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Cheating thread
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Cheating thread
Post your experiences with cheating or being cheated on
I got cheated on and it sucked
I cheated and I wish I didn't.
I've been the guy someone was cheating with before. One girl had a boyfriend in the army, fucked her twice. He came back and knocked her up a few weeks later, never heard from her again.
Another girl I was fucking for three months, until eventually her boyfriend found out but he blamed it all on himself and took her back.
i love being the "other person". i dont go looking for it, but when it happens i definitely let it.
fucked a friends roommate, whose boyfriend lived in san diego, and then a friend of a friend on her apartment roof, and the same married girl twice while working together in vegas. one year apart from another.
I should have cheated on my girlfriend because I was so fucking close it would have only been logical. I don't really feel like getting into it but I did break it off before it happened. I feel proud for doing her the courtesy of not doing it whilst in the relationship.
My idiot ex and I were poly and totally open with a handful of rules about disclosure for safety and they STILL managed to cheat on me. Twice. Shame on me.
I also fucked my ex-girlfriends sister once whilst we were together. She wasn't even that hot; I was just plastered. She didn't find out until months after. I used to think of her sister whilst I fucked her and cum buckets.
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>best friend's gf learned about my fart fetish
>told her i wasnt sure if it was since i never tried it
>jokingly tells me she will test me
>laugh and forget about it
>next day, me, friend and she hang out at her house
>watching the internet
>im lying behind the sofa and she rests underneath me
>suddnely i feel my head grabbed
>my face is on her ass now
>mfw sudden creaking sound
>huge fart hits my face
>suddenly react and tell her i wanted more
>my friend now suspects i did something to her that night
>next day he tells me he knows what happened
>tell him about the fetish conversation
>gets mad and leaves

MFW my friend hasnt talked to me in weeks because his gf farted on me
I was once cheated on and it was shit.
I was once the other woman and it was shit as well.
Currently trying to convince an old friend to cheat with me. I've cheated on my gf so many times. I haven't done it since we got together after the last time we broke up but not for want of trying! Sometimes you just need a bit of variety in your life
Are you all sociopaths? Oh this is /soc/. Carry on.
I just cheated on my bf. First time I ever did anything like it. I feel really bad but honestly the sex was really good
Some of the people posting here got cheated on. Hard to call them sociopaths. Maybe I am a sociopath
I mean the cheaters.
If the person never finds out there is no harm and no foul
You realise that applies to pretty much every betrayal of trust ever, right?
The fact is that they do find out more often than not
Regardless of if they do find out, relationships often deteriorate after one member cheats.
Actions have repercussions
I told a girl I don't think this is working out she was very clingy which I like, but she cooked for me and literally right as I was having a bite of the pie she was like put it down and wanted to sex me up. We had sex twice that day and I said listen I love you a lot but but can we slow down with the sex all the time. I love it just its to much. She would wake me up like every two or three hours and want it. We would go to a park and shed want it. She started going crazy like throwing things and said you must not love me. I sat her down and said listen its alright and I do love you. She said then why don't you want to make love to me. That's when I realized that this relationship wasn't going to work. I said please leave were over. After most of my apartment was distroyed getting her out my friend told me he saw her around fucking a lot of people. I asked her best friend she told me she wanted to tell me but she didn't want to break my heart. Her friend also said she really loves you just she said you guys were hardly having sex.Where she even found time to sleep with 7 other guys I don't know. I confirmed it with a few of them but after a few said yes I knew it was true. I'm still messed up from this 3 years later. Thankfully my STD check has come back twice clean. Though I haven't had sex in 3 years. I shutter every time I think someone is probably just going to use me like a meat farm.
Most betrayals of trust cause actual direct harm. Simply banging someone else doesn't cause harm if they don't know.
>teenager, about 10 years ago
>girlfriend makes out with another girl
>people videotaped it
>says she was drunk, wasn't really cheating
>be hanging out with some friends
>one girl is really fucking hot
>we're all drinking
>start making out with her
>she starts rubbing my pants
>I start to feel up her shirt
>starts stroking my cock
>lets me blow all over her
>still drunk as fuck, call gf
>tell her exactly what happened

And we still kept dating after all this for a few more months.
Wow that kinda sucks. You just didn't have her sex drive
Did you not even read my post?
Saying that cheating is harmless if the other person never finds out is like saying russian roulette is harmless if you never get shot
There's a high chance of getting caught
Even if the chance is low, it is still a more immoral act than not cheating
Just show some temperance, man, don't be a slave to your own dick
Your a fucking Asshole for doing that to a military man. Hoe you catch herpes
Looooooooong crazy story short, I got cheated on for a girl my boyfriend met on tinder 2 months prior after an 8 year realtionship.
i kek'd. 10/10

My friend was just cheated on by his fiancee of five years for a guy she met on tinder like two weeks prior.

My heart still breaks for him.
EMC, post your stories pls
Got spiked, beat up and raped, then my s/o left me because I told them lol kk fnx
Been with my gf for over 6 years. She cheated on me about 2 years ago. For some fucking reason I was like 'we can make it work, I love you' and so on. 2 years later it still eats at me so I started banging my boss and couldn't be happier about it. In fact, I've never had better sex in my life.
Was with this girl for >2 years. Had to go on a 6 week business trip. I was being faithful all the time as this girl was perfect. Really had plans to marry her. Few months after my return from the trip one random night we just sat and had a nice evening etc. like we normally do. She suddenly starts saying shit like I don't deserve her and I deserve better; getting all emotional. I asked her why she would say something like that and well after a long struggle she confessed fucking some guy once while I was on the business trip. Lost my mind and said some bad things to her. She tried getting together after that to apologize and shit but I just ignored her. Now I'm an empty guy that can't trust any girl.
Cheated once.
>Met a girl on yik yak complaining about her about to be exboyfriend.
>We hang out.
>Nothing happens, we just talk about our relationships.
>Next time we hang out, we drink, she reveals she's broken up with the boyfriend.
>Before I know it we're fucking in the shower.
>We fuck maybe 3 or 4 times before she cuts off all contact and is back together with the bf.
>Neither my gf or her bf ever knew.
>Hopefully he finds the used condom I dropped next to her bed.
That shit was ass. The saddest thing? He had me driving him up to see her 2 hours away and I'd drive the 2 hours back alone. He was calling her his "friend" and I was honestly just hoping that if I let him go and showed him that I trusted him, he'd appreciate me. Something in me wanted to just not be a shitty girlfriend. I never was. Took me a while but I realized it was never about me. He was just a shitty person.
Tells us about it. Did you all use a condom? I would love to know he finished inside, like taking ownership of that pussy (assuming you're a girl).

Ouch. I'm sorry to hear.
Never cheated, at least not physically. Unless you count holding hands and flirting. I also made out with my ex while dating another girl, but we weren't "official". She got mad when I told her, but it wasn't what ended things by any stretch.

I've been the guy cheating with a girl while I was single. Felt bad.

I might have been cheated on once. I'm not entirely sure. But I assume I did, and it felt really really horrible.
My girl was travelling in Australia. I kissed this girl in a club, went back to hers and bottled it big time, left feeling proud that I didn't cheat. One day later I find out my girl fucked some French bloke in Aus ... gutted.
"I drank like an alcoholic and lost control of myself. I fucked some dude after falling all over myself for hours. I call it getting spiked and raped so that I don't have to ever confront my alcoholism and seek help. Don't worry about me though, this is a path of rationalization that I apply to almost everything in my broken life.

Aint my fault... I didnt do nuffin!"

Are you retarded?
I'm attracted to other girls, and my girlfriend is attracted to other men.

We manage not to cheat on each other because we're not pathetic pieces of shit. I've had plenty of opportunities. I imagine everyone meets someone they are a little infatuated with outside of their relationship.

Just go home and jerk off.

It's a test of fucking will power. I don't care how good the new pussy is -- I wouldn't hit it, because I have impulse control.
I've been with my boyfriend 18 months. He's amazing and so loyal, never even flirts with other girls. I've never cheated and I don't really plan to but i have this really awful fantasy of fucking his friends. I would never do it, but it really gets me off.
I feel terrible.
I've never had a boyfriend I didn't cheat on at some point.

The one I'm with now, I plan on spending the rest of my life with, but he
>don't have a sex drive
>has a tiny dick
>cums in 10 seconds
I've cheated on him 5 times in 2 years. Just when I need a good and proper fuck.

It's never emotional for me, just an itch to scratch.
Don't. Everyone fantasizes. Men are the worst. Odds are, he has thought of fucking your friends, your sister, your cousins, his coworkers -- whatever.

It sort of can't be helped. That's the compromise. As long as he makes the choice to be loyal to you, let him think and role play whatever he wants in his head. You can too.

In a way, it's more impressive to admit you have these feelings, but still stay true to your partner.

A girl at work hit on me. I straight up told her, "If I didn't have a girlfriend, I'd go for you." She thought that meant keep trying, but I had to really explain. I'm not a cheater. I'm just honest with my feelings. And it's okay to want to fuck different specimens, but just have the self control not to.
Whenever I have an itch my girlfriend didn't scratch, I just masturbate.

But that's because I actually love her, respect myself, and wouldn't want to hurt her feelings or compromise my own self-worth.
That makes sense. I mean, he watches porn and I try to make out what he's into from it but it's always different. Milfs has popped up often. I'm older than him so I guess that's a good sign? I have no problem with porn of course, everyone watches it. Sex is pretty dire at the moment though. He just doesn't get me going.
I cheated by fucking a girl on a festival and I didnt regret it because to sex was so much better than with my then gf. 10/10 would fuck again
Well, sex has its ups and downs, especially in a long term relationship. You lose the excitement of "omg, I can't believe I'm inside of you" and have to rely on actual performance because you simply get used to each other.

Things that help me and my girl are:

-Not planning it or anything, just fucking at random with none of the usual "rituals" (lubing up, putting down a sheet or something)

-Having sex in an exotic or different location (hotel room, on a cruise, at a friend's house)

-mixing up positions, focusing more on oral, or rubbing at times, and building up to intercourse

-sex toys. Vibrating ones

-Alcohol. Sloppy drunk sex with someone you've been with for a long time can feel like you're a couple of sluts who just met for the first time.
It's not about him not scratching it's about him literally being unable to.

Should I break up with someone over one thing even though everything else is perfect?
I realize I might be the minority here, but yes.

If you're going to fuck someone else, break up with him. I think that'd be the honorable, moral thing to do.

Maybe you don't care about him enough to think that way. Maybe he's just your possession and not your partner. But I wouldn't presume to know everything about every relationship. They're all unique in their own ways.

BUT, if you enjoy fucking other men, just be single and fuck other men.
You don't love him
You love what be brings to you
>be in a relationship with a with a jealous and paranoid girl
>I believe a couple should be free
>she hang out with friends and I dont complain, but I cant hang alone with my friends
>friends are: her ex; a guy in love with her, and a other guy just wanna fuck her
>one day she got drunk with the dudes, one of them fucks her
>her best girl friend told me
>I had a conversation with my ex and I ''forgave'' the bitch
>fucked her ass (never done that)
>I went to a nightclub and had a threesome
>I never thought I could seduce other girls
>feels good
>broke up with my bitch ex
>living the dream now
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To anyone in this thread who cheated: Why? What compelled you to do such a thing? Do you regret that decision at all?

And is being cheated on after a healthy 3-year relationship supposed to lead in depression and suicidal thoughts after a year after the fact?
Yes, because you're being incredibly selfish.
My Cheating Experience: 35/M - Married - 1 Kid.

1) College female friend on FB after a decade - Talks nice - Plans for coffee - One thing to another - Hug - kiss - 3rd Base.

2) Someone from Twitter - 23/F Unmarried - messages get flirty - plans to meet at her apartment - 3rd Base.

3) Someone from Twitter - Works nearby - meets - 3rd Base again.

I quit twitter now. Have been talking to two girls who know I'm married - flirty - but no plans to meet them in person.
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That's fucking classic. Everyone else is a scumbag but you, I like you m8.
This x 10000
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Women are all whores, not even surprised.
I posted this before, but I enjoy sharing the story so Im posting it again. It happened back in September.

Background - been with gf for 6 years. Move to a new city together, planning on staying a year since she has a training position and im studying for masters degree. Find another couple to live with about our age.

>Move in with couple
>Always a little sexual tension between me and the other girl but dont think anyone noticed
>Nothing ever happened between us
>I used to frequently masturbate in her bed using her dirty panties though
>Lived there a year, time to move out is approaching
>My gf already left, its Sunday night, I leave on Tuesday
>The other couple are staying and new tennants are taking our room
>So only me and other couple are there
>Im chilling on the sofa, browsing /ck/, having a few beers
>Other couple in their bedroom having a huge argument about some shit, not unusual, happened once every one or two months
>This one goes on for a long time, sounded like she slapped him
>Whilst im taking a piss, someone storms out of the flat
>Return to sofa
>Female housemate comes out of her bedroom and apologises

My ex cheated on me while on a business trip, after I had just given birth to our kid. Feels fucking bad. He was always so kind to me and we had what I thought was a very balanced relationship. He said it was the only time, but after we broke up, he was still logged into my computer and I found all the emails over the years. I still feel empty inside. It wasn't the sleeping around. It was the lying and way he blamed it on me when talking to the other women. He also said a lot of nasty things about me after we broke up. Called me a slut and a whore and a piece of shit because I had suggested if he wanted to continue we could have an open relationship, but I would not be naive to think he wouldn't continue what he had been doing.
I've been cheating on. Its fucking awful. I haven't been able to open up as much as I used to because of that fear of being cheated on.

>She starts drinking vodka
>I take a shot since Ciroc and havent tried it
>Its not nice, I stick with beer
>We sit and drink for a while, shes drinking much faster than I am though
>She tells me all about the relationship problems and blah blah blah
>Drinking continues, shes kind of drunk, and Im feeling it too
>I was drinking Kwak if anyone /craftbeer/ here
>She goes to get something from the kitchen
>When she returns, sits on the sofa next to me
>Suddenly she straddles me and our tongues are down each others throat in an instant
>Its hot and passionate, we chew each others face off
>She gets up, pulls me up and starts stripping my clothes as we head to her bedroom
>Get her naked, shes already moist
>Skip foreplay and just go straight to fucking
>Im diamonds, wanted this all year, plus when I drink, I find it very difficult to cum
>Means I can fuck long and hard
>Give her a good 30 minutes of power fucking, just hammering away, think shes enjoying it and I feel like a king
>Shes getting close to a huge orgasm, I can feel it
>Suddenly it rips through her body, legs start to spasm and eyes roll
>She starts to cry
>Her orgasm got me close to cumming, the tears send me over the edge
>Blow a full load inside of her, grunting and moaning like never before, drained every drop
>By this point she sobbing, and not in an emotional sex way, in a 'i cheated and im a whore way'
>I pick up my shit and go to my bedroom

I didnt see her monday morning before work, and she came home late so I was already asleep. Then I left on Tuesday whilst she was at work so that was the last time I saw her.
I found an opened condom wrapper in the bin of my girls apartment, what's this? "something happened" no shit something happend, if I didn't find it I doubt she would have told me, I regret taking her back, recently ran off to another country to be with her ex, fml, I loved her more than anyone in my life, she used and manipulated me the whole time, I feel like shit, dropped past my lowest low, planing a hero, this life isn't for me
My fiance cheated on me 3 weeks after we found out she was pregnant. She ended up leaving me for the other guy while pregnant.. I got straight cucked. Will probably never be able to have a healthy relationship w another woman again.
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I feel you, anon. When your beloved betrays you, it feels like the only person you can still trust is yourself. This is where I'd tell you what to do if I knew how, but I wish you all the best for the time being.
She sounds like a whore, it's her fault and only hers
Never cheated on anyone but I slept my sisters ex boyfriend while they were still together.
You have to be 18 to post on this site.
i have often unknowingly been the side piece. most of the time i can figure it out before it gets serious though.
I've cheated on my fiance with 6 different people in the past 2 and a half years. The most recent was with this guy I sat next to in class and I gave him a blowjob out in the parking lot for a pack of marlboros
It's only a cuck if you agreed to it. Fuck that bitch.
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If you cheat you are literally worthless
I definitely know that feel. Don't an hero.
Life will be shit for a long time, but eventually you'll get past this experience if you try.
gassyerotica user? or nah
My high school girlfriend cheated on me and it really fucked me up.

I cheated on a girl I was in an LDR with, but I broke up with her without telling her about it.

Now I'm dating an asexual dude and it's hell, but at least I know he isn't gonna cheat.
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>gf is spending less and less time with me
>spending more time with her male friend that I fucking hate
>tell her openly how much I fucking loathe the guy and how I don't like her spending time with him
>she goes off to some party with him, I was busy that day
>texts me "Nothing happened just so you know!"
>week later
>she dumps me
>starts dating him
>find out from a friend of hers she was hooking up with that guy at afformentioned party

She denies it all, but I don't know who to believe.

All I know is the guy friend I fucking hated is fucking her now, so I'm probably gonna develop some pretty shitty trust issues
you were a fucking idiot for letting ur gf go out with some male friend that is not a homosexual bro. Be a man and kick his ass the next time something like that happens. Or warn him that u will
I am one of those that "never quite cheated" I told myself at the time that if I just fingered her and we never have sex that I'm not cheating. I'd give her ridiculous orgasms and then jerkoff over her and cum all over her. Still feel guilty. With the same girl I really just cheated on.
vaguely know that feel, sorry that shit happened to you anon
you shouldn't have to fight other people off in a relationship, wtf
yeah if u date a whore you're fucked from the start... but he coulda tried to man up and make that faggot respect him at least out of fear
I'm emotionally cheating on my current boyfriend (T). Had a bad breakup with (J) in April 2015. Relationship lasted only about 6 or 7 months, however he and I had been best friends for 2 or so years. He was also 10 years older than me and really fed into my daddy fetish. He was pretty much the epitome of the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with. Anyway spent a week together getting wasted and fucking and I go home. J dumps me because idk. A month later turns out oops I'm pregnant, I message him to let him know and he erupts in anger telling me that I'm trying to trap him into child support etc etc. He says I'm an untrustworthy bitch because the condom failed us I guess. Still in love with him so I abort the baby and let him know and he goes AWOL for 6 months. Began dating T a guy who's been in my friend zone for a long time, he treats me right but he can tell that I'm still emotionally messed up from the abortion and J. Anyway a couple months ago J messages me whilst drunk and apologizes and every once in awhile he messages me to talk about unimportant shit, (never romance-related). My heart still flutters when J messages me and I can't stop the disappointment that I'm dating T instead of J. However, J explicitly stated that he never wants to date me again.
I cheated once on my current gf about 1 year and a half ago.
Worst thing i ever did.

It destroyed her, but she kept me and now i feel so bad about doing that that i could never leave her in fear of hurting her again. We're engaged now btw.
^ This.
>>finishing up college
>> meet indie grill, smokes a little pot, into weird stuff
>> sleep over at her apartment 3-4 days a week
>>we fuck constantly
>> really like her
>> semester ends and she drops me, brutally
>> was legit pissed and sad
>> move on, go out to bar, get lucky
>> new grill is a cruel bitch, but has the best ass I have ever been with, also fucks like a champion
>> turns out the two girls are best friends and are going to be moving in together next year
>> new girl knew the entire time and continued to fuck me because girls are terrible
>> found out new girl has an ex boyfriend she fucks on the side and I am not down with that
>> 1st girl randomly texts me the morning after a night of heavy drinking, I come over to her house
>> we fuck
>> 2nd girl doesnt care
>> we continue to fuck all summer
>>help move her to her new apartment
>> semester starts and we go no contact, because they are afraid their friends will think they are slutty
>> she has a boyfriend instantly, because I am a creep and stalk her social media
>> recognize his name, he is her drug dealer
>> she becomes a xanax zombie
>> two semesters go by and I graduate at the end of the year
>> start texting her randomly
>> she wants to fuck
>> we do so, even though she is a gross hot mess
>> afterwards she confesses that she uses me to get sober but she really has been dating that guy the entire time
>> I mad
>> time goes by, she starts texting me to come hang out
>> fuck her for the weekend
>> her boyfriend was at his dad's funeral
>> I don't care

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My Snapshot_15.jpg
33 KB, 640x480
Fucking bitch ex told me recently that she didn't love me for all 5 years of our relationship. I'm pretty sure before we broke up that she was cheating on me the whole time. Fucking bitch. I feel like I'll never be happy again. I already couldn't trust many people, now I can't trust anyone.
woah you look like me
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Briffault's Law.jpg
126 KB, 768x960

It's important to remember that women, in aggregate, as a whole, are not loyal. Women being the more reproductively valuable sex means that the average woman will always have more options than the average man, and if another man becomes her best option, you're gone.

She'll rewrite the entire history of the relationship to avoid admitting the truth: she's an opportunistic parasitic set of fuck-holes.

And yeah, she was fucking someone else. Women usually have another branch within reach before letting go of the current one.

Sadly enough I'd have to agree with this...What's the point of even trying for meaningful romantic relationships?
File: 1425253827330s.jpg (3 KB, 84x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be teenager
>dating grill 2 years younger than I
>date for 2 years with some seriously rough patches
>First time she hangs out with a guy I know wants her wicked bad
>apparently she fell asleep and he stayed there while she slept, then fucked her awake
>she thought it was me fucking her
>find out and kick the shit out of the guys face next day at school
>after his face is rearranged I go to the office and await my name to be called.
>his sister pins me against a wall crying and trying to choke me.
>can't help but laugh in her face as her angry tears roll down her face.
>principal tells me she wishes she didn't have to kick me out of school b/c guy I brutalized was a massive cunt
>begin dropping out of school mode
>fuck GF for another year like a rabbit.
>we hit another rough patch.
>she hangs with some seriously sketchy dudes
>ends up letting them do a train on her
>literally want to find and butcher these guys.
>end up fucking her brains out one more time in a piano room at a college.

>couple months pass since I last saw or heard of her.
>Turns out she's a guy now.
>All my feelings and anger begins to just fade away.
>literally the best ending to any fucked up ex scenario in my book.
>mfw I got one more year in HS and i got to bag a freshman with an hourglass body.
>long hair
>tie-die shirt
how did you escape the 70's?
Cheated on my ex with her mom. We got caught in the act and it ended the relationship.
I kicked him out of my house and he cried and begged for another chance. told him if he ever contacted me again I would tell my police officer brother that he was harassing me. kept some of the videogames he left behind.
your mother must be proud
its called having fucking respect for your SO. get a fucking dildo if you need more attention
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>girlfriend is at music festival with dude
>Think nothing of it, the majority of my friends are of the opposite sex
>Go to store to prepare shit for a picnic on the cliffs after she leaves the festival (it was local, she was going back home
>Take food to cliffs, I like chilling here anyway so I can wait until she calls to tell me she's on her way
>She never calls
>Finally calls, tells me she fucked her friend after festival
>Sit there for 8 hours
>Throw food to the birds
>Cops come by, afraid I'm going to an hero

>She calls me a few times, I ignore them.
>She calls/texts for a couple weeks. I ignore them
>She came by my house looking for me. Told roomies to tell her I'm not there.
>I've never spoken to her again.
File: 1446945049438.png (267 KB, 454x739) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be in a relationship for 2 and a half years
>me and my bf at the time expand our friend group a little (my idea)
>bf ends up cheating on me with some girl we met
>I get upset but forgive him, tell her boyfriend about it her gets upset but forgives her
>stay mad at him for petty reasons, probably because im a huge bitch or whatever
>her boyfriend is hot, dream about revenge fucking him
>one night everyones together playing fighting games
>awkward after what happened
>get to play games alone with him for like 3 hours
>get along rly well
>eventually we fuck, over and over
>best I ever had
>boys gf suspects us but never finds out
>we both break up with our partners and date eachother immediately after
>so happy about it, never felt better
>she removed me from every social media and sometimes I still check on her being bitter and get happy
Why would you not just break up with your bf instead of revenge fucking and ruining two relationships? Sounds like a child's mentally honestly. On the positive side atleast a new relationship was formed by the situation.
>be this guy
>be giant pussy
>become an hero
>Be me, 19
>seeing girl
>first relationship, so pretty inexperienced
>I'm a homebody, girl likes to go out places
>it's cool, I can do whatever and hang out with her, she goes and has girls' nights (lol)
I'll interject here - relationship was only for about 2 months.
>eventually break up because we clearly aren't going to have a good relationship
>get text a week or two after
>"hey you should probably get tested for chlamydia"
>get tested, no STD

So yeah, pretty clear she was a bit of a skank pants. Obviously doesn't matter much in the context of some of these posts (for those poor people with partners for years, sorry).

Suppose it was easier for me to realise as I wasn't so emotionally invested, but in the vast majority of cases, cheating is on their end. Horny, needy or just plain selfish/insecure, it's their issue.
was 100% childish, i did it because my feelings were hurt, which is lame ik
its even more childish to still check up on her because it makes me feel better
Fucken Jodie...
Logical enough... Stop with the peeping though, sounds like schadenfreude.
>be a giant pussy for cutting a toxic person out of my life
> Using Toxic

You should cut your jugular from your life.
>not understanding the concept of toxic relationships and the effect they have on both parties.

Use more logic in your b8 instead of being an edgelord plz.

> Not understanding that you're a huge nerd

Use more bleach in your cereal instead of being a cuck, pls.
I wouldn't be responding to this shitty of b8 if I weren't a no-life faggot.
Srsly tho, you're bad at this and cereal is shit.

> Cereal is shit

And I'm bait.
Honestly i'm tempted to cheat right now. I love my gf but man...sometimes you just want real dick and not a fake one.
Stfu you're a degenerate
Why not? She won't find out.
File: 1CeNs.jpg (11 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 320x240
Not even baiting, cereal is shitty as fuck.

>Bad for you- if you believe otherwise you're retarded
>Tastes like shit unless it's coated in sugar
>Milk (and bleach) both leave horrible aftertastes in your mouth.

The only people who should eat cereal are children and people who are too autistic to make a proper breakfast.
This x 10000

If you have to cut 1,000 shitty people from your life maybe you're the problem.


> Tastes like shit unless it's covered in sugar

I love how you say cereal can't taste good unless covered in sugar and you're calling other people children.
28, friend
If you like the taste of straight-up cereal then more power to you for being a pleb with no taste. Enjoy your processed grains that contain no meaningful nutritional value on their own.

No, he's right, it's 18, not 28.
I cheated in Undertale once.

Horrible I know.
Not sure if it counts but my girlfriend allows me to bang other women while she's not getting any. I didn't force it on her, I told her about it from when we met and she was still cool with it, probably because she knows she's not in my league and can be happy that I choose to be her boyfriend. Yeah, I got narcissism issues lol
I've never cheated before! Plus i'm not good with finding one night stands...
You should stop being a lesbian. Fact is if you crave penis you are not lez
With guys? Holy shit is it easy. Fetlife, okcupid - seriously. Be clear about what you want.

I just realized you're a lesbian. oops.
Don't listen to this moron, sexuality is far more a spectrum than that
Spectrum or naw. I didn't say she should stop being with women I said she is not a lesbian and lesbians are exclusively attracted to women
You're an idiot.
Um i'm not a "les",i just so happen to be in a relationship with another female. I don't care for gender honestly.If im attracted, then whoop i wanna fuck you no matter what gender you are...but man i admit i miss having real dick. I just find it hard to cheat, but i know she has cheated on other people in the past what to say she won't eventually cheat on me?
Why don't you two just talk and see if you'd both be up for an open relationship so you can have the d and eat it too?
Not sure if this counts, but the gf is a prostitute. Was with her before she turned out. We're both happy with it. Aside from work she doesn't cheat on me, and I handle the money.
Cause my gf is HEAVILY into poly relationships and that some scary shit m8.
>mfw i hate sharing
>mfw im a dick loving bitch
Well if you think you can get away with it then go for it. Alternatively tell her how you feel and maybe you can do it together. idk or actually care a great deal
It was 1 toxic person, relax, why keep toxic people around? So I can wait around for them to do it again? No thanks

>cheated on her past partners

lmao and you really think she won't cheat on you too, that you're somehow special? dump the bitch and go fuck some guys
iktf bro, I was the cheater and I'm 90% sure I was the cheatee with the same girl.

>5 years ago
>Get together with this sad girl whose boyfriend is an immature piece of shit that doesn't value her at all
>Take her to my place where she spends the night, we don't even fuck
>Eventually get to the point where I'm railing her behind his back, she breaks it off with him and dates me immediately after
>Says while we were dating that she felt bad and had sex with him one more time before they broke up, don't think anything about it at the time
>Fast forward to a year and a half later, relationship is on the rocks
>Weeks, maybe months nosex
>Talk about breaking up or something along the lines of how she is dissatisfied with the relationship
>Going to hang out with these other people all the time, I'm insecure so obviously I'm kind of jealous and paranoid
>All of a sudden, sex
>I was totally lame and didn't last that long
>Couple weeks later we break up and she's seeing this other guy

I'm pretty sure she fucked him and pulled the same shit with me that she did the last guy, I never told anyone or confronted her about it
Was fuck buddies with this younger russian girl for a while. Told me she had a bf about two weeks in, kept hooking up until he found out
Fuck 'em for having a relationship then going away.

I salute their service, not their personal lives.
Soldier ≠ hero

Good luck in society.
>Be me
>Dating gf for a year and some change
>March comes around
>1 week before break she meets some dude at work
>Literal fedora-tipping trash
>Flirts with her
>Tells her that he'd be a better bf than me
>I tell her to tell him to fuck off
>Says it'll ruin friendship and shit
>Fucking whatever
>Go with her to his apartment one day
I'll say here that there are about 6 people living there at this point including the faggot
>He cries for 20 minutes while me and his roommate play Skyrim in the living room
>A week after the break we have lunch and she tells me she missed her period
>We haven't fucked in months
>Tell her to get an abortion and that we'll work it out
>Over the course of 2 months shit starts to fall apart
>I can't sleep
>Get super distant
>Cut friends out of life and sorta just exist
>Break up in June, having not gotten any better
>Still friends but I'm super short with her
Now that I'm not dating her the faggot thinks he can be welcoming now. I still refuse to acknowledge his existence and hardly answer to him even if he asks me anything directly. I don't give a fuck if it's petty. He has given me no reasons to respect him.

Currently looking to fuck this other chick. Fingered and ate her out last night (been about a year since I fucked someone). When I asked about fucking she said not today so I went with it because rape and all that. Hopefully next time I can get in her pants. Need to end this dryspell. Also a little bummed I didn't fuck my ex's faggot friend's roommate. Apparently she wants to fuck any dude that would walk through the door. Could have probably gotten my dick sucked at the least. Oh well.
I cheat on my fiance with a guy who has a bigger dick. I'm not proud of myself, but the sex is great.
true or not

[spoiler]i don't believe you[/spoiler]
>Being that cucked
As this anon said >>23132781 it's only cuck if you agree too it and I didn't. Since it was her cheating on me I still had feelings which is why the whole "we can work it out thing" happened. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't think about what I'd be like if I told her to fuck off, but as of now, I've gotten over it. It happened and I can't change that. She can live with the fact that she thew me away, and when she gets jealous of me hanging out and later on dating other chicks, that's her problem and I'll be perfectly fine telling her as such. I have already anyways. I dunno about her, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do better anyways. She had a ton of emotional baggage.
>mfw that was me but I was in her place
>gf was vanilla as fuck
>wouldn't want to do shit but missionary
>feels bad knowing she was a good girl besides that
>left her because of that
or get a man that can fuck you right, you shouldn't try to make your life with a man that can't satisfy you.
I really need some help on this.

I met this guy online a year and a half ago, we got on really well, met up three times in total before he had to go back to his home country because his grandfather passed away. Him leaving for a few weeks for the funeral turned into three months, and he didn't come back until new year. I'm diagnosed with borderline personality disorder so I'm really hard to be with and I recognise that. So while he was away in October we started arguing online more and more and the tension of us not being able to be together made things really hard. However in person we were so happy and got on so well, hadn't had sex at this point. He asked me to be his gf at the end of October and came back in January. We slept together as soon as he got back. We had a very rocky relationship, lots of arguing because of my BPD (I get severely paranoid and have multiple personalities and get very cruel and argumentative and am always either clingy or very distant). It's May, and I notice he's been talking to this girl for ages. In January he emotionally cheated on me with this other girl, going on a stupid site and telling her anonymously that he wanted to take her to dinner and cuddle and kiss her and watch movies with her. Broke my heart but I stayed.

Anyway I ended up messaging this girl that he'd been promising me he was "just friends" with in May of 2015 after I saw some conversation between them. Turns out he'd slept with her, and had been telling her he loved her for the past month or so. He had met up with her several times and he told me when I rang him crying down the phone that he had fallen for her but that he kept me around because he didn't want to hurt me because I was unstable.

Anyway, this fucking destroyed me because I'd never been in love like that before and I had really believed him when he said he loved me too. I've been sexually abused, so sleeping with him was huge and he knew that. I felt violated. (cont.)
(cont.) Oh I should mention when he fucked that girl we were not at the time officially together but were still talking and trying to make it work. Also this girl told me he'd fucked another girl in December, and we were VERY much together at that time.

So I left him, tried to be strong and get through my final exams. I passed really well so go me. Got with this guy for like two months as a rebound, but would occasionally check on my ex's social media. Ended up leaving the rebound (felt awful about it) and messaged my ex again saying I missed him. He told me a few days later he missed me too and still loved me. We met up again, I slept round at his and we slept together many times. We kept talking after this and didn't argue nearly so much. We met up a few times afterwards and slowly started falling for each other again. We got together again in November and are still together, and there have been zero signs of him cheating. He even voluntarily gave me his facebook password (I only go on in bad states of paranoia and instability but he never flirts or cheats). However I found out that he had flirted with lots of girls while we were together the first time when he promised he only wanted me. I also found out he was still flirting with people when I thought we were exclusive when we started talking again back in August, he signed up for POF etc. Now, here's my dilemma. (cont)
(cont.) So he tells me he has an issue where he has a compulsion to flirt with women when he feels unwanted in order to make himself feel good. I try really hard to understand this but it broke me all over again when I saw that he was still using this site even though we had gotten back together. He deactivated it in front of me and gave me his FB password as I mentioned. I believe he has not used it since and he's stopped talking to a lot of his friends (he's fucked several of his closest female friends which I'll admit does bother me) which I do feel bad about but I get so paranoid when he does talk to them.

I do love him and I do trust him but it is so difficult not knowing whether I'll be able to trust him every moment of every day, especially when I'm going through depressive and paranoid episodes. I don't know if I should just make a clean break from him because it'll never work out or if it's worth working at. I do love him and when we are together we are a very good couple, I get on with his family and he gets on with mine. I can see myself being with him forever. I am completely over what he has done and I see that as being a completely separate relationship but when I get depressed and I panic all the old pain comes flooding up again. I don't know what will be best for both of us in the end. I want to stay with him but it is by no means easy or fair on him to have to deal with me when I get down, even though he says he wants to help me through it.

He is a great guy who has made some mistakes but I don't know if I can handle all of the images flooding back and hitting me like a ton of bricks. I am being medicated, and am waiting to receive therapeutic treatment.

So /soc/, if any of you read all this, should I stay or go, for his sake or mine?
My ex told me that she was still with the guy she was with before me for most of the time we were dating. She also said that it wasn't cheating because they didn't even kiss when she was with me.
You're actually justified as you had issues before you got involved with him and he didn't help the situation. I don't know what to tell you. You need to let go and not worry about what he's up to when he's not with you. But somehow I imagine that this is not a thing that you can do.
Jesus Christ its like you have no self esteem. You are literally the woman version of a cuck but I don't understand it because there are probably a line of guys waiting to date you. You are just being used
Well actually you'd be right about the no self esteem thing seeing how my mental health really doesn't help that as well as having been abused multiple times in my life but sure call me a cuck.
I know, but he is only human and I can't expect him to excuse me for all of my behavior, whether I can help it or not, simply because I'm in poor health. I do try to let go and often manage to - when we're together we can easily laugh about the past without any tension. It's a lot harder when we're apart (he lives 50 miles from me)
Get out of that mindset. If someone is being charitable by dating you, then you need to dump them. Value yourself. Everyone can be loved. And expecting your significant other not to flirt with other girls is actually not unreasonable
But I would see ANYONE dating me as being charitable because I know how frustrating it is to have to deal with my constantly shifting mindset, I'm always gonna have that issue until I get better regardless of who I date, he never implies that I should be grateful that I'm with him, it's purely my own mind that makes me believe that. Ya I agree with the last part but I looked it up and it's a genuine thing to do with gratification and yknow I'm never gonna be one to tell people that their compulsions aren't real because I'd be a damn hypocrite. Idk I'll see how it goes I guess, I can't get hurt much more than I already was and desu if anything definitive happens again (i.e. he porks someone else) I know for sure I'll just be like nope bye and leave him.
>tfw have a huge cheating fetish but could never actually do that to a human being
I have never had sex with someone elze but my partner, but I have gotten naked for strangers on cam. My boyfriend never made me cum and it got frustrating! I have done camshows for strangers in the past and when I was younger than.. so I think it influenced me a lot. I get incredibly horny when someone is watching me on cam and at one moment I couldnt control myself. My last two relationships ended because of my skype adventures.
Tell me /soc/, what do you think?
I think I'd like to have skype adventure.
I too would like to join in this adventure with you
Complex human story.
Good post.
Perfect result. Kek'd
Lrn 2 grntxt

Also, yawn. Seek help. Stop over-analysing yourself and your world. Don't overburden people, but don't be insular. And don't date arseholes.
don't listen to those other people, just be very careful and don't let him find out....you love him but we all have needs, should you get rid of a love because he can't meet one need, that seems a bit harsh....
File: image.jpg (395 KB, 1400x1120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What happens when your boyfriend of 3 years dumps you through a letter and you later found out he cheated on you.... Again. (No I won't Send this too him) and yes I was writing on the bus right after I found out so I wasn't really rational or writing nicely ... But here we go
>Soldier ≠ hero
Holy shit this
Thank you.
Found out that my most recent ex was fucking dudes because he left his Craigslist ads open on the computer we shared.

Yes, I got myself tested for /everything/.
File: image.jpg (987 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Me and my ex stopped talking for a week so I started texting (romantically) this girl I met at the mall, it led to nothing because the girl stopped texting back

Weeks later I run into my ex and we start getting back together, she looks through my phone finds the text and claims I was cheating. I didn't really feel like arguing about it since it was 6am so I just left. I will agree that it was a bad thing to do a week after ending a one year relationship but was I really in the wrong?

Pic related is something we made on the beach
be on your way... away from that dude
lol wtf
Feel you.
>literally the only rule I had is to use a condom
>doesn't use a condom
Bye Felicia.

Nah, that bitch sounds crazy.
I dated this guy for just under a year. About 8 months in, the lease ran out on his apartment, and he told me that his best friend's roomie was moving out around the same time, so he was just going to move in with her. I had met this friend, and she seemed really cool, so I was happy he found a nice place to live and didn't have to deal with strangers.

A couple of months after that, I felt that things weren't going anywhere. We basically just went to dinner and a movie once a week, and the physical part of our relationship was almost nil. So I ended things. He seemed very upset at the time, kind of lashed out at me, and said I was making a huge mistake. It was far from the reaction I was expecting, especially since I had felt we had stagnated. So when I went out to coffee with my roommate and a couple of her friends that weekend, I told them what had happened.

Someone asked me how I met him, and I said that he had done construction on the building I worked in. Someone else immediately asked what his last name was, and I told them. She then said that she was the best friend of the girl he moved in with, and that he hadn't become her new roommate, but they had bought a house together and had been dating for five years.

She then called her friend and tried to tell her that her boyfriend had cheated on her, and she denied the whole thing, saying he would never do anything like that. I tried to talk to her, and she told me that I was making up lies to get attention, and that it was obvious the two of them had been together.

So, I guess I was not really the person who was cheated on, but it sure feels like it, and I still can't believe he was in a long term relationship the whole time we were together.
and here you go boys and girls, chicks and dudes are equal opportunity offenders, anybody that thinks otherwise is misinformed....
If both of you understand it, why fucking with other people should be a problem?
With consent there is no cheating. And with understanding should be consent
I cheated on a guy that I was in love with. I went to see an old hs friend that I haven't seen in years, and we were just chilling and drinking in his room since his roommates were asleep. At the time I had realized that he was kind of a druggie because he kept mentioning pills and shit, but I am an open minded individual so I went with it. He kissed me, and I told him to stop because I had a boyfriend. He date raped me later in the evening and recorded everything with his webcam. (I have tattoos so it is definitely me) I woke up the next day and he showed me. I woke up sick af and naked in his bed with no memory.I freaked out and woke him up, and he showed me the video and kept saying how I was his and how he would show my boyfriend the video. I went home and my roommate made me a bath and cried with me. I felt like shit and told my boyfriend that I had had sex with someone else while being severely intoxicated. He broke up and has refused to talk to me for years and makes sure to tell any single mutual friend we have about how I am a whore and a terrible person and has gone as far as to try and sabotage potential dates by messaging the dudes. (Sidenote: a good portion of mutual friends remain my friend and have heard the whole story, and the dudes he has sent messages to always tell me, but I always tell them that I have cheated ahead of time to clear the air. It's kind of a weird penance Hester Pryne thing) I became hypersexual for awhile afterwards, and now I am frigid and I don't engage in intimacy with anyone.
Also, I ended up getting revenge on date rape guy and set up a date at his house when no one was home and beat him until he deleted the video.
cheated on , after 9 years gave another chance 3 months later did it again with someone else..... it fkn sucks
File: 1447089731523.jpg (105 KB, 500x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 500x667
Cheaters are the absolute bottom of the barrel trash on this planet.

These people need to be systematically killed.
What were her initials?
Sounds EXACTLY like a female I used to "date"
Definitely not cheating if there's no consent :/ It's just rape, and I hope you find yourself in a better situation soon and that you'll heal.
File: 1359304664935.gif (1 MB, 236x177) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 236x177
Hahaha you were so bad she went back, you tinydicked homo

>me currently, minus engagement. it's been hinted at. That, moving in together, and moving out of country.
Married guy here, but the wife became frigid after the kids. It's been a hassle to deal with. I'm constantly looking for an affair but I have too many demands. Only once got my dick sucked out of marriage and that is it.

My wife has been my first and only partner for sexual things (apart from that one time suck), I'm the same for her. I love her dearly, but my mind cannot get over the no-sex.
>things going a bit south after we moved in together
>she didn't like being that commited to one person
>i suggest trying a open relationship as long as she tells me about everything
>week later she goes to thailand for a month of backpacking
>i constantly keep communication with her, though she doesn't tell me anything. she says she haven't felt the urge to do anything and she misses me
>i stalk her facebook(i knew her password) and i see a lot of messages.

>one guy wants her to sit on his face again.
>a black guy missed the blowjobs she gave
>a girl gave her an orgasm on the train
Question: why's she frigid? Is it just cuz she's tired, with the kids and all? Have you asked? I hope there's something the two of you can figure out together.

Not being judgmental, but it seems like a shitty problem to have to have for the rest of your life.
Told my now ex to not go out one night to a club because i didnt trust this new friend she made.. got wasted and this girl sent me photos of her in a toilet getting raped by 2 guys. She was basically asleep because of how drunk she was.
Mostly because she is tired. And she is tired because of her job. I do a lot in the household and with the kids. She works 22 hours a week, gets home early but the moment I get home from my 9 to 5 I spend time with the kids and try to make dinner as much as I can. She'll just retire to the couch to watch shitty TV or be on her tablet, or clean up a bit.. The evening for us begins at 7pm when the kids go to bed, while I'm active as fuck she'll just want to watch TV or something because she is drained.

It's a shame that we found out so late and after so much investment that our lifestyles kinda don't match. It's purely a "lack of energy" on her part (does that make me sound bad?) and I hope it'll get better over time, but I doubt it will.

I'm a bit of a pessimist, so I think my life will end up with a lazy landwhale within 10 years if this trend continues.
I've cheated. Dated a virgin for a year. Only let me have outside play nothing internal. But she was cute and tight. We had really good times together and I really felt for her but the no sex thing really got to me so I cheated with three different girls over the past four months of our relationship.

The first was a tiny little thing I knew from high school. She always liked me from back then and was a regular booty call after I cheated because she was always down and loved to please.

The second was an old flame who I met on Craigslist and fucked all night. Literally all night. I cheated with her after a drunk/high night of playing monopoly with her friends.

The third was a punk black girl who I knew from my time at local punk shows. She liked that I was downing 40s at a party and had me come back to her sketchy place and fuck her silly. I left my phone there and had to come back. We fucked again after.

Why did I do it? I knew my gf's feelings for me were fading and so were mine. Honestly I just needed to fuck. I got tired of rubbing and sucking on her clit only. I wanted her virginity but never had it. So I had it elsewhere.

I've also been the cheated and cheated with.
We'd like a slice of this honeypot I bet, where is she now anon.
File: CSj1LOAVEAEWDNE.jpg (5 KB, 153x199) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 153x199
Because of things like these I'm sometimes glad I was never in a relationship. Looking at myself and how I am, I would probably get cheated on if I ever get into one.
No faggot. Getting cuckolded means your woman cheated on you.
File: happynewyear.jpg (5 MB, 3402x2835) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Jesusssss christ that girl is fucking ugly
I know, I was in a bad spot in my life and got honeydicked hard. I have the story written if people are interested?
Why would you even WANT to date someone like that dude, you can tell just by looking at her she is dirty.
I almost cheated on my gf.
The other girl was literally naked throwing herself at me.
I kissed her a few times but then pushed her off.
No way my gf would've known. I didn't cheat for myself and not for her though.
I regularly cheat on my girlfriend with random online chicks.

I regularly fuck my friend who everybody thinks is a lesbian.

I love my girlfriend but also feel nothing.
Where are you from? I offer professional back scratching services.
I-it's okay, anon
I do what I can to convince people out of promiscuity and adultery
>I love my girlfriend but also feel nothing.
Well then you don't love her do you lol
Tbh i love her as a person. The relationship means nothing to me and ever since she went through an abortion i couldnt cope and just feel horrible about everything.

Break up with her.
Any other action is cowardice and immoral.
walk dude, i did exactly this...exactly this and it fucking blew up and it will for you to, just get out and get some distance and breathe, youl feel that fucking pressure lift, then go fuck some bitches
Fuck that sucks man

But srsly, drained at 22 hrs of work a week? That's some bullshit, I'd try and get her into counselling or have a chat with her, she might be depressed
I don't understand this, if you don't feel anything in the relationship and don't want her because she got an abortion why are you still with her. That shit is unhealthy for BOTH of you.
I heavily support her financially and feel obligated to help her in any way i can.

Physically im not there and shes short with me and its never been a particularly happy relationship, shes quite selfish and distant but also loving. V hard to describe.

It was after the abortion that we never dealt with any of the effects on me and then i just.. folded.

I started seeking comfort elsewhere.

I feel like im completely aware of my actions and frel no remorse. All i want ti do is help but im at a point where I need badically someone to make me feel loved and j do it via long distance relationship and fucking around.

I dont even know what else to say.
Again, leave her.
You aren't helping her get better with cheating just becasue you support her with money. You aren't helping yourself either.

Toxic, all of it. Stop using excuses about needing to feel loved so you can fuck other women, just break it off and go find happiness somewhere else.
I really fucking needed to hear that.
That sucks, anon..
I'm not trying to weigh in morally here because honestly I can't, I'm in the same boat, but just know there is someone else out there justifying it to themselves in a similar fashion
I want to dump my bf for this 45 year old guy lol
He treated me like shit for the first two years so I don't feel too bad about it, but I know how upset he'll be
I got cheated on and it hurt pretty bad. Don't do it anon.
I've been fucking a friend's wife for 7 months now, we even Fuck while he's in the house at this point. He's either in denial or likes it at this point.
told this story about my experience with cheating (I wasn't necessarily involved)

>work for septic pumping company
>get call for a "dirty pool" (system clogged)
>get out there, run hoses to yard
>owner comes out and he's asking questions like why it clogs, what can he do, etc...
>talking to him as I set up
>about to remove hatch and suggest he step back because of smell
>he says he just wants to see what the tank looks like
>crack the hatch and pull it back
>both of us look in
>there'a about a hundred condoms floating on top of the gooey mess
>turn to him and tell him he shouldn't be throwing condoms into the septic system
>he looks at me and says "they're not mine"
>he goes inside and for the next 30 minutes we hear nothing but yelling coming from the house
>see him leave with a trash bag (full of clothes?)
>we finish, write up the ticket and knock at the door to collect a check
>wife comes to the door, eyes red from crying, writes out a check without saying anything
>we leave

went back to the neighborhood a few weeks later and the house was for sale. at least the septic system was clean.

how old are you?
Only adult in the thread
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>Be me 23 m
>Gf is also 23
>Been together for almost 2 years
>Glorious, place together, Life is great
>Go to family party
>"Anon, Meet my cousin Matt!"
>Matt (Who is not actually her cousin, just close family friend) is a 23 year old average car fag who is all about sneakers and newports
>Seems like a nice dude
>He and I become semi friends
>Matts got hot 9/10 girlfriend
>Everything seems legit
>Matts grandma dies
>My GF starts hanging out with him more, telling me he's having a really rough time
>I totally understand and let them hang out maybe twice a week for about 3 months
>Things start getting weird
>Doesnt come home till late at night, makeup/hair fucked up, not specific as to what they are doing
>I begin to suspect infidelity and she's lying about hanging with Matt
>Call her one night while with matt, she facetimes me to show she is with Matt
>Sigh of relief
>Still feel weird
>I work for Verizon, so I know how iMessage works on her laptop, she does not
>Texts between her and none other than Matt, talking about how she "loves him" "misses him" "shes never had her legs open that long" "loves his cock" ETC.
>we had been going through a rough patch in our relationship because I worked so much, but I did not expect this
>I lose it, asking what happened, told her I would murder matt, she assured me they didnt get past 3rd base, which took the sting off a bit, but I was livid.
>In love with girl, I believe in second chances and realized my short comings
>Took her back on the terms she never speaks to him again, no more contact, and therapy
>She agrees.
>Jokes about it now
>Have a sneaking suspicion that he will text her soon because he got a new number, which is with verizon
>Told her if she ever speaks to him, Im taking everything and I'm going to fuck her best friend who's wanted it from me for a while.

21 eyars old M . A girl cheated on the boyfriend with me while she was on vacation with her family here in Spain . I'm a Lifeguad and worked at a hotel she would come everyday and I kind of flirted with her for a day or 2 ,she told me she had a BF but she continued comming to me and was telling me how its complicated with her BF . and I invited her to go out after work . She sneaked out of the hotel arround 20:00 and we met outside she kidn of dragged me into this dark street , we talked for few minuts and we started kissing , I started fingering her and she went compleatly insane moaning and all then I fucked her there . Her dad called looking for her so she went back to the hotel . Next day she went home In England she told her BF and that loser still wanted to be with her. Yeah ... thats pretty much it . Have many stories as a lifeguad :P . If you want I can tell more.

just get rid of that bitch, she fucked him more than once..
Shit I know. Looking back I'm like wtf was wrong with me? I was just naive, as he was my first love, took my my virginity and my first kiss so I'd never imagined myself with anyone else. But then I grew a pair and said fuck you. 2 months later he started begging when his side piece started getting on his nerves but I was already over it.
I cheat. Probably been cheated on. I dont care. I cheat on my gf now cuz I told her a I wanted to be poly but she says she doesnt want to even tho she was a slut when I met her. Suddenly after we got together she became a prude
Ex cheated on me with her ex few years back after an arguement. She told me and felt bad, said that he forced her and raped her because she was drunk at his house the same night of the argument. Broke up with her on the spot and dropped all contact with her. Saw her a year later with the same guy while I was getting some food with my buddies. They approached me and told me I needed to apologize to her for leaving her how I did. Said ok I'll apologize, and gave that motherfucker the meanest uppercut I could, knocked him on his ass. She started slapping me so I pushed her as hard as I could and she landed flat on her face and just stayed there sobbing. I feel bad for the both of them
I agree; it seems to be a serious problem. Since you love her, it's best if you try to help her out.
Then dump him. I wasted three years with a guy, worrying about his feelings and how heartbroken he'd be, only to finally leave him when I met someone I loved, and he was heartbroken anyway. Unless you honestly plan to stay with this guy forever, it doesn't matter when you dump him, so why not now?
Let's be real who /hasn't/ had that one Stupid Sexy Friend. Or several. Props to you for keeping it holstered though.
Man wtf? LOL. Why the hell did they expect you to apologize? So dumb.
do et! plox
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