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>stranger says something to you
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>stranger says something to you
>say yea and chuckle
>stranger says good morning
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I never realized I did that all the time until now
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>stranger says yo
>say yo back
>realize he is on the phone
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>say something to stranger
>they ignore you
>family members say something to you
>"uh huh"
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>Stranger says hi to you
>Just put up a hand in a half wave
>say yea and chuckle
>I thought this was normal response
>my whole family does this

I guess I come from a entire brood of autists, fuck...

I always thought if you did it in an endearing, non-awkward way that it was fine. Shit, man...
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>Stranger walks by and saysvaww your so cute
>Turn around and say t t thanks
>Gives me a weird look
>realize immediately shes talking about my dog who im walking
>dont walk my dog anymore unless its super late/early
Legitamitly laughed at this
>someone mumbles something
>say yea and chuckle
>they ask you a follow up question
>stare blankly and/or say yea and chuckle again
>uh.. I asked you a question m8
>heh, yeah
>um, is everything alright
>heh, yeah
>whatever weirdo
>heh, yeah
>see someone you know
>they wave
>turns out its someone else and theyre waving at the person behind you

>hear your name called or someone saying hello
>theyre talking to someone else or on the phone

Now I don't answer unless I'm sure theyre talking to me
not really autistic but just automatic and a bit impersonal
Oh God just kill me lol

The fucking embarrassment
>yea and chuckle to every response
>someone asks me something

>point at myself and say, "who, me?"

evry tim
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>walking alone and looking forward
>headphones on
>"excuse me can you help me find ..."
>"hey do you know where ... is?"
>"yo I got some shrooms man"
what the fucking shit why can I just have my tea in peace, fucking japanese tourists and white trash drug dealers are going to ask me about everything
>stranger says something to me in public
>just don't respond at all
I'm hoping it makes them feel more uncomfortable than I already am.
>acquaintance waves or nods towards you
>look behind me to see who they are waving/nodding at
>it was me the entire time

fuck, every time
>some one says something to me
>hear them perfectly fine
>still say "what?" or "huh?"

>someone greets me
>open mouth to say something
>barely mumble out a pathetic, cut-off "hey"
>turning down shroooms
u w0t m9
I saw his stuff, they look too small and are mixed with a lot of garbage and leaves.
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Recently on my way from Uni to my parents:

>stranger comes to me and asks for a lighter
>answer: "No thank you"

Wanted to kill myself at that moment...
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>grill on bike asks "whoa, are you okay?" because she pulled up in front of me on my bike causing me to break abruptly
>say yeah and chuckle
>she was talking to her friend who comes racing past my side
>not just half smiling
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>order pizza
>spilling spaghetti all over the place because it delivery
>looking out my window every 20 seconds because I'm nervous
>its night time , probably their last delivery and I don't want to make them wait any longer
>car pulls up, its the fucking pizza
>I walk up with a 20 in hand and hand it over and he pulls out the pizza
>I say keep the change and star walking off with the pizza
>He yells "enjoy your dinner"
>I yell back "You too"
>mfw shamefully walking back inside, embarresment manifests into pain all over my sholders and back

Its okay Anon, people tend to rather doubt what they just heard than blame you for saying a stupid thing.

He probably thought you said something else, the human brain works pretty well on putting sense into senseless things.

This is why we tend to see patterns, faces and objects in clouds or random collections of materials.
Not that autistic, i think its not too far fetched to think you said You too --> referring to the change you told him to keep.
>talking to a dog
what the fuck? you think YOU'RE in the wrong here? i think you're just self-concious not tismo
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>tfw speaking to complete strangers are the most meaninful and genuine interactions i have
End it
>complete strangers on public transit who I'll never see again tell me their life stories
>people I see every day have never said "hello" to me
How's it going, Rob?
>taxi driver talks about his family and how i got the same carrer path that his lucky son has
2015's most meaninful conversation right there
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>Hey can I pet your dog?
>Keep walking
>Maybe not then!

>Hi how are you?

>He doesn't talk much does he?
>No but I can hear you
>Geez okay I was just saying

>I said hello

>Hey you look like my friend!
>Hey do you know my friend?
>Why aren't you answering me?

>Hey mister my friend thinks you're hot do you want to go out with her
>Give them the finger and keep walking
>Fuck you!

>Wearing green shirt and jacket
>Good evening sir!

I'm a friendless NEET and people still confront me. I'm not saying I'm not an asshole but jesus fuck just talk to your own people.
>walk into class
>teacher holds door open
>says "you know you're really keeping up anon." as I walk by
>"yea haha"
>sit at desk and wonder what he meant by that
He probably meant that your grades are nice compared to your normie classmates who think it's hard to do homework.
I considered that but my grades in that class aren't great at the moment
Oh trust me, normies have worse grades no matter how poor your grades are.
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>Cheerful Cashier "Hi hows it going?"
>Me "Good, how are you?"
>No response
>Pay for my shit
>Me "Thanks"
>No response
I tried to be nice, Why am I so revolting?
You've got shit figured out.
>get home from work
>got to boudoir, sit in The Chair and grab pipe
>do some sick ass rips
>get properly broiled
>call Chinese place for derivery
>"Can you hold please?"
>"Hold please?"
>O-Oh, yes please
>*female laughter*
what in the fuck are dubs
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This guy doesn't know what dubs are!!

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Goddamn I love 4chan. Fuckin' check'd my man.
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this fucking guy right here.

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>order some burgs at mcdicks
>counter slut gives me my food
>"have a nice day"
>think she said "how was your day"
>say good
>stare at her awkwardly waiting for a response
>5 seconds later i realize i dun fucked up
>leave and never go back for 3 years

i suppose i should be grateful because i was going there every day up until that point, but holy fuck the cringe still kills me
>someone greets you
>you are somewhere else with your mind
>immediately say something akward
>tfw people used to tell me when i say "ya" it sounds like "yo"

i don't fucking understand, it sounds like ya to me is there something fucking wrong with you
have you been tested for assburger syndrome yet
ey bruv witnessed
>said have a good day to someone
>before they respond softly say you too
>realize you said you too to yourself
>quickly walk away
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>alcoholic bum comes up and asks for some spare change
>give it to him
>have a conversation afterwards
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>hold the door open for someone they don't even acknowledge you
kek, oh man, I would have ran for my life
Our elementary school had a program where if you showed up early and walked a lap around the school you get a point for your class.
>4th grade
>be walking
>be on opposite side of a school
>think is see friend turn corner
>yell and wave
>realize it isn't friend
>freak out and run and hide inside
>don't walk outside for rest of 4th and 5th grade

Just rememberd this... fuck I'm autistic
I held the door open for a guy like 15 minutes ago and he gave me a big thumbs up. It was a bit weird
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>eyes start to well-up from having to keep eye contact with someone for whatever reason
He literally wouldn't care. Hes prolly had people say "nice ass" as he walks a away. Hed fidget about it
Dont worry anon. He delivers food. Im pretty sure he's heard it plenty of times
>me on the left
>tfw i'm just pretending to be asleep
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