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Could you make an air powered turbine that...
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Could you make an air powered turbine that used oxygen as a fuel?

Fire pistons use regular air as a fuel source.

Could you make a turbine that compressed air enough to ignite it?

Would it work?

Is it possible?
what the fuck is a fire piston?
Alternatively, what reacts with the most common atmospheric gasses, like nitrogen?

If there was something that reacted with it well enough, would it be realistic to build an engine around that?

I assume at some temperature, diatomic oxygen would split and release energy. I'm not sure what temperature this would be but I have a feeling it's high enough that your "engine" would have to be made of exotic materials so it doesn't melt.

Bump for interest.
Oxygen and nitrogen react when exposed to high voltage/frequencies. But then I suppose you have the problem of consuming our atmosphere and populating it with NOx that needs to be considered.


Operates kinda like a diesel engine combustion chamber. You know how diesel motors don't have spark plugs, rather they compress the air to ignite the fuel?

I'm trying to think of a way to build an engine that uses the most common fuel available to it, the atmosphere around it.

Regular engines already use oxygen as fuel, without oxygen the process wouldn't work. What if an engine used atmospheric gasses exclusively?
>oxygen as a fuel

I suppose you have no problem with any other kind of pollution?

It is what it is.

I want unlimited fuel.

I want to go wherever I want, whenever I want.

I'm trying to find an easy way to make it possible.
What about a "reverse turbine" that creates a strong enough vacuum to liquify atmospheric gasses?


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Nuclear ramjet.

That's a little excessive.

What about a thorium ramjet?

I've got no idea the limitations of thorium.
The principle would be the same and you could probably miniaturize it more effectively since you need less moderator.

The real issue is shielding. SLAM didn't need any since it's unmanned but I imagine you would want some since 'unlimited flight' isn't too useful when you're dead after a couple of hours.
Sure as long as the engine operates in an atmosphere of methane or another flammable gas.


The only thing that works for that is mass, right?

Is there a way to deflect radioactivity, kinda like how stealth vehicles redirect radar waves?

>flammable gas

Like oxygen???


Thx anon
Oxygen isn't a fuel..

How is this thread even getting replies.

Everything burns.
No. Diatomic oxygen is at lower energy than atomic oxygen.

In fire pistons and diesel engines a hydrocarbon of some form is used as fuel and oxidized.

Gases do not liquify in a vacuum. To liquify gases you either need to get them cold or increase the pressure. Consult your phase diagrams

Now recall the part about atomic oxygen being in a higher energy state than diatomic oxygen, well it just so happens that this was considered as a way to power a ramjet.

It turns out the upper atmosphere(> 100km) has atomic oxygen, so provided you have a way to 'burn it' to diatomic oxygen you can use it as fuel for a ramjet. Except this doesn't work because it produces more drag than thrust.

Yes but not in a way that's useful. Materials with a high scattering cross-section will tend to deflect radiation but the direction is random so gg.

You want mass, density and stability in your shielding. Unfortunately different types of radiation respond dramatically differently to the same shielding. Lead is great for charged particles and gamma-rays but pretty poor for neutrons, for example.
A fire piston doesn't use air as a fuel you retard
Of course to burn O2 you need platinum hexafluoride or other highly exotic oxidizers.

Helium and other noble gases cannot be burned.

I couldn't recall if it was vacuum or pressure that liquefied gasses. Neat. I don't know why I said "vacuum".. I'm not thinking about things when I post them. Yes, diesel engines use hydrocarbons. But in a fire piston the pressure superheats the air and causes the air to burn the tinder.


Derp, semantics


Thanks. I don't know the names of chemicals that react to atmospheric gasses.
OP here, let me restate my post...

"The principle behind the nuclear ramjet was relatively simple: motion of the vehicle pushed air in through the front of the vehicle (ram effect), a nuclear reactor heated the air, and then the hot air expanded at high speed out through a nozzle at the back, providing thrust."

Taken from the wiki about Project Pluto.

WHAT IF compression heated the air, and that provided thrust?

And WHAT IF the process was fueled by atmospheric gasses?

So, atmospheric gas is used to superheat atmospheric gas, and the expanding atmospheric gas provides thrust.
>WHAT IF compression heated the air, and that provided thrust? And WHAT IF the process was fueled by atmospheric gasses?

Yes, anon, if you figure out how to pull energy from fucking nowhere, then you can do pretty much anything you want.

Since that's not going to happen anytime soon, you're kind of screwed. LOL.

But energy is literally everywhere.

You can charge a battery by sticking electrodes in wet dirt, dude.

There are countless chemical reactions all around us.
don't under-rate semantics, they distinguish you from the other apes


Go spend an hour on urban dictionary.

It's a marvel we can communicate at all.

PAPP engine.


Also very crackpotty.
so not something using AIR as a fuel, then.
cool. so apparently you know everything and can figure it out then?
you are misinterpreting scientific semantics with fucking urbandictionary you mong.

Air isn't a fuel. If it was, the first couple of lightning pulses would have set the entire atmosphere ablaze billions of years ago. Poof! No more air as we know it.

To use air for energy, you must combust it. It must oxidize something. So you need another thing, like a hydrocarbon, that readily releases energy when oxidized.

Any fool can see that the energy of compressing the air itself can't be usefully obtained, as overunity. We compress air to heat things up as required, or to apply energy more precisely (like a air-ratchet tool), not as an energy source.
thats....pretty much what i was getting at.

I'm just saying there has to be a way to do it. It would probably be like a car that keeps air in the gas tank and gas in the air... but there has to be a way.


See >>7777012
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What the fuck are you proposing to do? Air, as in the stuff we breath consisting 21% O2, 78% N2, and trace gases cannot burn itself. If it did it would no longer be air.

Second, heat engines(IC engines, steam engines, jet engines) do not give a fuck what the heat source is so long as there is a temperature difference. You could drive a car with a tank full of O2 in an atmosphere of methane. Heck you could just heat an inert gas like helium with an electric arc in the piston to drive things.

Yes you can do things like a ram accelerator where you have a big tube full of fuel and oxidizer launch a specially shaped projectile into it, that compresses the mixture in the front causing it to combust and then uses the expansion of the HEATED gas to propel itself.
But the gas in the tube is almost certainly not air.

Sure, if you compress it enough to start fusion.
Good luck getting out more energy than you put in compressing it.


Not to mention that most of the energy in oxygen-oxygen fusion is emitted as neutrinos
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