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keksandra is homeless and being abused
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keksandra is homeless and being abused
will you take her in?
i could make a bad joke right now

Your fortune: Outlook good
Please don't be cruel to Keksandra
dont you mean zozzlesandra

you know what I'd do...
le so wacky
I could check your dubs right now

Your fortune: Very Bad Luck
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HUEHUEHUE get #REKT keksandra bitch stinky pussy no 1 gonna like your retarded pussy lel
Quads like that cannot be denied. Keksandra shall be saved from /b/ tier rude ppl.
Delete your post, shithead. I can't, I seriously CANNOT fucking believe that you wasted your time typing out this godawful reply. Do you think your shit-tier comment would get any logical or knowledgeable insight? Did you just HAVE to express your broken emotions by fiddling your fat fingers all over your keyboard? Maybe you don't even have a keyboard, maybe you're posting from your fucking iPhone, I don't know, but I will find out. I hope you understand that people report this kind of shit because it's abysmal, pointless and down-right idiotic. The mods won't put up with this shit, and that's how I'm going to find you and your iPhone. I can email the people who will trash your post and have them give me your IP, and with your IP, your home-address. I can order as many fucking pizzas as my mind can handle, and believe me, my mind is fucking HUGE. I could literally spend all day torturing you, kid. Your only hope is to DELETE YOUR FUCKING POST.
Implying that lewd slut doesn't enjoy being burnt with cigarette butts and being used as the public bicycle by the local homeless population.
I started tug my cog as soon as I saw that drawing, and gosh, I haven't stopped since then
oh my fug stop stealin me dubs gosh man
le shig nigga
Help is coming!
It's going to be ok!
Someone needs to draw Keksandra with a black eye and a healing cut on her forehead, but she's acting like it's not there because she doesn't want to talk about it
5D MII 50MM 1.4
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

I have the privilege of making the ultimate day-to-day decisions on deviantART in my acting position as Chief Executive Officer. I Co-Founded deviantART in April of 2000 with jark along with a founding team of individuals including matteo most of whom joined around launch in August. Honorary founding team members include: mccann, chris and spot.


I've had a passion for building online communities since my addiction to game BBS's (doom, doom 2, heretic, hexen, etc.) when I was 12. I co-sysop'd the Netherworld BBS in Northern Virginia at that time (till I was 15) and fell in love with the possibilities; especially as they applied to a global community. deviantART mirrors many aspects of BBS's and as time progresses you will find even closer comparisons to the quality of community MajorBBS and other platforms were able to support. Of course, most of you have no idea what I'm talking about when I say BBS's. Ugh.

I've now spent more than half my life building online communities. Seeking to deliver a mainstream application that captures the depth and passion that I felt for BBS's in my youth youth, rather than my now youth. :D

I'm very proud of the success of deviantART. Especially the fact that we took the road less traveled and arrived a little later, but on our own pure and untainted terms. We're doing it our way.

And that ladies and gentlemen ... feels like a milli-millillion dollars.


Before you read about the future, read about the past. And I think with a past like that and a team like this, it is a bright future indeed.

It is our intention to create the most powerful outlet in the world for known and unknown artists alike.

Your fortune: Outlook good
It is our intention to create the most powerful outlet in the world for known and unknown artists alike.

Most importantly we intend to take our time to do it right. For the first time in history there is connection and communication between artists and fans on a massive scale. deviantART represents a breakthrough for the promotion and exposure of otherwise stranded artists in all corners of the globe. Our job is to make sense of the possibility, and craft it in a responsible manner.

And that's what I'm here to do along with the strong team we've assembled here at deviantART; until the job is done.

(If you have something real and tangible to propose that may help deviantART in one way or another; Feel free to send me a note. I read every note even if I don't respond. Forgive me on the responses, there are thousands of notes!)

Current Residence: Hollywood, CA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M
Print preference: Fine Art
Favourite photographer: coxi
Favourite style of art: street
Operating System: OSX
MP3 player of choice: there are no choices
Shell of choice: Sea.
Wallpaper of choice: wallpaper.deviantART.com (changed often)
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie
Personal Quote: y0.
Favorite games
Gears of War III Horde (2-player ONLY) Co-Op
Favorite gaming platform
XBox 360, iPad 2
Tools of the Trade
MacBook Pro, Align Wrenches, 5D MII 50MM 1.4
Other Interests
kite/wind surfing, diving, bball

Your fortune: Better not tell you now
lol it's just a cartoon
>"Excuse me, can you make me a sandwich please, /ck/?"
"Of course I... oh my God, what happened to your face?"
>"Nothing happened."
"Did you get in a fight? You look terrible!"
>"It's nothing."
"You've got a black eye! That's not nothing!"
>"I don't wanna talk about it."
"It's okay, Keksandra, you don't have to hide anything..."
>"I'm fine, I just want a sandwich."
"Come on, this... this is not fine, you need an ice pack."
>"I don't want an ice pack, I don't wanna talk about it, I want a SANDWICH!"
"Alright, alright, I'll back off. I'm sorry, okay?"
>"It's fine, I'm just hungry."
*adopts cucksandra*
*abuses her even more*
>"T-thank you, sir..."
"Get on the floor."
>"Wuh? Ow!"
"I said get. On. The floor."
>"Sir, stop, it hurts."
"You will do as I say, or I'll do it again."
>"But I don't... ow! Owwww!"
"I fucking warned you!"
>"Stop pulling my hair! It's coming out!"
"See my foot, you worthless kid?"
>"H-hey, ow!"
"Only if you apologize!"
"Good. You disobey me or talk out of turn again, and I'll kick you again."
>"O-o-okay, s-sir..."
"I didn't ask you anything, stupid. You are to respond when asked a question and to do what I say. Understand?"
>"Y-yes, sir..."
"Get in there, now."
*sound of Keksandra being thrown onto a wall*
"You lost dinner tonight. Now, get to sleep."
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667 KB, 1104x1429
The mean streets
i'd tell her to go away
nice pic

everyone stop being mean to Keksandra please :(
2 le doubles in a row
hella friggin epic someone screencapppp this

Checking these dubs
File: 1452469180199.jpg (612 KB, 1705x1066) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
612 KB, 1705x1066
A life is saved.
this is beautiful anon
I knew it. [s4s] is a bad influence for /c/.
Thank you.
In every meme there is a thread.
And in every thread a meme.
File: 1452366678919.png (427 KB, 514x662) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Please stop sadposting
hnnnng abused grills
>"Get on the floor."
everybody walk the dinosaur
Stop the abuse you sicko fugs should /b/ in jail!
Thread replies: 40
Thread images: 8
Thread DB ID: 399267

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