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Hypothetical scenario story building
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On November 2nd, 2019, a letter arrived at the office of the president of the united states.
It read, "On November 4th, 2019, the Washington monument will disappear. In two years, the entirety of the Hawaiian islands will vanish in a similar fashion."
After a brief panic about a terror attack on the monument, security swept the area, found nothing, heightened surveillance, and sent a few more guards out to make sure no one was doing anything suspicious near it.
On the 4th, the security teams observed the monument throughout the day, and closed it to tourists.
At 2:32 PM, it vanished instantly.
The rush of air to fill the vacuum left by it ripped a couple of the surrounding american flags off their poles, and for anyone within 20 meters, their ears had a good pop as they were pulled slightly towards it by a gust of negative pressure. Two guards were inside the building, performing a tertiary sweep for explosives. They vanished along with it.
The US government now had a two year countdown until Hawaii disappeared.

Alright, /sci/, this is where y'all come in.
What would be the scientific ramifications of this happening, what steps would be taken, who would be involved, what would the end result be?

I don't see enough fun threads on /sci/
You guys are no fun
Y'know this could be an interesting thread if you guys just spent like 30 seconds to read it
Sorry anon
At least you got dubs
I remember creating a thread like this (not the same story) a decade ago on the Runescape forums. And basically all I got was a bunch of people saying why what I described as a scenario would never happen and that I was stupid.

4chan is just for stupid fun it seems.
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Feels like a retarded /x/ conspiracy thread but whatever, I'll bite

First thing would be to perform thorough surveys the areas of the missing buildings, using something like LIDAR or satellite based Earth imaging.

Contact military and meteorological bases to see if they picked up any strange signals - they monitor shit pretty closely

I didn't really read OP's post fully. Needs a tl;dr
>What would be the scientific ramifications of this happening?
Honestly probably not much. 99% of people would chuck it up to either aliens or an unknown group of people who possess technology far greater than anything that we can currently understand. Cicada 3301 and the Illuminati might be blamed by a lot of conspiracy theorists, coming up with some conspiracy theory which ties into the end of the world. Of course, scientists would be very interested in how the entity which caused this event made matter disappear (or instantly teleport), but I do not think that this event would release any knowledge about 'how' this could be done.

>What steps would be taken?
A large team would try to track the origin of the letter, if this leads anywhere and is solved then of course there is no reason for the next step.

If the above step goes nowhere, then Hawaii would most likely be evacuated as soon as possible, and a very large team of researchers (probably a global coalition) would set up base there. They would install a lot of fancy equipment to monitor the islands, and would search every nook and cranny that they could for evidence. A week before the supposed event every human within 100 kilometers of the islands would evacuate, and extremely heavy surveillance would be done on the said location from afar. Important people would probably be placed in sealed vaults which have their own air pressure. This is so that the rapid decrease in air pressure does not harm them. Once the event is over their vault would be modified over time to the outside world's air pressure, and eventually they would be able to leave.

>Who would be involved?
The United States, the EU, Hawaii (duh), and probably Canada. I do not know if this coalition would allow assistance from Russia and China, simply because if the technology that allowed for this event to happen were to be discovered then they would not want their 'enemies' to weaponize it (of course though, the coalition would be).
tl;dr hawaii is gonna disappear leaving a hawaii shaped hole in the atmosphere and ocean in 2 years.

I don't really want like a scientific explanation surrounding the actual disappearance, rather I want to work out exactly what would happen if it did with other /sci/guys, and get opinions from people in different fields.
Similar to the process that Neal Stephenson went through with seveneves

Shit man, runescape forums

>What would the end result be?
Further information is needed OP.
Well let's think about that precisely

>99% of people would chalk it up to aliens
well, it was a letter written in english, which I suppose wouldn't discount aliens, but it's certainly not an argument in favor of that hypothesis.

>Cicada 3301 and the Illuminati might be blamed by conspiracy theorists
This is probably true, they're blamed for pretty much everything else by conspiracy theorists. Regarding whether or not that theory concocted by them relates to the end of the world, however, may be more relevant.
It begs the question, what kind of event would be caused by a volume equivalent to hawaii being dropped from the face of the earth?
I suppose that depends on the actual volume of hawaii, and the depth at which the cutoff point for "hawaii" is. If it's at sea level, it probably wouldn't be very disastrous for anything very far away (although it may cause some unusual weather patterns in the following years. The actual severity of the atmospheric effects is completely dependent on the volume of the hawaiian islands, which I don't know nor do I have the knowledge to calculate the exact volume). However, if it were deep enough, and a large enough expanse of the shelf were taken out, that would be a lot of water rushing inward towards the center. Not to mention that any water directly exposed to the vacuum at the instant of disappearance would boil, creating a sort of massive bubble around the edges as water caved in around the steam. These two effects would combine to create a pretty powerful tsunami emanating outwards from hawaii, I would expect, and may cause some serious damage to the west coast of the americas and eastern coasts of asia and the Philippines.

>a large team would try to track the origin of the letter
And what would happen if they could?
Would they track it to some burnt out college dropout's appartment where he built some magical disappear-o-tron? How would you handle this kind of situation?


Mass emigration from Hawaii; government starts setting up areas where people from the islands can stay on the mainland.

You'd get a big team of researchers in national labs setting up a research station on the island equivalent to one big probe. They'll have it emit a certain EM frequency and see if they can spot it anywhere after the disappearance happens (unless it's not in the solar system, in which case prepare to die from aliums). They'll put all the other bells and whistles; GPS (in case it's still on Earth), you name it. All of this would have to be space and water proof; i'd bet it's teleported somewhere in a trench off the Atlantic.
>who would be involved

Who would annex Hawaii though?

Anyway, you left out a critical detail: How large is the transfer radius? Without that, and without any reasonable assumptions about the relation between abduction volume (or mass) and radius of transfer, even something primitive like a giant depressurization bubble could backfire spectacularly if you get the radius wrong. In the best case scenario, you'll need the entire economic output of the annexed country.

Someone would have had to have fucked up really badly to get a judgment like that to stand against the American people.
I don't think radius is quite the right word. The letter says "Hawaii," not "a sphere large enough to envelop hawaii"
However, we do need some other information if we want to do any meaningful calculation. We need to know precisely how deep whatever sent the letter thinks is "Hawaii"
for all we know that could include its entire shelf.
>precisely how deep
1. It doesn't need to be "precise" to work. The government would just go the extra mile and make it larger than it needs to be.
2. Depth is part of radius. Think hyperbolic math.
Sadly these questions never get much discussion. People either latch on to the unrealistic aspects and classify it as unscientific, or find it to long to read.

I have had a few questions about destructive potential of shock waves from high speed and teleportation effects, often the few replies cite the speeds to being too fast or lack of real teleport tech. With no info on actual pressure difference over time.

As for this I have to agree with the others. Island evacuated, massive amount of surveillance setup and that is about all we could do given so little data. Military would be involved and China & Russia world has small some part of the team, just for political reasons.

Other things would be trying to track the letter, you would be amazed at how much evidence that can give if you got the resources to study it. And the public craziness factor, like small groups of people trying to get to Hawaii so it can take them to magic land or alien utopia or some afterlife like heaven. Not to mention the explosion of news and social media.
before it vanished im sure someone set up cameras on it in every part of the em spectrum

thermo says it couldn't have just gone nonexistent, it had to have gone somewhere or been turned into energy(dc would be nuked/ it got star trek transportered ) or even shrunk

either way, follow the light
if the entire volcano disappeared right down to 3000 m depth. thered be a massive tidal wave, probably like the one from deep impact. but you already knew that because you mentioned the shock wave from the monument disappearing.
Well, as I mentioned earlier, it wouldn't just be a shock wave. There would be a large bubble of water vapor (potentially an incredibly huge one, depending on how much of it vanishes beneath the water) that would do... something. As it rose, it would push water from all directions both towards and away from the center of the missing chunk. This would be the first wave, creating a powerful wave going outwards.
However, at the same time, the water that would already be flowing inwards would be boosted by another wave going towards the spot where the islands were, also created by the bubble. This would create a massive impact of water from all directions, sending both a huge shockwave through the earth, and sending out a second tidal wave possibly even larger than the one created by the bubble.
Speaking of the bubble, since the water vapor was created when the water in contact with the vacuum boiled, it wouldn't be hot, and it would start to condense as soon as the water around the vacuum started to cave in. However, more water vapor would also be added to the mix as more water came in contact with the vacuum, and eventually a vacuum bubble would be formed, with water vapor constantly being added as it rose throughout the volume. At a point however, water vapor would create enough pressure inside this bubble for the water to condense again, and when the water condensed, the water around the vacuum bubble would be subject to very high negative pressure, and the bubble would collapse explosively. The force of the bubble imploding would force the condensed water vapor inside to boil again from heat this time, and the process would start again as the bubble (not a vacuum bubble this time, though) would reform and begin again to rise.

You're probably right.
Also, high speed cameras.
OP didn't tell us what happened to the light, presumably because noone would have been monitoring that aspect of the Washington Monument incident.
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