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Anime, video games, books, films, manga, music, daydreaming, etc.

Why do we pursue these things instead of wageslavery and interpersonal relationships?
Is it only because our own lives are so shit compared to others?
Is reality going to be shit for us no matter how much we achieve?
Why are we so prone to depression anyway?

It's worth noting that even the most accomplished, Chad-tier normalfags sometimes kill themselves.

I was obsessed with reading and video games from a very young age.
Even know, I've always got my head in the clouds, wishing I was somewhere else.
Should my goal be to become some kind of creator?


If you have any interesting links, post them.
A utopia should provide an exit for those who no longer wish to persue such an idea.

In almost all aspects the robot feels life that life is working against them. So it makes sense they do as much as possible to try and escape it.

Robots see the whole shit pile. Normies get a little bit of shit
they can't handle and kill themselves. Robots had to adapt at an early age, when self termination didnt even occur to us as an option.

I know anon i want to make a better world but i am too powerless to accomplish this.
I don't believe a utopia can exist in the real world.
We live in a mental prison. If we cannot use our minds to escape we would never survive.
>tfw was very depressed and angry yesterday
>tfw today i dont feel as bad
>tfw worried i'll go back into that zone again

anyone feel me? every time I feel okay, it's like, alright I feel okay for now but I know it's going to get bad again
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Is the hikikomori population still on the rise?
Why do they choose fantasy over reality?

Reality can be whatever you want it to be.
You just have to work hard for it.
>Is the hikikomori population still on the rise?
Very much so. The West is simply following Japan.
Is there some stats I can check out?
I can't think of an equivalent for Hikikomori but for NEETs:
It's an interesting read.
I suspect most of them aren't really like us though.
It's mostly just ghetto trash, niggers and stuff like that.
I don't mean that in a nasty way, I'm just sayin.

I'm much more curious about how actual reclusive shut-in's there are.
I suppose it would be hard to measure.
Yeah, I'm just not aware of how one would search to find that information. We have no word for it.
It would be pretty hard to find out how many shut ins there are considering we stay in our rooms all day everyday, even if someone were to knock I always have my headphones on so I wouldn't hear shit
>Why do we pursue these things instead of wageslavery and interpersonal relationships?
For me it's because relationships don't last for me so I don't bother. As for work, refer to Tuco.
>Is it only because our own lives are so shit compared to others?
Almost all quality friends I made went abroad. Why try when I'm permanently tired of it? I'm not even lonely nor miss family members.
>Is reality going to be shit for us no matter how much we achieve?
We probably feel too entitled and know the effort most likely won't fulfill us so we quit quick into the game.
>Why are we so prone to depression anyway?
Because aside from human constructs, this world can barely entertain us.

We don't suicide because it would prove others speculations about us as well as disturbing our immediate families. If I had it in me I would be a muscled NEET just to confuse the shit out of people.
Escapism rots your brain in the long run robots.

Pic related

I think it's pretty straightforward; because all those things are designed by human beings, they're clearly more enjoyable to humans than the random, brutal universe we live in. Playing a good video game is infinitely more comprehensible, enjoyable and rewarding than a job, because it's designed to be all those things. When you platinum some game you get the platinum, when you do something great at your job maybe someone notices, maybe no one does, and maybe even if it gets noticed you don't get much for it, or maybe it's great but something big and dumb happens after and even you forget about whatever you did.

Don't kid yourself, the "normies" love escapism too. Everyone does. It's because life is suffering.

>Should my goal be to become some kind of creator?

Only if you have a real passion and great ideas you want to create. If you're just wondering what you should do, I recommend instead going for a job which will fund your escapist hobbies; preferably some kind of 9-5 office job with good pay, good benefits, good hours and good people. Well, you might have to sacrifice one or two things. Research up a career that will provide these things with good pay and do that.
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>Pic related
that's not what I wanted to read first thing in the morning...
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This is true. I myself have considered what could I make out of life if I gave up escapism. It wasn't enough to get me excited. I have unrealistic standards for women, master of no trade (unless infinite self contempt counts), don't fit in society. I only see money as access to video games. Of course sometimes I want to eat something fancy but get limited by region. A life like this is more exciting when I can bully normies in pvp.
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Escapism is only dangerous to people with bad lives. Bad being very subjective here.
Everything is predetermined at a young age, then it's down to luck or the amount of time it takes to become self aware enough to realize your situation and gain the willpower to change it.
The young kids in school who had friends, spent their lunch breaks playing together, hung out together after, and spent weekends doing stuff together can enjoy shows/movies/cartoons/games, but they never really escape with it. They have no reason to when they enjoy themselves with the people around them and their life in general.
The young kids in school who were bullied, lacked friends, would maybe spend time with the other loners and losers during lunch breaks, and would spend after school and weekends alone while consuming stories through different mediums were doomed from the start. They didn't really enjoy their lives, they had nothing else to distract them or enjoy except media, and after the long term exposure, they'd begin comparing their life to what they consumed, it was inevitable to get pulled into the fantasy worlds of fun, adventure, and friends. It was all something they'd never really experienced before.

I might just sound like some retard or something, I'm not sure. Sorry.
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Fucking hell this was meant to be a positive thread.
Why shouldn't I just kill myself?
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life used to be so fun when i was a kid, i was looking forward to every new day.

when did everything become so shit? why do i feel so empty all of a sudden? why would i rather do anything but face life?
What else is escapism?
And you shouldn't kill yourself because it takes effort and you won't be able to play games or watch anime any more.
But I can't become NEET. Once my course is over I'll have to get a job or be homeless.
I can't work, it's just so stressful and overwhelming. I'd rather kill myself.
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I don't know what to tell you. If you want hollow words of encouragement this isn't the place to get them.
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You're absolutely right.
I suppose there's nothing else I can really do right now.
Be sure to post about it on here when you do it, I'm looking forward to it.
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Maybe try /adv/ or something, or maybe another forum for people in your situation.
Hell, call a suicide hotline if it gets really bad.
I'm not good at talking with people about personal things like this- maybe if I was I wouldn't still be here.
Fantasy can also be anything and it takes almost no effort.
Can't is an incredibly limiting word. You Can get a job, It will be painful but pain is not the ceiling of the universe
>I didn't live my life
I don't know how though
Confronting my priorities literally gives me this feeling someone is squeezing my heart and its like i really need to get away from to get some air even im breathing fine
welcome to enlightenment
once you see the truth you seek a false truth an escape though no matter how grand your false reality is truth will always destroy your safe heaven will you rebuild it? or accept reality becoming a mindless cog
take your facebook pseudo intellectual philosopher bullshit elsewhere faggot
Society did this
If I had a job I was seriously passionate about I wouldn't need escapism

you should read about taoism and stuff. i know that may not be what you want to hear but you have nothing to lose right?

alan watts and sadhguru are very inteligible

as you say even "sucsessfull" people kill themselvs, like robin williams for example.
so clearly your situation isn't the only cause of your depression.
sometimes the world is fucking rough, but the way you think zbout it is yours, don't betray yourself, don't try to walk in the path drawn for you, even if you don't kill tourself you are going to die. you should contemplate suicide strongly in my opinion. try to accept death. then walk around this life free. one day it will end. nobody ows you anything. nobody is going to make it easy for you. it's a trip in wich expectation leads to disapointement, if you don't want it don't do it.
it's sometimes hard to fathom how much you are in charge of yourself.
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