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Lets talk about jobs and part time jobs,...
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Lets talk about jobs and part time jobs, its always fun. Share stories, complain, etc

Anyone work or have worked in delivery? Not just pizza but any food places that deliver?

What are your experiences and thoughts of those customers that order all the time like 2 or 3 times a week? Especially when they order the same exact thing everytime?
>deliver flowers
>valentine's day weekend
>give flowers to a bunch of women, married or single
>they are so happy to get a token of their lover's affection
>realize I will never have a lover
>convince myself it's just a waste of money anyway
>"they probably have a shitty marriage anyway i guess...huh"
>the look on their faces when are surprised by a big bouquet
>feel crushed, I'll never have a love like this
>whatever, it doesn't even hurt that bad i guess
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just happened today

>work at Lowe's
>it's 10 degrees Fahrenheit, -11 windchill
>on register right next to front door, constantly opening and shutting and I'm freezing despite being in a hat and jacket
>customers, sometimes one after the other, keep saying jokes like "haha who'd you piss off to get put here?"
>meanwhile it's not funny at all to me
>eventually my normal response breaks and I autistically reply "it's really not amusing" when a couple made a joke
>realize social mistake and just smile and laugh at them

I was a delivery driver for about a year.

Anyway the regular customers are generally decent tippers so I generally have a good opinion of them. There are a lot of people at least in my area that fucking sucked dick at tipping, so anyone who gave me a reasonable amount is okay in my book.

There were some regulars who didn't tip for shit or not at all, so when I got their order I'd stop at the gas station and get a drink, smoke a cig or 3 and in general just fuck around-- if you're going to tip me $0.20 then just fuck you, you can wait for your food.

There was this one lady who would order at least once per week (always a large order) and about 50% of the time would not have enough money to pay for the food-- which I didn't mind too much because at the company I worked for in that situation I would get to keep the food she didn't have enough money for. So for a $50 order, and she only had $25, I'd get to keep a good amount of free food. but seriously idk what the hell her problem was.
I'm not sure what the correct response is to shit like this.
I'm >>26470892 and I get people are always like "Oh! You shouldn't have!" Even though they know or it's obvious it's not for them.
I just smile and nod. Anything else is just retarded. I don't understand why people do that kind of shit.
Anyway, they probably don't even think much of it mere seconds later so there's that. I think it's sort of a BS intro that they can use to be like "oh, I made a joke to the guy at the store and we had a conversation, he is a nice guy, we're good friends. I love being the life of the party"
I worked a few years as a window washer. It was pretty easy as long as you weren't afraid of heights.

We did about 98% residential houses. Shit was easy. Just drive to house, knock on door, tell customers we arrived, then get to it. Once done, hand them the bill, then leave for next house. Most guys worked while high each day.

Pretty comfy, the only time I dealt with my boss was at the beginning of each day when he handed out the schedule of jobs for the day.

If anyone's got questions, I'm happy to answer.
Forcing myself into retail as a cashier if need be. Been a dishwasher for over a year, was a busboy for 4 months now at some restaurant. All I just want to do is work on my game, but I need a job to do so. Fuck.
i ask because im single 23 year old living alone and order out a lot because i suck at cooking and the food in this country isnt too special

i imagine they think stuff like "why doesnt he order different things or cook, he eats out too much" but not sure if i actively annoy them or when they see my online order they sigh and are like "well time to go pamper this shit again"
>"oh, I made a joke to the guy at the store and we had a conversation, he is a nice guy, we're good friends. I love being the life of the party"
my crazy aunt an uncle are like this. one of their hobbies is to just walk into department stores or any place really, especially macys or places where theyre required to talk to customers, and just chat up the workers there, buy nothing and leave. then they start telling my family about "the nice guy from wisconsin we talked to at macys for an hour" telling us whatever they learned of him like we give a shit

As long as you tip well (assuming you live in a country where tipping is a thing, that is most of the money the driver makes comes from tips) they are happy to see you ordered. If you tip like shit they probably hate you.

If you live in a place where most of their money comes from wages, then I have no idea.
I usually tip like to the nearest zero. Like with pizza, if it's 17 or 18, I'll pay with a 20. Usually around three or four bucks. Is that bad?
How'd you get that gig?
in this country, there is no tipping

so i dont know
also the poor delivery dudes in this country have to use the company bikes, BIKES. some have little roof things but most dont. and then they even have special deals for people who order when it rains but i always try to avoid ordering in bad weather like that

I found an ad on Craigslist, called the number and started work the next day.

It seemed pretty sketchy since they didn't ask for an interview or a resume, but I found out that they didn't because they had such a high turnover rate. After about 4 months, I was they longest working non-management guy there.
Hmm interesting. Was it mostly residential houses or skyscrapers and shit as well?
>work retail
>stuck on cash, even though I was supposed to be on floor
>middle aged-ish woman wishes me a happened Valentine's day after I checked on out
>the only person to wish me that, ever, outside of exchanging Valentine's cards in elementary school, and my parents

Appreciated the gesture, even if it was a small one

Almost all residential. A few offices and such, but really nothing more than 4 story mansions, and those were rare. We worked in the richer areas of the suburbs mostly. I would say the vast majority were 2 or 3 story houses, depending if there was a basement.

My favorite/most nervous part of the job was washing the inside side of the windows and going into people's houses and bedrooms to get to them.
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you should punch your aunt and uncle in the dick
I work part time in a camp/after school program for autistic kids. I watch for the buses, clean the kitchen and art room, and call bingo. My boss always calls me things like buddy, my man, good man, big man, strong man, big guy, soldier, soldier man, and a bunch of other stuff like that. He also always tells me, "good job (insert patronizing nickname here)!"
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>Work at drug store
>White girl comes in 15 minutes after we close
>Has her kid with her
>Says he is burning up and vomitting and needs medicine
>Kid is black
>Refuse, tell her we closed and the system won't let me take her.
>Clock out immediately and walk out to my car with her still there.
Find anything weird or interesting in bedrooms
Drivers take multiple deliveries a day depending on sales and people ordering for delivery.
If you tip 3 bucks, and the next person tips 50 cent, and the next person gimps you, and the next gives a 5, it's all a normal night.
Reminds me of my story

>work at a Shoppers Drug Mart
>girl walks in ten minutes before closing
>gets some pedialite
>she's like 50 cents short
>tell her its OK
>pay the difference and forget about it
>go to Tim Horton's before work a few days later
>order some coffee
>hear a girl say it's on the house
>ask her if it's OK
>she says yeah and tells me she's the girl who bought pedialite a few days prior
>tells me to enjoy my coffee
>"t-thanks you too"

Well, sometimes I have to go into teen girl's rooms, so a few dildos sitting out. Dirty bras and underwear on the ground, but the wierdest was when I was doing a mansion and the guy let us in. We were there for about 3 hours, and when I got to the master bedroom, he was in the adjoining bathroom, naked, taking a shit with the door open. It was pretty awkward, I nope the fuck out of the room and came back later. He did give me a $20 tip though.

The funniest are the trophy wives all fucked up from daydrinking and Xanax or something following me around telling me stories about her husband and their kids. Those whores are brutal.

It depends how much shit you've ordered but going based on the "$18 order" example:

$4 is pretty good
$3 is like the bare minimum you should tip assuming the service is decent.
$2 is kinda shitty

You have to remember that minimum wage (in the U.S.) is lower for tipped employees and that the vast majority of the income of a driver comes directly from tips.

Also most people don't keep in mind that a lot of things (kitchen taking too long to make the food, fucking up the food/having to remake a fucked order, etc) are totally out of the control of a driver-- yet people still punish them for shit the kitchen did.
I usually try tip the driver around 25% of my order. Does that mean drivers think I'm a retard? Fuck tipping is horrible ... how much am I suppose to tip? I always freak out and think: "well this is only a few bucks - better throw in at least a five. Well that's still quite shit.." and end up tipping quite a lot. What do? I am getting anxious just thinking about it
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I work as a butler, for a rich family in the East Coast. Tips rarely happen unless if it's from drunk, rich people, during holidays. It's a surprisingly good job, and you can do what ever you want, once everyone is sleeping.
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