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The story of Kalypto Joe.
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The story of Kalypto Joe.

>it was high time to eat some biscuits
>joe got off his horse and reached for his biscuits
>they were nigh out of reach
"Gosh dangit" said Kalypto as he wiped his hungry mouth with a tea towel.
>he gave another reach into his leather sack and found a small snake that had slithered in
"Probably after my biscuits" joe mumbled
>doctor Ray Twindleweed was with him at the camp he didnt notice he was rambling on about his new flying machine
"...and this flying machine Kalypto. Ugh" he said in pleasure
>i'll be testing it in sidevalley gulch
>did you get the biscuits?
"I reckon this little snake got the same idea"
>doc walked over to the leather bag and examined it on his feet by the campfire
>this snakes venamous alright
>doc leaned over and pulled something out of his butthole.
"Its an anti-venom" twindleweed said with a smirk.
>it was a small veil attached to a chain
"How does Kalypto Joe use this" said Kalypto Joe
>twindleweed got giddy for his new airplane giggled and rode off
>Kalypto Joe threw the snake clear across the river and made haste to Sidevalley gulch
>there was really no time for poor old joe


Who are you quoting?
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You're in for a treat if you mind my beat
>Joe was lost but in little than no time... a wagon approached
>joe had a thing about this wagon and quite frankly, didnt have time for this either
"You lost Jo- I mean mister" said a woman in the wagon.
"Well you could point me the way" said Joe manicly wiping his mouth with a tea towel
>he was sure he heard his name and this made him nervous
>for the only fame his name gained was trouble
"Just down this road hop in"
"If your thinking of cutting through the longrass that theres snake territory not even a horse could ride through there...but if you wanna come with u-
>Kalypto Joe clumsly got off his horse and got his foot stuck in the stirrup then fell belly down on the ground
>he quickly picked himself up and started trecking through the long grass
>with some words hollered in the back ground
"Dont worry." said the woman in the wagon to the wagon drive
"Kalypto Joe will soon be dead..."

Part 2/?
Who are you quoting?
Your mother
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>Joe was stomping around through the long grass with the anti-venom around his neck
>Then hiss, he got bit in the darkness
>bit again and bit a third
>he started wrestling the beasts deep down in the long grass with no tea towel to touch his lips
>deadly venomous snakes he only had say a man like joe a day to live
>he crawled back to the road free of the small patch of long grass
"As long as I keep this anti venom around my neck I should be fine"
>he passed out on the road
>only to awake on the wagon with lucy may riding his cock with a knife in both hands ready to plant it in his chest
>he pulled out came and rolled over
>the knife went straight into the wagon mattress
>Lucy May was his beautiful ex he left to die in a saloon
"Dead or alive Joe, dead or alive." she said in orgasmic bliss.
>she pulled off her wig... for it was itchy
>Joe jumped out of the wagon and started tumbling down a cliff face
>he rolled down for 20 minutes in a repeative motion with his tea towel in hand
>he landed next to a river that he was sure was part of sidevalley gulch...
>he wiped his mouth slowly with his red plaid tea towel, he had a dislocated leg and was poisoned by snake bite
>poor old joe had no time to waste
Who are you quoting?
I'd check those dubs but your too rude.

Much like kalypto joe and his adventures read about it some more right under your recurring posts
I just want to know who he's quoting
>he found himself limping to the edge of the river
"Darn my leg" he said with his little mouth
>He snapped his leg back into position
>he decided to have a small wank to Lucy
>he had taken a seat for five minutes to catch his breath taken no mind to what he was sitting on in a little scrubby bush
>a rock maybe
>these pestering thoughts crossed his mind
>maybe a log
>he scratched his head *scritch* *scratch*
>it was a treasure chest
>all locked up
>his little mouth gaped in pleasure of this sight
"You're coming with me Mr.Treasure chest."
>as he started to drag it away he found a key underneath it
>he opened it up
"My favourite, but gold aint biscuits" said golden joe
>who knows maybe bickys were his favourite
>no one was more mysterious as Kalypto Joe.
>he pushed it to the side of the river and settle for biscuites
>he muched his biscuites
>sidevalley gulch was a gray sanded series of cliffs rivers and waterfalls and at the end of it was indian territory
>the air was still nobody knew what was gonna happen next
>not even Joe
>he wiped his mouth with a tea towel
>the delicious carmel biscuits were done
>don't do it Joe
Who are you quoting?
Whats that

Maybe the thing you crave is biscuits much like kalypto joe himself on his tireless journeys.
no but really who are you quoting
Who are you quoting?
*wipes his mouth with a tea towel*
>an eagle lands next to old Kalypto
"Funny creature" said kalypto hungry for more biscuits
>the Eagle jumps around steals one of his biscuits then starts to fly off
"That was my last biscuit."
>the eagle comes back to steal another one
>there was a note tied to the eagles leg
>all indian langauge
>someone else is supposed to be here and-
>there airs suddenly filled with noise and the smell of a savage
>Kalypto licked the air and unholstered his weapon
>and there not after my dang biscuits
>he has no time to think only act
>he jumps into the treasure chest
>you see Kalypto Joe was only three foot tall and could easily fit in this large trunk amongst the gold
>but was he holding himself captive
"Good move joe" he said to himself when he realised he locked himself in
>The injin was getting closer
>The air was silent besides a slight russling for the key
>the indian scout looks at joe in pure terror
>Joe has a second thought
"You after my biscuits?"
>the indian stumbles back and falls to the ground
>the sand slips from underneath the treasure chest
>it slowly falls into the flowing river
>straight for the waterfall
>and its going fast
>Kalypto struggles to get out of the treasure chest
>hes on the edge and was going down
>poor old joe
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images (37).jpg
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Heres what the eagle looked like
Who are you quoting???
>As kalypto was falling memorys fogged his mind

"Is this the end for kalypto joe?" muttered kalypto joe
Who are you quoting????
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images (38).jpg
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>then swoop Kalypto was on the back of Doc Rays very own flying machine hurling through the air at unimaginable speeds
>Joe was in a bad was clinging to the back of that flying machine but stayed on till it landed in the Prairie

"Doc we dont have much time, the treasure"

"Kalypto keep your head straight we need to give you this anti-venom"

"I-I'm out of biscuites twindleweed."

"Well you may have run out of biscuits but your not runnin out of time here."

"Thats it Kalypto, just take it easy."

>Kalypto had awoken in a camp set up next to the flying machine
>there was one thing on his mind
"That dang treasure." Whispered kalypto joe
"it must of landed in the indian camp under the water fall..."
>Along with twindleweed he was gonna need a gang of militia, gold hunters well payed and steady minded
"You almost forgot kalypto..." twindleweed reaches into his ass and pulls out a biscuit
"No matter how bad things get, you havnt run out yet."

Poor old Joe, trouble seems to find him and death mocks his walk, now a days he was always run out.


Part 5/5
Who are you quoting?????
who are you quoting?
Thread replies: 25
Thread images: 14
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