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>live in South Florida
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>live in South Florida
>facing the Atlantic Ocean
>get a 8/10's number while trying to hide my autism with all my might
>plan on seeing an afternoon movie with her on the first date
>movies on the first date is fucking stupid
>talk her into going to the beach
>"omg anon, you're sexy as fuck. do you workout?"
>mfw I work out irregularly and a dyel cardiofag
>have a fun day at the beach with her
>she sees my erection through my wet trunks
>I see some nips and pussy
>get to feel her up putting sunscreen in her
>perfect body
>on the first date
>she calls me up after work
>wants to get a bite with me and talk
>she keeps talking about my dick
>she asks if I'm doing anything for the rest of the day
>of course I'm not besides maybe some vidya
>asks me if I want to watch the sun set over the ocean with her
>I call the waitress for the check
>glare at girl with contempt
>pay for my food only and leave a 5% tip
>get up and leave without saying a word
>later that night
>girl calls me a few times and I don't pick up
>she texts me asking if she I was alright or if she said something wrong
>she's been texting me back every now and then for the past three weeks even though I don't respond

Why are women so retarded?
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I am very confused by this post, on many levels.
This is some decent bait, I think.

Your story doesnt make sense. Fake AND gay.

A potent combination
it's intriguing that nowhere in writing that did you think that "this isn't interesting" and that nobody of worth would even give you a pity reply

but you did

god, i hate when these whores think they can try this sorta bullshit. good on you man for refusing to tolerate it.
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>mfw I realize what OP did
Fuck you, faggot. Whether this is real or fake, you should always ignore a girls stupidity if she's hot.

She was talking about your dick for christ's sake!
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You must be women. How fucking typical of you not to see what a cunt she was.

Fucking hell, how is it possible to come here every day and lose even more faith in women when I thought I lost it all?
So, what? You walked out on a woman who was after your dick because she got mixed up over the direction of the sun setting?
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Never seen this copypasta, but this is a 10/10
Nice dubs by the way
I am euphoric, not because of some phony God but because I understood why OP got mad. Up vote good sir have some gold
>girl lives in Florida
>somehow doesn't know where the sun sets

Yeah sure. I'm not satisfied anon. I wanted the beginning of this story to be real and to see that you ended up with her and that you're happy now.
Alright I'll bite. How was she a cunt?
Ohhhhhhhhhhohohohohohohoho you crafty fucker
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Took me three reads to get it but bravo
the joke is south florida has beaches on both sides right
don't care about whatever you typed
i'm not sure if that girl looks underage or not
OP just stated he faces the Atlantic Ocean. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
So instead of playfully making fun of her for being stupid you pass up on a guaranteed blowjob and possible sex?
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>b-but all me-men are p-pigs only interested in s-sex!
Maybe she meant facing the gulf of mexico.
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Fuck you nigga, you had me laughing
No it's probably more accurate to say none of this happened and OP never had a chance at sex in the last few years or lifetime.
Why would anyone do that just for a sunset? Do you know how long it takes to get from the Atlantic part of South Florida to the Gulf of Mexico part?
>people not knowing the girth of The United States' wang
kek not knowing she's legal and being that moralfag.

fuck off virgin
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OP u a faggot as usual.

All she wanted to do was hangout with you. She would have said anything to get some alone time with you in the evening (when their fuck me hormones are peaking)

The whole sunset being on the wrong side of the state is the equivalent of "she said she wanted to see the new marvel movie with Ben affleck and Wonder Woman" an you spazzing out (if this is real)

Most likely bait...I mean who the fuck tips 5%
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you showed me pussy killer
sounds like something a butthurt feminist would say

but to tubblr you go
>who the fuck tips 5%?
A Yiddish merchant/banker/collector/etc
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Thread images: 10
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