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Didn't see one, so dream guy/girl thread!
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Didn't see one, so dream guy/girl thread!
Feel free to post contact/r8 others' desires/ridicule if you want.
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might as well start with myself. 18/f
>a bit chubby
>brown hair & eyes
>shy at first
>hate doing things by myself
>sarcastic as fuck
>physically affectionate, i just wanna cuddle and hold someones hand 24/7
>work part time but i hate it
>i act tough but in reality i'm a big gay baby
>kinda sensitive
>spend most of my time playing video games
>also enjoy drawing, animals, reading, and movies
>can be kinda clingy
>shit memory

you maybe???? idk. 18-23/m
>6' or taller, the taller the better (i'm a sucker for height differences)
>deep voice
>dark hair
>slim or medium build
>likes teasing me physically and verbally
>dominant in bed
>big veiny hands
>must play vidya with me
>would enjoy taking care of me
>no facial hair
>introvert like me, but wouldn't mind going out occasionally
>same music taste as me, mainly into metalcore
>pls no drugs (occasional 420 is fine but i don't do it), drinking is okay as long as you're not getting shit faced every night
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How bout a pic?
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dream girl?
>my ex
>the girl i dated

both of them had
>cute face
>stood up for themselves
>"4chan humor"
>socialy active
>likes to cook with me
>no club girl
>yet likes to hang out with me and friends and occasionally drink
You sound awesome but I'm so far away haha
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u know thats not what I meant breh
>>6' or taller, the taller the better (i'm a sucker for height differences)
oh jesus christ....
>6' or taller, the taller the better (i'm a sucker for height differences)
>no facial hair
???? wtf you want a big boy pussy?
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Dream Girl:

-slightly younger than me, by 1-3 years probably.
-slightly shorter than me, 5'1'' to 5'4'' ish.
-B cup breasts, larger A smaller C. Something in that range.
-Blonde hair.
-green or blue eyes.
-petite, smaller frame.
-sporty, in shape.
-doesn't like pop or rap
-likes bands like Cake, RATM, Disturbed, E Street Band, The Rat Pack, Nightwish
-likes the movie "The Last Castle"
-plays an instrument (I play trumpet, it'd be nice if she could read music as well)
-Must be a dog person
-dark humor
Also, cute>hot
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i mean i don't have any problem with talking or anything!
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Dream girl
>will do nerdy and weeb shit with me
>likes nature and spending time in it
>likes astronomy and stargazing somehow
>introverted and clingy as me
>likes cuddling
>short haired and petite so I can carry her around
>will hug me and whisper calming things when I go apeshit from my panic attacks

and here I am as a balding kebab with an ugly face and a personality no one can love

>1.80 or something
>poo eyes
>extremely avoidant, negative, cynical and depressive
>round face I guess, can't say from fat
>smallish dick
>huge black circles from lack of sleep and anxiety
>shitty beard
>hairy as fuck
>break down and cry like a bitch once in a while

w-well at least I can play some music
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I just want a cute, low-maintenance, chubby/bbw girl with gigantic tits, wide hips, a big ass, and thick thighs who's into video games and TTRPGs, and isn't a slut/camwhore.
Bonus points for ass-length hair.
I don't care about her race.
Taller than 5ft.
Any age between 20-35 is fine.
I'd prefer if she lived somewhere in the Southeast US.
Preferably a virgin.
Deal-Breakers: Extreme Piercings, Tattoos, Smoking, Drugs, Is Religious, Is a Feminist, Has Children

About Me:

Blue Eyes & Dirty Blonde Hair(Working on growing long)
Live at home, have a car, work in retail, and have aspirations to become a game designer.
Kik is VidyaViking
>Skinny but not skeleton mode (unless it's finals week in which case my appetite is zero due to stress)
>Short brown hair and brown eyes
>Some acne
>Fairly straight edge (don't smoke, no drugs, drink in social situations but never been drunk)
>Not particularly kinky or even sexual
>Big nerd; love vidya, anime, table top gaming, RPGs, reading
>Also enjoy sports (American football in particular), history, and nature
>Can be sarcastic and pessimistic at tines but really try to be a kind person and have a generally hopeful attitude towards life
>honest, although I try not to be too blunt

>also tall (short girls are cute but give me back problems)
>around my age (19-23)
>not extremely skinny, fat, or fit
>shares my interests or is passionate about her own
>can have issues but is ultimately kind at heart
>intelligent and driven
>is honest and willing to communicate her thoughts and feelings
>communicates well (I'm a sucker for proper spelling and grammar)
>a bit of a romantic
20 years old
>6' or taller, the taller the better (i'm a sucker for height differences)
>deep voice
so i'm told
>dark hair
dark brown
>slim or medium build
i suppose
>likes teasing me physically and verbally
hell yes
>dominant in bed
>big veiny hands
not so much, mostly when i'm warm af or have a pump
>must play vidya with me
>would enjoy taking care of me
if you take care of me back
>no facial hair
sometimes keep a little stubble
>introvert like me, but wouldn't mind going out occasionally
>same music taste as me, mainly into metalcore
can listen to anything, but prefer black/viking metal
>pls no drugs (occasional 420 is fine but i don't do it), drinking is okay as long as you're not getting shit faced every night
drugs are degenerate, i drink occasionally though

kik: Norwegian_wood1
add me on kik for random talks
>Going to uni majoring in Business (Computers more specifically)
>Like vidya, stand up, generally talking and hanging out with people i dont dislike
>say funny things sometimes
>meh looking at best
>honest, loyal, and a hopeless romantic
>white, brown hair, brown eyes

Ideal girl:
>preferred shorter than me but taller would also be ok
>preferably no tatts or piercings besides earrings or something like that
>submissive generally
>clingy is bonus points
>not overweight or whale-tier
>not a drug person

where are you qt?
>4 tattoos
>short hair
>135 lbs 34F-24-39
>part-time finance student, full-time retail
>knowledgeable about music theory, musician
>reads constantly, loves learning
>not a virgin but not a slut either
>high alcohol tolerance and i've drank every day the past 5 weeks except today (jk i was drunk at 6 am and coked up so i didn't sleep until noon)
>lonely despite having lots of people to spend time with
>drugs are cool except opiates, crack, and meth
>horribly depressed and i almost killed myself this morning and actively tried to get hit by a car a couple hours ago

>tells me what to do so i don't have to think anymore
Please be in California
unfortunately no
>5'8" 140lbs, short hair and kinda feminine
>Really shy, will always be on your heels
>Kinda submissive, but also sadistic in bed
>Constantly needs attention.
>Kinda chubby

Ideal guy/girl
>Taller or same height as me
>Dominant in bed
>Will let me hold their hand all the time
>Will let me grope/lay on their chest
>Doesn't yell at me, but will put me in my place
Anywhere close?
Not looking for a relationship right now but bored and thought I'd post dream girl.

>white or latina
>big tits (at least average)
>takes care of her body and appearance
>no obnoxious tattoos or piercings
>doesn't check cell phone every 10 seconds
>has a career that she's passionate about
>wants kids at some point in the distant future; not right away but not never either.
>doesn't shop for boyfriends on 4chan
Ideal male:
> 18-99 (are there people that old on 4chan?)
> 5'11''+
> not obese
> race (not picky)
> scars ( burn, acne, self harm, other accident)
> depressed but doesn't complain too much ( we all want to die don't make a big deal of it)
> introverted
> is not overly attached

Ideal female:
same personality as male, she can look like whatever as long as she is not obese.

> f
> 5'6
> 120lbs
> black/ native
> antinatalist
> emotionally repressed
> clinically depressed
> doesn't like to be touched
> honest to a fault
> hides behind sarcasm
i was born in california, but i live on the east coast
do you have a way to contact you?
Dream guy:
>Skinny to Average Weight
>Between the ages of 24 to 36
>Between the height of 5'6" to 6'4"
>No Kids
>Nerd but not a Weeb
>Not a NEET
>Enjoys Rock music, especially any of these bands: Tool, Deftones, or Nine Inch Nails
>Gamer, especially RPGs and Horror games
>Enjoys horror movies, psychological thrillers, and so bad it's good movies
> Typical shit people ask for...attractive, funny, intelligent, passionate, honest, blah blahblah

>Bi-racial (part Hispanic, part Italian)
>I work
>Not a weeb
>Read above for my interests

> tfw this will never happen
skype works for me, post yours. are you also on the east coast?

i can also do email
yeah I'm on the East Coast
I'll give you my email first

Uh, you just described me actually. Except maybe the attractive part. I don't know about that. But ayyyy!
I'm the California guy but would love to talk to you

My skype is luckynumber3.1415
Female or passing MtF
Into anthropology, literature, history, philosophy
Taller or shorter than 5'6", just not 5'6" exactly. Personally, I prefer taller.
Dark hair.
Likes to drink.
Has a favorite cultural mythology.
Likes Toshiro Mifune.
Isn't a snob.
>or passing MtF

i'll email you in the morning, i have to wake up soon to go to work

added, ttyl as well
Sure thing. Talk to ya then
Do you have Kik? :)
File: 0116161235a.jpg (454 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Perfect Girl:
>likes nature
>is outgoing
>will be active with me
>likes to tease
>not obese
>can be kinda clingy
>likes shitposting and "4chan humor
>physically affectionate, as well as emotionally
>can be dominant/submissive.

>is nerdy
>loves the outdoors
>is a stoner
>will watch whatever with you
>will do whatever with you
>is into politics (not the election)
>kinda sensitive
>is clingy but I'll try to hide it
>likes almost all music, except country and some rap
>pic related
>(probably could've used a better pic)
>Generic Male Post #451
Dream girl:

>Short (4'10"-5'4")
>Any race
>Fairly curvy
>Maybe a slight muffin top too?
>Big eyes, regardless of color
>Maybe glasses?
>Gentle smile
>A "cute" face in general, as opposed to a "sexy" face
>Straight hair, medium-long, bonus if jet black or tastefully dyed
>No facial piercings

>Shy, laid-back, reserved, introverted
>Fun, easy-going, goofy, adventurous
>Care free to an extent, can go with the flow
>Open minded
>Gentle/sweet natured
>Touchy-feely, maybe a little clingy
>Not a NEET
>Somewhat geeky/nerdy, bonus if weeb
>Intelligence isn't really a concern, so long as she has some common sense
>Passionate about something, wants to share it
>Loves music, shares my tastes (electronic/EDM)
>Shares some of my interests/hobbies as well (music, vidya, some animu, travel, cars, general /out/ stuff, guns)
>Not a smoker
>No drugs
>Only a light drinker, if at all
>Did I mention she has to love music?
>More of a home-body, but enjoys an occasional night out
>Fairly high libido, kinda kinky, able to keep up with me

>inb4 she doesn't exist
If anyone responds, I'll post about myself.

I'm 80% of that. (I don't like electronic and I'm not a gamer)
Where on the east coast? I'm interested, maybe leave your email if you come around again.
>likes pop culture and the history of pop culture
>open minded
>not obese/anorexic
>loves music,and NOT obnoxious about her tastes, listens to almost every major genre
>is into philosophy/psychology/social sciences and is mature enough to have conversations about them
>has a dream and keeps trying to make it
>holds some grudges or something in that way(just so that she doesn't try to be perfect)
>dresses effay and likes past trends
>loves stories of any kind, loves to just watch films or listen to stories
>argumentative and has opinions about things
>doesn't want to settle
>doesn't identify with any major subculture/movement
>darker hair
>fair skin
>drinks/does drugs occasionally
>me but female and with less facial hair and less narcisistic, but won't call me on my narcisism. Like I just did. On second thought maybe...

>skinny-atheletic 5'7" 120 lbs
>dark sense of humor
>rather quiet, prefer to listen and complement a conversation rather than lead
>small talk feels fake to me so I don't do it
>bad memory
>a bit manic
>polite - I don't like pissing contests until I know you well enough

Ideal mate:

>Has been to college. 25ish
>my height or shorter
>approximately my size (5'6"), I like short girls though.
>approximately my weight or less (120 lbs)
>sexually aggressive enough to occasionally initiate and occasionally be dominant.
>cares what I think but remains independent
>doesn't take themselves too seriously
>realizes that the point of life is to at least enjoy yourself
>somewhat avant-garde
What are your tastes? Can you post your own so I can see if maybe I fit your type as well? Or do you have a kik?
I like history, languages, reading, writing, anime, I don't really game, but I'd get into it as bonding if a friend wanted me to.
my kik's sugar.gliding
kek @ kik name
Added you
Oh cool I finally fit for somebody. I'm usually around 130 lbs. and exactly 5'11"
Ideal Guy
>Tallish (5'10"+)
>Bear mode
>Masculine but isn't a dick about it
>Honest, Empathetic, Romantic, Caring, etc
>Likes going to the gym, would like me going with him, and cooking him a homecooked meal afterwards
>Dominant in bed, likes that I submiss 100% of the time
>Is emotionally supportive of my graduate schooling (1st year medical). Would be there for me, etc.
>Enjoys shitposting and humor in general. Looking for someone that wants to shitpost over Skype while I'm in lab or play mobile games when I need to kill time in lab.
>Not overly sensitive, I can't date someone that takes me seriously when I'm not to be taken seriously.
>Is possessive, I have a big thing for possessiveness
>Willing and active in starting and keeping conversation. To the point where I feel like I'm not the one always doing it.
>Enjoys playing da vidya gaems. I kinda want a bf that I can come home to and play a few to relax and occasional sex in between.
>qq being a fag 5hard
give me your skype, perhaps?
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Another day another thread

Ideal Female
>Height doesn't matter but taller chicks are awesome
>fit/avg/thin body
>passionate about something doesn't matter what
>nerdy, will show me new video games and will play with me
>big cuddler
>loves sex
>loves all sort of music
>emotionally unstable, will let me save her
>will love my adorable dog

Things that dont matter as much but are huge points
>Dark hair/Dark eyes
>Long hair
>will workout with me

>physically fit
>HUGE Savior complex(let me save you)
>college student and full time job
>already successful
>Loyal to a fault
>good listener
>Was made in a lab for cuddling
>dom in bed
>super passionate about music
>will let me buy her stuff and not feel entitled to repay the favor

For the record on that last one I'm talking dinner, presents, and clothes to look good in. I'm not gonna be your beta orbiter online payroll.

Not sure if im asking to much, not sure if this chick even exists out side my dreams but w/e. Always the slim chance.
for anyone that decides i'm a good idea: thr0wawaysosh@gmail.com
post your dog?
i hope you're okay, anon
i know you're not
Honestly, you sound like wife material. Leave some contact info so we can move in together when we're done with grad school (unless you magically live closeby).
i'm not, but i've got a couple bars calling my name and some new records to spin so i'll forget for a little bit. i'll be okay. thanks.
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Ideal boy
>androgynous or slightly feminine in appearance
>don't care about height but not much lighter/heavier than me
>well-spoken but not arrogant
>has cute hobbies/passions
>good interpersonal intelligence (clueless guys who think they know what women want are the single biggest turnoff)
>generous and giving
>soft voice
>actually david bowie

>115 lbs, 5'4.5"
>brown eyes
>long messy brown hair
>April Ludgate
>p shy and softspoken
>like drawing shitty fanart
>into creepy things
>into cute things
>look okay in certain angles
File: 20130825_093415.jpg (2 MB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2448x3264
The one in the front

Thats a dude breh
i'd argue that this is me
people only began posting my characteristics in these threads after i got a gf
10/10 would snug
Lmao this
File: 15662627234747624.jpg (43 KB, 612x612) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 612x612
t-thanks ;_;
>tfw your dog cock blocks you all the time and women dont notice you.

You should also post a kik, you seem like you could be my type of chick. How tall are you?

I got a huge thing for emotionally unstable chicks.
>tfw that sounds creepy af and scares every chick I talk to.
>Bigger than most lads but not a chub
>Affectionate as hell- random kisses & cuddles
>Nerdy like you wouldn't believe
>I can cook
>Will take you out for meals
>Good with my hands (if you know what I mean)

What I'm looking for;

SC: tompalmer13
dogs are the best tho

i'm 5'10 but about 6' in my boots. i don't have kik though. i posted email above and i also have skype.

that does sound very creepy but it works out in my favor.
Still wifing that, 10/10 life
LOL I felt the same way reading it.

>wants to work out with you
>wants to cook for you
>wants to submit
>wants to play video games
>is gonna be successful
Fuck this shit why am I straight
Whats your skype then? No worries I'm not even creepy just hate chicks that act like everything is perfect.
i don't like posting my skype because then i get flooded with dicks and/or added to a skype group and/or added to a database of female usernames.
email me or post your skype?
orrrrr i think you'd already emailed me, and i have just emailed you back.
fair enough i'll email you.
>25/m/New Mexico
>Modest beard, can't stand having more than 3 weeks of beard
>Chubby, working on getting back my old farmer body though
>Oh, that's right, I used to be an organic farmer
>Then I picked up how to program I just went from freelancing to a steady job at a startup
>In my free time I work on my own personal startup and make games / anything that has no obvious revenue potential (yet).
>I have blue eyes, dumb hipster glasses
>I almost always wear plaid and blue jeans.
>To kill time I watch Netflix, play a little vidya, and fantasize about well designed things. The latter is pretty weird.
>I not only dropped out of college, but I did it twice.
>Sexually, I'd say I'm more dominant.

>Old enough to not be terribly obnoxious, but not too old that you've settled into boredom
>We'll make it easy and say 20 to 30.
>But still a little impulsive
>Curvier perhaps, but then again I don't think I'd care too much.
>But I don't think I could handle morbid obesity.
>Likes the vidya, but not overly addicted to it.
>Likes to make things, possibly has a Pinterest of the things they like.
>Especially likes to design things.
>Either doesn't know how to dance, or is willing to teach me.
>Can bring with me to GDC, because she's excited about those kinds of things.
>Close-ish, but then again, I live in a state that some people don't even know exists.
Does that mean you want my contact or was that a joke?

Dream girl:
>Does not have to live nearby.
>Tall, 5'8+
>Slim, average, fit, curvy or slightly chubby.
>Not the party girl type, preferably more introverted.
>Interested in discussing things, be it deep philosophical stuff or sillyness.
>Fine with me needing some time alone now and then.
>Similar interests is a plus but not required.
... Massachusetts?
what style of games do you like to design?
Yes I do. My kik is Jiffyrunner. Add at your leisure!
I made a low-poly demo that was kinda inspired by tron a long-ass time ago. I still typically like low-poly because my 3D skills are shit.

With 2D, I've gotten better at using the tools, particularly illustrator. I've played around with pixel-art style games, including this really trippy minimalist space shooter I made on a contract. My favorite part was that the enemies you shot down would appear at the side, and at the end of the game a 3D cube would be created with the enemies engraved on the faces.

It was hard to get the algorithm right so that the enemies would fill up the cube faces in a way that looked aesthetically pleasing through.

Right now I'm preparing for a simple 2D game that uses a very clean, flat design. You're this fat cat stuck in a pipe, and the goal is to deliver cat photos. It's a pretty fucking weird concept, and I'm not going to make any money off of it, but it'll be relatively quick to make and I've been thinking about it a lot for some odd reason.

That's generally how I pick which ideas to work on. I never write them down until later. The ones I still think about are clearly worth working on.
>Female between 20-24 (I guess 25 is good too)
>Between 5' and 5'7"
>Pale with green or dark blue/grey eyes
>Dark hair, either brown or black or like auburn red
>Not extremely skinny, but not big either. I guess be average and be able to be active?
>Glasses are always cute, but I'm happy either way
>Prominent nose
>She's cutesy and sweet, but also kind of dark with 4chan style of humor
>Smart and able to talk about things on a deeper level
>Laid back about life, but still nervous/shy around people and in social situations
>Not very materialistic or shallow
>Gentle, caring, and loyal. Someone who will look up to me as their number 1 and be my best friend because that is what I want to be able to give back to her.
>Tough/resilient personality, but empathetic and understanding at the same time
>Still a child at heart. Please remember the importance of "playing" in life.
>Family orientation, but DOES NOT WANT KIDS.
>Strong adventurous spirit
>Sexually playful and not afraid to be dominant (but we'd share equally who is in charge). High sex drive, as well.
>Likes a wide range of stuff from outdoor action to just stay in the house and play vidya and kitchens all day. Also has passions and hobbies.
>Likes similar media to myself

>24 Male coming in at a whopping 5'8", 160lbs
>Average build with brown foofy hair and big green eyes
>Usually rocking the Van Dyke style of facial hair
>Generally noted as having a gentle face
>On the paler side, but not quite Boo Radley tier
>Glasses sometimes
>I like to learn new things and I'm pretty curious
>Playful, in both senses of the word...
>I'm very quiet and reserved around new people because I'm usually panicking and overthinking every step in any social situation
>I enjoy crafty things and just making stuff in general
>I also like vidya and shitty AS cartoons/shows like Aqua Teen
>I can come off as unfriendly, but I am actually a very kind and welcoming person underneath my initial reactions to people
>I am extremely loyal
Do you play any modern day stuff like B&S, BD, or any Mobas/Fps?
How to get replies:

Be female.
Not really. This one isnt getting much including the last time it was made because its literally up 100%. When the thread goes away for a week or so thats when it gets around 200 - 400 replies
I actually had to loo up what B&S and BD were, so not those unfortunately.

I'll play FPS shooters every now and then, but they don't really keep my attention for too long. I haven't really gotten too deep into MOBA games. Back when I was younger I was more into MMO's, but I had to cut back, it was just way too distracting.

I'm more into rogue-likes. You go down into a dungeon with a single quest to go as deep as possible and hopefully defeat the boss and steal the massive treasure, not quite knowing what could happen along the way down. Always an adventure.

And then everything else I play are kinda these simple but well-polished games where I'm happy after about 30 minutes. Mini Metro is good at that.
File: shiet.png (90 KB, 726x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dream girl(also cool with traps and transgirls)-

>More extroverted than I am, but not a social butterfly
>More intelligent than I am, but not pretentious about it (I'm not a complete idiot, I just have a thing for very smart women I can learn things from)
>Has their own hobbies that they're passionate about and willing to help me get into if I'm interested.
>Very no-nonsense when it comes to personality faults- They recognize their own, and mine, and are willing to put in the work to change both.
>Very affectionate and sweet, but not in public beyond hand-holding/bumping shoulders and the sort
>LOVES art- Will browse DA with me and make fun of shitty art but not in a spiteful way.
>Enjoys soft drugs
>Has enough life experience/hardships to be down-to-earth, but also sees the bright side of the experience gained.
>Can have abstract conversations about emotions/psychology/culture (Again, I like to learn so if they're more well-versed in it than I am I consider it a good thing)
>Confident in what they do but not cocky/arrogant about it.
>Honesty is mandatory, regardless of whether or not it's honesty about positive or negative subjects.
>Cuddles to near-sleep, then rolls over our opposite ways because cuddling gets too fucking hot at night.
>Not overly-sensitive.

>Somewhere between 5'2-5'8
>Preferably brown (+10 for biracial girls)
>White girls are cool too if they're super pale and have dark circles under their eyes.
>Has a moderate amount of scars on their face/body- I have a thing for old acne scars.
>Proportionate body. I don't care much about if they're fat/lean/fit/chubby but their body has to match.
>Short-medium natural hair (Bonus points for curly/kinky hair)
>Tattoos/piercings really go by a person-to-person basis, so I'd say I'm neutral on them.
>Moderately sexual, willing to bang a couple times a week but not daily.
>Kinkier than I am.
>Enjoys anything related to oral (giving or receiving); also kissing.
File: fgt.jpg (83 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 720x960
>210lb (chubby but not obese)
>Slightly above-average face
>Tri-racial but just look white as fuck
>Spends all day reading(essays, philosophy, poetry),writing, and drawing
>Mild mental issues but I don't use them as an excuse and I mostly have them under control.
>Extremely open-minded, non-judgmental, friendly
>Will text you at 4 AM even though you're asleep because I found something that I thought you'd enjoy
>A little clingy, but not excessive- Will give space when needed
>Believes strongly in talking things out.
>Will ramble aimless essays about shit but won't expect you to pay attention (Bonus points for doing it tho)
>I smoke a pipe because I'm a pretentious faggot
>Never been a junkie
>Smoke pot, enjoys psychedelics and dissociatives(But been clean of anything for a while because job)
>Extremely honest, sometimes to a fault.
>Autistically blunt
>I can be poetic about stupid shit
>Currently do handyman work with an occasional art-related job, have stable job lined up in the next few weeks.
>Poor and doesn't care- Spends most of my money on rent, books, pens, and incense.
>Saving money to go back to school for social services
>Has majored in (cultural)Anthropology/Psychology and Graphic Design in the past, dropped out for valid reasons.
>Has traveled a lot of the country (backpacking, hitchhiking)
>Plays music (poorly)
>Kik: dashfaster
>Skype: Cmarchmarching (I'm much easier to reach/talk to on skype)
>Anything else about me can be found in what I'm looking for in a mate. But I'm also more interested in friends than a mate.
Oh so you basically like Darkest Dungeon. In a sense
File: 20151228_115354.jpg (293 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
293 KB, 640x480
Just continuously reposting i guess
20/trans girl/TX
>guy who will be nice to me
>who i consider cute
>willing to take physical aspects of relationship slow and be sensitive about my touch issues
>no drugs
>preferably no drinking
>likes dogs
>will watch movies or listen to music with me
>Doesnt have to do things all the time and we can just hang
>At least 5'10 or something taller
>Not more than 5 years older than me
Probably some other shit too idk.
Southern US ;(
Different anon, but I am interested.
throw me an e-mail: anonthrowaway82@yahoo.com
Yeah, that's right up my alley.
I sent you an email but id rather use kik or skype honestly if you have one.
Do you want to talk anyways? I travel around a lot.
A bit.
Its ok anon xoxo
Hey, I'm not ashamed. /d/ for life. Real /d/.

Or something.
Im not that original OP that made the comment, so I'm not saying you should be ashamed of fem or mtf but.... /d/... oh man
Has it changed much over the years? I haven't visited the board since the rapidshare section was purged.
Guy here
Dream girl.
Long, Black hair
tall is me right now/a bit shorter (no idea how tall I am at the moment)
Open to learning stuff
Dark sense of humor
would love someone who has a similar music taste to me, really into lo-fi folk, 90s college rock and 1st wave post-rock.
Interested in the arts, experimental stuff.
Introvert or whatever.

Tall, lanky
Guitar and didgeridoo player
A little vidya
Semi-witty, I swear.
Absolute introvert
Into experimental art forms
>tfw no qt AnCo gf
I fill like I would fit most of this. Though the only thing I don't is that after I left the Army, I fell out of shape. Though I'm working my way back into shape for I plan to go to the police academy next year
I Feel*
>Dirty Blonde Hair

You've sent me pics. You're more ginger-like.
Ideal Girl

>5'6 or taller

>At most, bigger then medium build. (A little chubby is okay, but not obese. Basically if your arms are bigger then mine and it isn't because of muscle. That's to big. I remember coming back from a Deployment from Iraq and my ex had gain weight and her arms were 1/3rd bigger then mine from fat. Sorry, no dice)

>Honestly, someone with a stable mind.

>Doesn't do hard drugs (soft drugs like pot is okay, but I'm not a fan)

>Enjoys playing video games and would enjoy playing games with me.

> that's about it. Though I'll be honest and say it here. I'm not attracted to women of African decent. I dated a few, but it never worked out



>Blue eyes (they shift from blue to gray from time to time)

>A little husky (the time out of the Army has not been to kind to me, but been slowly working out to get back into shape)

>Have an obsession with video games

>Enjoys going out on hiking trips with the right company or when I need some fresh air with nature.

>I have a kind warm heart and deadly loyal, but I seen enough darkness from mankind during that war that it can shut it off and become very cold when people cross me.

>Bad Habit is that I'm a bit bossy. I used to command soldiers, so I have a take charge and lead attitude. Which causes me to micro manage quite a bit. Or so my friends say when we play team cordinated style games.

If you want to know more. My kik is TheronNett
>fat, but in the process of losing weight. (60 lbs lost, 50 more to goal weight)
>plays some vidya
>loves anime, but hates 90% of existing anime
>likes music, eclectic taste
>into tabletop gaming
>does some drugs (mainly weed and psychedelics regularly but occasionally other stuff)
>never really drinks
>negligible sexual experience
>filled with anxiety all of the time

>girl or guy idc
>if you're a guy preferably over 5'2 I guess
>not a skeleton or obese pls
>pretty hair & eyes
>some shared interests, but not all the same
>similar taste in music
>not too serious all the time
>extrovert is ok as long as you don't wanna go out and do things all the time, I can only handle so much
are you chicago-based by chance?

It was probably the lighting.
...what are your thoughts on Attack on Titan?
AoT so bad, same with almost all Shonens. Why even read the genre expecting something good if you're 13+, its designated at teens.

Out of curiosity, what would you consider to be a good anime?

just to list a few of my favorites.

Okay. That you like Madoka shows you have taste. I basically assumed that since you thought AoT was shit that you'd have really bad taste in anime, because quite frankly AoT is really good.
Theyre actually both total shit.

So what anime do you watch?
File: 16331616136.jpg (14 KB, 300x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I mean you clearly aren't my type at all but I want to congratulate you on losing weight. Its not easy, keep at it will change your life.
Skype or kik?
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