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abdl all wellcome
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abdl all wellcome
checking in. me and my gf wear lots!
Anyone around NC?
Any girls wanna send me pics of themselves wearing diapers? Maybe soiling them for me?
Snapchat only
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forgot sc
This happened last night :L
Wearing a plastic backed diaper right now and an onesie <3
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So I guess this is happening right now :/
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>Tfw mommy gf decorated some diapers for me
THE BEST... and if it wasn't obvious, I'm terrible at putting them on. Gone through seven I think and haven't had any leaks yet though, so I guess I'm doing alright! After I go through this pack of Northshores, I think I'm definitely going to buy some Snuggies/Tykables or whatever. I was hoping I'd be able to wear these discretely at work but they do bulge a little and leave an outline through my pants. Also, the crinkling is too loud as well, so there goes that...
I don't get it...
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>Tfw no onesie
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, yes, she could've done better at decorating them, but oh well. Still awesome~ it's the thought that counts after all!
>We both bought ourselves magic wands for Christmas
>She uses it twice a day
>I've only been using it 1-2 times a week
>When I was eight years old, my parents had a massager in the bathroom and I'd stuff my underwear full of toilet paper and wet it and pretend it was a diaper
>Had the massager pressed against my crotch and it was 10/10 the best feeling ever
Nostalgia. It's still a pleasant feeling, but it's not as great as I remember it being. But then again, I don't have any privacy, so I only get to use it at half power, which isn't as strong as that old massager was.
Less hairy men, more cutebois
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What about cute girls?
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Whatever floats yer boat
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Nobody at all?
>tfw have a dom
>want to introduce concept of diapers
>too scared
so close yet so far. Hang in their fellow diaperfags

That stuff is life cheap ass deep heat. Go squirt a whole load on your balls and then tape yourself up in a diaper. It'll feel like agony
west coast daddy here
any girls that have a mess that needs to be cleaned up?
Do it. Seriously, just bite the bullet super hard and try it. Best move I ever made.
thing is, I'm not the only sub of his, infact, I'm actually in a relationship with the other sub, and it us both being sub that made us find a dom, and my so brought up something similar with diapers and it didn't go so well, I dunno, if someone tickes 7/10 boxes in terms of desires, should I risk ruining it over a single box?
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Anybody in FL?
Try bringing it up gently. Maybe start with other related concepts like age play, I'd probably bring it up in "real talk" outside of play. At the very least, don't just give up.
Caregiver here, with an adorable little. We got into it for diapers, and she got me into age play. I care about her and ask her about any other kinks she's interested in at the same time because I don't want her to feel like she's missing out on something or that she feels like she can't talk to me about things like that. If your dom cares, I'm sure he/she's willing to listen.
so why do that?
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just why?
this fetish is the dumbest shit imaginable
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That's almost vaguely rude. Anyway, what brand of diaps are that tho?
>Tfw my mommy gf is in FL and I'm not
For what purpose...
Indeed, it is the dumbest shit.
>just why
You tell me. Also: http://understanding.infantilism.org/
In my case, diapers have been a passion of mine since early childhood. I believe it's because my mother kept me in diapers until I was five years old, so at that age, I had become quite fond of the sensations that wearing and wetting diapers gave me. The thickness, crinkling noises, and cute prints are erotic to me, and the oh-so-soothing smell of baby powder and the spreading, lasting warmth from wetting is comfy as fuck. You should give it a go, fampai, you're missing out. Other than what I had mentioned, it didn't help that the rest of my life has been an unpleasant ride that I wanted off of 16 years ago.

I suppose I'll share this terribly poor quality image that I took a few days ago while I was showering with a diaper on for the first time. That was incredible! Disposing of it discretely in a full house on the other hand... almost made it not worth the experience. 8/10 recommend.
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