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Ironic fanfiction thread
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miku x luka.jpg
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Your favorite animes, having out-of-character sex
sex is always out of character tbh
Me on the left...........
I've always thought a dominant Rei to be hot even though she's most often depicted as submissive. I've fantasized many times of a dominant Rei Ayanami.
Rei does a lot of drugs, maybe if she was not high all the time she would be a lot less submissive.
Wow, I didn't think this would take an hour and half to write... anyway, here's some MikuLuka (also known as le chinese mp3 gril X le pink-haired chinese mp3 gril)


It was a warm day in the middle of winter, the kind that melts snow and makes young hearts restless. Miku was determined to make the most out of the day, before night came and temperatures inevitably fell back below freezing for the rest of the season. Luckily, the day was clear of her usual vocal practice, recording sessions, and modelling shoots; so she called her best friend Luka to come hang out. They'd met years ago during auditions, and even though they worked for different branches of their talent agency, they still had chances to regularly collaborate.

"You ever think about the past?" asked Luka, halfway through an apple slice.

"Sometimes," answered Miku. "When I was a little girl I thought I was going to be a vetrinarian or a teacher. I love singing and modelling, but sometimes... I wonder about the paths I'll never take."

"There's a path I wonder about too," confessed Luka, shifting in her seat. "The one where we're... even closer."

Miku blushed. "I wouldn't mind finding out."

"Let's kiss, then."


Luka moved her face closer to Miku's, and Miku closed her eyes, lips parted, mind racing with expectation. But Luka didn't kiss her.


Miku opened one eye to peek and saw Luka inches away, staring at her.

"What is it?"

"You're so cute," breathed Luka, pressing her soft lips to Miku's mouth. Miku sighed and relaxed her body as Luka's arms wrapped around her back. Miku could feel Luka's big, soft breasts pressing into her as she held her close.

It felt good, so Miku decided to go further. She slowly stuck her tongue out, brushing past Luka's lips and pushing against her soft tongue. Luka grunted softly, then pushed back, softly licking Miku's tongue. Their mouths pressed tightly together, and small line of drool ran down Miku's cheek, and they licked all over each other's mouths.

One of Luka's hands crept down and cupped Miku's ass. Straining, she pushed up under Luka's shirt and grabbed ahold of her giant floppy tits, squeezing them and rubbing her palms against her nipples. This just made Luka grab her ass even tighter, with both hands, squishing and rubbing Miku together.

Moaning, Miku broke the kiss. She was empty, and needed to be full. She pulled her pants down and lay against the couch, spreading her legs and motioning for Luka to sit between them.

Luka understood, she she stripped too, revealing her long, hard penis.

"Wow," said Miku. "I didn't know you were pre-op."

"Of course," said Luka, hovering over her. "Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I don't like nailing cuties like you."

"I'm ready," breathed Miku.


Luka brushed her tip against the lips of Miku's opening. Miku's body tensed, anticipating, then... Slowly and steadily, Luka sunk into her body. Miku moaned as Luka entered her, filling every inch of her pussy with her hot dick. Luka caressed her, tracing her fingers across her skin, and Miku could feel herself tightening lovingly around Luka's shaft. Miku grabbed Luka's breasts and gave them a happy squeeze.

Then Luka started moving her hips, causing her stiff cock to slide in and out of Miku's body. Miku gasped. Her insides were being pressed and squished and stretched and rubbed. Panting, she fingered Luka's face, her mind becoming wilder and her entry sloppier until finally she couldn't take anymore!

"Lu...ka! You're...turning me inside out!!"

But Luka kept going, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, pushing far beyond where Miku had ever dared to put her fingers. Miku's legs shook. Luka's crotch slammed into hers, then drew back and slammed in again, and again, and again. She was being split, divided, penetrated to her very core. Her fingers clawed at the cushions below her.

Luka looked deep into her eyes. "I've been dying for the day that I'd have you struggling and moaning on the end of my rod."

Miku let herself go. Her body trembled and shook. She felt warm all over, from her fingers to her toes, everything was filled by Luka and her cock. Luka slammed all the way in one last time and Miku's body clutched her hungrily. Her back arched as Luka filled her to the brim with hot thick semen. Nothing mattered anymore. She was Luka's now.

Miku held Luka close. Breathing heavily, legs aching, with Luka's cum dripping from her pussy, she'd never felt happier.

"I like this path."

one time I edited a fanfic I found to change one character to another one that I like more

true story
LOL which one and who? I'm curious

I've never seen the show, so I can butcher it any way you'd like.


"I can't do it," cried Shinji, his face in his hands. "I just can't. I'll never be good enough! I can't get in the robot!"

A calm, stern voice emerged from the shadows:

"Then how about my robot gets into you?"

Rei stepped forth and grabbed Shinji's head, raising his face to see her cold red eyes.

"You think your papa fucked you up? You've never been fucked like the raping I'm about to give you."

She reached down and deftly ripped his pants open. She grabbed his tiny flaccid cock and broke out laughing.

"You call this a dick? No wonder you can't bang that bitch redhead. I know for a fact that her puss won't take a dildo smaller than 30 inches. You wanna talk about loose. But back to you: For all the time you spend masturbating on your friends, this sad little prick looks like it's never known pleasure. I'll have to fix that."

She wrapped her warm, gray lips around his dick. He came instantly.

"Pathetic," she spat, covering his face with his own cum. "I see we have a lot of work to do."

Forcing him to stand, she led him to a door with several keypads. "You don't need to worry about robots...you'll be plenty busy for the next few days
i n
m y
d u n g e o n"


Or maybe instead of "cruel & sadistic," you meant dominant as "the one who takes the lead in the relationship?"

(Smut really IS easier than actual characterization, no wonder most anime is tacky fetish fuel)
I'm ironically jerking off to this thread.
>LOL which one and who? I'm curious

It's a secret

actually it wasn't a proper fanfic, it was a anime roleplay on some forum
"Where the fuck is Shinji? I wanna bitch at him!"

Asuka fumed. Life wasn't fun if she wasn't giving someone shit. Well, life wasn't fun period, but whatever. Where was her chewtoy when she needed him?

"Looking for someone?" Rei asked. A chill ran down Asuka's back, but she played it off.

"Yeah, you dumb slut. Where's that fuckboy crybaby? I need someone to bully. Also, fuck you."

"You wanna watch your mouth, ya motherfucker?"


"I'll show you where Shinji is," Rei said, pushing Asuka through an open door and slamming it behind them.

"Wha--? Where are we?! This is a little big for a broom closet!"

"It's my dungeon." Rei pushed Asuka against a table and strapped her down.


Next, she tore the redhead's panties off and clutched her clitoris between her fingers.

"S... ahn! Stop!!!"

"No can do," Rei smiled evilly, opening a drawer labeled "electric zap dildos."

"When you're with Rei, there - is - no - safeword"
thats cool anon im glad you enjoy your time at [s4s]

Rei should have a dick

How much time had passed? Days? Years? He didn't know. It didn't matter. Life outside was a distant dream, maybe it hadn't even happened? All he knew now was pleasure, and pain, and pain that was really pleasure in disguise.

He turned his head as far as he could while it was tied this way and saw Rei balls deep in Asuka's mouth. Asuka choked and gagged as Rei shot semen down her throat. Removing her dick, she gave Asuka's cheek a firm slap...and then a kiss.

Then it was Shinji's turn.

He couldn't close his mouth if he wanted to, it was held open with a ring gag. But he didn't want to. He loved the taste of Rei's sweet semen. He hadn't liked it at first, but after he really got to know it, he craved it. It tasted like her.

"Ready for your meal?" demanded Rei, with a cold smile.

Shinji squealed eagerly, like the good cum-pig he was.
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getting pretty hard
tea. earl grey. hot.
I'm post-ironically jerking off
I'd tag spoilers, but if it's something even I know, it probably isn't much of a secret


Soundtrack for this chapter: http://freeteknomusic.org/mp3//al%20core%20micropoint/Al%20Core%20-%20Body%20R-Mix/01%20-%20Al%20Core%20-%20Black%20Monday%20%28DJ%20Trypod%20R-Mix%29.mp3


Gendou was pissed. Where the fuck were his pilots? It was only a matter of time until he'd need them to go on another mission, but the only one he'd seen for days was Rei. Normally, Rei was easy to handle. He'd fill her with drugs to make her depressed, then give her more drugs to handle the depression. She'd cry a lot and eventually kill herself, and he'd activate a clone. Rinse, repeat.

This Rei was different. She still took her drugs, but they didn't have the same effect. Instead of crying, she would sneer. She still had cold, dead eyes, but they weren't sad anymore. They were...daring him? There was something about this Rei that fascinated him. No, he wasn't even a little afraid; nothing scared Gendou.

He decided to question her again to find out what she knew of the other pilots. She arrived at his interrogation room with the same cold expression she always wore.

"Rei. My pilots."

She grinned at him threateningly. "Don't worry. I'm the only pilot you'll ever need."

"Rei? Do I need to rape you like I did all the clones before you?"

"How about the other way around?"

With one quick motion, Rei slammed Gendou into the table and pulled his pants away, exposing his anus. Then he felt it. Burning, massive, tearing its way into his dry anus: Rei's cock.

No wonder this Rei was different.
I should proofread so i stop using words multiple times in the same sentence
are you writing this right now? if so thats awesome otherwise its just 'cool'
Yes I am
then, thanks for coming to s4s, i hope you decide to stay, or atleast visit us semifrequently :^)

I need to maintain this ironic boner
Every now and then I'll respond to an OP with a long, drawn-out paragraph of prose, beginning by addressing their topic and then slowly leading to a closing of pure and utter nonsense. Sometimes these paragraphs are humorous; other times they are sexual. Sometimes they are well written; in others, they are messy. Sometimes they get responses such as "kek" or "I'm spamming this picture in every thread and thought you should see it." Sometimes, they're ignored. On rare occasion, I've seen a paragraph I've written live on to be reposted once or twice as a copypasta. And that's when I know it's all been worth it. I've finally contributed to a better world. My mother is proud of me. My waifu is proud of me. And best of all... I'm proud of me.
More Sadist Rei? or do you have a request?


It had been a month since Rei had made everyone at NERV her cock slave. The pilots, the directors, the staff... When she walked the halls, everyone strained at the leashes, salivating for a taste of her hot, slimy cum. Somehow, it wasn't enough. She spent her days in the control room, banging her clones one after another. When one Rei cried out, legs buckling, Rei would pull out her throbbing cock, splooge in their hair, and let them drop in a heap on the floor as she moved on to the next expectant puss. But Rei still wasn't satisfied.

She was in the middle of deepthroating a clone, and had the cum vacuum's eyes rolling back, when the alarms starting blaring. "ALERT. ANGEL ALERT."

"So the angels have struck again," she muttered. "It's about time."

She rocketed out in her EVA, but when she got close, she didn't attack. Instead, she stepped out of the cockpit and ripped a hole in her NERV suit.

"That's right... come get some."

The angel careened towards her, but she was ready. Her cock was ready. She stuffed her thick rod down its inhuman mouth. It roared as she throatfucked it
ok i can't even
>ok i can't even
rip suzu :(

this was literally the best fanfic I have ever read (also the only one I have ever read)
unchecked dubs
I'm finishing a RinPana (from Love Live) right now


This wasn't just any sleepover. It was the Official Rin And Hanayo First Sleepover Since We've Decided We're Officially A Couple sleepover. Rin was a little nervous, because it was the night she and Hanayo had decided they would take each other's virginity on.

It started out like all of their other sleepovers: they walked to Rin's house together after school and changed into their pajamas. Rin watched Hanayo pull off her school uniform, unclasp her bra, and sigh happily as her plump breasts flopped free. Rin had always been a little jealous of Hanayo's boobs; but since Hanayo said her flat chest was super cute, she guessed it was OK. Hanayo reached into her school bag and pulled out her usual set of pajamas, a faded pink polka dot cotton bottom with matching top.

"Aren't you going to change too?"

Rin looked at her hands. "I...I'm embarrassed, nya..."

Hanayo looked up from buttoning her pajama top. "Why?"

"I bought something special..."

"Oh, let me see, let me see!"

Rin reached under her bed and grabbed a shopping bag, from which she sheepishly pulled a lacy, see-through yellow babydoll. "Since it's a special night, I thought..."

Hanayo squealed. "Put it on, put it on!"

Hanayo had always supported her. That was one of things Rin loved about her. So even though it was embarrassing, she changed into the lingerie.

"Turn around, turn around!"

Rin blushed from head to toe as she showed every angle to Hanayo. Hanayo's eyes sparkled as she admired her friend.

"You're so cute," said Hanayo, suddenly blushing. Rin blushed too.

"This is too embarrassing," said Rin, starting to take it off.

"No!" said Hanayo. "Keep wearing it."

So she did. She fidgeted with the frilly ends of the babydoll while they ate their rice and ramen. It kept sneaking up, which was distracting enough to cause her to lose (for once) while they were playing video games. They chatted about idols, and school, and μ's.
>>4126677 (cont.)

Finally, it started getting late.

"Let's sleep, nya," said Rin. She was relieved, somehow. Why? Wasn't this supposed to be a special night?

They lay in a futon in the dark.



Hanayo looked worried. "Is something wrong? You've been acting weird all night."

"No, I'm just embarrassed by these pajamas, nya..."

"You're right, I shouldn't have made you wear them if they embarrassed you so much. You should take them off..."

Rin didn't move.


"Then I'd be... naked with Kayo-chin, nya..." Rin blushed.

Hanayo blushed too.

After a while, Hanayo spoke up. "Maybe... we're going too fast."


"How about...we declare this just a normal sleepover?"

"Good idea nya..."

They lay in the dark for a while.



"I love you, nya..."

"I... I love you too, Rin-chan..."

Rin snuggled up to Hanayo and gave her a hug. "You're always there for me. You're always cute. You supported my transition from the start. No matter what, we can talk, so... I'm OK with you seeing all of my embarrassing side, nya."

"Then, do you want to...?"

Rin answered by struggling out of her lingerie.

Hanayo unbuttoned her pajama top and lay on her back. Rin carefully crawled on top of her, then settled down onto her soft body, nuzzling her breasts.

"So big, nya..."

She gave one an experimental squeeze. Hanayo cried out.


"No... keep going..."

So Rin squeezed again, more carefully. Then she squeezed the other boob, then both at once, then gently licked Hanayo's nipples.

"Hanayo's body is fun, nya!"

Hanayo panted and trembled as Rin's warm little hands caressed and massaged her breasts until finally, she had enough. She rolled over, pushing Rin beneath her and planting a firm kiss on her lips.

"You let mama take control," she breathed. She kissed Rin on the lips, and then the nose, and the cheek, and the chin, then started kissing a trail down Rin's neck and body. Rin moaned when her soft lips paused at her flat chest, licking and nibbling her nipples. Then she continued down across her belly, until...

Rin braced herself, but Hanayo stopped and lay her head in Rin's lap, breathing hard.

"I could eat you right up," she said, staring at Rin's shrunken girlcock. "But only if you're OK with it."

This was it...the moment Rin had been fearing. What should she say? She hated her girlcock. It was the last vestige of masculinity in her, and she planned on using some of the money she made as an idol to get it removed once she was 21. So she should say no... but she wanted to give everything to Hanayo. She hesitated... before realizing that Hanayo would be OK no matter what she said.

"I'm OK if you're OK."

"In that case," said Hanayo, opening wide. Rin clenched her eyes shut.

But instead of taking her dick into her mouth, Hanayo licked down Rin's thighs and pressed her little pink tongue into Rin's crack.


"You taste just as good as rice," breathed Hanayo. Then she licked her and licked her and licked her, tracing her soft tongue around Rin's anus. Rin's body shook as Hanayo pressed her tongue inside and wiggled around.

why are anime so gay
here i made this OC for s4s i'm just gonna post it in this thread
Rin's back arched.

Hanayo lifted her face, breathing heavily. "Did you like it, Rin?"

Rin couldn't speak, so she nodded.

"I'm happy..."

"I want... to lick Kayo-chin's pussy too, nya..."

Hanayo rotated around and settled her big butt in Rin's face. Rin pressed her mouth against her girlfriend's hairy pussy, lapping up her warm love juice. Hanayo squeaked, then started licking and fingering Rin's anus. Her big breasts were pressed against Rin's tummy. Her soft thighs squeezed Rin's cheeks.

"This is heaven, nya..."

Rin rubbed a finger across Hanayo's pussy, then slowly slid it in and felt around. She was soft inside, and warm and wet and squishy.

"Kayo-chin's body is so friendly and comfy..."

Rin stroked the inside of Hanayo's body. Hanayo was so cute spread out defenseless on top of her. With her free hand, Rin squeezed Hanayo's butt, then pinched her nipple. Hanayo moaned. Cute!

Rin realized that she was defenseless too, and she liked it. She relaxed her body into Hanayo's mouth, carefully licking her nib, until she felt the grip of Hanayo's legs tighten around her.

They stayed like that for a moment, panting and shaking. Then Hanayo rolled off.

"I love you, Rin-chan... that was really fun."

"Kayo-chin was fun too, nya!"

"Then... how about we do it some more?"

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dick rei.jpg
529 KB, 1000x1000
Here's more Rei!


Asuka was on edge. It had been a month, fucking days, since she had gotten a taste of Rei's dick. She kept imagining the hot, gloppy semen filling her mouth. It was getting to where she was having trouble drooling. She had to have Rei's dick again. But where the fuck was that whore?

The trouble with Rei, Asuka decided, was that she didn't know who appreciated her. She was always plowing a clone or throat-raping that whiny fuckboy. Those fags didn't love Rei. They didn't have trouble sleeping because they were imagining Rei's penis sliding accross their tongues. They didn't suck on anything they could find, pretending they were sucking on Rei instead. They'd never had a strand of Rei's blue pubic hair stuck between their teeth. Asuka had. Asuka was the only cum toilet Rei needed. It pissed her off that Rei would dispose of her precious jizz anywhere else.

Rounding a corner, she finally saw her. She was standing behind a clone, gripping the sex thing's arms to keep it from collapsing as she relentlessly hammered away at its delicate cunt.

Asuka ran up and pushed the clone away. She dropped to her knees, mouth open, tongue hanging eagerly.

"The fuck?!" Rei slapped her, but it was too late. Her massive cock exploded, spraying glorious semen all over Asuka's face. Asuka laughed. It was warm and white and slimy and perfect.

"I hope you know what's going to happen to each one of your holes now," snarled Rei.

I don't care, thought Asuka. As long as I get to swallow every orgasm.
this thread made my peepee feel funny in a good way
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it
i am never seen an anime so i cant tell
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