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post ITT if you wish you were dead
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post ITT if you wish you were dead
I wish i was alive
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I wish for it everyday, but I'm a fag who is too scared to commit suicide, so I'm pretty much an attentionwhore I guess
>tfw buying a motorcycle to get in an accident
Every goddamn day of my life. I never opted into this life and I've always wanted out.
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I've struck a new tier of misery somehow. Thought about suicide every day, ever hour for nine fucking years. I held it off.

At one point of shit going wrong in my life I was just about to buy an exit bag and go through with it, then I started reading, pushing my comfort zone, developing, trying to see other mindsets and so on. It pulled me out of depression for three months, then it came back slowly. Now I'm miserable, alone, and miserably alone while still trying to improve myself because I love everything but myself. I want this feeling to die so I can actually fucking kill myself, I feel like I'm torturing myself while wasting time and postponing my suicide.


I wish I was alive too
Just waiting to care, I know I can, I have before.
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So glad this thread is here.
I really want to die.

is it delusional to think that happiness isn't real?
That its a weird distraction from real life?
reeee desu, it doesn't even feel like I deserve to go to a doctor.

here is your attention, whore.

i've come to the conclusion that happiness is a fleeting feeling and people are deluded if they think they are happy all the time
This life and world get worse by the day, but nobody knows what happens after we die. As an agnostic atheist, I'm leaning towards oblivion. I'm in no rush yet for that. Perhaps once my health begins to decline precipitously.
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I really do want to be dead, I just don't want to go through with dying.

I don't believe I was meant to live in this world. Nothing is right. Everything is frustrating
Have you tried pursuing an interest? Things like that keep me occupied and inspired, though i've never been suicidal.

Seriously though can the world just end before Sunday please
I have one major passion and a few interests. I pursue them as much as I can but the depression is killing almost all will to follow them, and as a result makes it even worse for me because each day I regret not doing more.
>tfw you have no reason to live and no reason to die either

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Thats almost too reasonable for me senpai.

I guess life just isn't worth living, huh?
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Wish I could die all I do now adays is watch idols and sleep.
I haven't been happy in a long time. I crawl out of bed at the last minute every morning, go to my wagecuck job for 10 hours, put on a plastic smile for my coworkers, go to a drive thru for dinner and then go home and sit around on the computer until I fall asleep.

I've tried and failed to get along with other people. Either they hurt me or I hurt them and after everything I've just come to the conclusion that I'm not really compatible with other people. I wouldn't be upset if I got diagnosed with some terminal illness. I'm just existing day by day, waiting for whatever it is that will kill me to come and kill me.

The only reason I don't kill myself is because I'm too scared to and I don't have an easy option available like a gun or a helium tank.
Happiness is a delusion, but so is unhappiness. You might think you're digging down to a more truthful darker reality, but matter of fact is our perception is imperfect any which way. To think there is happiness in our situations is close to insanity. You must embrace that insanity, if you want to break through.
I would like to say talking to a doctor could never hurt, but they can be idiots.
I don't believe the words I say, but I know they are true from experience.
I told my dad that I think about suicide every day.
He hugged me and said 'I've known for a long time'. Tearing up as I'm writing this.
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yea its just my edgy side that likes being miserable desu.
I guess the best thing to do is try to be as neutral and objective as possible.
Thats going to take some effort.
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I wish i could leave my physical body behind
I wish to be the little girl cyborg desu
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okey dokey then I guess
I want to disappear, but I need to be here for my mother.
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End me, if only the government had a program that allowed truly useless people to die painlessly and quickly. Gimme a suicide pill.
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cmon man.png
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I have a plan, slow.
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I just want to die and not have my family be sad.
I want to write a note so clever and profound and deep and understandable that they'll know it wasn't their fault with 100% certainty, and to move on without me.
I want to watch them from whatever great beyond lies out there, and give them an audience as they grow and mature into beautiful happy beings
I want to be there at the gates fifty or sixty years when their time is up, and fill them in on all they've missed, feeling an unimaginable joy in our reunion
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I just want to die peacefully in sleep. I dont need more pain from this world. I would be less of a burden to others - it's practically win-win situation.
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You romanticize death way much you could be enjoying life travel go to fucking thailand girls will bang you and ladyboys will assfuck you get out of your comfort zone you giant niggerfaggot.
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>24 years old playing online games
>everyone is a 15yo kid
>tfw you realised all the people your aged moved on, only you didn't change
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moon man.png
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>dude just feel better fuckn rofl
Okay, racist eclipse man, I'll try.
feel ya anon
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>Implying I'm not you right now and now what's best for both of us
looks like he has a space suit on
hes going on a cosmic journey
I need to find a cozy forest to hang my self in.
I don't wanna die, but sometimes I wish I've never been born at all
You go a while, then someone hits you with that truck. A truck of memory.
There's nothing left to die for so I might as well die for nothing
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I wish I were dead, but I'm too cowardly to kill myself. So instead I spend much of my time incredibly sad or otherwise unhappy, except when I'm watching anime.

Anyone else hope something terrible will spontaneously happen just so you can die? For example, at the store or something an armed man pops out of nowhere and shoots you. Or you get involved in an instantly fatal car crash, at least one where only you die. The former especially I fantasize about constantly.
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