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>make eye contact
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>make eye contact
>she looks away
I constantly have girls looking at me, not sure if it is because I look good or disgusting.
>he thinks eye contact is a sign of some sort of intense thinking about each other
making eye contact is the creepiest thing you can do with a stranger. there's a reason everyone you see walking on the side walk is looking down or 10 feet ahead and never making eye contact with people they don't know.
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>checking her out
>she looks you dead in the eye out of fucking nowhere
>look away guilty while staring at a nearby wall for 10 straight seconds
It is only creepy if you are creepy
>have a class in a computer lab
>can see her looking at me through reflection of monitor

decided to test it. i randomly look down the row next to us.
>she looks.

what do i say
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>Make eye contact
>She looks away and back again a second time
>be grill
>want to know if men are looking at me in public
>feign a fake yawn with stretch
>glance around and anyone else yawning saw me doing it and as such was looking at me
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>more than a week ago
>feel like this girl is observing me
>wonder why, i'm average af
>at some point i feel like she's looking at me and a smile appear on her face
>autism kicks in
>look away and then look at some paper try to look busy
>i saw some surprise/sadness in her eyes

She's extra cute but probably have a bf and mght have looked at me because of a random reason
Fake yawns don't make other people yawn
Even reading the word YAWN will trigger a yawn in anyone that hasn't yawned recently.

Proof: You just yawned.
don't respond
just hide and move on

I drink from my water bottle to accomplish this. is highly effective.

so what happens when you catch someone looking?
>Gazing off in some direction, lost in thought
>Turns out someone is in that direction
>Turn around quickly so they don't think you were staring at them
>Autistically move head around, pretending you were just looking around the room
>so what happens when you catch someone looking?
I usually eyebattle them until they become eyecucks.
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>make eye contact
>she smiles
>she keeps looking over and playing with her hair
I should have said something. Maybe I will bump into her tonight.
>in a private course
>qt redhead 9/10 easily
>look at her
>looks at me
>turn my face
>same shit happens again
>this time she tells her friend
>they keep laughing
>finish the course head to home
>meet them in the street
>look away like I didn't see them
>they laugh audibly

what does /r9k/ think were they laughing at? Im a good looking guy been in many relationships
approach her man
>make eye contact
>they say 'what the fuck you looking at bitch, suck on deez nut till the very last'

i lucked out. this next week it's a "pick a partner lol" type thing.

i'm going to go right at her. she's like right next to me so i can play it off like "oh you're next to me."

but really.......... she's so perfect
KEK'D original comment agshjsmebjdkk
also autism
I was in class the other day and this qt gril was sitting in slightly in front and to the right of me
Suddenly she turns towards me and does this strange forced grin, like pic related. She holds it for a few seconds and turns around again. Doesn't say anything
What did she mean by this????
dont put all your hopes into this one girl, remember to always keep your options open, and make sure you get plenty of flirting time in BEFORE you ask for her number, hell she might just give it to if you play your cards right
>we usually wait for our bus at the same stop
>she's always staring at me but I never stare back
not sure why I don't want to make eye contact, seems strange.
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>make eye contact
>it ain't me starts playing
this is my foot in the door man. if it goes well, i can keep talking to her each class yknow? maybe go umm study and all that.

aghgh it's just a weird feeling i haven't had in a while.
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>make eye contact
>she smiles
>look down at the floor and pull out phone from pocket
>have a quick glance at her
>bitch is still staring.
>try to make eye contact
>she never looks my way
>>make eye contact
how the fuck is this shit even possible?
>at the store
>12 year old girl looking at me
>look back
>both staring
>blink but still staring
>at this point think wtf is this prissy bitch trying to prove
>give her stinkeye but still staring for good minute
>her mother walks by her
>the girl looks weirdly at her mother
>the girl says "muu huuu huuu! muuuuh"
>big glop of drool comes out of girl's mouth onto her sweater
>the mother says "its okay baby, its okay, we'll be home soon"
>tfw stared down an actual retard
yeah but you have to be assertive off the bat, girls dont just develop crushes over a few months, when they want you, they want you to make a move NOW or they move on to chad. dont be too aggressive tho, just put your foot down as a man and dont be some bitch for her
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haha lmao, i love you anon, everything about your post, this post of yours
>>tfw stared down an actual retard
im proud of you, robot
>accidentally make eye contact
>she smiles
>glare at her menacingly without thinking because in highschool eye contact with a member of the opposite sex was not allowed for non Chad males and I never got over it
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