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>your favorite genre of porn is very specific...
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>your favorite genre of porn is very specific and nearly impossible to find fresh material
Why even live?
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We're waiting for you to post something ridiculous, op. Cut the crap.
Same OP. What's your poison?
I'm obsessed with this asian cuckolding scene but it's literally the only one worth watching

tfw hard to find good rape porno
Is it sweaty Rose armpits?
>tfw pee holding is widely available but 99% is complete shit

Seriously how fucking hard it is to get lady to really hold their pee lets say for 1 hour and film the last 10. I have found like 10 clips in 10 years that are worth rewatching
reported for posting beastality
there's more jav stuff about that than you could ever watch in a lifetime
Yes but for example the exact clip you linked is just some poorly acted shit where the lady pees on plastic wrap.

Believe me I spend like 2 hours a day browsing this shit.
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My very specific fetish is futanari/shemale incest when it's the male getting fucked in the ass (usually by his mom).
It's so fucking hard to find and yet it's so fucking amazing.
God damn it. This is what life is all about.
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Hermet rope.jpg
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>Uno Makoto will never come back.
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He will, anon. He has to.
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>tfw pregnant fetish
>only ugly pregnant chicks fuck in porn because they are degenerates.
>anyone good looking only do solo cam vids which can't really get me off.
>almost never new content
>tfw defloration fetish
>tfw I might have gone through and fapped to every hentai about it
>tfw learning about hymens from my mom's romance novels. th-thanks for the crippling fetish, mom
>tfw there are nearly no legit female on male virgin videos
>tfw every last one that is real features a hideous guy that shatters my porn fantasy with the awful, crushing weight of reality
>tfw those female defloration videos are so obviously fake
>tfw Lelu Love is the only one with decent (fake) male defloration videos
>tfw female on 100% passable virgin shemale videos will never, ever be a thing
>tfw this fetish seems rare here for some reason
>Cuteycindyhoney/ Honey Moon doesnt write much anymore
>tfw I will never became a shemale who ravishes her and knocks her up
Why live?
why does it need to be that hard to find girls putting too much lotion in their breasts?
Iktf family member
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Mfw yandere and petplay are ungodly rare
Mfw I found the perfect video of a guy eating at a table and his girlfriend begs for bites while barking
Mfw I forgot the porn search site that had a "petplay" tag

>big mouth lips fetish
>only big pussy lips comes up
turn ur screen

can't find cannibalism porn anywhere
Search up guro and the mild stuff will tend to your needs. There's no actual "yandere" porn, you realize that right? It'll always fall into the guro/stalking/obsession tags.
>/ss/ futa femdom
That fucking Poison doujin is my holy grail.
>innocent girl goes into bathhouse/sauna
>is lightly forced by other girls
>begins to like it
>girl in public shower
>is seduced by a tranny
There are some examples of these around but not many
>fetish for wearing glasses and cumming on the girl's glasses
>porn with glasses
>girl removes them 5 minutes in and doesn't put them back on

How can she even see if she needs to wear glasses in the first place? Fuck cosmetic glasses.
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Why is BBC so great?
Sometimes I hate that I like this stuff but it makes me so ridiculously horny. I've blown so many loads to this girl it's stupid. Here's the other scene of her with an even bigger bbc and even worse camera work:

The only thing that I can really think of that really does it for me that's hard to find is cosplay porn. There's only so much of it on the internet and I feel like I've already fapped to the really good ones, Larkin Love's Power Girl videos. Used to have them on my old laptop in fact. Everything else I've found isn't really that good unless we count porn parodies, but even then there's hardly anything particular to my interests.

I'm also a foot fetishist and although there's lots of foot fetish videos right here, I'm pretty selective when it comes to feet and I can't get off to most foot fetish videos out there for a number of reasons, like feet I'm not attracted to or men I think are ugly fucking with a woman's feet. Girl on girl I find does it for me better.
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>tfw my fetish is voyeur videos that look extremely realistic but obviously aren't real (because I don't like the thought of violating privacy like that)
>tfw I'm never satisfied
Kill yourselves, worthless puppets of soros
Don't worry about it, I will be voting Trump without a doubt. I just have a sick, secret degeneracy
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I'm into amputee bondage with facial harnesses and/or masks, facial harnesses and masks on their own work fine too. Getting that whole package is basically only possible in 2D and most of the art for it is pretty poor and/or hard to find.

Flexed my body hard enough earlier today while jerking off that I managed to get a cramp in my left glute and abs at the same time.
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My favourite fetish is dominant, tall, strong, aggressive, futas/shemales with huge dicks who end up claiming smaller men/women who initially resist but eventually come to love it. You guys ever read stories on Literotica from people like Sugarandsalt, Lara Longstaff, Whiskeyisgood, etc? God-tier stuff my friends.
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Here robots, rate yourselves.

1970 called.
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end is nigh.png
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>one from irredeemable
>two from ascended

I didn't count pedo because liking 13-15yo girls isn't pedophilia
I know that fucking feel

I'm into legs and there's NOTHING centered on them.
If I search for legs on porn sites I find feet, sites that claim to be about legs are about feet instead.

I just want lesbians to lick each other's legs, nope can't happen, here's a fuckton of feet video.

So I'm forced to jerk off to feet videos in which legs appear or costantly rewind those 10 rare seconds in which a girl actually licks some damn legs.

In the end all of this drove me to hire whores to allow me to lick their legs.
It wouldn't have happened if leg porn were a thing.

I haven't been able to get a good fap to porn lately, I'm just sad nothing caters to me at all.
Feet is common.

Obese should be at weird at lowest.

Guro and Infantilism should be swapped.

Prostate Milking and Hentai should be swapped.
that's actually my secret fetish, it's sad that even the deep web probably doesn't have it
>ftw normalfag
Fuck it, I can't get deeper than vanilla.
Well, that's that, right?
Then again, I am a tulpafag.
so neither legs nor cannibalism are on that list

what the fuck is wrong?
Am I the weird one?
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>tfw you don't fap to porn anymore. But you imagine Celestial body touching themselves together. and you don't need picture nor video to get you hard.
It's a shitty list. Someone who has no fetishes at all should make this list so it's not as biased.

Besides even memes are on here
>floor tiles
/r/ing a cuckold video where it sounds like the guy is clearly upset or crying saying "this is what you wanted". only found it once.
>I dunno babe I'm starting to have second thoughts
That last part is fully legal in parts of Mexico.
No but 13 year olds is cutting it a bit close m80. Girls start puberty at 12
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Most of the material is pretty shit, but good shit happens sometimes.

Does something like a site that allows you to commission a porn video exist?

Like, paying to be able to pick two girls and telling them what to do and then receiving the video when done.

I'm pretty sure something like this has to exist somewhere but I have no idea where.

That would solve so many problems, I would just be able to commission my weird fetish
>almost all hypnosis stuff is either sissyshit or poorly acted videos
>even if some good stuff exists, it is impossible to find outside doujinsites that are the only places with a proper tagging system for porn
>have to watch the same 320x280 videos over and over again to get off

Life is suffering.
>fetish/turn is super popular but most content is shit
I have the weirdest boner right now >original comments
I laughed
you would probably be paying like 3k per video
This list is shit, someone should start a thread on /d/ to make a proper one. BTW I'm irredeemable, thank you Touhou doujin for slowly corrupting me
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Girls with:
> Cute, innocent face
> Light skin
> Freckles
> Short, tomboyish hair
> Midriff and shorts

For reasons beyond me this fucking combination with girls gets my dick hard like diamonds. It's harder to find then you'd think.
little kids sport this look all the time
oh and LEGAL AGE TO I forgot to add

I fap ethically.
I just googled a bit and found out there are sites like customs4u that do exactly that.
I still haven't been able to find out what the prices are for making a new clip but it seems existing 5 minutes clips go for 20$ or something like that.

I'd be fine even with short clips for that price as long as they follow exactly what I need.
I'll check it out better tonight after work
White girls cuckolding white guys with arab men while wearing a hijab o///o
I can barely cum to anything else.
meh, in my case (legs) I don't really care about age. legs are still legs.

although sexual stuff in minors disgusts me so I guess I keep up some sort of ethical code still
>tfw very little actual good bestiality

you'd think there'd be more than there actually is
Most of you guys' problems would be solved if you started fapping to 2D instead of just 3D
>have a huge 2D folder
>I keep on saving stuff to it daily
>haven't fapped to any of it once

I just don't even know what's up, I just don't feel like it even though the amount of material is enormous in there.

I think I feel like I'm about to waste a fap by using the 2D folder
>not drawing your own porn
>not having homemade faps hand crafted to your exact specifications

I pity you
It oycihcog oh ouvoyvpu
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116 KB, 682x1023
>tfw all I want is to fuck a gargoyle
>tfw it will never happen because they aren't real
I feel the same about 3D stuff, I feel like I'm wasting a load if I come to real porn
and it's that feeling of wasting a load that makes it more difficult each day, old mundane shit doesn't even satisfy me at all.
I need something new each time.
But that something new doesn't exist.

Maybe I should try to start going through my 2D folder
Hardcore ones where the guy makes his wife/gf eat out the woman he just came in and the wife obviously hates it and he slap her into doing it. There's three vids like that and all are ruined by shitty acting/the guy talking his ass off. Bonus points for the wife being pregnant.
I started to try and write a sort of script in anticipation of trying to submit it to one of these "custom porn" websites and damn, I have a raging boner that just doesn't want to go away.

So you can laugh at my fetish here's what I wrote so far:

Script A:
(Detailed script showing one possible interaction)
GirlA sits down (preferably on a table or on the edge of the bed, the legs should be left dangling off) and GirlB starts slowly kissing and licking her thighs (as if they were boobs).
When GirlB is done licking GirlA's thighs GirlA crosses her legs and GirlB licks her calves.

GirlA and GirlB switch places and GirlA does the same to GirlB.

Script B:
(Less specific script I could use for a second video to see what they come up with)
GirlA and GirlB lick each other's legs in all sort of ways for the whole time

Script C:
Same as Script A but with whipped cream or chocolate over the thighs
that sad moment when I find out that I can't really "script" them that way
This post has not received a high enough rating
Then try killing your self
>femdom joi
>the girl is too mean
maybe oil, but lotion? Is it supposed to look like cum? I don't get it. I'm not into solo stuff anyway
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Thread images: 19
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