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>cross street
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>cross street
>slip on the ice and fall down
>large car is coming straight for me
>so depressed and suicidal at this point that I don't care
>car stops
>oh well
I feel you, Anon. That was one of the most depressing things I've read in a while. Everything will get better, Anon, don't give ups just yet.
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>Everything will get better,
im pretty sure everybodys thats ever killed themselves was told that lie
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and everyone who was told that, believed in it, and carried on knows that it's true.

Keep truckin' Anon! You cool and you shouldn't want to lose yourself under the weight of those heavy wheels and your heavy, probably elongated, psychological turmoil ~ I love you, we love you and everyone should love you too so if they haven't stated otherwise it means that they do. Okay? Okay! Yes!
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I know that feel anon
>walking near wal-mart
>numb,not paying attention
>suddenly see a 4x4 coming
>tfw driver stopped
>yo wtf wake up fucking damn it
>Whisp why did you stop
>keep walking
thats it
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>impIying this ever happened
it worked for some people and, since it "worked" for them, theyre going to tell you it does get better. you know why the counterpart doesnt argue that it doesnt work? because they killed themselves long ago because it never got better.

>b-b-but if you dont kill yourself ill eventually get better!

oh is that for real? what dictates that? is there some kind of cosmic mathematic function that guarantees youll eventually be happy as long as you live your natural life? you know what that implies? some kind of higher power. so unless youre arguing that theres some kind of "benevolent" god that makes you suffer the first 40 years of your life but makes the last 20 bearable (which is what youre arguing), you dont even have anything to base your argument on.

life is chaotic, and some people are fucked. theres no poetic order to things.

I've been there anon. Oncoming truck. "Oh hey, this is it." *it stops in time, I make no effort to move.* "Eh, guess not."

But, I am no longer depressed. I am glad that truck stopped. Have some faith OP, even if you can't see a reason to be live now, one will come. You need to look out for that future you, even if you don't care about yourself right now.
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Optimists getting btfo
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A similar experience happened when i was still in college before I dropped out.
>Walking around the streets near campus
>See girl I creeped on in highschool
>She walks away not even remotely noticing me
>Feels nice that I have seen her it means I might get a chance to talk to her
>She the light turn for the crosswalk
>As I'm almost halfway across hear a streetbus honking its horn
>Dont pay any attention as a bus comes screeching and some guy runs out to yell at me
>To numb from seeing her that I dont make a move
> Bus stops doesn't hit me people are yelling shit at me
>Panic and run away, swear to this day the light was correct for me but some motherfucker wanted to watch me die
> Should ran into the bus the moment i saw her

Don't spread cynicism, it's literally killing our society.
its the only thing keeping me sane
or the thing thats making me insane
either one of those
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>it's literally killing our society
let it burn senpai
Heh I fantasize that happening to me seeing death approach and just go meh
Your happiness is what you make it. You can't necessarily make your situation better but how you feel about it is in your control. You're right, life is really shitty and even extra shitty but that's life. Just play with that cards you get, or don't its up to you really.
>tfw drive really fast in the hope that I am killed by a tree

Such is life
It probably makes you feel superior and less naive than everyone else so i guess its keeping you sane since you feel good about yourself
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