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Remember to be nice to yourself and others!!
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Remember to be nice to yourself and others!!
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That's not very nice at all!
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I have already tried that anon, didn't go very well
I'll be nice to your insides, faggot
Didnt this thread get posted last night.

I had just gotten back from work. Reminded by how much of a loser I am. I chose to work Sunday 3PM-10PM.

I hate myself OP. I hate myself so much. I know I'll be alone forever and I don't mean that in a cringey way, I'm just too autistic and childish as a result of it to have a relationship.

Only makes it worse when a girl doesn't tell you to fuck off and ends up being your genuine friend. Like talking back to you and having your sarcastic sense of humor. Why won't she tell me to stop texting already after a year and a half? Out of pity? Like what the fuck man. I don't want this feel of loving and knowing I won't have her.
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Rude tbqh

Remember to make this day a good one, anons!
Thank you senpai :)

Today, I'll be nice.
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It's not nice being mean
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Why do you save all your images as 1.jpg?
I love you, Janny.
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this is nice board.png
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needs more Bury Pink
I'd take you more seriously if you took a non-cartoon whatever image, because it would make things more real. Like a smiling dog or something.
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>be nice to yourself!
Not until I deserve it!
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Why do you post shitty tsunderes?
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>Like a smiling dog
Why is there no one inside that dog costume?
Become the person to protect your smile. Be the person that you deserve to be anon-kun
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Or become a lemon and join the line.
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>Become the person to protect your smile.
I'm not the man for the job.
oh look it's this thread again
eat ass
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Don't be so mean!
>tfw you'll never be a qt 2d anime girl
kek it's the same shit every day
though spice it up give it a reason like R9K shit post general or something otherwise it's just
while i'm at it esdese is qt
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Why do you need a reason? Just be nice!
k i guess that's a reason although pretty lame
guess i'll lurk and see what happens
oh that's gay
>>>>>>robot is aids
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I am genuinely nice and nothing but and I wish for others to be as nice as I am.
but for what purpose??
Being nice just for the sake of being nice!
i am but i want a master who treats me the opposite
You can be nice to other people without being nice to yourself. I do it daily. It's not a good way to live but you can do it.
I try to be nice, but sometimes it's so hard.
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>You really shouldn't be living like that!
Probably not.

But you have to play the hand you're dealt.
Using an avatar is against the rules!
Circlejerking is agains the rule too.
Report it and wait for the mods!
Lets be all nice and help the mods to remove trash!
I just want everyone to be nice to everyone else!
Can you please stop posting empty dog costumes?
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cute yuru.png
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I don't understand what you mean

Pic related, a Yuru with presence
Do you mean the japanese characters?
Does that mean presence?
I don't get it
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If you were really focused on trying to get people to be nice, you wouldn't risk getting banned by breaking the rules, because getting banned would ruin your agenda. By avataring, you purposely create some kind of identity for yourself, so you either have ulterior motives or you're just not very bright.

It takes more than a whim to make a change. If you act so childishly, it will undoubtedly make people not take you seriously. This is why the whole "being nice" thing doesn't work, most nice people are just like you. It's disappointing.
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best girl 11.png
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I have a confession to make.

I like 2D and sometimes 3DPD girls with pink/blue/warning coloration hair

I like these threads. They're nice threads.
colored hair on 3dpd is generally a sign that they have daddy issues or are a lesbian.
I wish girls had colored hair in real life. I wish violet or dark green or pink hair was a thing that existed naturally.
kek there's probably be
mass genocides for the purple eyed mutant races
Yeah I know. Don't get me wrong I typically avoid people in general like the plague, especially those girls, but I like to imagine meeting a vagina with a body legs a head and arms that isn't bat shit insane and can save me from my terminal autism

>mfw you will never see hordes of femmes with colors of hair throughout the visible spectrum
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Where did all of those bubbles and sparkles come from?
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>be nice to people
>get manipulated and used

I haven't stopped being nice, I've just stopped interacting with people
No! I hate people and I hate myself even more! Go stick your head in a microwave.
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best girl 31.jpg
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This happened to me all my life until I realized what was happening but I was so desperate for friends and interaction I kept at it until I went on a drug and alcohol binge.

Now I'm just superficially nice but have no qualms in ignoring people.

why is she so perfect?
I want to kill myself but in a way revel in this heinous life. What do friendly robots?
Kill yourself slowly by living a hedonistic lifestyle.
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You have to learn alot befor you are a good shitposter
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I dont need to newcerbuzposter
the only reason i haven't killed myself yet is so i can watch you people die first
>I just turned 18
that has no bearing on when you'll die
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Im full in control, Parsa v shitposting, go!

Coca cola zero the best cola

Hello from hiro
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Im going to make Cebruzposting great again!
Buy hats for btc today!!

Cebby respond
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Im too busy being hungry, mad and sad
and bored ofcourse
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Why are you mad, go eat some chicken nuggets and shitpost in v

Love you dont die
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My bf is visitng me in the next days, i need to wait befor doing that

Nothing to eat
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>playing yugioh
Worse than Cebruz desu
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nailed it.png
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>tfw there will never be a season 2

File: triplesix.png (407 KB, 624x671) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Haha yeah;) send me money and I will try my best to make it happen. Not sure though, but worth a try
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