game.
>I can be witty. Good sense of humor.
>I'm caring and nice to people I'm close to.
>I'm a decent cook
>I draw sometimes, am decent at it.
>Organized and clean
>I like animals, open to pets.
>I'm fine with emotional issues and things like that.

Skype: noopmanu
I messaged you on kik:)
Hi anons sorry I'm late. If y'all wanna talk and are still lurking, my skype is: despair-muffins
Yeah that'd be cool, got Skype or kik?

195lbs - Fit
Driven (Type A personality)

>Loves cooking (make me sushi plz)
>Submissive towards me
>Knows lots about one of these: Movies, Music, TV Shows, Books.
>Must love animals
>Likes thrift shopping
>Enjoys being taken care of and protected
>Likes gaming and wants her own uberPC
>Will sit in my lap and cuddle me for hours
>Loves sexy-time (she's probably perverted)
>Can dance
>Fit or is interested in becoming fit/healthy
>Educated or enjoys learning
>Has hobbies and passions that she's enthralled by and wants me to teach me
>Sparkling blue eyes
>Working towards being in a career that she really loves
>Has dealt with depression
>Has an obnoxious laugh that I love
>Clingy as fuck
I fit this except the pale Nordic and euro accent. Kik or Skype is aromeoguy

Hi Vyro

I still think about you always
Nine.s97 on kik
is this you or what you want?
if want, what are you like? And location?
You sound too interesting to be real, and I'd like to know more. I think I fit way too many of your requirements. Contact for more: >>23213714
I'm tall, thin, agnostic, has dysthymia, loves cats and other animals, oh and huge nerd star wars, marvel, etc. Kik is jbarber720
Tall, thin, nerdy, easy going, lazy
Contact kik is jbarber720 sc is dudeguy451

Dream girl
Thin, bigger doesn't matter
Just looking for a nice nerdy outgoing girl
Do you have a height preference? I'm everything listed but I'm also 5'7" and I know guys like really short girls
Not all guys do I'm 6 foot 4 so your height is a god height.

>Average build
>hazel eyes
>black curly hair
>smoke weed
>Life long existential crisis
>open to alternative lifestyles
>reading is cool


>18 - 25
>Red or Blonde hair is a MASSIVE plus
>Life long existential crisis
>high sex drive
>doesnt take life too seriously
>likes to cuddle and kiss
>likes to travel randomly across country, and travel by car
>has interest shes passionate about
>Likes to learn more
>Okay with weed/smokes weed herself
>generally just fun to be around
>If your shy thats kinda cute too
Do you mean petite as in short, skinny, or both?
Ideally both, but mostly just skinnyish, im tall so height isnt really something I care about.
> big ass, but small boobs
>really random and wierd
>brown eyes n hair
>like to laugh
>dont to talk so much only when its needed
>seems shy but im fucked up
>study at school atm
> like movies, docummentary
> like history, sience and learning new stuff
> very kindhearted
>hard to get to know truly
>live in scandinavia
>i love deep conversations about space n stuff
> love psychedelics and weed

> age doesnt matter as long as its between 20-30
>have your own style, but also look good
>someone that will treat me with respect
>will be there for me when i need him
>also a big cock and a reallt good lover because i love sex
>is edicated somehow
> strive for peace, pacifist like me
> also like psychedelics and weed
>taller than me
> deep eyes
>dominant sometimes
>speaks english at least
>loyal to me
>show me love everyday, like to cuddle
>live everywhere idc

KIK caliette if you are the one

>Average height
>Usually get 7/10 in r8 threads
>Shortish brown hair
>Brown eyes
>Initially nice to everyone
>Complete ass if you piss me off
>Love vidyas and photography/writing
>Occasional 420
>Works out when I need to
>No real weird fetishes, I'd try dom though

Dream m8:

Petite to about 3 inches taller than me
>Red curly hair
>Same as me except a bit more bubbly
>Into some of the same things I am
>Craftmaking turns me on for some reason
>Understands me
>Really weird fetishes

I actually met a girl like this through Tinder. Problem is she won't reply to me anymore because she deleted it, still have her Insta though.
You are literally my dream girl, but I'm your age. I fit everything except being older and chubby side of bearmode
Idealish Guy

>Masculine but not a dick
>Preferably taller than me but hopefully 5'10"+, I don't really care that much tho
>Enjoys shitposting and can keep me company while Im in class/lab. Basically can appreciate constant joking/talking.
>Has an interest or is passionate about bulking/working out. Would enjoy going to gym with me. I'm more into guys that are heavier set bulky and enjoy bulking.
>Is emotionally supportive for me, Going into first year of med school in the fall and Ideally want someone who can pick me up when I'd need it
>Enjoys the yung vidya gaems. I nerd out quite frequently and play for hours on end when given the time, so someone that has interest in playing with me would be chill.
>Dominant in bed
>Is an honest, caring, nice person.. all that jazz
>Appreciates me wanting to cook them a meal most of the time, especially after workouts.
>Loves to cuddle and be big spoon
>Bonus points if you're central time zone, but distance doesn't really matter as long as you have the ability to commit to long term stuff if it gets there.
>tfw fag
Sorry if i'm being insensitive, but i am curious regarding those experiences. Mind sharing some?
You basically described me, friend. Not implying anything, just feeling rather flattered.
i love you
not saying you shouldn't be, but why would you be flattered over it?
kik? ;))
Im a guy if you didn't get that from the post. I scrolled up and you had 'herself' in your post so I assume It won't fit.
Dont worry f a m im down 2 slam
just add my skype lmao, its cynillys
near or far, you're probably not around :3
I'm everything except thin (not fat tho). You also seem my type.
Actually just give me your kik, I can make one ez
Is me btw, just switched to phone and went to lab
I want a business man bf that would spoil me slightly like buying me cute sunglasses or get me a cute necklace and say 'I saw this and thought of you'

I'm a slut for a thin man in a suit though. Dark hair would be a plus, dyed or natural I don't care. I love light eyes as well.

Accepts that I cosplay
Age? Location?
That's close to me darn it except for the height
I think your my one...
Lmao give me your kik if you wanna talk I guess
Don't have one but I could make one
Just drop it when you made it
>at least 8/10 and 10/10 legs and ass (i.e works out)
>fashionable, not hipster, rich girl
>not too emotional
>can take criticism (from me at least)
>alpha in her friend group,
>has guy friends too
>cheeky or mean at times.
>likes to get a bit freaky in bed
>stable family life
Hello miss
I think I'm your guy
But have you heard anything by Buckethead?

Kik is Boomator if you'd like to chat. We could swap depressing stories of lost hopes and dreams perhaps.
>brown hair/eyes
>very sarcastic and blunt and hardly ever serious
>lonely all the time
>i have too many stuffed animals for my own good
>spend free time playing video games, drawing, or shit posting
>love love love animals
>no self esteem/confidence
>kinda clingy
>love physical affection
>i just wanna hold someones hand all the time

you?????? idk
>18-22/M/idc about location
>pls be attractive
>dark hair, light eyes
>deep voice
>slim-medium build
>facial hair is gross, slight stubble is okay
>plays vidya with me
>likes my art/encourages me to do it
>willing to take care of me
>kinda high sex drive
>loves giving me attention/affection
>dom but nothing extreme
>sarcastic, can tell when i'm joking/being serious
>same music taste, i'm mainly into metalcore but listen to other stuff too
>must like animals
All of those fit me. Contact info?
File: 1449711654244.jpg (200 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200 KB, 800x1200
Ms. Right:
>5'6" or under
>Values "her" time
>Open to an open relationship
>Pretty face
>Not morbidly obese
>Not literally skin and bones (I do like skinny girls thought)
>Loves to give oral...like LOVES it. She can orgasm from sucking my dick.
>Wide tongue and a mouth big enough so that I don't have to worry about teeth.
>Can deep throat, but still gags
>Likes it a little rough
>Sexually uninhibited, will try most things more than once
>Has a job, and contributes enough for herself and us.
>Swallows...is obsessed with cum/facials
>Likes to perform sexual acts on video
>Likes to wear lingerie here and there.
>Likes to wear socks in the same way a girl would wear lingerie
>Constantly wears cute socks
>Has a few tattoos
>Isn't dependent on me, but cannot live without me.
>Likes to look pretty from time to time, but isn't always in sweatpants
>Loves movies (horror, comedy, cheesy)
>Loves cartoons
>Has family, but is an individual
>Values me over anyone else.
>Willing to submit.
>Likes to cook with me.
>Likes pool
>Doesn't want marriage
>Maybe wants kids, but not a deal breaker
>Loves animals
>May experiment sexually with animals.
>Has my back
>Won't flake out / in it for the long haul.
>Has a good heart.
>Not picky on race, but I have never found a black girl attractive. Would love a white, latina, asian, or native american girl.
You my dear, would be perfect. :)

My post:
>pls be attractive

>v-card intact
>into video games
Color me surprised.

You and your ideal of an ideal mate sound pretty cool.

>cares about her health

Pretty cute.

>Likes receiving oral
Asking for too fucking much there.

But why?

>Deal makers
Being an artist, musician or writer; and is totally obsessed by it, not faggots drawing/playing music in their free time and writing blogs.

>Deal breakers
Willfully ignorant, submissive outside of the bedroom, unironically racist/sexist/conservative/religious, into super weird fetishes, fat/doesn't take care of her body, socially retarded/super shy, clingy, can't take a joke, no hobbies beyond consuming media, etc, etc
>Loves animals
>May experiment sexually with animals.
T-that's not how it works.
Stop stalking me creep.
I think you can be an animal lover, and still blow a dog/horse/donkey here and there. I am not talking about abuse. Also, would love a girl that likes to get licked.
Eh, guess. If it's about blowing them and not sticking up stuff in them ... it can be non-abusive. I am certainly not an expert on the topic.
Yeah, totally just blowing them and letting them fuck maybe. I think it would be abuse if it was forced. A blowjob is hardly the worst thing you could give an animal...amirite?
skype: hundred22hours
This shit made me laugh.

>Fat, short, lonely, and unattractive

You need to be
>In shape, tall, and attractive

The irony in this post is unreal, even for 4chan standards.
She has acceptable bodily hygiene.
She tolerates my presence.
Isn't very deformed.

That's literally it.
The problem with her is that once in a while a fit and tall man will have sex with her, making her think she can get one to stay for a relationship. Once her good looks fade she knows she should've settled for something more realistic.
I always want to join these kinds of threads, but don't because I'm disfigured and too much of a project or someone most men would probably put into the deal breaker category. Not that I blame them.
My list is kind of long because I spend too much time thinking about it, I suppose...Since this is a dream guy/girl thread, I don't feel quite so bad.

>is sweet, kind, thoughtful, confident (at least sometimes) and a hard worker
>likes the cuddles
>is good with animals and children
>is slightly more outgoing than me, which is easy peasy
>maybe would like to try outdoorsy things like camping or just taking walks in the woods
>heavily into video games
>enjoys cartoons and some anime
>maybe an artist, models or has some kind of hobby or job where he creates
>can handle his alcohol well if he drinks
>doesn't do drugs of any kind
>likes home cooked meals more than going out
>has a dark, dirty sense of humor and enjoys puns too
>is passionate about something or gets excited about the things he enjoys
>more talkative than me or isn't one of those people that gets overly uncomfortable unless we're talking nonstop
>is okay with spaghetti spilling and has the ability to calm my nerves
>the kind of guy who can say "I love you" to his buddies

I even went as far as body, but looks are actually not that important and it's really just what I imagine when I think of him.
>taller than my 5'3 self
>broad shoulders
>bushy eyebrows
>facial hair, hair on chest, tummy or a trail leading to the belly button
>big hands with long fingers

In the end, what's most important is someone who enjoys video games, is a kind, patient and understanding person who doesn't take shit from others, doesn't do drugs, values loyalty and loves me despite my flaws.
Maybe one day I'll be able to get surgery and feel comfortable finding someone for real.
How are you disfigured?
How can I contact you?
Because Capitalism and Socialism dont work
I'm not blonde, if that's a deal breaker. A lot of the rest seems to fit. Tell a little about yourself, maybe?
>Long curly hair, dark eye circles, you get the picture
>Trying to put on some muscle
>Gets good grades I guess

>Is at a crucial point in his life and would rather just listen to music really loud and and dance around in his room rather than face it
>Quiet guy that secretly wants to be an extrovert
>Yet somehow too talkative
>Probably not too great at this whole relationship thing
>Tends to list too many negative qualities about self

>Someone who feels the similar way about things I guess, I don't know what I want
>Someone to go travelling with
>Someone passionate about something or nothing in particular
>Someone anxious enough as I am to get out of their shell, even if one of us has to drag the other out of the house
>Someone who hasn't got it all figured out yet
Exept for the slavic accent and the body i'm all of that.
5"10 thou and working out so hope i will be muscular and have thick thighs.
shit wrong post

this was intended for

plz respond
Dream girl:
-drinks beer and/or whiskey
-likes food
-willing to try new things
-has rhythm; preferably has some skill on a musical instrument (just for funsies)
-doesn't mind that I just said funsies
-able to analyze emotions rationally
-voice is not squeaky
-ambitious; has something she's passionate about, even if it never goes anywhere
-wide taste in music
-playfully obnoxious sports fan
-politically informed
-able to argue things based on reason
-not a regular smoker
-kinda big; chubby but also built solidly; kinda strong.
-kinda pale
-will at least make an effort to understand me

-beard. Brown hair.
-kinda big; kinda chubby but also built solidly; kinda strong
-likes food
-drinks beer and/or whiskey
-professional engineer
-amateur musician
-has some friends but sometimes feels like being alone
-plays video games very casually; mostly classics
-playfully obnoxious sports fan
-makes puns, likes to laugh, likes to make others laugh
-clinically depressed; tears of a clown
-politically confused, but informed. Fiscal responsibility is good.
-6 feet tall.
-I like cars, comedy, beer, music, the internet, sports, and watching terrible movies

I like dreaming. I cast this post into the ether :)
How would be another system relying on humans not being cunts be any different?

>but informed. Fiscal responsibility is good
I'm not blonde, so that's a shame. Do you have a kik or skype you'd contact on?
Humans are only shitty because we´re raised to be that way. Our society thrives on egocentrism (individualism, money etc.) and a lot of morale and financial values are connected to that. I´d argue that you cant be raised nor live in a capitalistic, or similar, system withouth turning out egocentristic. If we were raised with an emphasis on survival and well being in a group we would maybe not do so much shit that hurts other people just for the gigglz. If we think of the human as egocentristic out of nature communism doesnt work, but I never heard a persuasive argument that would tell me so :)
This is me. Do you have skype?
Skinny but not skeleton
Good cook
Reads philosophy
No tatoo
Never drank alcohol
Never smoked / did drugs
Can do triple integrals
Can program
Can play piano/cello/violin
Doesn't listen to pop music
No proletariat-tier hobbies like gayming
Never had sex
List goes on but I'd say that's passable at the least. I mean, human beings can't be perfect.
File: snob (1).png (240 KB, 485x662) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
snob (1).png
240 KB, 485x662
pretentious much?
I know a girl like that
Pretty sure science confirms it too, to a point. Obviously being raised in a society that rewards being an asshole doesn't help and people tend to act cooperative when the situation calls for it, just not enough to work on such a huge scale.

> I´d argue that you cant be raised nor live in a capitalistic, or similar, system withouth turning out egocentristic
Might apply for the general population but there will always be people who stick out, positively or negatively.

Besides, how would you even want to implement it, given most people are raised with capitalistic mindstate? Convincing them that profits and money aren't super fucking duper awesome, sounds optimistic at best.

>Doesn't listen to pop music
>Never had sex
It was a pretty cool list but you had to fuck it up.
>pretentious much?
You're in a thread of people describing their dream girl/guy...Please be less of a faggot.
File: 1353299229665.png (11 KB, 211x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 211x246
I know but its still a fucking idioting thing to want.
>He must play a "high artsy" instrument
>He must like better things that those low level class people
>He must´ve never touched the godless sins of drug
I mean what moral compass do you need for this shit?
Yeah, it is pretty cute. Too bad we're both guys. Guessing by your posts, though, I think we have potential to be friends. If you have Skype, you should add me. It's etriganthedemon71
Who could care about height?
Kik is sardoniccharm
do you have skype?
Is this a dream man or woman?
>Female (21-26)
>NOT asexual/aromantic
>Not a hambeast
>Chubby is fine but not huge
>Likes to do go on stupid dates/adventures
>Doesn't party/get drunk
>Likes cuddling
>Kinda geeky, at least likes to talk about shows/games sometimes or doesn't mind when I do
>Wants kids someday
>Lives within reasonable driving distance
>Doesn't mind that I keep my head shaved
>half asian
>long, curly hair/man bun
>thin build
>attends University
>likes/creates art
>interested in lots of kinds of music, especially punk/ska
>generally very happy person, but has struggled with depression in the past
>somewhat introverted
>enjoys nerdy things

dream girl:
>18+ female
>short-average height
>any ethnicity
>either short hair or curly, dark hair (or both)
>thin or skinny or athletic build
>is friendly and kind to others
>either attends University or has some serious goals for the future
>is passionate about something
>has a broad taste in music
>is somewhat sub
>is quite affectionate
>would prefer to stay in and cuddle/watch movies/have sex/whatever than party and shit
General/Personality (Most important)
>Male (gay)
>A good amount of similar interests (mathematics, philosophy, literature, similar tastes in music, dry humour)
>Not needy (I'm not into cuddling or pda)
>Particular about grammar
>I drink all of the fucking time so perhaps join me sometimes
>Not a stoner

Looks (Somewhat important)
>Perky ass
>Lean (though that's unfair as I'm a bit chubby)

Bonus point material (Least important)
>Blue eyes
>Black hair
Not picky about race but mexican/latina ideally
Proud about certain aspects of culture
Darker skin
Below 5'8"
In good enough shape to mostly keep up with me when hiking
Likes hiking/ outdoors
Bonus if she'd rock climb with me
Likes analytical dudes who are learning to connect with their emotions
Nice hips/butt
Lives ideally in North County San Diego, or the rest of SD, or Temecula or San Clemente

my instagram is Sondrous
36 m from the south. Yeah I have a accent.
Anything asian and female, I dont even care anymore.
You grew up really sheltered
>Likes me

>>Likes receiving oral
>Asking for too fucking much there.

Well I like giving, and *some* guys don't like it. I know it's a minority but yeah.
File: 1450388186068.jpg (41 KB, 635x473) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 635x473
>black hair
>Pretty slim
>Mexican american
>into fashion
>like anime and video games
>Like to go out and about
>Currently a neet but going back to work in March
>Usually happy but depressed
>Have a big sense of humor.

Ideal girl
>Preferably older than me or around my (18-25)
>Taller than me
>Into fashion
>Into or is okay with anime and video games
>Likes to go out and do random shit
>Also likes to stay in from time to time
>has a good sense of humor
>Likes to cuddle
>Nice legs and butt
>Preferably Latino/Hispanic or Asian.
>Lives near me (San Diego)

As I type this it feels more unrealistic
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