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what was your nickname in highschool?
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feel overload.jpg
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what was your nickname in highschool?

>hispanic kids in my art class called me ricky all year
>tfw my name's not ricky or anything close to ricky
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>be very quiet and avoid eye contact
>decent at chess
>decide to go to chess club why not
>beat literally every single member including the president in under an hour
>"This kid is a fucking machine"
>mfw people call me "Machine" for the next couple years
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>had big harry potter glasses
>smoked cigs in grade 6
>all the hispanic kids called me harry pothead
that's a pretty cool nickname tbqh my family

Original comment asshole
did you then take that nickname and use it here?
>kids in middle school called me "the jew dude" because I had a jewfro and a large nose
>they would throw pennies at me in the hallway
I'm not even Jewish.
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squishy-faced retard...
>have sniffing tic
>get called cocaine

could be worst i guess
I didn't have one.
>only had two friends
>both called me by my first name
>everyone else ignored me
>freshman year
>after we were done for the day a sophomore from percussion comes up to me and says "Your name is now Oscar and you shall be mine" and proceeds to pick me up by my ass
>this went on for years until I quit band senior year

Still wonder if he was gay.
>go to a fucking ghetto as hell inner city school
>get called Iggy twice
>make the mistake of telling people I don't want to be called Iggy
>get called Iggy for the rest of the year
>that kid who couldn't remember other kids names so be always made up nicknames for them
It was me
People hated me
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i guess.png
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>nobody could ever remember my name because I was that unmemorable
>started going to video game club regularly
>would play Street Fighter with everyone else there
>always used Cammy
>was significantly better than most of them
>everyone there started calling me Cammy because of it
>it caught on
will not bother me
>scarf one fucking day
>harry potter for a year
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this you?

Original as it gets

Got off pretty decent, even though both my brother's got exactly the same name
one of my only friends in high school was a black weeaboo who would look at hentai in class and light fires

he called me "hoss"
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>Be chill lightskin kid
>Half black, half white
>Literally never start shit with anyone
>All white school
Friends called me "Twist" like the chocolate and vanilla icecream. Not creative at all, dumb as fuck. It didn't effect me at all, but there was no way to stop it without chimping out, so it was still pretty annoying.
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Girl in school called me Richard apparently cause I looked like her ex. I still fucked her so w/e
Some other girl said that I looked like Stinky from Hey Arnold (pic related) and the fucking thing caught on.
I met some of the guys from highschool the other day and still called me that.
Either my first name or Seb. So nothing substantial.
Vagina head. I used to be a gangster and I shaved my head in freshmen year, and I have a dent at the top of my head that apparently looks like a vagina to all the 14 year old Mexican kids at my school

>people still say hi vagina head when they see me even after all these years

Oh well, at least I changed, they're still full of themselves wanna be gangsters at 25+ years of age
not even jewish, just because the acronym nicknam RAB was already taken by another dude with a name beginning with R. Everyone in my circle had a nickname that was xAB where x is the first letter of their name.
my last name is "van _______" (we're dutch but i was born in america) so everybody called me "Van"

i'm pretty sure half the people who knew me didn't know my first name

My nicknames at school:
"That kid that wears the black leather coat all year round because he doesn't own anything else."

Happy to answer any questions about these.
>go to school full of blacks and mexicans
>be a light skinned mexican
>get called white boy and picked on all the time

Duele, amigo.
>tfw Eric Harris is still alive
People used to call me The Human Calculator because I was good at math
File: 1452218284977.jpg (1003 KB, 4500x4334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1003 KB, 4500x4334

"It was only a superficial self-inflicted wound."

I miss Dylan.
The most popular one was "Faggot".
>fucked up whitie

Kevin is that you?
File: 1437166980041.jpg (142 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142 KB, 960x720
Average Joe, because I was unremarkable. I just blended in, unnoticed by most.
"That kid"
Because nobody actually knew what my name was, including the teachers.
File: 1437792454101.jpg (114 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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They called me by my full name Maximillion, even though I always insisted on being called Max. The name in the school system was Maximillion, so the teacher always read it that way on the first day and the kids giggled at it.

The other kid named Max in my grade hated my guts. I never did anything to him, but he hated being associated with me.
But its relieving to know I wasnt the only one.
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127 KB, 339x273

just Bird

people called me turd. They got so used to it even the teachers called me turd.
>name is Larry
>i was called Laura.

Casper was my favorite.
Alaska, or fat Mac cause I had to take steroids in highschool and I got chubby. My childhood best friend had always called me kitty
stefan is a robot
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They mall me el jefe at work now BC of my ash williams infatuation and it feels good man
>look naturally tired
>also insomnia
>people assume im stoned all the time
>people call me "bong" for the next couple of years
Any truth in these nicknames or was it all just about your look?
File: 1250108193874.jpg (25 KB, 152x147) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 152x147

There was a guy that called me "pornostar".
He was alright.
>tfw picked on for something out of your control.

Never understand people who picked on those with a different skin tone. A bit hypocritical to of me say, but it's usually black people that do that type of shit.
Like, it's not like you chose to have that skin tone.
>never had a name in hs
>joined the military
>everyone calls me cheese related names
>Chedder, Fromage, Cheese ball, cheese, Mac and cheese, to name a few.
>it's because my last name looks like cheese.
>to of me say

That's what I get for staying up longer than 24 hours.
because i'm tall
i see people from school who still call me that
now i just say "whats going on with you little one?"
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29 KB, 331x334
'The King'
Feels good desu
>It's usually black people
Partially true, but more dependent on your location. If you're a scrawny white kid going to a predominantly black school, you're going to have a hard time. It's the same when you're a black kid going to a white school.

Bullies do that shit, it doesn't have much to do with race. Skin color is the first and most obvious insecurity to point out.
Nicknames you gave yourself doesn't count, faggot.
>family poor as fuck
>always buy lunch with a bag of nickles and dimes
>bag of silver
>people call me "anon silver"
It was okay, I smoked weed everyday.
And yet I didn't.
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My nickname in highschool was Sniff. Just sniff.
>long hair
>getting called Jesus

Some people still jokes about it.

That's fine with me desu.
Did you go to Park?
You have a big nose? Or caught sniffin underwear
Sure you didn't, you fucking faggot.
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A lot of rappers started wearing these often by the time I got into high school. I didn't even like rap, but these glasses were the shit to me.

I was practically invisible for half of freshman year - a sure thing. One day, I throw on a pair of these, a white t-shirt, some blue jeans, and a pair of boots.

Now, everybody from that school remembers me as "Southern" for some reason. There's no noun at the end of that shit, either - just "Southern".
I didn't have one in school that i know of. Now i'm called woah woah, or sometimes anon woah woah. I still have no idea why.
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I was called Archer during my junior and senior year of high school because I went to get my deer permit for the year, and the dumbass clerk put me down for a bowhunting doe permit. I didn't even have a bow hunting safety class certificate, I was doing it for rifles and hunting bucks. Told my friends at Voc, and they just kept calling me Archer after that

not a bad nickname I guess
File: 1442990352546.png (127 KB, 795x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127 KB, 795x1000
I got called Augie because this one black guy started doing it
I don't have any idea why or what it means, I'm just a nerdy looking white guy
Sorry you can't handle the concept that not everyone was a complete no friend autist like you.
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487 KB, 160x120
Koala reporting in. I was a massive beta cuck so I even got it as the name on my grad hoodie.
File: 1411668080209.png (28 KB, 119x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 119x160

You still are, Jacob
For me it was Red,dont know why some substitute teacher started calling me it but it stuck.Cant complain though before high school it was skitz.
>at space camp
>black kid in my room sees my dick while I'm changing
>calls me long dong
it sticks
A close friend and I shared the first name, and people started calling us Lenny and Carl. At least I got to be Lenny.
My nickname was Ron Jeremy or RJ or RJ12 because some random dude came up to me and said i looked like him, i have blond hair and blue eyes. I don't look even slightly jewish. The closest thing was my hair length.
so what's your actual first name?
>Wanting to be a literal retard
>Have blonde hair and light/pale skin
>Classmate nicknames me "German dude" because apparently he had a blonde german friend
>Even teachers kept calling me German Dude during primary school
>Some girl in highschool kept calling me "Lightsy" for the first few days
>It stuck on

I seriously wonder sometimes how the f do these people come up with shit like this
Cheifro - I had a jewfro and smoked weed
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but did you pick them up?
Fitting nickname for a robot
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