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Fast food job feels
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McDonald's employee here. I want all you faggots that order fries with no salt to kill yourselves.
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am i the only retail hobbiest on this board? I actually enjoy work
at least i don't have to tell you to kill yourself because you just already know
I know that feel anon

I know that feel

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>tfw you get your fries and they're freshly made
O' Manager! O ' Manger

I seem to have 4 straws! 4! I ordered 4 drinks but there is only one of me! I want the employee who dare insulted me to individually take the straws out of the bag!

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>work as a bank cashier
>see someone coming over to my counter with a big bag
>they open the bag out onto the counter
>it's about 300 dollars in fucking pennies
>do you bank here? it has to go through an account. i cant just swap money
>no i need an audit trail
>too bad mate now fuck off
>they put all their pennies back into their faggy bag
>they walk out
Phew! Got outta that one! I am not gonna sit here, weighing coins for an hour. I want to go on r9k some more.
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this post makes me want to go to my local mcD's, order some unsalted fries, then put my own salt on them, then go into the bathroom and maybe roll out all of the toilet paper on the floor, take a big, steaming american shit right on there and smear it around and piss all over it for some faggot like you to clean up

man, fuck wagefags, fuck em all

i seriously am kekking right now considering it
I've seen a lot of wagecucks complain about this and what exactly is the problem? Are you going to get burnt cooking some fresh ones? Or are you that much of a lazy ass that you can't fetch a new bag/box of fries?
wow someone wants you to do your job, how dare they /s
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>go to Subway
>order an extremely specific sub with a million different topings
>watch as the poo in loo making the sub gets visibly upset
>he can't even spit in my sub because I'm right there
This is like asking you to make a burger without meat. I haven't worked McD but I've seen the amount of salt that they put in and it's probably a pain in the ass to empty the entire tub of oil just to cook a customer salt free fries.
McDonald's workers are fucking kings compared to handout faggots the depend on checks from the gubmin
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arya stark.gif
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>order salt-free fries
>put salt on them after
i actually have a job myself but i dont work indoors

i just like ruining people's days and also shitposting online
>work as a cashier at Shoppers Drug Mart
>customers seem to be unable to read sales tags
>always grab an item next to the sales item (usually directly to the left or right, occasionally below)
>would argue black and blue that the item they picked up was on sale when it wasn't

It isn't my fault you have a prekindergarten reading level, mixed with a Jewish princess level of cost savings, asshat
Next time order a chopped salad. It's so much of a hassle to do according to a friend of mine that worked there

Obvious b8
its called sarcasm and its only bait because you have nothing to say for yourself. Give the job to someone who actually wants to work.
They're second only to these people

>obese fuckers pick up dozens of cheap bars
>they're usually something like two for a dollar
>before I have a chance to finish checking in everything else they go on a warpath
>"it'll come up after I total this transaction, ma'am "
>they watch the checkout monitor intently, thinking I'm going to swindle them of the precious dime or so they'll save

Hope they die of diabetic shock eating those kit kats
>liking McDick's fries
why are McD's fries some godsend to normies? in highschool all everyone talked about regarding food was the damn fries.
Tried them recently and they were shit.
what the hell does /s even mean?
only thing I know of doesn't make any sense and it's just short for /say for chatting in WoW
I had faggots like this when i worked at IHOP. They would always ask for the butter or sauce or whatever on the side and as soon as I put the plate in front of them they grabbed the little dish of sauce and immediately dumped it on their food.
Fucking faggots
It means "end sarcasm"
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I once paid for a 25euro case of beer with 5 and 10 cent coins. I neatly packed them in minigrip bags beforehand and wrote how much was in each bag though.
>tfw cashier trusted you enough to not even count them
>tfw regular and everyone there knows that I have an alcohol problem
>not realizing he jerked off in the mayo before you came in
at least you werent rejected by McDonald's
>i actually have a job myself

I mean when you've talked yourself into a corner there's no sense in also digging yourself into a hole while you're there you reddit frogposter
>at college
>friend's birthday
>decide I'm going to buy him as many biscuits (English biscuits) as I can with the money I've got on me
>circle of friends decide to chip in a bit each so we can buy him fucking loads
>go to the store during our lunch
>checking out the biscuits
>find the expensive brand biscuits
>they're on sale
>80% off for some reason. 40 pence per pack
>we have 30 pounds to spend on these biscuits between us (about 50 USD)
>we literally get over 70 packs of biscuits in the shopping cart. They weigh over 20kg
>go to the counter
>checkout girl bags them all up, says the cost is going to be like 130 pounds
>grab my walle-- "hey wait a minute. the sign said 40 pence each"
>she asks me to show her
>go to the shelf where we got them
>she gets her manager
>manager starts disputing it. saying he forgot to change the signs
>I point out that it's illegal to advertise something under a certain price, then suddenly up the price once i decide to buy it
>he backs down
>the three of us walk out of there with two bags in each hand, full of these fucking biscuits
>get back to college
I miss college. Had so much fun there. This was nearly 5 years ago, and he's still eating them.
It's for marking sarcasm in r*ddit
Apparently it's a lifehack meme way of getting "fresh" fries that's spread around the internet.

The end result though is that you've paid for unsalted fries like a fucking retard, may as well lick and chew the cardboard box in the dumpster outside of McDonalds.
Except that most Mcd's workers are also on the dole because of shit wages. The American tax payer LITERALLY subsidizes shit wages and by extension corporate profits.
please fuck off (r)eddit
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yosemite sam.png
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>The end result though is that you've paid for unsalted fries like a fucking retard
They have salt packages right near the drink machine dummy
ive got an interiew as a bank cashier tomorrow? is it good/easy? is there much chance for progression?
salt goes on after the frys cook in the oil.
>eating biscuits five years after buying them

They were nasty then, they're nastier now
I worked at a McDonald's for a couple months back in college. I'd get really pissed because you have to clean out the fry tray and the scooper for them. We were a small store and I was often the only one on register so that fucked everything up when I had to do that. Because we were a small store, we never had fries sitting around and we cooked them fresh 90% of the time any way. Lastly, if you wanted fresh fries, just fucking ask for them and I'll make it for you.
Oh. That's fucking stupid.

Is that possible? Unless you have some major criminal record I didn't think it was possible to get rejected when they're hiring
>ive got an interiew as a bank cashier tomorrow?
I don't know. Try asking the bank.

>is it good/easy?
Not at first. Unlike other retail jobs where people expect shit service, in a bank they expect everything done PERFECTLY every time. Get ready to meet a lot of rich snobs who are hard to talk to because they're so upper-class. Get ready to fuck up a lot, and feel stupid as you need to ask for help for everything.

There is a lot to remember, but that'll depend on your bank. Lots of forms to fill out for fucking EVERYTHING. You need to do cheque validation and stuff. It's all pretty easy, but there is so much to do, and if you fuck up JUST a little bit, you'll find out that someone has stolen a grand without you knowing.

The women who work in banks tend to be pretty hot (not that i'll ever get to fuck any, of course, because im ugly as shit).

I get a lot of handshakes from people. And when some idiot ruskie comes in and uses his broken-English to try getting his waterbills paid, they get very grateful when I can actually do it.

Some old lady needed help setting up mobile banking, I did it for her, and she bought me a load of chocolate.

The pay is shit. I get like 20% more than minimum wage. My boss is a cunt but he's a beta bitch and I just threaten to get another job when he starts fucking me about.

>is there much chance for progression?
Definitely. You can become a personal banker (making accounts. selling insurance. that sorta thing). You can become a business banker. Rich-people banker (some banks have specialized staff for the rich customers to make them feel special). It's very easy to progress, as 90% of the job is the same for all of the roles. But I like being a cashier because I'm lazy and unambitious.
>they're nasty because he has taken 5 years to eat them
No you fucking retard. It has taken him 5 years to eat them because there were over 70 packs of them.
Thanks brother, I really am hoping to get this job.

I should mention that I'm an Ausfag so banking here may be a bit different from your banking.

I legitimately enjoy filling out paperwork and making sure shit is in order and not all fucked up. Also I've got two uni degrees behind me, so I'm really hoping to accelerate into corporate after 10 years or so.

You have to get 'em from the fryer into the fry box. Even if you're really careful, accidents happen. God forbid you order SMALL UNSALTED FRIES.
>Thanks brother, I really am hoping to get this job.
Pfff. You will. Maybe my branch is just shit but I got the job e-z-p-z and I've been there for a year now and I'm legitimately stupid as fuck. I laze about all day, not actually doing stuff. I don't make appointments for things (in my bank, i'm expected to make appointments for business, personal, corporate, and rich-people bankers. but if i know enough about their roles in order to make appointments for that, then I am qualified enough to actually do their job. so fuck off am i going to do a higher-paid job's role). I still don't know how to do half of the stuff because I just get someone else to do it.

>I should mention that I'm an Ausfag so banking here may be a bit different from your banking.
Probably not that different. I'm a dirty Englishman.

>Also I've got two uni degrees behind me, so I'm really hoping to accelerate into corporate after 10 years or so.
...I didn't even go to school

I can't tell you what bank I work for after telling you all of this (contract, yo). So what bank you going for? Maybe I can give you a few tips.
They were probably still bad tasting, whether you had 7 or 70 packs of them. That's why they were in the discount cart m8
by the time the fries and whatever else get to you, you pay for them, get to the drink/ketchup/salt thing, sit down, and pour salt all over your fries they're not hot enough for the salt to stick properly. Don't be a cuck. cuck cuck cuck cuckely cuck
I'm currently playing that game.
Its great, I wish I had a 3dpd Alicia, She's so cute.
Or a Selvaria slave bitch....
Err Alicia is best girl though...
And fastfood sucks horrible dick.
nab bank. its one of the 'big 4' in australia. Its a phone interview with the branch in my home town, as i dont live there any more (which may not work in my favour) however i do know a couple of the employees there which may help (i think one of them may even be conducting the interview). I was pretty much going to give the sort of spiel where ive done uni, been in the city for a few years and its time to come and give back to my community and exert myself in a role for the long-term (which is bs im going to do everything i can to move higher up and get back to the city) and that im 100% committed to devoting myself to the job etc. etc.
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dog is sick.jpg
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>working local fast food shithole
>"okay, here is your total"

when you work in fast food and work the cash, you're amazed that civilization ever got this far when you deal with that many retards.
They are well tasty. Oaty biscuits? Yum yum.
how often do you piss and shit in the food and how can i avoid it happening to me i only go to fast food places with white guys working there because i dont want some fat nigger bitch to shit in my burger and give me aids
>nab bank. its one of the 'big 4' in australia
Ahhh. I work for one of the global-scale banks. cus im a big playa

>Its a phone interview with the branch in my home town
Fuck that. I hate talking on the phone in a formal setting.

>I was pretty much going to give the sort of spiel where ive done uni, been in the city for a few years and its time to come and give back to my community and exert myself in a role for the long-term
That's what I thought the interview would be like. But they asked me loads of weird questions like... I had to give an example of a time I had to "go against the grain" in order to do "what i thought was right". And what I would do if I saw a colleague breaking the rules. I swear my boss is a fucking nutjob. They didn't even ask about previous work experience (which was good as this is my first job), school grades, college grades, or anything. They literally just asked me those weird questions for an hour straight, then called me the day after to say I got the job.

Anyway, good luck with the interview! You sound like a much harder worker than me. They'll love you. If I can get my job, and keep it, then I'm sure you'll do fine. If not, move to England, and take my job. I'm gonna go play some Mount and Blade. Peace.
Just don't be an asshole. That's it. The only thing I've ever seen at Domino's was a coworker that touched his balls to a guy's pizza because he was a demanding asshole over the phone and called us peons.
Oh yeah, shit I always forget about those types of questions, makes sense for a bank though i suppose. Did you say you would report someone breaking the rules etc?

Thanks for the tips my man, I'm sure they will help out!
>Customer demands that item is on 3 for whatever special
>Sorry that's not included in the special

Buddy, we don't have one shelf for each fucking product, stuff is going to be next to other stuff and not be the same product. This drink is literally twice the volume of that one, and a different brand.

>Gigantic sign saying something like $1 with any purchase of X
>"IT SAYS $1!!!!"

Do people actually have the ability to read or understand their environment, or do they just see a number somewhere and just assume it applies to the whole store?
>Did you say you would report someone breaking the rules etc?
I tried to be as even-sided in all of the answers I gave. Like, for that question, I answered, "well it all depends on what they're doing and why. If they're doing it accidentally, then obviously I would let them know. If it's severe and requires the attention of a manager, then I would let the manager know. But either way I am not going to sit by and let them break the rules".

A time I had to go against the grain to do what's right, I gave an example that went like this. "I found a rat that was dying. Most people would leave it there alone to die, and the people I was with left it alone to die. But i wasn't having that. I got a shovel and gave it a quick, merciful death. Obviously it was hard for me to do, as I quite like rats myself, but it was the right thing to do, so I had to disregard how I felt about it and just get on with it".

Stuff like that. Whatever they asked, I tried to show the human side of me, with compassion; but also show the "STICK TO THE FUCKING RULES AND CONFORM YOU PIECE OF SHIT" side of me. I guess that was the purpose of all of the questions. To determine how compassionate I am, and how much of a rule-abiding Jew I am. I wanted them to think I was both.

You're lucky as you can take the interview in your underwear. I had my interview in the height of summer, wearing a full suit, with a mouth drier than me mam's poosay. They MAY ask you some questions about the bank. So do some Googling about nab and find some legitimately-interesting information about the bank. Things they have either done first, or done better than other banks. Maybe they had the first ATM in ausland. Or earned more money than the other banks last year. Because if they say, "what do you know about nab?" you're fucked. But with useless trivia about the bank, you can show them that you are a fucking nerd who likes stupid information. And stupid information is 99% of what you do as a cashier.
no they just think if they make a big enough deal out of it they can get it. some people are just inattentive at times and realise their mistake when its pointed out and carry on with their day, others react as if you just told them you were going to rape their child on national television. I got really good at putting on a blank face and just saying no to dumb cunts.
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>called us peons
Thanks, I laughed.

My mom used to refer to other people as 'peasants' if they weren't wearing designer clothes or some shit. That shit really skewed my mind in regard to how to act around other people when I was a kid.
Oh yeah, also, get ready for some fucking idiots if you do get the job.

People ask how long it takes for a cheque to clear (5 working days here in england), then ask why they cant take the money out now. I explain that it has to go through authentication checks, but they say, "WELL YOU COULD DO IT 50 YEARS AGO" and I say "well a lot has changed since then".

People come into the bank asking for 15 grand out in cash. We need notice for that sort of money. When I say I can't give out any more than 10, they get pissed off.

People trying to get several thousand out with no debit card, and no ID. "BUT I CAN TELL YOU THAT I SPENT 20 POUNDS LAST NIGHT, IF YOU HAVE A LOO ON THERE YOU WILL SEE THAT! SO THAT COUNTS AS ID!"

People trying to use invalid ID. This one crazy feminist (she told me she was a feminist like 20 seconds after talking to me. for some reason) got angry when I said a provisional license isn't accepted as ID because it hasn't had the same checks done to it as a full license. "BUT IT'S STILL A PICTURE OF ME!". Yeah but the government hasn't done sufficient checks to say that IS you!

So many fucking idiots asking for me to just "swap" cash. I do it sometimes, but when I get some asshole in front of me who wants me to change any more than 20 quid, I tell him it has to go through an account.

People coming in and wanting to see a business manager, then getting angry when there is no business manager in today. They have the fucking business support number already, WHY DIDNT THEY CALL THAT?

People coming in 5 minutes before we close and wanting to open up a new account. Takes an hour to do that. We are not going to stay open an extra hour just for you.

People blaming the bank because a direct debit hasn't gone out. It is the company's fault. Not the bank's.

But 99% of the people are fine. But those 1% of idiots, man. Makes me glad I'm not THAT stupid.
Yeah thanks heaps mate!

Because ive got a psych degree and a business degree, i always say shit like i find it easy to talk to a customer and understand what they are doing and build a rapport, but i also find it easier to analyse a situation from an objective point of view and to see how to best deal with it in the best interest of the company. Probably sounds a bit dumb, but I find it easier to speak it than type it.

But yeah I get what you mean about showing a humanistic side and more of an objective side too.

Thanks again brother I'm getting a bit confident now, just have to do the actual interview haha
Well maybe if you guys didn't salt the fuck out of the fries people would have to ask you to do your job right
oh man dont worry about idiot customers, ive got that covered, i worked at a convenience store in the city. we got everything from old people, underage kids trying to buy smokes and shit, junkies, drunks, snobs, normal people, lowest possible iq people. if there is one thing i am good at, it is handling idiotic people
>i always say shit like i find it easy to talk to a customer and understand what they are doing and build a rapport, but i also find it easier to analyse a situation from an objective point of view and to see how to best deal with it in the best interest of the company. Probably sounds a bit dumb
Nope. That sounds fine. That is basically word-for-word of what they want to hear.

>Thanks again brother I'm getting a bit confident now, just have to do the actual interview haha
I'd do it slightly drunk, if I were you. Just a little bit. It's over the phone, so they won't know. Just enough so I wouldn't get nervous. But maybe that's just me. I spent way too long thinking in that interview, and not enough time talking. But I got the job, so maybe they liked that I spent ages thinking before each answer instead of just waffling on and on about absolute crap.

Yeah man, you'll be fine.

Anyway, I'm gonna fuck off and play some games.
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>salt the fuck out of the fries
>tfw always add extra salt to my McFries
File: 1387241152689.jpg (1 MB, 1800x1308) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1800x1308

Oh god. I used to work at Shitway, and I cannot accurately describe to you how much I absolutely fucking hated this shit and the sheer rage that I felt when some fuckass waddled in and groaned 'chopped salad'
It's a sales job with slightly higher pay/scrutiny.
chick fil a fries are god tier
Ahahahahah, that's why my mcd has salt BEHIND the counter, so if you want salt then we know to spit in your food or not!
God I hate those people. Whenever they ask for no salt on their fries, we need to make a whole new batch and then the timer goes way up and its annoying as hell
they're better without salt damnit i just wanted some fries what the fuck man?

It fucks up drive thru times. Fast food places want food out in less than 2 minutes after being ordered. Sure, some orders are going to take longer but they want an average of 2 minutes.
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Steve Carell.jpg
19 KB, 466x348
That file name, kek
File: 1449618048456.jpg (813 KB, 1680x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why hello there wagecucks. I'll be seeing you tomorrow
How is it possible to be a NEET? How do you pay rent?
File: 1452748133382.jpg (101 KB, 1024x904) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Every time I order that employees roll their eyes... I make it worse by asking for a pack of salt when picking up the order.

And no, I'm not doing the meme, I honestly want to salt them myself.

I can tell they have to fry a batch just for my order. So fucking do it, its not like its actual work... I'm not spilling shit on the floor and making you mop, or giving you shit at the counter like some of the animals that eat there do.
I get $1600 every 2 weeks from disability. Wagecuckinh was honestly the worst thing I've ever done
Hardly any of them make more than a grand a month. Which would explain why their up in McDonald's specifying how they want their shit food made.
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>Hardly any of them make more than a grand a month

Not sure about that, almost every NEET I've talked to was making a minimum of 3k monthly, this is in US so its about min wage with good hours

I think there is a special process you have to go through to get the big neetbux though, you cant just get unemployment pity sums

You need to get on a serious disability plan that you can fake easily so you keep the money rolling

I think someone posted an infograph on an easy way to get your foot in but it was probably bullshit/outdated

I don't plan on becoming a NEET however, I have a hard time dealing with having nothing to do, makes me feel like a piece of shit and depresses me more than anything, I have college right now keeping me busy however
What disability? If it's some bullshit mental illness, you're living the NEET dream
File: 1448505713212.gif (352 KB, 256x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be on line initiating
>afternoon rush
>dick at drivethru orders 10 mcdoubles
>dick takes 3 minutes to finish ordering
>start making about half of them
>finally get done
>dick changes them to be plain AT THE LAST FUCKING SECOND
So do they get fresh oil to fry unsalted fries? If not, what's the point?
I've read several articles recently stating that disability will be cut by 20% by the end of 2016 if budget adjustments aren't made immediately. They're literally going broke and they've past the realm of speculation. It's foolhardy to believe that this little racket can go on forever.

Fuck this post reminds me of this:

>working at McDicks 5 years ago
>guy well known for buying barely anything and sitting in our restaurant for hours creeping out girls by talking to them
>balding and is always wearing a long sleeve shirt with pit stains
>one day shortly after he leaves someone comes from the bathroom saying someone fucked up the bathroom
>go inside
>looked like the guy just shit an ocean while spinning on the spot in the stall there's even shit on the roof
>fucking perfect spiral shit on the toilet seat and sink
>half an hour later I smell something while my manager is working right beside me
>I think it's his stinky filipino ass
>turns out personified /r9k/ fucking clogged the sewage and the sewage panel is right under the kitchen in our tiny ass McDonalds
>fucking had to have some guy come suck it out with a spectic hose while we're working right above this open sewage hole in the kitchen
> have to work during rush hour while smelling the worst smell I've ever smelt in my life

I'm fucking glad I'm a NEET now so I don't deal with that kind of shit.
I may have to become a wagekuck in the coming months.

With all these stories about retarded normalfag customers, I don't see how I'm not gonna end up killing myself
If you get some cool coworkers or managers it wont be that bad.
File: 1454643422677.jpg (473 KB, 1024x1444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wonder whats gonna happen when all those people stop getting their neetbux and have to do something about it
I'd like to see an organized neet revolt. That would be a class act considering half of them are considered mentally feeble and no gunned.
>been working the job for a month
>it's a conglomerate fast food place, two different menus
>only really work on one side since the other side requires so many hours of training first
>working the window
>can't tell what any of the food is because it's wrapped
>try to just count items to make sure the customer at least gets the same number of what they ordered
>get yelled at not because I got orders wrong, but because I was telling people "I think everything is in there" rather than telling them "I know everything is in there".
man I don't even know, I got yelled at for repeating the order to people at the window too because it 'wasn't my job'. Should I just be saying nothing when I hand people food? That feels so unfriendly.
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>tfw extreme social retard, no friends, no gf, can't even maintain eye contact
>live with roommate in low income housing
>roommate has gf, plenty of friends, not a complete social retard. We only bonded because of similar music taste and sense of humor
>no car, no license ride my bike 5 miles downhill to work, 5 miles uphill back
>never made any acquaintances at any of my jobs, due to horrible lisp (think sid from iceage) and social retardation
>making roughly 1000$ a month, after rent/food/utilities manage to save 100$ if that

How the fuck can I get in on the NEET life f.a.m? I'm making less money wagecucking than I would be on NEETbux. I could live like a king on 1600$ every 2 weeks.
23 and posting from mcdonalds

Been working here over 2 years. Im probably the biggest loser on this website
File: 1453445825669.jpg (87 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 500x500
You should seek the consul of a certain Uncle Reemus regarding your predicament. He ain't easy to find an lord know he been draggin his nappy ass all over town lookin for cheap wine. Best of luck to ya soon to be ex cuck,
How long did it take to get your neetbux? I heard it can take 2-3 years and you will be denied without a lawyer.
That guide sucks, though
File: 4352.jpg (346 KB, 1280x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>work in retail
>normie clothing store
>theres a gym above us
>constantly throwing weights and shit, all hours of the day
>loud banging and shit always
>customer asks what the sound is
>"god I would kill myself if i worked here"
Going to the ward and declaring yourself insane is really the only golden path. Either that or cripple yourself. The noose is tightening. Back in the early 90's you could get on the bucks for being a drug addict. I'm surprised it took the powers that be this long to realize the potential for work rehabilitation was slim to none. You want the bucks? Hustle son.
File: 1429170033175.gif (972 KB, 800x445) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
972 KB, 800x445
>mfw severe gluten allergy comes in
You can get on disability for celiac but the requirements are ridiculous. You basically have to remain a skeleton and remain under a certain body mass indefinitely.
27 and I've worked in a grocery store for almost two years. I feel you
I hope you know you are free to omit any past work history and qualifications as you see fit.
Fucking TEDx

If TED were a curated paid forum, TEDx would be YouTube comments
File: 1453868773458.png (441 KB, 489x769) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
441 KB, 489x769
Don't worry, I like my fries salted. Fix your goddamn McFlurry machine, my degeneracy craves a mighty oreo mcflurry/
No bitch, when an order comes in for someone with a severe gluten allergy and you have to drop whatever the fuck you are doing and fuck with their shit
I'm not sure if all countries do this, but at my work we have our trash cans placed inside these cabinets to keep the trash out of vision. There's usually a hole in the top for all the trash to be thrown into, so it falls into the trash can.

>be wageslaving
>notice that trash cans are full
>take trash can out of cabinet, remove the trash bag, and begin placing a new bag in
>someone approaches the side of the cabinet with a tray full of napkins, empty cups, and wrappers
>the cabinet door is still open
>clearly have the trash can on the floor right in front of me
>they dump their trash into the top of the cabinet
>helplessly watch as the trash falls down to the bottom of the cabinet
>these fucking people
File: 234143.png (108 KB, 245x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>not reeses
I thought having experience would make me a better candidate
>order fries with no salt
>put salt on after
>complain that there's salt on them
If any of you go to Starbucks then please for the love of god can you please just learn how to order drinks properly? The next time someone comes up thinking the Tall is the largest size I think I'm going to fucking explode.
File: 1437377975000.gif (148 KB, 540x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I only put peanut butter in my sandwiches son, you don't know the advanced non-diagnosed autism you are dealing with here.
how bout you pathetic cunts keep the mcflurry machines working for once. Fuckers demand $15 an hour yet can't keep shit working for a day.

If you have a severe gluten allergy you should cook everything yourself fucktard. Even if gluten free options are available the chances of cross contamination in a restaurant setting are high.
File: flipsguy.jpg (58 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Jesus anon! How many times am I gonna have to show you how to do this!?
Not in all cases. Basically when it comes to menial labor they want someone who will stay and work with them as long as possible. When they see a fancy college educated fellow they often think he'll pick up and leave as soon as something better comes along. It may sound counter intuitive but the economic situation is literally so shit presently that this scenario is commonplace.
File: shaq laughing.gif (903 KB, 234x176) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
shaq laughing.gif
903 KB, 234x176
Never thought of that. I'm gonna have some fun.

>order saltless fries
>get a new batch of fries
>they start salting them after they do mine
>i put salt on my fries
>"my fries have salt on"
>they need to make a whole new batch
Holy fuck m8 are you baiting me?
This is a fast food workers thread,
I'M making the fucking gluten allergy food
THEY'RE risking cross contamination
It's MY ass if they get sick
>tfw you get proper training
>tfw you manage to do a good job by yourself
>tfw the guy who has been working there for a long time tells you he is impressed by you
Good wageslave feels
File: 1398653165723.jpg (27 KB, 234x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 234x216
>Someone pulls up in a loud fucking diesel truck
>They complain when they can't hear you

>Lunch rush
>There's obviously a line around the building
>Some people still decide to go wait in line
>These said people are on lunch break, and are on a time limit
>These same people get mad at you even though they chose to wait in line instead of going somewhere else

And finally
>It just turned midnight
>The restaurant is closed
>You begin putting shit away as someone pulls up to the drive through
>They don't realize it's a non-24 hour fast food place
>They proceed to throw a fit because they can't get a big mac at 12 A.M.
At least it's not a call center.
File: 1437085584628.gif (2 MB, 659x609) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 659x609
>tfw the dude training me on grill was some racist old fuck, constantly calling me slurs or a fuck-up and then trying to be "buddy-buddy" 2 hours later
>mfw he got fired a month later

Call someone a nigger on 4chan all you want.
That shit just doesn't fly in certain places.
>mfw lunch rush is always terrible for both employees and customers
>for some reason customers keep coming back at the same time and will wait 30 minutes just to have their order taken every day
>first job ever at walmart
>working with the old mexicans who never made it in life and have worked at walmart for 10 years doing the same thing every single day of their life
>job is to clean bathrooms and take out the trashes basically
>cleaning bathroom in front of store
>block off door with two signs/rope
>some fat mexican guy breaks it down and walks in while i'm mopping
>tramples through floor and says he'll only be a minute
>takes a huge shit for 30 minutes while I sweat and awkwardly stand outside the door

needless to say the job only lasted 2 weeks before I quit, I have no idea why I ever even applied for that
I think the worse thing I've ever had to deal with was training someone who was there for like 2 weeks during a lunch rush, with low staff and one of the deep fryers not working.

And it was when some annoying as fuck to make sandwich was newly introduced so everyone was getting one of those.
Bitch. Just ask for fresh fucking fries. Don't try to be a a sneaky cunt.
No, It's how they try to be sneaky cunts about. It they just can't be like hey can i get some fresh fries.

Also, Fries take 4 mins to cook. Were supposed to have people through the drive through in less then 3 mins. So you are killing are times there for lowering are chances for a raise. Also, Are fries are only good for 4-7 mins after they have been cooked so unless you get some shit show of a crew Fries are always pretty fucking fresh.

the word you're looking for is "our" champ.
aw poor babby.. its not the customers fault your company policy is shit..

welp get a new job or accept you might not get a raise because of corporate policy.

dont get shit with customers over it you pathetic loser
That feel op.
I want Two Mcdoubles for 2 bucks.
But add mac sauce
okay that will be 2.30
What the fuck that's now what the board says....

When people are suprised shit costs extra.
I'v worked fast food my entire life. and Besides writting dirty messages with sauces that people will never see because they will be messes up by the time you read them i'v only spit in one meal. And that when this dude came in and sayd " I don't want that dirty fucking mexican cunt making my food" so they had to take my freind out of the kitchen.

So yea don't be a dick and your good.
It's about are times.
It's supposed to be "fast Food"
I don't mind making new fry's>
I mind the managers be like you better always make them fresh if they ask. Then turn around and be like. "why the fuck are your times so high"
I work closing shifts and over nights. Most of the people i work with are ex neets or out casts of another sort so it work out pretty well.
25. Work at mcD's for 3 years. Just became a crew trainer not even a manager yet.
Dem feels.
Tiny Plastic parts exposed to extream cold. It's harder to work on one of those ice cream machines then most lap tops. Plus if they get to low or if they sit to long they will go into a random Heat mode and take 1-2 hours to boil and then re-cool the mix to make sure there is no bacteria in the milk mix. Nothing we can do about.

But, Keep being a dick that cool.
i work on the floor in a department store and the amount of people i get who don't speak english is appalling
I'v kicked people out of my store because i'v caught them doing this shit.

We don't fucking play around. Your complaints affect are raises so you better be a sneaky ass mother fucker if you want to get away with it.
That feel when you loose half your crew because a new store opens up and they need people. So you get a whole batch of traniees. and your so bomb as a crew trainer they mistake you for a manager and the store manager does not even correct them.
This is literary my life!
I aint getting shit with customers. I'm just saying be straight up. Don't be a sneaky cunt. We know your just going to ass salt. We will make you fresh fries why lie and be a dick about it. It's just annoying.
>tfw work at Burger King
> since your Hispanic mexicans assume you speak spanish
>train you while speaking mixtures of languages but mostly spanish
>first two weeks work kitchen
>then get put in drive thru cause your one of the few English speakers
>training in drive thru last like 5 min
>fuck up a lot on drive thru and orders
>managers get mad and say you suck
>cause you suck they give you 14 hrs a week
>tfw you can't even work wageslave job
>I want all you faggots that order fries with no salt to kill yourselves.
>you faggots that order fries with no salt
>fries with no salt

i didn't even know that was a thing
like, why would you even
i should try that tomorrow
You don't suck.
There training does.
We do at least a full shit of shadowing for DT training.
Sorry bro.
Del taco slave here iktf soo hard
File: turdus.jpg (22 KB, 328x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 328x352
>I'v kicked people out of my store because i'v caught them doing this shit.
>We don't fucking play around
Wow shit man I'm sorry. I won't step foot inside your McDonalds. You might hit me with your burger-flipper.
People do that so they're guaranteed fresh fries, since all fries get salted by default unless ordered otherwise. OP's point that went over most people's heads in here is that if you want fresh fries, just fucking ask for them. No need to think you're so smart and sneaky and ask for unsalted fries just so they're fresh.
for some reason this story made me laugh. thank you anon
>work in mcdonalds
>never have problems with customer
>if they nag let them nag, like I give a flying fuck
>only people who I hate to deal with are people passed out at night time

I guess it is about the attitude of really not caring.
>walk into McShit
>order a cheeseburger with no cheese
>100% of the time the wagecuck cashier argues

When fuckers get one value menu item and pay with an hundred ...I make it a goal to get their change as fast and as nonchalantly as possible to get that smug fucking smirk off their face
Here my trick for when that situation comes up. When changing the trash can place a food tray over the hole so people don't have access to the can you're changing. Usually if it's like your pic they'll just use the other one.
How do they argue? And why not just get a hamburger?
I for one intend on killing myself
I work at a cafe
I fucking hate anyone faggot that orders a small drink
Stop being so fucking poor
Do you realize how hard it is to use those tiny ass cups and how much time you waste for a $2 purchase?
Fuck off
You know there's a good chance those are counterfeit right
Of course not, you're a fast food cuck
I'm getting a chopped salad tomorrow
>tfw when some old crackhead black dude is looking for change to buy a mchicken
>while staring at him furiously searching his bag you wonder your place in the universe why you're here and why you waste you're life
>when he finds it , you a fake smile, count the change and die a little inside
I'm a wagecuck at Pizza Hut but I actually really like it. I work as a pizza delivery driver and my entire life is just collecting peoples money and handing them the food in a box. If it's wrong, I never hear about it, and by the time I get back it's 99% of the time someone elses problem. I do check the orders before I go to make sure they are right because I feel bad when someone tips me and I find out later they got the wrong food.

But whenever I answer the phones there, I get some complete buffoon, who is also usually stoned/drunk.

>Hiiiiiiiiii I have no idea what I want. What do you like?
> I like pepperoni
>I don't really like pepperoni, what else do you guys have?
>Do you like meats? Veggies?
> I dunno, I like just about everything, except pepperoni haaaa
> How about canadian bacon and pineapple
>oo that sounds good I'll try that

I've had that conversation close to 50 times now, and I'm not exaggerating. I also get hundreds upon hundreds of mexicans at both the door (they do not tip, I think it's a cultural/ financial thing) and on the phone.

>Do you speak Spanish?
>Nope (I took four years in high school and study it in college but I hope they will hang up when I say no)
>I want a pizza with the cheese around the crust?
>So a stuffed crust pizza?
>No no, pizza with a cheese around the crust
>Okay I see now
>Order them 5 helpings of cinnamon sticks and laugh because they don't know how to call in to complain

Before I started working at pizza hut I wasn't a racist person, but I honestly hate mexicans now. For those curious, black people are actually some of the best tippers I have. They are always beyond excited when the food gets there and are just happy you remember their orange crush.
I always order fries with no salt on them because I don't want fries that have been sitting there for 20 minutes.

I do the same with burgers. I'll get them with no ketchup and just add ketchup later on.
Assuming I don't know how to check them these fucks are drug dealers
>tfw I order mcchikens and mcdoubles on drive thru plus one big menu item
>go inside and say they forgot all my mcdoubles
>end up getting double food cus 2 am drunk people rush hour and they want me to fuck off

Do this literally every weekend to the same cashiers.
They have that dead mclook in their eyes
>Worked at Starbucks
>Junkie walks in asking for a shot of espresso
>Explains that he is OD'ing on heroin and might die if he falls asleep
>Manager comes by and says that he should call an ambulance
>He says he already has but is afraid he is going to die
>She says that if he is going to the hospital than we shouldn't be putting anything into his system
>He look at me since I'm on the bar and says "please, I don't want to die, don't let me die"
>Manager escorts him out
>She calls the police on him

I quit and never want to leave my cave ever again. Although that has nothing to do with the junkie, Starbucks sucks. How can anyone knowingly serve that garbage?
File: NEET4life.jpg (187 KB, 1280x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why, because it requires you to do some actual work for once? Tough luck pal, just for you I'm going to order some fries without salt today
>Look at me, I didn't read the thread!

But it's the same thing, except you're costing yourself more.
But he's an autist that wants the cheeseburger plastic wrapping, not the hamburger wrapping.
I hope you don't overdo this whole "laughing and looking friendly" thing, as a customer it reminds me that I'm supporting a slaver.
File: faceoff.webm (908 KB, 400x318) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me, doing over night shifts
>3 am, literal autist comes enters drive thru
>"can I get a cafe?"
>"What would you like from the cafe, sir?"
>"Cafe Please"
>"Would you like a latte?"
>"What size?"
>"So a standard latte? Was there anything else?"
>he replies with "Was there anything else?"

Anyway, he drives down to the window and hands me a satchel full of 5 cent coins, for a $4.55 coffee


I work at McDonalds Australia btw
File: 1344680775469.jpg (60 KB, 386x530) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 386x530
>cheese around the crust

what the fuck. fucking mexicans
Sounds to me like a foreigner, not an autist m8.
suprising, he wasn't a foreigner
File: 1453044311861.jpg (16 KB, 320x296) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 320x296
>They are always beyond excited when the food gets there
It's a pizza, what are they getting so excited about
File: 1447335538409.jpg (16 KB, 300x228) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 300x228
AAAAHHHHHHHH Nothing used not piss me off more than this, I mean how fucking stupid and inconsiderate can people be ? I used to fantasize about luring all the customers that did that to the store with the promise of a free mean then just gassing them all on the spot
You've obviously never been high or drunk and craving them sweet carbohydrates and cheese and meat
I only do this if it's a woman changing the trash or a really good looking male
Fuck them
>wait for bin to become full
>wagecuck starts changing the bags
>approach the bin that doesn't have a bag underneath
>my tray is full of half finished fries and extra large coke
>wagecuck is watching me, helpless to do anything
>"d-don't use that one... " I hear him say a moment too late
>contents spill everywhere, coke splashing all over the floor
>shout at the wagie because some splashed onto my white New Balance sneakers
Well, you are Finnish after all so what do you expect.
I really hope this story isn't true. It's just too awful
File: image.jpg (67 KB, 750x734) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 750x734
Who /mischief/ here?

I always order them with no salt. That's what you get for working at McDonald's, wagey.
What, you niggers hardly salt them at all anymore. Damned shame desu
>Flipping burgers one night
>Girl at the money collecting window says the two guys that just ordered looked really high
>6'6" 300+ lb manager decides to have a giggle
>Proceeds to get every working person to come to the second drive thru window
>They open the window to greet them
>"You guys aren't high are you?"
>Literally the entire store standing right there looking out at them and they're clearly baked and scared shitless
>"Uhh, no."
>Manager hands them their food
>"Well okay then, you two drive safely tonight."

Never saw them again.
I'll make sure to remember that when I come in tomorrow to order my saltless fries, wagecuck.
Do they make a new batch of fries and give them to you and then throw salt on the ones they just made?
Could I ask for unsalted, wait for them to make a new batch, get my order, wait 5 minutes and then order another unsalted just so they have to make 2 batches for the sake of two small orders of fries?
How far can we take this mischief?
Will they eventually have to keep a salted and unsalted batch going at the same time?

>go to the drive through during peak Saturday night hours
>order a 30 dollars worth of food
>drive away
>chuckle, thinking about all the product waste, the time they wasted making the food and how the cucks probably wont get their 5 cent raises because of it
You can complain that they have salt on them and they have to make a batch without salt.
>wagecuck entertainment

I guess you have to work with what you have, however pathetic it may be
File: image.jpg (92 KB, 640x707) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 640x707
I guess you could say that the employees were...

I enjoy my job, I work part-time at a hobby shop in Sydney
With the business Manager thing, I can relate to those sorts of people. I don't care how im wasting your time, I am not spending 3 hours on the phone arguing with a dumbass Indian who I cant communicate with properly when I could walk into your branch or store or whatever and have a 2 minute conversation. Its the worst with mobile phone companies, if I go to an outlet I can get my problem solved instantly rather than waste my day on hold, then have someone hang up on me the instant I sound annoyed.
They could call your bluff though or catch you in the act of salting your fries
Ordering 2 or 3 legit unsalted fries at 5 minute intervals at peak rush hour could cause the line to get completely backed up
I worked as a crew member, it was the worst job ever. The place I worked in was loud as shit, so you could never hear the customers on the phones, which means you would always have some beet faced fatass come in and threaten your mother for getting something slightly wrong.
The manager was 18, so she basically did what she was told to do. As in, scream at everyone and be passive aggressive to "motivate" people.
Because everyone was underage, there was also the problem of being short staffed all the time because they "forgot" about a test or some shit. On a Wednesday evening you could be doing 6-7 orders at once, while having to wash dishes, fill up ingredients, cut and cook while the delivery driver sits on his phone and the manager sits at her computer on facebook.
They also forced you to follow the rules to the letter, which meant 40 slices of pepperoni on an 11 inch pizza. I think its 32 now, but even so thats an absurd amount.
I'd kill myself working at these places
File: 1438945305354.jpg (26 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 500x375
I used to order fries with no salt, then casually pour a packet of salt on them at the counter
i just came back from my shift at mcdonalds

sat on my ass for about 5 of the 8 hours

enjoyed myself some free burgers and breakfast

not even a manager
Probably crime
Top kek, being a fast food wagelave, why not just sell weed you faggots? I remember back when I used to I would make a McCuckolds bi weekly paycheck in like 4 days lol.
shhh don't upset the republicans
>getting mad because people don't tip you
You have a salary you fucking moron, I pay for the pizza, not for the delivery boy that was too retarded to finish college and now has a shitty dead end job and no future.
>no tax return or social securjob
>being interrupted at all times of the day
>no weed=no job

I wonder why
fighting the good fight brother, but I'd point out I've seen some really Chad looking robots on here who are legit shutin virgins because they have schizophrenia and the like, I'd stick to targeting womyn.
File: image.jpg (60 KB, 500x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 500x364
I don't even remember the last time I went to McDonalds. I stopped going when I realized they staffed their restaurants with imported labor from SE Asia
>that feel when used to love mcd coke
>then some anon redpilled me about how its always 50% water, 40% coke and like 10% ice and since its so cold you cant tell the difference

fucking cunts
they do that at all fast food places, you never get 100% soda
You never thought something fishy was going on when you dispensed the foul liquid and the stream was a mix of white and dark brown?
I don't know how is american coke, yuro here, and 2l bottles are barely carbonated at all, it's essentially pepsi tier now.

I stopped drinking soda for most of the part anyway, but I would sell my soul for those 1l glass bottles again.
They won't go outside and don't have social media. They'd probably DDoS government sites and make things worse.

>tfw too autistic to give actual recommendations

bitch I don't know what you like take a $2 risk and leave me and my timer the fuck alone
This is why I started working retail.

Same shit wages but you don't have to wear a baseball cap, go home smelling like grease with burns up your arms, and spend the day in a cramped hot kitchen in the middle of Shanaynay and Tyreece's ghetto battle.
>just pulled out fresh shit from fryer, oven, grill
>"i need my shit all fresh"
>hand it to them
>"this aint fresh"
>have to go make more new shit for no reason
basically it's just black people who ruin it for us.
since they got treated like shit their entire life, they're entitled to do it to everyone else.

one time i had to drop cookies 2 times for this sassy black chick, i had melted chocolate on my gloves and they were almost liquid they were so hot, but she demanded more fresh ones.
blacks, there's a reason no one likes you, fyi.

Wow, that's a bonus as far as I'm concerned. I always make Cokes with 75% soda and they taste great. Coke is wayyy too fucking sweet anyway.
I'm black and work at a cafe.
It's always white girls and Muslims that want me to warm their stupid fucking croissants.
I burn it then wipe it on some raw chicken
File: 1454632290180.jpg (15 KB, 291x491) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 291x491
Pic is you
Just compete a McDick coke to a bottled one.
McDicks sells over priced water
>caring about SEA monkeys
i was fucking around about black people ruining it, they're just number one when it comes to "fresh". Indians from India, Irish, and Eastern Euro are all cunts also.
i work around a ton of tourists, so...
File: 1436051636636.png (186 KB, 400x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
186 KB, 400x336
>be 20
>work at a chick fil a
>tfw some of the managers are in high school
>tfw I got bossed around by 17 year olds
I'm just happy it's over with
the job itself wasn't horrible though. from what I hear chick fil a actually isn't that bad compared to most fast food places.
Don't know how you haven't gone supreme gentlemen on them.
Tourists are some next level retarded.
They constantly remark on how all the drinks sizes are "too big! This is why America is so le fat!" *smug foreign laughter*
Wanna throw boiling milk in their fucking europoor faces.
Go the fuck back to your shitty country and suck off some Muslims
I have on supervisor that's a few months younger than me.
She's the biggest cunt, not even the owner is as much of a bitch as she is.
She was only made supervisor cus she's small enough to clean all the nastiest and grimiest places in the restaurant.
>tfw she has to unclog poopoopeepee toilets and toothbrush clean the floor
Gets me a little hard desu
you guys inspired me to get a job

will my application be binned for having a year of neetdom under my belt?
you sound like a massive pussy
i've come close already.
it's like they don't care at all that there is a language barrier, if you make a mistake it's your fault, you're supposed to understand every word.
it's literal insanity. how do you solve the impossible? the only other way is translate on the spot with Google while i take the order.
i think people have lost their mind, i really do.
Of course they mix it themselves, alot cheaper than transporting huge amounts of water.
If you don't like your job, find a new one.
File: 1452951058381.png (121 KB, 500x356) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121 KB, 500x356
I worked 3 months as a bank cashier, I was trained like 2 days and then on my own and then I was fired

Honestly customer service is the worst, sometimes you had assholes who take like 10-15 min for a document they didn't even need in the first place or stuff like that
People working there were assholes, like talking behind everyone back and stuff, I hated it
Also I had to call the police one time
Easy to say

I have diplomas and can't find better than wageslave or shitty customer service jobs
Sounds like that was your fault for cooking food when the order wasn't even finalized.
Why does it take so long for my food to be made when I stop after work at 10:30 at night?
well they're the ones that have to wait for a new batch...
people do that?
for what purpose?
this was a pain to read. it's OUR not ARE
>woman orders fries with no salt
>Have to drop some more fries
>Takes like 3 minutes to make
>Giver her the food
>She complains that it took so long
Sometimes I just want to follow a customer home and murder them for being so retarded.
feel bad for you cucks at shitty locations

work at night
unlimited breaks
unlimited free food
cross trained on everything
id take it over any other minimum wage job at the moment
id even take it over some manual labor job that pays a couple extra bucks
Because they are making food upon order instead of having different shit pre cooked.
Everything in the deep fryer takes 3+ minutes to cook
Fries take 2.5 minutes
Then you have to build the sandwich, send it out
File: 1445924299820-2.png (81 KB, 750x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I just got this job and accidentally set the bar so high half the new co workers hate me, the other half are drug addicts and convicts, and the boss is expecting me to do just as well for $9 an hour. Call center thing.

>0 surveys bad
>1 survey average
>2 surveys, you get to say 30 mins+ after shift ends to earn more money
>3 surveys, excellent, get to stay longer
>4 surveys, unheard of, checking employee for falsification
on my first fucking day I outdid most of the people there, I guess its my voice? Fuck me man. I have to leave my house at 2PM to get there around 4PM, study until 5PM when the shift starts, go from 5-9PM then take a break or end my shift there, then take the fucking train back and get home around 12AM walking in a dangerous shitty part of town.

Just normies telling you to fuck off for 4 hours straight, no breaks.

How do you anons help pass the time while on the job? Please help.
Don't they have dohickeys they can keep the fries under/in where it keeps them warm, so they wouldn't have to make it right then and there?

It usually tastes better when they make it right as I order, at least.
Yes, 7 minutes and theyre into the trash

They arent going to drop fries if they dont have an order after those 7 minutes

Old fries taste like shit
What's the most annoying thing to make at mcdonalds and the other fast food places?
a mediterranean wrap imo

everything else is ketchup mustard onion pickle
I want every peruvian or south american cunt that want mixed sweet/salt popcorn to FUCK OFF
This. Half the time I'm just shitposting here from my phone, especially during this dead time of year.
>How do you anons help pass the time while on the job? Please help.

Whelp right now I am posting on 4chan, in a little bit I'm gonna start watching the rest of Kill La Kill (been binge atching it at work all week), if I get bored of that I will probably pull up wow and level an alt or something.

IT jobs are the best.
>tfw can't even get a job at fast food
I hate this economy
To spite meme life hackers, we make a batch of unsalted fries and only use that batch until it runs out. If you order unsalted fries from my store, you are getting the oldest fries we have
There's a McDonald's location around the corner from me. Next time I go there I'll order fries with no salt to piss them off, then add salt from the sachet right in front of them.
It's like ordering dark roast or decaf coffee.
We make one batch and keep it for hours.
Enjoy that stale coffee, faggot
I have terminal kidney failure and excess intakes of potassium and sodium cause me to urinate blood and dehydrate faster than I can intake water to dilute it out.

I ask for no salt on everything not to be a dick, but because it's a medical necessity.

Not everyone is out to fuck you over, OP.
File: 1390760770722.jpg (28 KB, 171x158) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw you go through the McDonalds drive-thu and it's some cute girl with heavy bags under her eyes and a completely burnt out expression on her face

Why can't I just have a guilt-free Big Mac at 1am?
Why the fuck are you eating french fries then?
Go eat a salad and die

>tfw I go home and masturbate to her misery
File: CI8emnhUEAEyFL5.jpg (27 KB, 495x495) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>ask for fries with no salt
>get free salt packet
>put it on in front of cashier
>getting mad

..? he simply said they didn't. also mexican detected
File: 1450729664369.jpg (191 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Robots, I've been thinking about starting a job at McDicks, because the degree which I'm going to get (English philology, eastern european here) is fucking shit. Is a job as a waiter/ bartender any better than a job at McDicks?

I've worked as a cashier for two spells, the job wasn't that bad to be honest. It was bearable.
Mc Donald's is better in my experience.
How come? You get tipped as a waiter most of the time, which adds up to your salary.
I would love to buy pot from a NEET drug dealer. That would be hilarious.
File: 1271829887708.jpg (26 KB, 360x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't have long to live, I just want to eat the food I like in peace..
>implying drug dealers get to be neets

Either it's a full time job with traveling and dealing with dangerous people and drugs that will land people in federal prison for a long time if you ever get caught, or they can deal baby amounts of pot and make a tiny fraction of what full time minimum wage would net them and they work a secondary actual job.
>convenience store
>old wrinkly pieces of shit comes in with stacks of lottery tickets and scratch cards

just go to a fucking casino
Wendy's here. Anyone else hate bacon cheeseburgers?

> Have a set amount of bacon we can put on each burger
> Manager is hitler about this
> Customer orders bacon cheeseburger
> Gets mad because there's not enough bacon

LOL not at the one I worked out. No joke, they would keep fries under a lamp for at least 10+ min before throwing away.

Fries/hashbrowns are also the reason expected drive thru times are BS. All it takes it is one or 2 orders with multiple large orders from fatasses and your whole line time could be fucked. Takes at least 3 minutes to make both and the baskets only hold so much.
>Implying they can't just add more for like a dollar

Pretzel burgers are also god tier.
Yes I mad. Reeeeeee
>go to subway
>during busy period
>stand there for ages deciding what to have
>decide to leave the queue
>a minute later re-enter the queue
>take ages to decide again
>order ultra-specific sub with 6 gorillion toppings
>keep changing mind, make the wagie keep adding and removing shit
>he finishes the sub
>don't want subway anymore, walk out
>tfw too chickenshit to actually do this
I remember my first day on 4chan too.
I will when you actually learn how to barista and not use shitty automated drink buttons
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ebin post newfriend

well meme'd :D
you're a retard
it arrives in syrup bags and gets mixed with water so you're not drinking flavor syrup

the stuff in stores is already mostly water

they wouldn't even get pennies out of stiffing hundreds of thousands of people by adding more water, and if even a couple people thought it tasted worse and didn't order because of it they'd lose far more money soda syrup is so insanely cheap that most places don't even count it as an expense on their balance sheets

it tastes bad because they never clean the machine or tanks and scum and mold builds up in them
You fucking piss shit fucking shit piss you shit you fucking piss you cock nig shit piss fuck shit piss you piss shit piss
Respect the dubs
File: image.jpg (17 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>trying to leave because it time to clock out
>"anon can you come to your register for a second"
>customer after customer
>don't get a chance to get off register for an hour

Just end me
that's stupid anon, some people have high blood pressure and have to reduce their salt intake where they can.
When I go to McDonald's I order fries with no salt so they have to make a fresh batch. Then once they hand me my order I specifically say "Can I have salt packets for my fries?" and laugh as I drive off.
Then you would complain about having to make fresh fries.
>fast food cucks unironically want a 100% pay increase
Can't wait for robots to make you all obsolete
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>take order by phone
>read back order to customer twice to make sure I got it right
>they call back later
>manager is pissed
>driver is pissed off
Nothing makes you more cynical about humanity than wagecucking
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