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OKCupid thread.
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OKCupid thread.
Really curious what people think.

I'll be giving critique throughout the thread as well.
That "You (Yes, You)" is cheesy as hell. Mostly alright though aside.


Critique, rate, message, or whatever. I am not putting a photo up so yeah I know about that already.
Huh, the "You (Yes, you) line has actually really worked for me.

If you aren't putting up a photo than why should we bother critiquing your profile?
Without photos you're as good as invisible on the site.
Having a good profile of course helps, but dating is at least initially based on physical attraction.

>not super great at any specific thing
Take this out.
You want to come across as unique.
You may not being super great at any specific thing but you don't have to bring attention to it.

It makes you seem like you aren't passionate about things, because if you had a passion you'd like be good at it.

Take out all the words like "probably". The appearance of confidence is key, and using words like that makes you seem like you aren't sure of yourself.

Same goes for the "I'm at least decent at sports". Just say you like sports and then continue like you did with the sports you play.

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite saying this but you also have far too many things listed for your favorite art mediums. Either prose it in a way so that it's engaging to the reader, or cut it down to a select few.
You have some interesting tastes though which will attract neat people.

>I go on periods where I try to make music all the time, but I always end up realizing it takes way too much time and I'm not good enough to really improvise

You're being way too honest dude.
The point of these profiles is to try and sell yourself as a romantic or sexual interest. Writing things that paints you in a negative/melancholic light is quite counter-intuitive.

>You think I seem alright and would be fine with a date. Really, just message me about whatever even if not. I'm here to maybe get in a relationship but I like talking in general about just about anything.
You sound desperate. Take it out and figure out something else to put here.
You seem like a neat dude, but your profile needs a lot of work.
You obviously need pictures and you need to come across as more sure of yourself.
It's also very dry and a bit boring to read.
I'm not saying it has to be like mine, but give it a flavor, y'know?
Just a response.

That last part wasn't meant to sound desperate. It was meant to sound chill. Conversationalist and all that.

The other parts seem fair and honest.
Not to say that part isn't fair and honest, but its just completely the opposite of what I intended. Instead of sounding desperate it was supposed to sound like I'd just like talking because I like conversations. If it sounds desperate then its completely wrong.

Changing that stuff.

have your way with me
I'd make another one of your pictures your default one desu. The one you have isn't a bad picture, but it's not the first thing you want people to see when they come to your profile because of the angle, poor lighting, and blurriness.

No emoticons. They aren't very attractive.

>I'm also a bit emotionally sensitive
Don't put stuff like this, see what I told the other guy about how much you should be sharing on your profile.
I'm a manic depressive who is currently in a seriously suicidal state, I'm not going around advertising that because I know that mental illness should not be mentioned on a dating site. Even lightly.

>Apparently music
No, just say music. Saying apparently makes you sound like you aren't actually confident in your musician skills.
Confidence is attractive, confidence is key.

>gryphondoor from hairy potter
Whether the misspellings are an intentional joke or not, you should fix that. It isn't really funny, and makes you seem ignorant.

>cultured sense of humor
Don't refer to yourself as cultured.
That's pretentious.

>it's awesome possum
Please don't type like a 14 year old dude.

>friends are very important to me
The way you word this (and several other things in the profile) is very robotic, bland, blunt. Things really need to be prosed a lot differently.

>I've had a somewhat socially rough past

>you feel like having a conversation that doesn't just involve exclusively small talk or passionate intellectual discussion
Not trying to be a grammar nazi, as I myself am now grammar wizard. However, if you want to find somebody to have intellectual discussion with then you need to at least make an attempt at proper grammar and sentence structure.
I initially read that as you want a conversation that doesn't include passionate intellectual conversation.

>you're older than me :) I believe age is just a number after 18, even more so after 21
That's not a bad thing to say, but the way you said it just seems really weird dude
Not trying to be a dick here, but your profile just in general seems really really beta and honestly a bit cringey. You're probably a really really nice guy, but nice doesn't correlate with interesting or attractive.

Your profile is like reading a dating profile parody.
File: For_what_purpose.jpg (25 KB, 323x454) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 323x454
I don't even know what I'm doing anymore.
>mfw every time I look at my profile
Molestation is not funny.
If by some chance you aren't making a terrible joke then that's not something you share on a dating profile.

Your entertainment tastes lists are wayyyyy too fucking long. It's honestly a bit obnoxious.
Cut it down to a select few and don't just make it a boring list.

>The six things I could never do without
Six things. Not 18 trillion.

Other than that the profile isn't bad. It's a bit too LOLSORANDUMB for my tastes, but I can see somebody digging it.

Also, you need more photos. The one you have up isn't flattering. I know that being trans comes with a lot of self image issues (I'm closeted MtF myself, but I'll probably never be able to come out due to professional reasons) but I'm sure you have somebody take some cuter photos of you with better angles, good lighting, and good focus.
File: 5661aaf7e54b2.jpg (880 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
880 KB, 800x800
Your pictures have got to go.
I can't even comprehend why you would think those are acceptable to use on a dating site. They're probably the most unflattering photos I've ever seen on an OKC profile.
This sounds really mean, but it's more constructive than anything. If you want any semblance of success on this site then the photos need to be adjusted and fast.

Your profile is bad as well, very edgy.
Eccentric qt's can get away with that kind of stuff. You can't.

I'd like to think that this profile is all ironic, but I know it likely isn't...
just fuck my shit up senpai

Haven't updated it in like a year.

First picture is a no.
Please guys, make sure your photos aren't self taken, are in good lighting, have a good angle, and aren't blurry.
It's really not that hard.

>Not good with these
You need to seem confident.
Read what I've written for other people about that.

>I didn't do too well in computer science when I took it
Why do you feel the need to mention this?

>I guess
Read my other critiques for why you don't do this.

>I spend a lot of time thinking about
Play it subtle bud.

>I've sunk thousands of hours into anime and video games
This is attractive how?
Oh ok, I think I get your approach. I'll go to a PUA website if I want to sell a fake version of my self.
Don't forget to mention you can't take criticism well on your profile, if you want to sell your genuine self!
It's not about being a PUA, it's about not seeming like an insecure kid that nobody would want to date.

I'm no pick-up artist and I'm not asking you to lie about yourself, just asking you to present yourself in an attractive light.
Look, I appreciate the criticism and like I said I'm going to change my profile anyway. I just like to keep the bullshit to a minimum, being in a relationship where I'm having to keep up a facade is much worse than my situation now.
Keeping bullshit to a minimum doesn't include advertising that you're insecure as hell.
Focus on your positive qualities, rather than negative ones.
Do you want success on the site or not?

Also, if your situation is so bad right now do you really think you're ready to be in a relationship?
It's not about bullshitting, it's about not showing your unattractive traits straight away. Not talking about anime is keeping up a facade? If it is, then OkCupid is probably the least of your problems.
reading your comment is like not reading anything at all - it has no meaning - I suggest you point out what exactly you don't think is worth reading because you think it's a joke if that's what you're saying.
I'm heading to bed. I'll do more critiques if more profiles are posted in the morning.
I'd appreciate if more people would do my profile though seeing how I've done everyone in the thread thus far.
Made this new profile as a joke, just send girls one word or marry me and they respond. I have dated two girls off this app, one that was serious, from my old profile, which was all a joke too. Just know how to carry a convo, don't think your profile really matters

> >/mu/ /vg/ /x/ lurk moar

I'm out
r8 me


I would return the favor, but if I can't tell how my own is good or not, I don't think I'd be of much use.
Why don't you at least try? Give me YOUR opinion on my profile. It's really not that difficult. Especially if you're wanting the same in return.
All of us want critique on our profiles, including the ones doing the critiquing.

>Profile name like the Jump Street Joke
Never explain a joke. Makes you sound like you aren't confident enough in your ability to pull it off.
If somebody asks about it, then you can tell them, but never right off the bat.

Also, having that explanation, then the tangeant about you might change it later and whatnot is just filler. Get rid of it. If it's not assisting the rest of your profile in making you seem attractive then it's not necessary.

>my eyes are just low because of genetic defects
Don't fucking put that dude. The eye thing isn't even all that noticeable and probably wouldn't assume genetic condition right off the bat. Don't ever say that something is wrong with you, it's not needed and is counter-intuitive to success on a dating site.

>No idea what that means
Take this out.
Makes you seem like you can't even do a simple Google search.
Why would you broadcast ignorance?

>I have problems with on my own
>I'm quite clumsy

Overall your profile is boring, the jokes fall really flat, and makes you seem like you aren't very confident in yourself.

Reread my critiques for other people because I feel like I'm just saying the same things to you guys over and over again.

The photos have always been the hardest part for me.

Send help.
You looked at mine, so I looked at yours.

You're a handsome guy who looks like he has a life outdoors, but you need photos with people (like I should talk). You should also smile in at least one of them, but not too much and while looking to the side.

The dragon story is good, makes you seem cute and relatable. Shame that you talk about not being good at things in such a negative way. Either don't mention your skill level or talk about it in a nonchalant manner that shows it doesn't faze you.

Plus, London would be the city I would pick to find dates.
I'd like to join, but I feel like a 21 year old female living in a small town on a dating site seems kind of desperate and silly.

Plus most of my older guy friends have profiles and I know we'd be matched and it'd be kind of embarrassing.

Can I get some opinions or validation?
Photos are terrible.
I know you're aware of it, but it's something that needs to be fixed asap.

>I'm a big guy. For you. No hotheads allowed.

>which I call frogurt
>most of your whole profile

I wish I could give you better critique, but I'm burned out on this. It's almost like you guys are trying to self sabotage.

Wow, finally a decent profile!
You really present yourself, your interests, and your personality quite well

I'd just recommend you not be so self deprecating. I've found that using that kind of humor is counter-intuitive to success on the site.

Anyways, since this thread is just a bunch of leeches, I'll only be critiquing people who critique my profile from now on.
Give me a critique, and you'll get one in return.
>photos with people

I honestly don't have any, guess I'm fucked. I wish girls would want to date me and not a social circle around me.

>you talk about not being good at things in such a negative way

Yeah, I find it hard to talk positively about hobbies I'm not 100% good at, don't want to be setting up for a lie beforehand or something, so it's a bit tough. I'm not good at this kind of stuff, I've received 0 interest.

If they're there already, then what's the problem? It's just a way of meeting new people and who knows what you may stumble upon. At worst you'll make it, make some small chat and delete it in disappointment.

It can't hurt you at all to try, the way I see it.
I can't say that I have mostly given up on crafting anything close to inviting in my profile, because the photos are the thing that gets people to speak to you. It seemed pointless in trimming the garden when the house is in such disrepair.

So yeah, self-sabotage, but it wasn't any better before.

Just made an account a few days ago. All the qts are so far away

Honestly I just like the extra traffic, but I'd love to hear any and all opinions!
File: okc.jpg (171 KB, 753x870) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm curious what you guys think of pic.
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Thread images: 4
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