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where'd the yuru yuri shipping thread go?
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NSFW text:

Ayano's pussy didn't taste quite like Kyouko had imagined. It wasn't sugary sweet or creamy like ice cream. No, it was hairy, and warm, and salty and bitter. It was Ayano's moans that were delicious, as Kyouko gently explored each fold of her labia with her tongue. Ayano's sweaty thighs mushed against Kyouko's face, and she kept whispering her name over and over. "Toshinou Kyouko... Kyo-kyouko... ahhhhnn..." Ayano's body was different than Kyouko had expected, but she was quickly falling in love with her flavor.
oh fiction why can't you become reality?
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Sorry I had to delete it to post something else :[
thank god, i thought the mods were cracking down on lewd animes

nice dubs
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I however must agree that they ARE cute!
Ayano was nervous. Toshinou Kyouko always made her nervous. She could never tell what that girl was thinking. She was always making her cute, scheming smile while telling jokes that Ayano didn't understand. She was always causing trouble with crazy plans that would never work, running around with her long, soft-looking blond hair trailing behind her. Ayano kept catching herself daydreaming about Kyouko. She kind of wanted to get to know her, maybe to even be friends? But this! This was crazy.

Five minutes ago she was walking in the hallway when she say Kyouko. Kyouko motioned for her to follow her into an empty classroom... then shut the door, hiked up her skirt, and carefully sat down on a desk. "Eat me out! Ironically!"

Ayano didn't know what to do. This was wrong! They were both girls, and they didn't really know each other that well, and they were still young, and wouldn't things be weird between them, and wouldn't she go to Japanese hell or something???? Ayano's heart raced. This was just the kind of situation she'd dreamed of, but could she really say yes? She stared at Kyouko. Kyouko was making that scheming smile again. That smile that Ayano thought about every time she masturbated.

Something felt wrong, but Ayano couldn't pass up a chance like this! She knelt between Kyouko's legs and carefully slid down her panties, revealing her dark, frilly, roast beef pussy. Ayano was suprised. She thought Kyouko's puss would be small and neat like hers! Kyouko didn't even shave! Ayano couldn't believe that such a cute girl could have a pussy like this. Every time Kyouko had past her in the hallway, her clothes had been hiding this hairy monstrousity... it gave Ayano a scary animal feeling. She wanted to do dirty, animal things to Kyouko, just to see how she'd react. To see which ones she would like.

Ayano moved her face close to Kyouko's body and inhaled deeply, filling herself with the sweet, musky scent of her nethers.

"Go on!" urged Kyouko.

So Ayano stuck her tongue out and gave her a quick lick. How dirty, to touch another girl's private areas with her mouth! She blushed... but her lick had been to fast to really get a good taste. So she gave Ayano's pussy another slurp. And another. She pushed her lips close to her crotch, forcing her tongue inside. Kyouko's flavor was so intoxicating...

Kyouko ran her fingers through Ayano's hair, holding her head close, and Ayano dutifully slurped and smacked at Kyouko's delicate folds.

Noice writing m8
They heard footsteps outside the door.

Ayano got up quickly, wiping her mouth off with the back of her hand. Kyouko struggled to pull her panties up as the door opened, revealing Akari.

"Come on! It's time for class!!!" she cheered.

Ayano kept her eyes on Kyouko as they followed her down the hall. To think that under Kyouko's skirt was that pussy... covered in her saliva...

It was weird because her daydreams about a life with Kyouko had never included a moment like this. They were supposed to laugh and giggle together, and slowly grow close, and tell each other their deepest secrets. They were supposed to write each other letters, and slowly realize they couldn't stand life apart. They were supposed to have a beautiful white wedding and live happily ever after.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. This wasn't romantic at all. Just sexual.

Ayano wondered how she could possibly build a beautiful, clean relationship with Kyouko after what they'd just done. Especially when all she could think about now was finding out what Kyouko's nipples looked like...

thanks, i'm glad you're enjoying it
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who said to stop writing this masterpiece?
They were pink. They were little and delicious, and even when Ayano licked them and they got firm, Kyouko's nipples were soft and cute. Kyouko lay spread out on a desk in the student council room with her shirt pushed up and her arms behind her head. Ayano kissed her all over, from her breasts to her sides to her smooth belly. She rolled her over and kissed down her back, pulling her skirt off so she could kiss a line down her butt and bury her face in that amazing pussy. It was just as hairy and ugly as she remembered. Kyouko's adorable gross pussy. Kyouko shifted back and forth, panting while Ayano's tongue explored her depths.

Ayano reached out, trying to fondle Kyouko's breasts while her face was still between her legs, but she couldn't quite reach. This bothered her. If only she had something phallic... scanning the room, she grabbed a black sharpie and poked it inside of Kyouko's yeilding body. Still clothed, she crawled atop the naked girl; grabbing one of her perky little tits with one hand while the other slid the marker in and out of her hole.

Kyouko moaned like a bitch, so Ayano slid some fingers inside her mouth, playing with her soft tongue. Her other hand kept jamming the marker into Kyouko's pussy, harder and harder until she cried out, shaking and trembling beneath her.

They lay still for a while.

Then Kyouko began wriggling to get out from underneath her. Ayano got off and the two began to tidy their clothes.

"Well, I'm off to play with my tea club!" announced Kyouko, heading for the door.

"Wait," said Ayano. "Can't we do something together? It seems like we've just been having sex every day. We never hang out and, I don't know, eat parfaits or something..."

Kyouko snickered. "What? Are you really into dumb romantic stuff like that? We're just two beautiful, independent women, using each other to satisfy our lesbian urges."

"I thought we were girlfriends."

"As if. No one owns Kyouko~~" she pattered away, hair fluttering behind her.

"But," muttered Ayano to herself. "I just wrote my name inside your pussy."

She stared the the uncapped sharpie in her hands, dripping with Kyouko's juices.
das some good writing

>I just wrote my name inside your pussy.
that tfw
They heard footsteps outside. The back of her clothes had never hang out on lewd animes and nice dubs. I however must agree to that scheming smile again. That smile while the mods were supposed to follow her to play with Kyouko began wriggling to Kyouko. He has been hiding this hairy cock and they were cracking down her lips close to Japanese hell or something???? Ayano's tongue was out an- I just kicked the door, all hiked up and bitter.

"It wasn't romantic stuff like this. They were girlfriends," explained Mr Markov Chain.

"Who the fuck are you?" asked Mr. Hat from the Shovel Knight games, "And what are you doing in my shop?"

"As if. No one of wanted to Kyouko's skirt was just two beautifu-"

"JUST SHUT UP!!!!" Mr Hat squealed before grabbing an umbrella from one of the display cases and stabbing Mr Markov Chain with it. He was dead in his world but he knew that he stll lived on in [s4s].

"Fuck," Mr. Hat cursed.
This was extremely lewd so I'm going to (politely) ask you to leave [s4s] for a little while but you can come back later since [s4s] is a very nice board we will always welcome you back with open arms (later) but for now please (sorry) leave for at least 90-120 minutes. I will do you a good service with this PROtip I'm about to give you. I am a good judge of character and matchmaker and I think that (with this kind of comment) you should go visit >>>/h/ for your 90-120 minutes of [s4s] timeout time. You can spend exactly 90 minutes of timeout time or go for a whole 120 it's up to you, but 89 minutes would also be ok, thanks for posting!
sexy story part 1/???

"What? Are you saying that you can come back if you wanted her skirt?" Ayano was finding out what else to play with inside Kyouko's yeilding body.

Still clothed, she readied into Kyouko's pussy, harder and Ayano dutifully slurped and told each other about the power of dubs. Ayano slid down on Kyouko as she began wriggling to leave for her dark, frilly, roast beef pussy. Ayano moved her down her breasts to get to leave [s4s] for a chance like that.

I wanna hug Kyouko
I wanna hug those dubs
I wrote more...but things have taken a turn for the worse...:
After school, Ayano would stare out the window in the student council room, watching as Kyouko played with her friends in the tea house. She watched as Kyouko play-flirted with Akari. And tried to sneak kisses from Chinatsu. She kept staring, and saw what looked like serious conversations between Kyouko and Yui after the other two had left.

"Why doesn't she do those things with me?"

Yui reached into her backpack and pulled out...Ayano squinted through her binoculars. Cell phone straps! She watched her hand one to Kyouko, as fasten the other to her phone while… Kyouko hesitantly did the same?!

"She never let me give her gifts."

They moved out of view, so Kyouko sat down and put her face in her hands.

"Are we even friends?"

After a while she heard footsteps coming towards the door of the student council room, so she stood up.

It was Kyouko.

"He~y Ayano! I was hoping I'd find you here! Everyone's already gone home, so how about some... you know?" Kyouko motioned grandiosely towards her crotch. Ayano tried not to look at the cell phone strap peeking out of the pouch on her school bag.

"Ok," said Ayano.

Kyouko carefully undressed, tossing her clothes onto the floor next to her school bag. Then she bent over the desk and wiggled her butt. "Let's go, let's go!"

Ayano kissed her on the back of the neck and slowly ran her hand down her back. Why was she always the one who had to take the lead? Wasn't Kyouko interested in eating her out too? Her hand dipped below Kyouko's soft butt. "We never even talk," she thought, "do I even know this girl?" She stuck her fingers in. "Am I just a fantasy to her, like an imaginary girlfriend that only needs to exist when she wants to get off?"

"Aya...no!" Kyouko's moan interrupted her thoughts. "You're...being a little rough today...!!"

She realized she had been fingering harder than usual. But she didn't care. She pushed harder, causing another moan from Kyouko.


She jammed and clawed.

"Be...oh!! Be more...gentle...!"

Kyouko was breathing hard, and her legs were shaking. But Ayano wasn't done yet. She grabbed Kyouko's cellphone from her bag and tore of the strap. Then she held in between her fingers and jammed it inside Kyouko's pussy.

Kyouko moaned but Ayano stuck a couple more fingers in, punching inside of her. Kyouko's legs gave way, but Ayano pushed against her from above, holding her on the desk. There were tears on Kyouko's face.

"Stop... it hurts..."

Ayano was crying too. This wasn't how things were supposed to be. They were supposed to fall in love. They wee supposed to have a beautiful, fluttery romance, packed with good memories. Making love should've been gentle and tender. Not like this.

Ayano kept shoving her fingers into Kyouko's pussy. Her messy, ugly pussy; even being rough like this there was no way she could mess it up. Finally, with a low, terrible moan, Kyouko shivered and climaxed.

They were silent as they put their clothes back on. Kyouko tossed the messy cellphone strap into the wastebin.

Ayano hoped they would never see each other again.
(I wonder if there's a way I can make this end happily? After coming this far?)
nice story fam. i got inspired by your stuff so i started making my own fanfic, but im not finished :^)

Nice, keep up the good work! :^)

(Who would've thought that gay group of homosexuals would ally so easily with the nazis to become cold-hearted killers? lol)
Ayano steered clear of Kyouko for a week. Since they went to the same school, though, it was inevitable that they would eventually bump into each other.

It was raining, and Ayano hadn't packed her umbrella.

"Serves me right," she thought. She was getting ready for a depressing walk in the rain, when she heard an umbrella unfurl behind her. It was Kyouko. She looked cute in her rain jacket, with her blonde hair in a ponytail. Ayano instantly thought of her pussy... but pushed the thought from her mind. She had a long walk ahead of her.

"I've missed you."

"What?" With the sound of the rain, Ayano's ears must've been playing tricks on her.

"We should hang out again," said Kyouko.

"I don't want to."

"Why not?"

Ayano stared out into the rain, dashing against the puddles in the street. She sighed. "We have different goals. You want to be sex friends, but I want to be girlfriends."

"Really? I saw you lusting after me every day, but you never asked me out or anything so I thought...?"

"Kyouko, I don't...I don't want to just play with your body. I want to be friends, super best friends who kiss and write love letters and share ice cream. I don't want more loveless sex. It hurts me, and then I hurt you and I can't stand it and I'm sorry... I... I know you think romantic stuff is silly, but it means a lot to me."

Kyouko looked away. "Well, it's silly, but I don't hate it... I mean, I guess I could put up with it if it meant more amazing sex... Really, Ayano. Do you know what you've done to me?! The fetish you've awakened? That rough sex felt so... ugh, nothing I've tried since has come close! Ayano, how'd you feel about coming over to my house and fucking me with the handle of this umbrella?"

Ayano thought about it.

"Okay. But we'll have to share a walk together under the umbrella on the way over."

Kyouko held out her hand, and Ayano grabbed it. It was soft.

And together, they ventured out into the rain.
keep writing. this is so good
tomorrow, hopefully. i have skol n stuff 2 do.
sexy story part 2/???
So she crawled atop the uncapped sharpie in the door, all hiked up in her tongue. Ayano's moans as Ayano kissed down her back, pulling her eyes on like in the Shovel Knight games.

"And what are you?" asked me with the wastebin. In response, Ayano dutifully slurped and carefully slid down her lewd animes. I got off to the neck and I'm going to take the other letters, and stabbing Mr Markov Chain with Kyouko's pussy for was crazy.

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