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>be me 20 years old 5' 7 skinny manlet
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>be me 20 years old 5' 7 skinny manlet
>same face when I was 15 except it doesn't look so clean up close as it did,and got some hair on my chin, everything else the same
>still have kinda long emo like hair like that guy from the death book anime, along with some eyebags too
>also same teen voice
>get hit 90% of the time by 13-16 girls at the grocery store I work at (cashier)
>700 friends on fb, 500 are girls of said age that added me,like 100 are older (18+) random roasties and the other 100 are old friends that dont talk me anymore (0 friends irl btw)
>most of them message me,flirting mostly, telling me im cute or "kawaii" some invited me to their houses and to some 15 parties, tags me in their photos and status etc etc.
>didnt do anything or went anywhere yet
So what should I do guys? I know this is bad by most people standards, but im so lonely I would be happy just watching anime or playing some shitty rpg with one of those girls. I still pass as a scene teen, and always people tell me that kids like myself shouldn't be working at my age (lol). Btw the age of consent in my country is 13, before you ask. What would you do in my place guys? Should I try to socialize a little or keep rotting in my room till im an 25 y/o creepy midget?
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Do it for me, a 31y/o, khv piece of shit.
I wanna see your face.

>dad drops me at the mall last monday to "get some air" and do a 1 hour line to pay a bill
>eventually line starts to move
>its a ramp that goes down
>suddenly im next to a mc donalds window
>fucking teens, tweens and tired moms everywhere
>2 girls with school uniforms are sitting near the window
>they werent older than 15 by their looks
>one of them see me staring inside the mc d's and probably thought I was looking at her
>looks away and her friend see's over her shoulder
>she starts whispering something something while her friends keeps avoiding eye contact
>she starts moving her friends arm and tries to get her to look at my direction and to uncover her face
>meanwhile im anxious as fuck
>this goes on for like 5 mins
>suddenly the annoying girl taps the glass and makes and signals me to go there
>I do some spergy gestures with the taxes trying to let her know I need to pay this shit
>people in the line keep looking at me like im high or something
>she keeps tapping
>start typing random shit on my phone pretending to message somebody
>eventually pass the mc d's windows
and thats why I dont go outside, but I dont like staying everyday in my room...
I just want to have someone to pass the time, I dont want to get in any mess but as I said the AoC here is 13 so I dont know
no man sorry, im pretty insecure about it, imagine being an adult while still having a teen face wtf, maybe i'll upload a pic with my eyes and lips covered
sorry for the bad english btw
Listen bud, i just wanna call you cute before I go to bed alright? Cover your eyes and mouth if you want.

>imagine being an adult while still having a teen face
I'm 5'3" and have a baby face. I know that feel
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You guys are my only friends, give me some wise advice, what should I do? I dont know if my dad wouldnt have any problem with it or kick me out of the house.Not to mention my ugly older sister or my mom. Also im by no means a chad or good looking, but I kept get getting telled im cute, I dont know what the fuck does that even mean
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ok, there
this was from 6 months ago, havent changed a little bit baka
what would you do in my place family guy help me. this is fucking killing me
Alright cutie, if you really wanna look older try cutting your hair shorter, let whatever facial hair you may have grow, and maybe put on some bulk
I dont shave my miserable beard and tried bulking for 1 year, gained a mere 10 pounds but I got some back, abs and pecs.
So should I just pass on this one? Stop playing the teen and aim for 20+ single mom roasties?
Go for it man, you'll lose your charm in 2 years maximum. Trust me, happened to me...
Go for it, anon.

I (probably) look the same way you do and get the same attention from underage girls but I'm attracted to older women only.

>TLDR: Get bitches, don't b a loser.
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>Btw the age of consent in my country is 13
japan??? you are gettin hit by JAPANESE schoolgirls and not doing ANYTHING!!?!?!?!?!???!?
Trust this guy, anon.

I used to get asked to do photo shoots in my underwear for (MySpace) photographers all the time because of my looks.

Now, no one asks so because I'm older and don't have that charm.
will probably do, thanks. I dont even have friends and missed on the highschool experience meme so I feel a year of this would finally close this whole missed youth thing...
I wish I was in japan lol, should that have been the case I wouldnt even be asking this, if you know what i mean
yeah will do, I look a bit older than when I was 15 but not too much, but I guess eventually I'll get wrinkles and hopefully facial hair and wont have this chance again
Plz be my boyfrienn
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>all these teenagers want to fuck me
>woooowwww what do I do?

you are seriously retarded.

when I was 20 I was banging teenagers left and right. do you think I sit up at night going "wow I sure do regret slaying all that pussy" ?
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r u a qt shy homunculus that carries a faced giant key everywhere?
I wasn't complaining, just asking if I should go for it or not? So far its a yes, thanks guys
>just asking if I should go for it or not?

if this is a genuine question then I think you're probably too much of a sperg to get laid, sorry kiddo.

at least in ten years when you're balding and alone you'll have the memories of all those teenage girls you failed to bang.
nice le dubs xdd, I know how to talk and seduce them,had two teen gf's when I was 18, the whole dilemma is me turning 21 on october, but I guess i'll give it a try anyways, I dont want to be a regretful balding midget
>the whole dilemma is me turning 21 on october

your "whole dilemma" is the inescapable process of aging? lmfao what
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Thanks to everyone who read my posts, going to bed now. Guess I'll go for it before I lose I start to bald or something, good night!
get some of that prime pussy bro r u fuckin retard? lmao
i would do it if i were you but would lie about my age, say im 15-16 and dont brag about it or keep it a secret, some girls wouldnt want to date a kid looking 20 year old, thats creepy senpai
shai what the hell? how are you getting on my deck? this high up?? are you jumping down from the roof?!
Daamn son dis nigga be trippin balls Lmaoooo
You're cute
Please be my gf
>So what should I do guys?
get out because you are a normy or some sort of pedophile who is about to start complaining about the age of consent
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