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I'm making an essential /r9k/ anime chart.
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I'm making an essential /r9k/ anime chart.

Throw me some animes, the next time I post, I'll have a sexy chart ready and we can add or subtract from there.

General Guidelines:

-themes of personal problems being resolved (loneliness, anxiety, depression, etc.)
-themes of finding redemption. (Confidence building, motivation, making friends, finding meaning, etc.)
-dramedies are more than welcome, as long as they're somewhat relatable.
-uplifting stuff is welcome but must have balance. For example, the MC should be ideally in a darker place to begin with.
-no overly cute girl stuff, it creates disillusions or false expectancies when learning to socialize.
-romance is allowed but preferably without unrealistic stereotypes.

And that's all I got, pretty much stuff that's relatable and can even be somewhat enlightening, I know a few people who turned their lives around after watching NHK. Of course, feel free to deviate from the guidelines if the anime as a whole is worth watching.
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Accel World
Cowboy Beebop
No game no life
Gurren Lagaan
Tatami Galaxy is a bit like NHK thematically. More relatable for those in college but its still worth a watch for robots
I'm up to episode 4 of Lain and it's seems pretty roboto.
M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
Serial Experiments Lain
Witch Craft Works (For all the GFD&RR faggots)
Darker than Black
>Kino's Journey
>Denpa Onna
>[email protected]
>Yahari Oregairu
I can think of those off the top of my head
Boogiepop Phantom, Hand Soap, Atama Yama, Issho ni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako, Kuuchuu Buranko, Nami, Samurai Flamenco, Utsu Musume Sayuri, Yodaka no Hoshi
shigatsu wa kimi no uso(personal fav, even though it can be cliche at times, it shows the themes you're looking for very well)
LOGH is the GOAT NEET anime.
All great suggestions, thanks guys.
I never finished welcome to the NHK, i got to the second last episode and couldnt handle the feels and stopped, i ordered a crate of alcohol recently, needed some extra bottles and for the hell of it got some Sake, i think i will enjoy the last bit while drinking it, seems fitting.
Gin no Saji
Yama no Susume (2 seasons)
The ending is dramatic, but IMHO the scene that fucked me up the most in the entire show was this.

Obviously NHK is /r9k/: The Anime.

Other than that I would suggest Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop. I know these are heavily mainstream in a way, but they both deal with depressive mindfuck in interesting and artistically great ways.
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yare yare daze.jpg
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
Jotaro is autistic
One of them shoud have died desu
b-but how can you be so mean anon? ;_;
Naruto :^) (inb4 overrated anime normie fag)
Needs more Berserk
only the first two though, that third season with the Stands is fucking awful
Mononoke the series, not the movie

Hyouge Mono
agreed, its clearly inferior to the two first seasons, but it sets a base for season 4
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The obvious choices are NHK and Watamote which are pretty much about people who are robot-tier.

Other choices would include Cowboy bebop (A character which lost meaning, kinda loner and shit), and No game no life (NEET stuff mostly).

There are also some animes that are pretty much strange normalfag and failed normie tier like oreimo (Normie girl who hides her true identity), haganai (Awkward guy but pretty chad tier), Oregairu (Guy who shows robot qualities but completely normie) etc.
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>tfw no Misaki will never come to save you

I'll just sum up the ones mentioned in this thread that I find somewhat most fitting and add a few more.

>Tatami Galaxy
>House of Five Leaves (pretty good pick imho)
>Chobits (yes, really)
>Eve no Jikan
>Excel Saga
Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa

It's about a middle aged old man who wants to be popular with his younger co workers.

Pretty good.
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I thought it only existed as manga tho.
It does, but robots should really check it out.
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>still no misaki gf

Aye, I've been meaning to pick it up some day. Also heard Onani Master something something is supposed to be worthwhile
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