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Why do so many people thinking drinking is...
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Why do so many people thinking drinking is bad for you? Worst case scenario you wake up again the next day
it is terrible for you, it does so much damage.

but, ya know, being wasted makes life okay.
Because alcohol is how spirits make communion with us

Fear their stench, for they will fester your insides and feed on the rot
worst case cenario is you will get addicted to it, lose your job, lose your friends, lose your family

but hey go for it man after all it's legal so it must be good for you
It's bad for you physically but it can do great good to your mind.
it's only bad if you abuse it
otherwise it's delicious for random instances of having a pint
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Jesus said "This is my blood. All those who drink of it shall have eternal life"

Have you ever stopped to consider that perhaps it's not alcohol which is toxic, but rather, your entire fucking life?
I would argue that it's worse for your mind
>not understanding moderation

its bad for you but i agree once a week need to relax somehow and that is one way to do it
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Blood drunk.jpg
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>worst case scenerio you get addicted
What were you raised in a fucking monastery?
do some research on ethanol / C2H6O and get back to me anon :^)
3rd year at a university in the UK. Been drinking 2-3 times a week every week for the past 3 years. Has definitely taken its toll on me.
>wakeup next day from blackout
>Ribs hurtn black eye
>In a jail cell
>Cops tell me theres damages to property
>Hair caked with vomit
>Spend another 10 hours in cold shitty cell
>Finally released
>Car is 5 miles away
>Its anowing and cold when last night i just wore an overcoat
>Turn phone on
>Get cucked by pic of oneitis sucking a black dudes cock.
>anticipating the next round.
What people don't understand is that those of you who say "oh, it's nice to relax every now and then with a few drinks" are literally saying "it's easier for me to relax with drugs than relaxing when I'm sober".

You're admitting that you have a problem with being sober, which is basically admitting that you have mental health issues, and you're also admitting that you're treating them with alcohol lol

Smart move boys
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>tfw none of the replies spotted my clever joke in the OP
I don't care if I have mental health issues or not, life fucking blows sober. It blows drunk most of the time as well, but it blows slightly less.
>Worst case scenario you wake up again the next day

I know what you mean by that..
>I don't care if I have mental health issues or not
well you're stupid then
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it ruins ur gaainz bruh
>life isn't shit for me and everyone else who has a shit life is a loser haha :P

"I need drugs to feel alive" - an idiot
Is it the fact that if you drink too much all at once with high alcohol content spirits you can choke on your own vomit in your sleep and fucking die?

Because I had a friend almost do that on me. Found him in a puddle of his own vomit on the floor face down. He had blacked out at some point after drinking too much of his half-vodka/half-coke concoction.

The biggest issue with any abusable substance is always moderation.

Alcohol is awful because of the awful beer/alcohol culture in America. If you ignore all that shit and just do what you want in privacy you're fine.
sometimes a couple shots wash away the pain

im not the brightest little perfect flower but shit being sober sucks, sometimes.
You're the retarded one if you buy into this mental health crap.
Go waste your money at a psychologist, dumbass. Or maybe if you're so "healthy" you can live this shitty existance in mindless bliss while I drown my sorrows with more sorrow.
it's this:

Pretty sure ethanol / C2H60 isn't in my strawberry wine
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fucking filter..
then i guess its 0.0% alcohol?
Wow you're a pretty clever guy you must have spent a lot of money on college
>implying i have to pay for higher education
>implying higher education is required to understand basic chemistry

I'd say people in africa have it easier, actually. They're too busy surviving to worry about the meaninglessness of it all.
They're like dogs. Dogs have it easier than humans.
that's the "joke"

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Ethanol is actually C2H5OH, friendo :)
>not understanding that both are ethanol

jesus anon, trying to sound smart is hard i guess
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>not understanding what a shitpost is

Being that retarded must be hard desu
>proven wrong
>made to look a fool

nice save m80
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>you actually think I care what people think about me on an anonymous image board
Newfag pls
>desperate repositioning
>still trying to save face

if you didn't care you wouldn't post :^)
Posting on /r9k/ is already an admittance to not caring anymore if you think about it fampai.
>claiming shit posting
>claiming IDGAF
>claiming R9K
>still posting

this is fun, keep digging
that feel when going through withdraw and drinking makes you sick to stomach but you need it cause you're shaking

I wish I had a gun

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sure thing m80 :^)
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