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>tfw girl has been hitting on me hard
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>tfw girl has been hitting on me hard
>pic semi related from last week
>classic 23 khhv
>fear of intimacy so i literally have prevented fug twice now
>is becoming increasingly more persistent

any other robots have this issue?
yeh i get that sometimes I think its more from people in the past getting your back just to put a dagger in it but recently

>5/10 girl really into me
>I find sex to just be awkward/to bitch born to commit
>can't stop thinking bout how bad she wants to get closer through the act of sex.
>best way i avoid it is just to friend zone her really hard and tell her how good of "Friends" we are over and over.

>tl:dr Friendzone that bitch.
Yeah but she got me eventually.
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Yes, literally happened to me when I was 23
Fear of intimacy and all

Well, now I am 24 and really wished I went for it. That was the first time I really got anything like that, and while it was a good confidence boost, I wasn't really feeling anything for her, if not somewhat fearful/suspicious of how forward she was.

Now I am trying on my own to get laid before I turn 25, and man, shit sucks and crushes my confidence.

Swallow your pride, it may not be so bad.
Go simple at first, like second base and blowjobs. You can pull out if you don't want to go the whole way.

>"Haha, well Anon, I got new breast piercings..."
>"Cool, why not show me?"
>"Show me your chest in the parking lot and I'll show you mine!"
>"Hmm, nah..." < Worried at this point that she was crazy and may be dangerous/annoying later on if I proceed

Well, now I realize I am just retarded
>Seeking to turn your back on wizardry merely to spill seed in a dirty succubus
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>somewhat fearful/suspicious of how forward she was.

this, i feel like i can't trust her.

>Go simple at first, like second base and blowjobs.

I dont even know if i can handle the anxiety level to even get that far.
hello 23 here, was it in school?
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I can almost feel my mental state deteriorating and I think it may be due to lack of intimacy.
I fear that I won't make it to 30 without something horrible happening if I am still a virgin by then.

I also just want to make my family proud.
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>results of marriage
Take some time out of your day to actively think about being in a sexual situation and psyching yourself up for being able to handle it. Maybe buy some condoms and practice putting them on so you know you won't fuck up.

The first step is realizing that you have a phobia of sex and intimacy. Subconsciously realizing the massive amount of angst it may bring you (like rejection, a failed relationship, or cheating), you naturally avoid the situation completely. /r9k/ and constant horror stories may already have had an effect on you.
Reading a bunch of psychology and psychoanalysis books/Freud lectures helped me realize something was up and that I should try to manage the issue, maybe research can help you out too.
yeah, community college class after dropping out of university
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this desu

>work up the courage to ask "friend" (not very good friends at all) if she would be into cuddling for comfort and preface that I'll never make a move on her but will sometimes be hard and she agrees
>one night agree to cuddle after she came back from somewhere
>tell her I'm gonna strip cause too hot
>snuggling up to her nicely as usual
>she starts moving
>hear some type of brushing against her skin- thought it was the cover
>something feels different (she's taller than me and moved)
>she moves her hand down and moves my dick
>think I fucked up and prepare apology
>she lets go and in a quiet voice says
>"if you push you'll be inside of me
at least that's the closest to what I remember hearing
holy fuck that is the hot
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Thanks anon, ur a good guy.

original sensei
wait was she facing you?

pls tell more....for science....
>you will never do this with a girl

I want to die.
No, she would never face me. That only happened maybe once where we both faced each other.
Tell more what?
Just befriend a girl and work out a no sex cuddling deal. It's not hard and eventually she'll want to fuck you.

The reason she gave me was, "she felt insecure and that I didn't think she was attractive enough to be fucked because I NEVER ONCE tried to make a move on her and she felt very insecure and the need to seduce me"
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If you guys fuck up even after a girl practically throws herself at you then you have no excuses for still being a virgin and you'll get no sympathy from me. These stories show me that you're at least somewhat attractive, enough to warrant a girl hitting on you. The opportunity is there gentlemen, just seize it for fuck sake.
>Just befriend a girl

The last time I had something I could honestly call a male friend was middle school, let alone a female friend.

May as well give up there.
did you push ?
tryna fap hear
Do you have a hobby? Are you extremely overweight? Try and chat up a girl near you with the same hobby (and possibly similar weight). Talk about how you enjoy cuddling with her, oxytocin, etc and spring the idea- it's not impossible. Trapping yourself up a bit helps.
yes, very quickly before my brain could even catch up or she finished her sentence
did sex become regular?
>yes, very quickly before my brain could even catch up or she finished her sentence

did you actually fuck her then? bust inside her? or was it just a small thing
Yea I have dealt with this in the past. I think it's either autism or social anxiety I don't know. But you have to get comfortable being sexual with the girl and then it goes away eventually. Just relax.
No, she was just very horny and very emotionally unstable. She turned on me heavily a few days after for reasons I can't all remember. BPD, PTSD, etc
>did you actually fuck her then? bust inside her? or was it just a small thing
Yes, I thought so at first till the test came back negative, the only time

This fucking photo always creeps me out.

That kid a dead ringer for me.

I don't mean similar looking, either, I mean IDENTICAL.
so she went from cuddling to taking your dick out and telling you to push inside and cum inside her?

you lucky cocksucker
pic sauce?
Yes, but I had stripped naked that night due to dying from the heat. She just took off the rest of her bottoms without telling me and re-positioned both of us. I told her I thought I cam inside her the next morning, but I didn't . . I think? Test was negative.

this made me chuckle a little. desu though, the more *trusting* skinship you share with a girl, the more comfortable she will be with sharing more of her body with you due to having that trust of her body with you and just straight up convenience. You are conveniently there when she's horny and she knows you won't hurt her.
pic of what?
Well, not pic, but the gif
I literally have no idea, just found it on google one day
>Yes, but I had stripped naked that night due to dying from the heat.

i cant imagine even a cuddle buddy being cofmratable with this, at the most i assumed you were just in boxers or something

i guess you just got lucky with the type of girl. still envious, that scenario is too hot
Not hitting on but straight up girl rape, yes.
I asked her before I did. I didn't think it was a big deal since she was used to feeling me pressed against her and knew she had the fan on her and I didn't...

I try to look back fondly, but overall everything that transpired from our short time hanging out was pretty fucked up.
i know but still i cant imagine a girl who isnt fuckinf uou being comfortable with a naked guy cyddling her

rondo duo
Oh look, another thinly veiled brag thread
I guess if you try to look and act qt it helps
What test? You know you can come inside a girl without getting her pregnant, right?
Pregnancy test. Yeah, but still pretty scary when you feel your dick spasm inside her before pulling out
>You can cum inside a girl without getting her pregnant

What exactly are you trying to say? You can magically control whether or not your sperm fertilizes an egg?

Thanks anon, I never thought I'd see it!
>any other robots have this issue?

If any woman has ever been interested in me, I haven't noticed. And I mean interested in any way, not just sexually.
I'm interested in you right now anon

can you tell

i have had exactly one girl interested in me, and i didint know until her friend talked with me and told me she was hitting on on me and was upset i never noticed, and she moved on to another guy
That is literally the fantasy I wake up to every morning. Good job anon. I'm happy for you.
>That is literally the fantasy I wake up to every morning.
Please explain
It's rare that cumming in a girl would cause her to get pregnant
Even at the height of her fertility, right before and during ovulation, cumming inside a woman still only carries about a 15% chance of impregnation.

There are cases where people get lucky or unlucky and get pregnant from one time, like a one night stand, but those are the cases you hear about. In reality, it can be hard to make a baby, and couples can try for many months up to even a year or two before conceiving, and this is still considered "normal" fertility range.
i lost about 70 lbs between the ages of 19 and 20 and girls started noticing me. a few tried to fuck but i never felt comfortable and so i didn't end up losing my virginity until i was 24. it's easy to feel regret knowing what i know now, but you can only make do with the tools you have, including your own confidence, at the time.

don't feel too bad for being a virgin. a lot can happen in your 20s, even if you're as passive as i am. if you can get over your nerves now and pound that girl who's been giving hints, that's great, but if you're not at that level yet, don't worry.

i don't know if i'm just going to get "NORMIE REEEEEEEEE" responses to this, but i genuinely hope you guys find happiness someday.
First molestation
>waiting in line
>feel boobs on my back
>assume it was accidental and shuffle forward
>feel boobs again
>line starts moving around the bend, take chance to peek at the boob-owner
>holy fuck it's a qt girl
>assume it's a trap, do nothing

>in line the next day
>boobs again
>peek again
>qt again
>decide to surreptitiously watch her so I can join the line much later than her

2nd molestation
>be in crowd with mixed group
>feel hand brush up hard against my gumblies
>freeze up and put on an angry face
>girl says 'Sorry'
>ignore her completely since then

only confession
>be highschool outcast
>not hated but ostracized because I'm too weird an aloof
>whole semesters would go by and no one would speak to me
>new girl takes the seat next to mine
>talks to me normally
>develop a rapport
>exchange emails
>she's my only contact
>think nothing of it, normal people must do this all of the time
>it didn't occur to me that facebook existed
>receive huge wall of text professing her love for me
>Feel hurt, think she's playing a mean joke on me
>cut all contact with her
>loose voice from lack of use 15 months later

What's to explain? I dream that I am cuddling with a girl. Then we shift and I slip my wiener into her pussy. I usually wake up mid-thrust because my daki chafes my dick.
>>loose voice from lack of use 15 months later
Shit, are you a mute now?
>cuddling for comfort
>and she agrees
Woah, wait, what?
>dream that I am cuddling with a girl.
oh ok, I was confused
people like cuddling anon
>any other robots have this issue?
Literally no robots have that issue. If you're so attractive that you don't even have to go get the girls like a regular normalfag but the girls come to you then you're chad.
No, I got it back by talking to myself aloud.
No, girls don't just agree to cuddle with some autist. "I'll sometimes be hard"? Are you fucking serious? You expect me to believe this shit?.
I'm a cyborg. We talked a lot and I brought how much I loved cuddling. Talked about it for a while, led into how she feels about it, both admit we like to cuddle and decide we could cuddle each other.

I explained to her all guys get hard when in an intimate position with a girl which she completely understood since she used to have a bf and he was the same way. What is unbelievable?
>to bitch born

What do you mean?
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28 yo virgin cyborg here. I feel like I haven't been programmed for love or intimacy. I always find myself in these situations and escape them. I have a few stories like these.

> Two friends come over at my place
> Force me to go outside and hang out at nightclub
> Hate the music, the people, the place
> Just stay quietly at bar, minding my own drink while friends enjoy their time
> Girl comes over and starts chatting with me
> She gets more and more flirty
> What am I supposed to do or to say ?
> "Hey anon, wanna dance?"
> Nothanks.jpg
> "Okay, keep an eye on my drink, I'll be back."
> Look for my friends, get out of club, never see her again
wait you watched her drink?
>coworker stares in my eyes and shit while smiling
>talks to me really nicely
>asks if I'm married
>eventually asks is I'm gay
>tell her no but I'm not attracted to her

She came on so hard it gave me a slut vibe. Like no non slut girl could be that comfortable flirting. It's like she does it all the time

Suspicion confirmed when she said she has a bf and has side guys all over the place even with workers at the liquor store. On top of that she was a bitch that always had this judgmental "I'm disappointed in you" attitude and she was bossy too. Happy I shut her down.

Last time she told me to stop talking while I was working and told the new guy I was talking to not to pick up on my bad habits. I just said "what bad habits?" In a happy tone and kept talking. Feels fucking good man
No. I just left the place with my friends as soon as she turned her back on me. I was too anxious to wait for her and make a move. Every small opportunity I can get, I end up destroying it.
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