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Feels bad brother.png
46 KB, 318x317
Who /smoker/ here? Why do you smoke? How much do you smoke a day? Are you okay with your situation, or are you trying to quit?
Here's my story:

>be me, 18
>move out of state for uni
>immediately become depressed, isolated, all that good stuff
>start buying Marlboro Reds because I'm a retard that knows nothing about smoking
>would occasionally go outside for a puff but for some reason never got addicted

>fast forward about three years; I've moved back home but I'm as depressed and anxious as ever
>start going through a period of extreme restlessness
>can't sleep, always hyper-alert, nothing can calm me down, etc.
>try to take my meds - they don't work; try to drink alcohol - it doesn't work; try to fall asleep - I can't do that
>remember mum is a smoker and keeps a pack of cigarettes outside
>think "fuck it" and decide to try one and see if it works
>smoke that shit up, it immediately feels like a huge wave of calm washes over me, I feel like I can *finally* get some respite from my hyper-fearful mind

That was about three months ago. I've become a pack a day smoker ever since. I'm not happy about it, but at least it keeps me feeling sane with the amount of shit I deal with in my head.
I'm 19 and smoking since I was 13. I'm smoking between halfpack - 1 pack/day. I'm pretty okay, but I want to quit till I finish university
You mean you want to give it up while you're still studying, or you plan on quitting once you've finished your degree?
I don't know for sure, but I plan on quitting in my third year, now I'm in second semester.
My parents smoked 2 packs a day in the house until I hit puberty and stunted my growth
I started at 15. Rose to half a pack a day at 17. Now it's like one a day at 19. Smoking gets old and boring quick, now I only do it so I can get some rest.

Also I have a mouth fedora.
File: Pondering.jpg (14 KB, 168x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 168x251
>Also I have a mouth fedora.

What is this?
I smoke only when im out with friends that smoke, usually smoke 5 cigs during a coffee.
File: 1454039477286.jpg (42 KB, 700x479) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 700x479
>be 19
>started smoking at 14
>smoked roll tobacco from 15 to 18
>started cigarettes at 18
>smoke 3-4 ciggs a day
>used to smoke 15-20 self rolled before

>self rolled is pure suicide, fucks up your lungs bigtime
I "quit" smoking after nye. Before that i smoked 10-20 cigs/day. It gets easier (even though for the past 2 weeks I've smoked one cig on friday) I'm not sure whether or not I'll start again.

Smoking isn't worth it, but it can feel nice...
Just start dipping instead, It's an even bigger rush and you won't die from cancer 30
Don't smoke.

If you need nicotine, use the lozenges.

Cheaper and better for you.
>be 22
>Finish high school bottom of the class
>Girl friend breaks up and immediately starts dating a really close friend
>Whatever cuz I can get into the military as an e3
>get new gf ldr
>6 months later still not in because my recruiter was a douche
>Go to school for a semester
>Find a new recruiter and join within 2 months
>Get kicked out of basic a week before I graduate because my doctor wrote down some other shit on my medical history that didn't happen.
>They call me a liar, that I lacked integrity and said the military doesn't need that
>Start smoking 1-2 a day
>go to school for a few semesters
>Move to an empty desert because dads in military
>Doing online classes now
>New gf breaks up, eventually tells me theres someone else
>up'ed to 5 cigs a day

I don't have any intentions on quitting cuz it helps me cope. I really don't feel addicted but damn I loved her and thinking about that shit 10/10 pisses me off.
I just can't wait to leave this fucking desert.
oh and I finished hs at 18. Just 22 now
And she broke up with me on my birthday after writing a love letter, then goes to say it was all a lie.
I smoke cigars because I like the smell of them. I only smoke one or two a month though. I don't see how anyone gets addicted to them.

It's kind of nice to sit outside for an hour or two and smoke while looking into my backyard or talking to a friend.
I've been on and off smoking since I was 16. Fortunately I've never become addicted, because I can't afford to fund a nicotine addiction. I had a few cigarettes the other night for the first time in a few months. It really does help me relax.

Vaping > Cigar > Shisha = Pipe baccy > Fags >>>>>>>> Dip/Snuff
>smoked a pack a day since 9
>got up to 3-4 packs a day when I was 18
>back down to 3/4 of a pack
I don't really find joy in it anymore. It's just something to do out of habit.

I smoke 2 packs per day normally.

Definitely want to quit at some point but I love smoking.

I do snus also... I think that's the only way I could ever quit is by replacing it with snus.
Started smoking when I was 14
For the past 17 years I've chainsmoked
Probably smoke between 30-50 cigarette's a day
I don't want to quit but need to do it
>go to a friend's birthday party
>meet this cute chick who seems into me
>she asks me to go out for a smoke with her
>i'd never smoked before but went with her and pretended i'd lost my packet
>have my first cigarette with her
>don't give away that it's my first (have smoked before, just not cigs)
>eventually we break up but now i smoke about 3 or 4 a day, more if i'm out in the evening
>have a morning cigarette more often than a morning breakfast
>not trying to quit at the moment
I'm having another cancer scare atm so hopefully I'll quit if it's just a scare. I smoked 2-7 cigs a day max for 3 years.
>people getting hooked on cigs after smoking once
>people getting hooked on cigs after smoking once TO PRETEND BEING SOCIAL

Literally how can you be this pathetic ?
I smoked a few cigs here and there years ago and simply stopped to care because the taste is horrible and it's expensive as hell. I can't fathom how people can get used to it by other mean than forcing yourself of taking it as an habit, which is pathetic as hell, forcing yourself to "enjoy" something inherently bad in every way possible.
>start with dipping
>lose 60 lbs from not snacking while playing games
>move onto pipe tobacco
>enjoy the buzz
>start smoking cigs
>now its 2016
I would quit if I got a vape for free or I had something else to do with my hands while I'm driving, but I don't want to invest $100 since I'll never quit tobacco in general then. As for dipping I'd rather be 140 lbs with poor teeth than 200 lbs.

Marb reds and Grizzly wintergreen here.
Anyone smoke half a cig and save it for later? I use to do it quite a bit. Makes you pack last longer
>cancer scare
Do you have incessant coughing?
I started smoking when I was 16, never really addicted, smoked casually when drinking or with friends.

Fast forward 11 years. Was in a 6 year long relationship and she didnt aprove of my smoking, wich really wasnt an issue I didnt really care. We move out to a different city, broke up, depression, anxiety, now Im up to a pack a day.

Not at all, but I have burning sensation at the base of the tongue, which could be caused by GERD or the immunosuppressants I take or... cancer. I'll see what the doctor tell me this week.

If that's the case I'll win the 2016 award of the most unlucky bloke on earth, given the rest of my medical history, I would be a very very anomalous statistical anomaly in 5 different ways.
Hope you get better. I'm going through a bit of a cancer scare myself.
I hope we both walk away from this unharmed and learn our fucking lesson.
My dad used to smoke, never really blowing it in our faces or anything, but he still smelled like them, is this why I like the scent of cigarettes?
It used to calm my anxiety a bit dspite I hated the taste.
After some time it stopped working but the vice stuck with me.
I tried to stop smoking but I started to suffer from strong migraines.
Now I smoke two or three cigs a day, just to keep migraines at bay, but anxiety, that will need something stronger.
I've only smoked tobacco with cannabis, which seems to be unusual for the area I live in (california).
I've actually been on nicotine patches for the last 4 days and am down to 1 cigarette a day.
I'm doing real well this time, I think I'll finally be able to drop this habit. I no longer get any positive effects from the chemicals in cigarettes.
Starting when I was 17 because anxiety and that amazing headrush it gave me.
Now I'm 20 and after a suicide attempt my mom took my health card and won't give it back and lies saying she doesn't have it just because she doesn't want me smoking. It's killing me inside.
just vape

just picked up a rx200
Most places don't card for cigarettes if you look 20+.
Go buy them from a place you've been to al ot
Vapers are the worst, fucking beta hipsters.

>Man, do you have a cig?
Omg you stupid moron! How dare u! Vape doesn't have to do anything with smoking cigs, it is totally different, enjoy your tar lungs.

>Man, I really want to stop smoking
Dood! Congratulashions, here you should vape, is practically the same as cigs.

Mouth fedora users are funny.
Looks like I gotta grow back my neckbeard
But you're just putting smoke into your mouth and exhaling. That's pretty gross. I can do cigs because at least I'm inhaling, but just sort of swashing it around in your mouth is a huge turn off for me.
That's because cigars are meant to be used through sublingual and buccal routes of administration instead of the lungs.
It takes a lot longer to feel a buzz from a cigar that way, but the buzz is much stronger and lasts much longer when it does kick in.
I smoke my hookah pretty much all weekend long. It's a pain in the ass having to hunt for the not shitty cheap shisha like starbuzz, aka worst tobacco in the world. Nakhla and Tangiers are solid choices though.

I want to try pipe tobacco but know I'd get addicted. With hookah there's this whole ritual and it's not portable. I don't want to quit, but I think it'd be easier than say cigarettes
It is pretty much the same story for me except that I was 19 and my first smokes were Stuyvesant
What's the point of snuff? (the one you snort)

I tried it and I never got any good effects from it. Also, if you snort it slightly too hard it goes too far up in your nose and burns very bad.
I picked it up at 18 just because I could legally buy a pack. Never smoked before that. I liked it, so I kept smoking - at first one pack lasted me a month, then 3 weeks, 2 weeks, finally I ended up buying a new one every 2-3 days, and now I'm buying a 40g tobacco pack and it lasts me about two weeks I guess.
For those who feel they spend too much money on cigarettes I recommend doing that, I mean, rolling your own cigarettes. It's cheaper and makes you smoke a bit less because you need to roll before you smoke.
I smoke about a pack a month, I've been doing it for like a year

I do it when I'm working on tough assignments or I'm stressed, it works pretty well.

Just bought a mouth fedora though, anyone ever try using one inside a dorm room? any issues with smoke detectors?

I figure worst case scenario I could just do it in my bathroom, since it's ventilated and doesn't have a smoke detector.
I smoke about two cigs a week, started when i was 14

I dont really feel addicted, but they do help me relax if im stressed
>now I'm buying a 40g tobacco pack and it lasts me about two weeks I guess.
That's much lower than a pack every 2-3 days.
A pack is 20 1 gram cigarettes.
I picked it up at 16 because I thought it looked cool and whatever. Slowly started to enjoy the taste and smell, here I am. Not going to quit for now, I see no reason.

I like snuff. It makes me really lightheaded and knees weak, arms spaghetti. The burn is pleasant but it interferes with food so I have to wait until after eating to enjoy it. I guess it fills some kind of niche, but I'm not sure what. I think spitting is gross so I don't use dip or chaw.
I never did get any of the recreational effects when I used it.
I didn't try it until I had a decent tolerance from smoking, though.
That's why I'm saying rolling cigarettes makes you smoke less. Much less, apparently. It also relates to the fact I buy small rolling paper, so I only put half a gram or even less inside each time, but I can't really smoke more than two in row, it's pretty strong compared to lights I smoked before
Well, were you smoking filtered cigarettes before?
The filter takes out both tar and nicotine in cigarettes.

If you were smoking filtered before and unfiltered now, it's not a surprised you'd need less.
Yeah but I still use filters, just shorter ones than in normal cigarettes, it may also be a part of the reason indeed though. The paper is also different than in normal cigs.
Who /hand-rolled ciggies/ here?

Inb4 hipster, it's common in europe and a lot cheaper.
I quit cold turkey about 4 years ago, used to smoke a pack a day.

I feel great and the thought of smoking again makes me feel ill. I don't look down on people who smoke though, it's your body and money mang.
I can almost guarantee you that it has to do with the shorter filter and not the type of paper you're rolling it with.
Hey, you're using less though. That's good.
I'm attempting to quit as well.
Yeah man. they are way superior and cheaper too.
EU has many weird standards about the cigarettes paper though, it has some kind of substances inside it etc. so I think the paper does make some kind of difference, somebody told me it's more healthy to use the rolling paper you use for joints for example - it also smokes more slowly, but yeah shorter filter is probably the bigger part of reason. Either way yeah it works well, I recommend it to my buds, although despite the other guy saying it's common in Europe, that's not true for Eastern Europe, here it's still a hipster thing... which is suprising considering we're THE poorfags of Europe
>I've only smoked tobacco with cannabis, which seems to be unusual for the area I live in (california).

My California spliff brethren
Ah, ok. I live in the US and have no knowledge about what types of papers you guys use over there.
Here the only real difference in papers is if they contain dye or not.
File: 4ae.jpg (31 KB, 680x765) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 680x765
>last time I smoked was like a month ago
>tfw suddenly start getting the urge to do it again

Does the ride ever end? I was up until like 4am last night trying to distract myself with shit so I wouldn't go to the gas station and buy a pack.
Oh yeah.

>tfw people see a black person rolling a cigarette and ask if I can get them some weed
I totally could get them weed, but fuck that.
That's the spirit. We don't need useless dice rolls, anon. Life can go wrong on its own, no need to help it fuck you over.
What does it mean? Am I going to get cancer? Maybe I already am cancer.
No it means it's a good idea to refrain from smoking.

Holy shit calm down.
I laughed a little, nice one anons
File: IMG_3397.png (2 MB, 844x1125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 844x1125
>friend has the most powerful vape of all time
Seriously though I don't know the specs but other vapers freak out when he lists them
>hit it a few times and cough like fuck
>get a buzz
>hit vapes when people have them, but would never get my own
>friend gets hookah
>start doing that too
>it does nothing for me and I get no buzz
>friend sells his vape

I'm probably never going to try cigarettes because I get addicted to random shit quite easily.

I have enough bad habits like binge drinking I don't need another thing killing me faster.
vape instead, way cheaper and doesn't fuck you up as much
File: Snakemg5.gif (2 MB, 160x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 160x200
I'm not trying to quit. I've managed to cut down to <1/2 pack per day, at least.
If it weren't for smoking, I'd not go outdoors and get sunlight as often. Listening to some relaxing music, enjoying the scenery and having a nice think during seems to be remedial. I know it can be done without cigarettes, but they provide a good excuse.
File: IMG_4426.jpg (74 KB, 1024x596) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 1024x596
It can fuck you up more if you get one powerful enough.

It's like a robot cigarette.

Kind of like Terminator.
File: 1448221487405.jpg (14 KB, 338x273) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 338x273
have been smoking for 6months now going to buy mouthfedora soon and stop smoking ciggies
File: rapé.jpg (378 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
378 KB, 1600x1200
who /snuss/ here?
Fuck me I am the same way. I don't experience cravings but if I go without nicotine for more than 24 hours I get pounding throbbing headaches that are only cured by a cig..... fuck this shit man
>Goteburg rape
Didn't know you had that many refugees already
>Gotegorgs Rape

Seems to be a lot more common with all these refugees
File: 1454014984227.jpg (58 KB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 750x750
im not from sweden but they really do have that much refugees
Degenerates that's what you guys are
Never bought a pack myself but I always get some from friends. As a nonsmoker the high you get out of it is insane (for me)
Always drinking when I do it maybe that adds up.
File: 1419121020830.png (28 KB, 645x773) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 645x773
I smoke anywhere from 2 - 10 cigs a day. I only smoke Marlboro Reds. Is there really a big difference between cigarettes? I notice different taste with different filters, like I've tried Golds and they're a bit weaker. I don't really like that though, I like my cigs to be stronger.

As for why I smoke, I don't really know. I like the first smoke of the day because I get a nice rush, but I don't feel anything for the rest of the smokes. I guess it's kinda relaxing to smoke something.
File: 1448746609933.jpg (39 KB, 480x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 480x400
oh no
don't throw your buzzwords at me, how will I survive?
Also, I wanna try rolling my own cigs to save money. Does that actually save money? I can just go into any smoke shop and they'll sell tobacco, paper, and filters, right?
Yeah, even gas stations usually have loose tobacco you can buy
You know, I'd smoke because I wanna be cool and stuff, but I imagine it would cost way too much money.

How much do you guys spend on your smokes? Is it a significant amount of your money?
fuckin degenerate
I go through a pack every week or two, so not very expensive. Pack a day will add up quick tho
>Does that actually save money?
You can purchase 800 cigarette tubes, a 16 oz bag of tobacco and a powermatic mini rolling machine for approx. 60 USD. With this you could should be able to roll all 800 tubes, but it does depend on how tightly you pack your tobacco. One carton of Marlboro is somewhere around 50 USD, I believe, which only provides for 200 cigarettes due to those insane cig taxes.
do you have a lot of experience with loose tobacco?

what would you recommend for someone who likes reds?
Not a whole lot with RYO but enough. I roll at times when I don't care what I smoke as I prefer those glorious Turkish Royals. The rolled ones do not taste bad or anything, given you purchase a good tobacco. They don't take an incredibly long time to roll, either. You can roll a pack in 5 or so minutes by the time you become familiar with the machine.
>what would you recommend for someone who likes reds?
Port Royal maybe. I personally use Dean's smooth. It's labeled as pipe tobacco, but the companies just do that so their products are not fucked over by the taxation which results in less profit.
What is a brand of rolling tobacco similar to turkish royals? Can't seem to replicate the cancerous goodness
>lighting up the tobacco jew
Where my asthma bros at?
>tfw chain smoking mom/dad/grandma/grandpa/dog
>tfw will up and die if I even look at a cigarette on fire
Apparently a blend of golden harvest robust & four acres can replicate royals. I've not tried this myself though.
I don't know if you'll be able to find the aforementioned tobaccos in the US shops as I do in Germany, but if not then I'm sure you could online.
File: 1454814645741.png (75 KB, 325x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 325x244
I've never smoked a cigarette in my entire life.

BUT....I keep dreaming about smoking. ALL THE TIME. And every cigarette in my dreams is delicious and flavorsome, even though I don't know what smoking is like. I do however find the smell of other people smoking wonderful.

>mfw I wake up

You have a chain smoking dog?

>I do however find the smell of other people smoking wonderful

How in the fuck

My mom smokes and that shit spreads everywhere. Smells like shit, and I can barely breathe because of it. I bet not even death itself smells worse.
>How in the fuck
My grandparents used to smoke before they died of cancer, and they were awesome so the smell of cig smoke brings back great memories for me.
I roll my own, 15-30 a day since i was 14. I'm 20 now and wish i'd never started. I know its going to kill me one day but i can't stop. Protip for anyone trying to quit: do not vape. I was vaping constantly all day and all it did was make me more addicted.
Can confirm that vaping does more harm than good. Oh, you are trying to quit? Here is easy access to the thing you are trying to avoid which can be used all the time and is incredibly convenient. I am closer to quitting with just having one or two cigs per day than one every now and again plus vaping
>You can purchase 800 cigarette tubes, a 16 oz bag of tobacco and a powermatic mini rolling machine for approx. 60 USD. With this you could should be able to roll all 800 tubes
holy shit, why didn't I do this earlier? thanks m8
I'm an ex smoker and laughing at all of you retards who got tricked into doing it like me.
>implying it is hard to quit
Ayy enjoy killing yourself
If only all tobacco was like pipe tobacco, then I'd not mind as much the discourtesy of smoking in public.
No problem, because screw paying such absurd taxes to governments because muh public health concern.
>Ayy enjoy killing yourself
That's the point.
Who else nigger?
File: watamote_c082_009.png (193 KB, 870x1236) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
193 KB, 870x1236
me when I started desu
File: 1372292744189.png (57 KB, 600x434) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 600x434
>tfw never smoked anything a single time in my life but am a borderline alcoholic at 23

Had a rare opportunity to smoke weed at 17 but I thought that was for dirty hippies. Kind of regretting it now to be honest.

Had always been curious about cigars...

My mother's smoking had completely turned me off of even the temptation of smoking cigarettes. I'm not asthmatic but it irritates the FUCK out of my sinuses even with proper ventilation even to this very day.
If there's one thing I like about the cigarette, it's the detachment from the world as you smoke. It's like you're just watching the world go by... as you suck on the tobacco industry's mass produced cancerdicks.
I have no idea how to interpret that.
>vaping is better than smoking
fuck no.
File: 1377780868968.png (129 KB, 186x264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB, 186x264
>vaping that high
I smoke a lot but have cut down a bit since the commies in my province banned menthols
File: 1451440476017.jpg (58 KB, 527x702) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 527x702
why menthols though?
Iunno, they taste good. Niggas know whats up
You know it reads right to left...
It's typically lower IQ individuals who smoke.
It worked for me. I was a pack a day smoker, bought a vape, and slowly lowered the nicotine % in the juice.

I use it more often than I would smoke a cigarette if I'm at home, but I never use it in public... now I'm at 3mg nicotine which is basically nothing and only really vape when I'm playing video games or am bored.
hey darros post a pic of your fedora
>low IQ

Fuck off fag.
How tall are you and how tall are your family memeber that dont smoke I heard smoking can stunt your growth
>Smoke a few cigars a year with closest bro
>friends and family start dying left and right from horribly painful cancer they got from tobacco use
>still want nicotine to cope with feelings
>bro shows up with mouth fedora
>fog machine stuff with nic and fruit flavor?I'm sold
>was wrong about having made it
>nic is all that staves off the suicidal urges
>rx200 and crius clone in the mail
At least I'm not a tobaccofag.
Enjoy popcorn lung faggot
take note of
I can't, because I don't own one.
It does due to the curbing of appetite & increase of carbon monoxide in the blood. Not really an issue unless you're underage.
I hope you researched this rather than saying there is a guaranteed chance to get this.
You sound like one of those faggots that doesnt like the taste of beer either. This thread is for people who smoke, if you dont smoke gtfo

I fucking love cigarettes
I don't think he even knows what popcorn lung is.
seems to be culturally dependent

nicotine however does increase IQ through a neuroprotective effect, however smoking itself can lower oxygen levels(CO exposure) which can lead to impaired neural function

I can literally feel my lungs getting heavier after taking a few big vape rips because my friends really like vaping. Inhaling vaporized propelyne glycol and or vegetable glycerin is definitely bad for you even though it doesnt cause cancer. Also popcorn lung is irreversible compared to if you quit smoking most of your negative side effects will go away over time so I'd rather not go down that path.
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