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>On Valentine's Day, Chad will make...
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>On Valentine's Day, Chad will make her scream in ecstasy
>While you contemplate your 28th year of celibacy.

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There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force
Not be a complete social retard?
The fuck?

Original comment
>Chad will make her scream all weekend long
>While you play with your schlong
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I feel your feel, brother

I am become one
>he doesn't ERP

>'waaah why can't i fuck ugly 3D women'
Wow! No shit, really? That's it? Where have you been all my life? I have literally never heard this amazing, unique, revolutionary piece of advice! You just have all the answers don't you? Why didn't I think of that? Just change my whole personality and magically ensure everyone ignores all my physical abnormalities and just becomes friends with me and introduce me to a girl who will love me for ever and ever!
Thank you so much, you dense normie piece of shit!
dont let it get to you, brother
chill. watch some youtube videos or something man. thats what im about to do. r9k's mentality gives you a negative feedback loop, whatever the hell that is. take a break.
U r this mad
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Can't remember if it's the Jedi or Sith one
Well negative feedback loop is function homeostasis, adjusting certain processes to "fine tune" it by doing the opposite process.
But you're right. I need to chill. I will drink.

Thank you anon.
I was pretty mad, no lie.
But mostly because you're right and I'm broken and don't know how to fix myself.

It's hard taking blame for your own shortcomings.
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that's still masturbating you dumbass
I actually just returned the gifts I was going to give a girl this valentine's day until I found out I was just her orbiter. Got my 20 bucks back. Probably will spend it on something strong and try to take it easy.

Hopefully I won't cry like a little bitch. like last year
good on you, anon
hang in there
It's the jedi one, if i am not mistaken the sith one goes like this
>peace is a lie, there is only passion
>trough passion i gain strength
>trough strength i gain power
>trough power i gain victory
>trough victory my chains shall be broken
>May the force be mine

it's the jedi code from the star wars' EU
Sith one is definetely more empowering
It's a little late, but would anybody like handwritten Valentines Day cards?
thanks, but no thanks,,,, m8 ;)

I appreciate you asking
>You will never stand loyal with Revan
>fighting for his ideals of a unified force
>tfw you will not die for something bigger than you, than him, but a higher power

pay for it you retard

better to pay $100 for a good fuck with a woman who isn't batshit insane who'll pop your condoms to get pregnant then blow up your phone
>You think your Japanese mmos are fun
>Down her ass
>Chad's cum does run
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That was horrible.



it's not complicated anon

Enjoy your aids and "23 year old hotties"
This actually hurts me. The only girl I talk to on a somewhat regular basis has a bf. Like her and I actually get along really well. But I assume she's gonna be busy getting fucked by chad, while I continue to contemplate suicide. It's just not fair senpai
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Same fucking situation here my man.
Shes gonna fuck him in a hotel room. At least i'll have whisky....

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>she's coming over friday night
>got 12 craft beers
>not looking to get blasted
>might smoke because she wants to try it again
>will end up watching a movie on a comfy ass couch through my projector
>probably cuddle or something
>saturday ???
>probably hang out with frat bros cus dry week is over
>buy $30 bottle of wine (college student, this is a lot ok)
>drink it sunday night
>go to class at 9am monday
>feel like a champ

If sex happens at some point that's fine, but I think she's a virgin and idk how long she plans to wait.

Will probably end up with at least a bj.

Get fucked /r9k/

>pic is some slut that sent me lewds a few years back
>she was like 16 at the time

>inb4 ban
>Disgruntled pepe is his reaction
>my poem did not meet his satisfaction
Yeah it really stings. I don't wanna pull out the nice guy meme, but it really fucking sucks when the one girl you enjoy talking to is with another dude. Sometimes I like to imagine that she likes me a back just a little, but I know that it's probably not true. I'm sure we're just friends in here eyes.

>Chad wins her again

>Valentine's Day will feel bad

>Alone in your room

you're fucking me man. Exactly the same shit here. I even play magic TG with her

Holy fuck i am pathetic.
I have a coldsore so we cant even fucking kiss, sucks ass
Get the hell out norman.
>You send her money, to help pay off her loans
>'Fuck me harder, Chad!' She moans
It'll be my second Valentine's Day alone so I'll probably just get stoned by myself. I'd go to the club to charm and bed some lonely single broad but work's been super slow and I can't afford to go.
Construction is fucking slow in February, fuck me
Is there a name for this? Cuckold poetry?
Just be glad the US only has one major romantic holiday.
As you rest and rot inside your room
Waiting till it becomes a tomb
Young Stacy pulls down his fruit of loom
And says 'Chad, please cum inside my womb!"
Nobody is being cucked. There's no cheating or worshipping bbc going on here

It's permavirgin poetry.
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papa tyler.jpg
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embrace the abyss anon...its calling for you.
either settle for someone ugly as yourself instead of going for attractive women, or settle for the attractive women and buy a prostitute. fucking QUIT BITCHING. pussy isn't the end all be all of everything, faggot
You don't know what my problem is. I dont even know.

GTFO Normeh.
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>Just thinking about telling her how you really feel makes you cower
>She's bent over with Chad's cock in her ass, balls deep in the shower

>You're looking in the bathroom mirror, contemplating the loss of your hair
>She's in ecstasy, getting sweaty with Chad and his friends, in a basement somewhere

>It's 10pm and you still haven't even started that paper on the legacy of Margret Thatcher
>Chad just posted a picture of your oneitis on instagram, the accompanying comment? My personal cum catcher

Also, an oldie but goodie -

>She gives you sass
>Chad fucks her ass
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>you sit alone in your beamer
>while she rides chad's wiener.

Dedicated to Elliot Rodger.

Never forget!
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>While Stacy cheats on Chad with a nigger named Daquan
>You'll be having sex with your VR waifu and eating some pecans

>While Chad is at work toiling his short life away
>You'll be having tea with waifu and chomping on some Lays
>you go down to the store

>he ploughs her on the floor
>You're lonley af browsing Chaturbate
>Her tongue is massaging Chad's prostate
I've been thinking of trying out erotic massages you know "happy endings" and all that, good thread on /b/ about it popped up gave a lot of good advice and been thinking about it
link to that thread?
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Get with the winning team, jedicuck
>Girl who used to pine after me hardcore
>Took my virginity
>Could never get my shit together to date her
>Roommates now
>Last valetines her boyfriend made scream at the top of her lungs
>Bedrooms share a wall
I cucked myself.
Did you fap tho?
I've been thinking about many things, including prostitutes. Although illegal, I can't remember a single case where someone was charged in my part of the country.

Then I remembered that I'm stingy as fuck. Once you amass some wealth, you never want to spend it.
Hey fags, I'm Chad. Yeah, I fucked her. What the fuck do you have to say to me?
there are only four things in life that are attractive:
money, status, personality, looks
if you have an insurmountable deficit in one of these areas just work as hard as you can to improve yourself in the others.
I'll be getting my dick wet by some nerdy Asian girl with a big ass booty this Valentine's Day. I'm gonna see if I can bust in her mouth again.
the original one was better by far
>>peace is a lie, there is only passion
>>trough passion i gain strength
>>trough strength i gain power
>>trough power i gain victory
>>trough victory my chains shall be broken
>>the force shall set me free

fixed for you
Just bee yourself desu senpai
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