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Have any of you had any success with the...
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Have any of you had any success with the casual encounter section of craigslist? If so what is your story? How did you succeed?
I'm about to meet up with a guy in a hour or so, will come back to the thread and report what happens
I'v had 4 hook ups on Craiglist

2 of then were bigger girls, One had huge tits, green hair and her nipples pierced. I walked in, we watched Seinfeld, smoked and then she asked me if I wanted to fuck, so I went to town. She only was into Guy on top and Vaginal so we did that, hour later I came, and went on my merry way.

The Second one was also a bigger girl, who had small tits, but a great ass, I walked in, we smoked she rubbed my crotch till I got hard, sucked my dick and then let me do whatever I want, so we did Anal, I came in her ass, and went on my merry way, we fucked a couple of more times after.

The third was an older black woman and she was in decent shape, she was a security guard, we met in a parking lot, talked for a bit,gave me a handjob, I asked her to fuck, she said she had no condoms, so she gave me cash to go buy some, I went back and we fucked in her car.

The last one was a trashy milf, she picked me up, at like 1 am, went to a side street, talked for a little, then she rode me for like a half an hour and let me creampie and I walked home.

all and all it was eh.
I met a guy when I went to Thailand.
Went to his hotel, sucked him and got fucked by him
I have had a few. 26 SWM here. I ate a few girls out a few times. Another girl I fucked once. Its mostly Nigerian spam bots, but occasionally you hook one.

One girl I had a pretty awesome cuddle session while watching netflix. Fun times.
I've posted elsewhere. I'm extremely sexual. I'm a man. I started "experimenting" very young, and I think its the cause of my heightened sexuality. Anyway, met this dude and was gonna blow him. Heresearch the story.

>two years ago
>browsing cl, find older guy
>average cock, he agrees to come to me
>get in his car and ride to secluded spot
>we get in the back and he take his pants off
>I get him hard by sucking his balls and licking the shaft
>only when he's stiff do I take hI'm in my mouth
>suck him for a long time, whole time he's moaning.
>asks if he can suck me back
>say sure and lean back, he gives ok head
>feel finger on ass hole
>he fingers me some while blowing me
>asks if he can fuck me, say sure just in the moment
>presses my legs back so my knees are over my head
>lubes my hole with spit and presses in
>I'm tight, but into the pain
>goes slow, sliding slowly in and out of me
>kissing my neck and shoulders saying how amazing I am
>presses in deep and grunts, feel him cum in me
>he stays, he shoves his tongue in my mouth and we make out
>spits in his hand and Jacks me off
>he gets hard again, still in my ass
>fucks me again, more seriously
>I start moaning like a slut and cum on my stomach
>he pulls out and blasts across my face
>get out, go home. Shower. We meet on the regular for a while
24 yo pantyboy here.
getting a dozen or so answers in about an hour, everytime I post some pics cruising for an older man (30+). Lots of married guys, a few limp dick desperate guys and some "will i get out of there alive" creeps.
I had a couple weird experiences with guys who kept whispering "sweet" things to me and fucked me way too gently. Got a decent guy once, but i was a passive blow-and-go.
I'm still looking for someone who know how to take charge yet doesnt want to throw me out of his apartment with his piss on my face afterward, its kind of hard to screen...
Of course because of my deviance its hard to find someone IRL, so i need to keep searching.

What city? Who sent the first message? What did you say to them? What section?
rip rip
I'd help you out if you were in southern AB.

As for the topic; I've had only one successful CL hookup.

Put up an add looking for a blow job, maybe more, in the m4w section. Proceeded to ignore all the men responding to my ad. Got a message from a hot tranny in Calgary visiting her family in town. She joked that I wouldn't let her service me, I informed her I would. Ended up fucking her for a couple hours, came in her mouth three times.

All in all it was an awesome night. CL is mostly flakes and fakes if you're not looking for middle age gays, but if you're diligent in your search you can find amazing things.
A useful tip: Reverse image search every picture you see or are sent.

I didn't believe her when she messaged me, but the pic she sent wasn't anywhere else on the Internet. No hits on any search.
usually it's really disgusting middle aged people who can't even type out a proper sentence or guys emailing you even though you specifically stated you were only looking for women. I've seen a few posts from girls at the Uni, one of which was a gloryhole but I was too nervous someone was going to snap a mousetrap on my dick or something
Been talking to 50 year old married woman. She wants a ongoing thing and were probably meeting up soon.
I'd had two successes, both which turned into ongoing things because I'm always single & desperate. Both were also responses to my own ads, not my responses to ads.

First was an older woman in town for business. We chatted a while, she gave me her hotel and room number, I went over and we fucked. Now anytime she's in town she lets me know and I come over.

Second was a girl closer to my age who was in town for a concert. Same deal, she gave me her hotel and met me in the parking lot. We went to her room and fucked. I haven't seen her since but we've exchanged emails and she'll presumably let me know next time she's in town.

I also had a "happy ending" topless massage courtesy of CL, but it was shitty and I didn't even cum before my time ran out and it wasn't free, so I don't count it a success.
Lucky bastard. I was once talking to a 45 year old married women whose husband was leaving on a trip. Two days before he goes she cut contact.

Maybe he found out, maybe she got cold feet. Who knows.

yeah this
I'm alive, just got back. It was actually a very pleasant experience.
He picked me up, took me to his hotel room. Lots of small talk.
Later I started blowing him, practically begged him to fuck me, came and then he took me home.
We had fooled around for at least an hour though, was pretty good.
I I posted in the CL MSP personals 2 years ago looking for people to hang out with since I was in town for a couple of months for work. I had a LOT of free time. I was 20 years old and overweight but boy was I eager.

The first guy was black. Mid 20s kind of chubby. He was also in town for business. I invited him over and we talked for about 20 minutes. He wanted to shave me so I let him. Then we had the worst sex I've ever had. He was way too big and didn't care that it hurt me. Plus his junk smelled. We shared a cigarette downstairs after and I made a joke that it was my first time using a condom so he thought I gave him some disease.

The second guy was a tall and lanky white boy. Early 20s. Nasty teeth but oddly enough a fantastic kisser. He brought over a bottle of root beer schnapps and we spent an hour on Omegle before making out. He was very attentive. Saw him a few more times after that.

The third guy was a total loser. Short. Fat. Balding, even though he was 20. Nice thick dick but he came all over my sheets while I was giving him a hand job. Sent him home immediately and ignored him forever.

The fourth guy was sexy as hell. Way way out of my league. Late 20s. Amazing body. Amazing smile. Didnt have sex but he ate me out like a champ. He never returned my calls though.

And finally the last guy. Best sex of my life. He told me through email he was in his late 20s. When we were texting he said he was 32. When we met in the parking lot he said he was 36. I asked him wtf was with the age changes and he changed the subject. I took him to Walmart thinking he'd get bored and back out but he was really entertaining and very charming. Took him to my room and he didn't hesitate to push me on the bed. He must have kissed every part of my body. I can't tell you how many orgasm I had. He fucked me till I literally passed out from exhaustion. I don't even know when he left. We texted a bit more after but then I flew back home.
did he pay u or did u pay him? r u a girl or guy? did u cum?
why did u hook up with all these ugly dudes if u can get hot ones to eat u out and fuck u?
Idunno. Low self esteem?
Ah I see, well glad you had some fun experiences
>couple years ago, 21ish
>post on CL looking for a chick
>60ish guy messages me
>says he'll suck my cock
>I say no way, not for free
>he says how much?
>he agrees
>go to his place
>he gives me $300
>sucks my dick
>I cum in about 10minutes
>never kissed/touched him
>he was naked though..
Turns out I'm an $1800/hr whore.
Feels a bithomo, but no ragrets.
Nobody was paid, am a girl, did cum
Posted to lose my virginity about a month ago, after a bunch of bots and a few flakes, I got to fuck an average looking black woman in her car. Didn't really find her attractive at all, but whatever. It was okay. Didn't cum, though. We gave up after 20-30 minutes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Wouldn't bother doing it again, really.
once a guy sucked my dick
fucked a terminally obese fat fuck
lots of flakes and cold feeters
hooked up with a dude for cash before, was some weird asian dude who kept being too touchy. He picked me up from near my house and then we found a secluded spot on the local beach and i blew him, he gave me the cash and then dropped me home 6/10 would do again. should be picked up soon for the same deal.
I've fucked about 9 or 10 women, 6 transwomen, 5 cross dressers/sissy's and 2 twinks.

Craigslist is a game of patience and luck.
Is there UK equivalent or do people in the UK use this too? It just seems pretty quiet to me, unless you're looking for old men
I've met up with a few guys before.

1. Sucked a guy in his car. He was average all around, never talked to him again.

2. Had a guy cum on my tits. He didn't want to do anything else, but we met up a couple more times.

3. A guy got us a hotel room, but got soft as soon as he put on the condom. He couldn't get hard enough to put it in, so he just jerked off while fingering me.

4. Sucked a guy in his office through a make-shift glory hole. His dick was super thick, and he ended up cumming on my face by accident...

4. Responded to a virgin that wanted to lose it. We met at his house and played video games for a while, but I got bored and started sucking him. His dick was 3 inches. But I said fuck it and started riding him. He didn't stop playing video games the whole time. Pretty sure I was the first girl to ever touch him in his life, and will probably be the last at that rate.

I don't know why I keep trying to find guys on CL since it always ends up like this, but whatever.
Maybe try something like fabswingers? or just try using tinder.

>match girl on tinder
>she's at home drunk one night and keeps inviting me over to her house
>it's 2 am and I have work in the morning so I decline
>heavily regret it, kicking myself the next day
>a few days later we're swapping nudes and arrange a hookup the next day
>I finish work and ask her how long it's going to be till she picks me up like we talked about
>she ends up taking almost 2 hours to get here whilst I sit in the staff room doing nothing
>she eventually arrives and I get in her car
>she asks if we can pick up a kitten on the way home because some fucker thought that NOW was the right time to reply to a message about buying the kitten she sent days ago
>I say sure because I'm not going to tell her what to do like a twat
>we pick up the kitten and go to her place
>I don't really like cats but I go along with it because I'm not a dick
>she spends the next 6 hours playing with the kitten, I'm just watching TV because I don't know what to say
>nothing happens, she drives me home, we don't kiss or anything because I'm feeling a bit awkward.
>having talked much since

This was my first hookup experience, I probably could have got laid but fucked it up due to nerves and not wanting to compete with a kitten.

Considering I'm a massive autist with social issues it went better than I expected, and chronicles of riddick was on TV!
Let's just skip craigslist and hook up haha
Hah, I wish. You're probably nowhere near me though.
Where are you?
I'm in Wisconsin.
Lol you're right other side of the country in New England I'm down for snapchat or something could be just as fun haha
File: 1998485170695.jpg (52 KB, 820x615) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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exchanged imessages\pics with this curvy broad, were going to meet up in the 630 until she passed out drinking
Craigslist is a great place for men to meet men for hands and BJs

Holy cow what the hell.
I met my wife on there. She was a prostitute and I was a John been married 7 years and still looks like a w****
I met my wife on there. She was a prostitute and I was a John been married 7 years and still looks like a slut
Where in wisconsin?
Male here.

I have used Craigslist 3 times for 3 very average attempts at trying gay sex.

>first guy is fat with a 4 inch dick
>suck it a little bit
>tells me to lay down on my stomach and puts his dick in
>can't feel it in my asshole
>starts fucking me
>varies between unable to feel anything and mildly uncomfortable
>goes on for 4-5 minutes
>cums on my back
>he reaches for my dick, leave promptly

>second dude is fat and balding, real dad-next-door type
>meet him at a house he has obviously just bought or is selling or something there's literally no furniture there
>hot day
>get in the shower together
>suck his dick
>6 inches but thick
>get out of the shower
>go to the middle of empty loungeroom, lay on my back on a towel
>he tries to finger me but it hurts tell him just to go in the his dick slowly
>thick af
>hurts like a bitch
>he backs out and tries again
>do this three or four times
>on the last attempt he gets it all the way in and announces that he came
>pulls out, removes condom, cleans himself off, rubs flaccid cock between my butt cheeks for a solid 10 minutes then says it's time to leave

>third time
>dude's chill
>says his wife is away, sounds like a lie but who gives a fuck
>makes small talk as we get undressed
>makes small talk as he asks me to get on my knees and suck his dick
>makes small talk as he holds my head still and fucks my throat until I can feel a literal bruise at the back
>gets me up hands and knees on my bed
>enters my ass
>6" but not too thick this time
>fucks me slowly
>speeds up
>goes too hard
>tell him to slow down
>continues for way too long
>ass starting to hurt
>starting to feel like I'm going to shit myself
>just when I'm about to say something he whips his dick out and pulls the condom off and cums all over my ballsack then leans in and licks it off

And that's how I know I don't enjoy being on the wrong end of anal sex.
File: 3627a.jpg (85 KB, 640x902) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've been sucked off by 3 10/10 passable Asian trans. Also fingered while getting sucked off by a cute, petite nerdy girl, no money involved with any of them. Very few and far between though.

One of the trans I met up with.
>things that never happened
22 y/o Bi male here, 3 experiences

First one - Met a guy who wanted me to come in to him "Ass up on the couch and fuck with no words or looks exchanged" so I got to his apartment, knocked, and he squeeked out "JUST A MINUTE" and then "OK" so I came in, his couch was literally 2 feet from the door, and he was ass up around the armrest of it. So I put on a condom and fucked his ass. He was kind of fat and he squeeled like it was his first time taking it up the ass (I went slow) ranging from a sound like "ooh thats kinda nice" to "ouch that hurt a little" but I fucked his ass and right before I came I asked him if I could cum twice. He said "Yes, if you can cum twice..." and then I came pretty hard, pulled out, slapped his ass. He giggled. I said nothing and walked out the door. He did look back at me as I fucked him despite the previous agreement of no words or looks. I enjoyed it, although he was not attractive...

Second experience - I met a guy who agreed to suck me off and rim my ass. I got to his house and he sucked me off, although his smoker breath and the fact that he wasnt very attractive turned me off so I asked if he wanted to fuck instead (lol i know rite) so I pulled out a condom and he put it on and put a very nice sized cock in my ass. He went pretty fast so it hurt for about 30 seconds but he was about 6" and a nice sized girth so it felt amazing afterwards for about 15 minutes until he started going really hard then came. I left afterwards. He texted me and wanted me to come back and I sometimes regret deleting the # because it was some good dick but he was not attractive...

Will post third experience in another post
Third Experience - Met a black F2M tranny. Got there and had to piss really bad but couldnt because I was hard, which fucked with the sex - anyhow. After I failed to piss, s/he got on the bed and spread her legs and I put a condom on then put it in her pussy. It was a nice, wet, tight pussy, although as I fucked her/him, I was reminded of a guy I knew which really killed it... after a while I got soft and s/he asked my age, when I told them (which I had already mentioned...) they told me I was too young and to go. An odd experience
Also met a woman who I've been talking dirty to on kik while she works to keep her entertained.
Fox Valley area

Wanna snapchat?

Add me up! Snapzyew
Or you could just admit you went soft and she came up with an excuse to kick you out.
Huh, what are the odds, I'm another guy from wi in here. I'm about an hour south. Do you have kik or anything like that?
Ausfag 26/m. Nothing but bots and scams on aus craiglist, waste of my time. Interstate atm but I can't sort out any holiday hookups.
I'm supposed to give head in the front seat of a car pretty soon. Any advice?
oh god that body, I would fuck the shit outta her.
Don't get killed. Let someone know where you're going so if shit happens you have someone to call the cops, trust your gut and get out if things are too fishy, I would say bring something like a pocket knife to protect yourself, honestly should have met up beforehand to screen the person in a public area but gay shit usually is one and done.
hmm well how long did it take for you to get all that? also, location?

and general about me for anyone: I'm a shy as hell guy in NYC (also 201 jersey area but can't drive so can't really do shit), way too much anxiety to go to bars, though to be fair haven't been 21 for too long yet, and have been looking into using CL. Problem is, you're better off finding nazis on the moon than grills resorting to the internet for sex in NYC

Someone please prove me wrong though
Were you responding to their ads or them to yours?
My tip to any CL users here, is to be wary of people who change conditions at the last minute.

I was talking with a guy for ages about us doing a MWM to his wife, a real cumslut (or so he said) that couldn't get enough of dicks. Lot's of pictures were shared and they got a hotel room and a date set. Then all of a sudden the guy mails me saying that there will be a third guy involved, because the wife just wants more dicks.

Maybe I'm a pussy but I nope'd the fuck out of there. No way in hell I'm going to a hotelroom where there are 2 guys or more waiting for me. Sure, the pics looked real enough and I couldn't trace them back, but it could have easily been a setup. I made it a rule that if the scenario changes, to back out.

Got into a different ad a few days later and got my dick sucked so not all bad. Shame the woman didn't want my cum in her mouth.
What makes a good ad? What information is best (or worst) to include? Ladies, which ads do you respond to? Men, same question.
None of my ads had any obvious sexual intentions. The replies I got were very normal and casual. Once we got past the small talk then it was sort of implied that whatever happens, happens.

The ads I replied to were the same. Pretty casual with no obvious sexual invitations. Just normal "let's hang out" and then the replies contained the "lets see what happens".

Of course this doesn't work for everyone or every scenario. Some things just need to be totally defined. Especially when involving groups, money, and/or non public areas.
Casual Encounters or just personals?
Isn't there way more women in NYC than men? Seems like out of all the places to find women using the internet for sex that it would be NYC.
Someone can explain me more about this CL? I'm from Europe and I never hear about it but sounds pretty interesting
Why does craiglist use the symbol of nuclear disarmament?
I was about to score, but the girl stopped responding, actually, it was craiglist who had blacklisted my e-mail in the middle of an e-mail exchange.

They were spaced out over months. I live in socal so lots of people. Also fit and somewhat attractive which helps
Women don't need the internet to get sex. All they need to be is female.
Any time.
Any place.
It's a site that allows you to put up an add to sell shit, buy shit, or find people to fuck. It's pretty neat, but if you're a guy and put up an add, you'll get lots of bots and possibly some hookers.
Don't let that deter you though
Im in appleton
kik me at cranon1282
f / 23 at the time

First time responding to an add. He responds, he is interested. We chat for a while, he picks me up late one night to go back to his place
He is uncut, I hadn't ever had one before, so blowing him was a little strange.. but he was good sized and very thick. Strong hands, not afraid to be a bit rough. He pulled me on top and told me to slide it in, he let me go slow (veery thick). Once it was buried in oh my god it was perfect. I rode him, slow at first but harder as i got used to his size. That was the first and only time I've cum purely from dick. Slept over, cuddles. Awesome.
You also get a lot of responses from gay guys, even if your ad is in the m4w (men for women) section.

It's really fucking annoying actually.
I actually had a casual encounter that turned into a 6 month relationship and a cross country trip together.
It's weird how no matter how broken you are there's always someone out there who may not be broken in the same way but still it's like you become functional when you're together.
Also just had a chat that was going somewhere an hour ago but her post got flagged.
a-are you guys not scared of HIV or other STDs?
You should use condoms every time. I don't know if these guys are all lying or stupid, but get ready for herpes or a child if you don't use protection.

I respond to them, if a girl posts an add she can expect at least 100 emails, which is why more girls don't post.

If you're still here, I have a kik or email if you want to leave yours. I don't want to get spammed by dick pics if I post mine lol
Anyone have any luck with lesbian experiences? I've tried to no avail :(
Recently got lucky in my area. Found a woman who is middle aged in my town.
She's a 5/10, her body is sex but her face isn't too good.
The sex is amazing, she's not very adventurous though so that's a bit of a downside regarding some of the more hardcore stuff.
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Thread images: 3
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