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Okay so I know the odds aren't high...
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Okay so I know the odds aren't high but anything with milfs/ older women attracted to young men. Share experiences or contacts

I dated an 18 year old when I was 23. I didn't know for a while. That's the biggest age gap I've had with a guy. My other two boyfriends were also younger.
Do you prefer younger guys or does it just happen?


Stop calling people "milf", you fucking idiot.
LIFE TIP: suck my balls Milf
Is almost 27 too old for you?
It's not like I actively seek younger men or get off from the age gap. For some reason guys I'm attracted to have always been younger.
Ahh I see I don't really pay attention to age at all although there is something about a more mature experienced woman
I just like pregnant mothers or recently pregnant mothers.... Any of those online??
18 year old boy here
>be 24
>finishing master's degree
>living in house owned by late 40's woman
>she got it in divorce
>she's not bad looking. has the body of a woman who has had a couple of kids, nice tits
>she knows shit about repairs
>I was brought up by a father who fixed everything so know how to fix everything
>she mentions sink problem
>fix her sink problem
>few more repairs
>now having glass of wine after each repair
>now just having wine and talking
>talk about relationships, life, kids
>she comes right out and says "would you be willing to fuck me?"
>yeah, why not?
>go into her bedroom
>it's like her pent up sexual desire has suddenly been unleashed
>fuck in every position
>rides me like her life depended on it
>I cum a couple of times (really two is my limit) but she goes 5-6 times
>start doing this every Monday night (Fridays and Saturdays I hang with my friends and her kids come over)
>every Monday night she's on fire again like making up for lost time
>unfortunately take job out of state and have to leave
>3 months later she comes to visit and we fuck all weekend
>last time I saw her
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Fuck, thats hot!
Lucky mufuckaaa
Props on slaying one anon
I'm a male of course.
When I was twenty three I dated a woman in her early thirties. Also had a thing with a woman older than my mom before I met her.
Twenty four nothing happened.
At twenty five started something with two women both in their late thirties.

It's nice
>16/M at the time, mid 30's now
>acquaintance of mine has a smoking hot redhead for a mom, she's only 34, had him at 16
>has an older sister also redhead, 18
>over for party at their house
>had never met mom or sister as we're not friends, had heard that both were hot
>get drunk as hell, flirting and having a generally good time
>start chatting up hot redhead, looks a bit older and figure its his sister
>having a fun time, she tells me I'm funny but cocky
>end up talking to other people for a while
>go to bathroom
>come out of bathroom see redhead changing from sweatshirt into tanktop from behind
>"nice shoulders, they look like they could use a rub" in totally fake sexy voice including raised eyebrows a couple times when she looks
>starts laughing but says "come in and rub them then"
>do as commanded, shut and lock door behind me
>room is fucking nice, well decorated, doesn't look like a teen girls room
>start rubbing shoulders, omg are they nice, can smell her shampoo in her hair and her perfume, she smells amazing
>"omg anon, you've got such strong hands, I haven't had a good shoulder rub in ages"
>"no worries I do my best to please if ya know what I'm saying" again in corny flirting voice
>"you're doing great, please don't stop..."
>head drooping forward, oh my fuck she looks so good, I have a thing for shoulders/nape of the neck
>can't resist, give her a couple kisses on the side of the neck and give her a little teeth drag on one
>instant goosebumps on entire arms, instant nip out through bra and shirt
>"omg anon....can you do that again"
>continue like that for a few minutes, she start moaning softly and cooing
please moar
I dated a 40 year old when I was 22.

She would buy me dinner all the time or cook something herself to bring me. Would always bring me fruit snacks (they were the Scooby-Doo kind) when she'd pick me up and she'd jerk me off at wherever in her car. Then get me vodka and a hotel room and we'd fuck. Then she'd cry because it was obvious that all I wanted. We did this exact same routine every weekend, summer of '11.

Obsessed with black guys and told me I wasn't black enough. She was a bit chubby and pretty fucking insane but sucked cock like no one else.
>she suddenly turns around and starts kissing me very passionately, head swooning, grabs a hold of my dick, didn't notice until now but I got a good semi going
>keep making out for a bit, rubbing my hands under her shirt on her sides and back, grabbing handfuls of her great ass
>she starts unbuttoning/unzipping my pants
>hand into pants, stroking dick
>kneels down and pulls down my pants and boxers
>not going to lie and say I have a big dick, I'm absolutely average length 5.5" and 6" girth so nothing special but it works so fuck yea
>pushes me back on the bed and starts stroking me some more
>slowly starts sliding her lips over the head.....words cannot explain how those green eyes looked when she did this nor how good this felt
>blows me for a few minutes(came one time my entire life from a BJ, it wasn't this night)
>stand up and peels off her shirt and bra
>I pop up and start making out again while I undo her pants
>pick her up, spin around and drop her on the bed, pull her pants and panties off
>she looks amazing, some stretch marks, great B cup tits that are still very perky and freckles all over
>grab her ankle and start kissing my way from her ankle down towards the rest of her
>when I get to the knee she covers her face with both hands and says "I can't believe I'm doing this!!!"
>continue down, when I get to mid thigh she opens wide for me and I continue down to her pussy
>I slowly start licking her clit a bit and slide a finger into her, she's not tight, but not loose either, just very wet and I'd say snug...or something like that
>I get her goiing like that and after a few seconds her hands leave her face and are now in my hair
>after a few minutes I can't take this, I have to be inside her
>I climb up, she pulls her knees way wide and back
>I slowly put the tip in and then enter her all the way....omg she felt like she was on fire
>"omg I needed this so bad anon, just slow fuck me for a bit ok....."
>do as I'm told, thinking about anything I can to not cum quickly, ended up running through football playbook
>"anon, rub my clit with your hand....."
>do as told, kind of backhanding it, not sure how to explain, palm facing away from me, using middle/ring fingers on both sides of hood
>"omg anon, right there, press harder...."
>moaning very loud now
>holy shit dudes and dudettes, when she came it felt like a hand grab ahold of my dick and started milking it for all it was worth
>I start cumming about 2 seconds after she does
>"keep fucking me anon, keep fucking me!!!"
>keep trying to go as long as I can, dick feels like lightening bolts are shooting through it, overstimulated....not enjoyable anymore
>keep fucking her still
>she cums a second time back to back
>dick going limp, her orgasm contractions pushed my dick out, thank fucking god, it was hurting
>she finishes coming, I lift her leg up and flop down next to her and start kissing her on the shoulder
>"omg anon, I needed that, I haven't had sex since 2 years before my divorce"
>reality sets in, just fucked this dudes mom
>oh well, it was amazing
>we get dressed and start heading out to the party
>his actual sister see's us, asks "did you just have sex?"
>I am dumb, answer "yea why"
>brother hears, tries to attack me, doesn't go well I'm significantly bigger than him, just bear hug him as his mom starts chewing his ass out
>drop him down, he starts bawling, she tells me I better go
>walks me out, stops gives me her pager number, quick put it in my phone(yes I had one back then, was one of the first to get one)
>says sorry about the scene but she wants to see me again
>drive home drunk as hell(don't do this boys and girls)
>arrive alive
>go to sleep
>next morning, page her my number
>call, chat a bit, takes me to breakfast
>anon, last night was fun, we can do it again but we need to be more careful, when he's at his dad's we can get together
>end up getting together off and on over the next 18 months
>she ends up getting a boyfriend and we stop

Wasn't all good or all bad. I enjoyed the sex but felt really bad for the dude. Most of the school knew I fucked his mom(they called me motherfucker har har). She was very vanilla that first night, I didn't know it at the time but she was very sub. She said she was sorry for being bossy but she hadn't had sex in so long. She ended up teaching me about all kinds of stuff with sex, blindfolds, tying up, spanking, cat-o-nine-tails, handcuffs, ballgags, anal, rimming and on and on. She was kinky but very patient with me as I wasn't very experienced. She did say that I was good at eating pussy but I chock that up to the girl that I lost my virginity to, we always did oral on each other before sex, she told me what worked and what didn't and i did the same for her. Here's a bonus, the girl I lost my virginity to was the daughter of a close family friend, she would stay at my house when our parents went to the casino together. We ended up fucking at me 14 and her 13. We still hookup to this day, our spouses both know and approve of this, how I have no idea.
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>milfs are my #1 fetish
>am fatass
>by the time I lose all my weight and get in shape I'll be too old for some milf to want to have a fling with me
I'm a bear mode dude. I was at one point 350lbs and still got chicks. It's all about being fun and just having a good time. Learn to flirt, you'd be surprised how many girls will go with a large guy.

The only person holding you back from having the life you want is you......let that sink in for a minute and then figure out what you need to change and then change it.
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Thread images: 5
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