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Post some adventures you've had from leaving your humble dwellings, please.

>normies invite me to a party
>I arrive to this house party, the 2 normies are not there
>get a text saying they are on some double date and ditched me (BULLSHIT)
>say fuck it walk in to this random party's kitchen
>stand by the fridge, chug as much beer as I can within an hour
>stuff my winter coat with 4 cans to-go
>go around this subburban empty neighborhood feeling invincible
>stop by a kiddy park and play on the swing, literally feels like I am flying
>try to do a flip out of it, face plant on the sand, puke on the sand
>laugh it off finish my beers on top of jungle gym
>mall security on patrol oh shit
>hide behind a corner, notice the house next door a stacy hot mom is baking something
>not even naked just baking but I am on a rush so I fap, jizz on a bush
>walk several miles home somehow made it alive

Partying is fun guys.
Thread theme:
>go out walking at like 1am
>some girl texts me asking to hang
>said she'd bring alch
>I was 16
>Fuck it I go
>don't even like this girl at all
>whatever get drunk
>tells me about how last summer she fucked almost all my friends
>get more drunk
>idk what happened but now we're making out
>accidentally Fuck her
>that was my virginity
>Fucking lost my virginity to a 3/10
>she left and I crawled on my ass home
>there was a trail of mud and Shit leading to my door
>ripped my new pants

Fuck alcohol
Top kek I lost my first kiss to a hambeast 2/10 like that and she kissed every boy by getting them drunk when we were 17
Good thing I didn't lose my virgoo to her cause she did that to several guys as well, christ I am sorry mate

why rohbots
same here, except everyone else was still sober enough to say no to her
>get invited to anarchist normie party
>bring my autistic friend because im too nervous to go alone
>akwardly say hi to the person that invited me
>my friend disapears and I end up spending awhile walking around awkwardly in a giant room
>go outside and find my friend, He is completely drunk talking about niggers and mexicans
>he almost gets in a fight
>too embarrassed leave with friend so I leave and then text him to come out to the car.
please tell me this is some le social media parody you made and that there does not exist an actual image of pepe photoshopped onto glenn's body
I just googled glenn pepe for an adventure thread and I was surprised it exists.

>anarchist normie party
I am not even sure what that entails but your friend sounds like a solid guy I would not mind hanging out sober.
>I just googled glenn pepe
>it exists
fuck this gay earth. normies ruin everything.
>chrono trigger is a niche JRPG
>some neet made a quick shop replacing the head takes 2 seconds
>normies reee muh nostalgia game
get a hold of yourself senfam
i'm sorry, i lost control of myself for a moment there. i guess i just really like chrono trigger, you know?
I understand bae it is my all time favorite JRPG just for that I know we'd get along brotha.
I don't even remember my first time I was so drunk. At least she was not a 3/10 though haha
>not remembering the first time your dick goes in

Is that even possible I was completely I blacked out and my father picked me up in front of the whole school (this is in norway I was in a stall with my pants down that day) and I still remember a flash of I stick it in her somehow man
Drinking is really fun. OPs story is a good example of why. You lose all inhibitions. Everything is fun. I recommend it.
>You lose all inhibitions.
This is why even in my basement, and people I befriend are like "get on skype so we can talk'
I drink a shit ton of beer and I tell them hey friends I am drunk now and I talk
And it is fun I do not think I can pull this off life but at least at the comfort is it fun
It was a bunch of anarchists.
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464 KB, 553x674
>It was a bunch of anarchists.
Alright I have to ask if anarchists are all just for show?
Do they party just fine or are they like raping pig rugs and shit?
They are all idiots that complain how they have nothing and how their lifes are so hard yet they do nothing about it, they pull knives on you and stuff if you hurt their ego.
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>babysit sisters kid for a weekend
>he wants a prayer before going to sleep
>this comes as a surprise because they're not religious
>roll with it anyway and mumble some random shit with him
>during breakfast my euphoric state starts leaking
>tell him about Thor and show him videos of him punching shit in cartoons and movies
>he gets really into it all and we fight with pillows and yell FOR ASGARD and shit like that
>2 days later
>sister calls and is furious
>kid started asking about other cool gods
>mfw he yelled FOR ASGARD instead of amen at night
>sister cut contact with me

Eh, I know it's shitty to start fiddling with how people raise their kids but I don't really care anymore. Especially since my sister is a roastie who goes through different phases all the time, few years ago she was a Buddhist for a month and stupid shit like that.
Your sister has no sense of humor lol
what a massive cunt she is
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